WWE RAW Results (10/22) – A New ‘General Manager’!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

– No pyro as we kick off tonight with the #1 Contender’s match for the Tag Team titles!

#1 Contender Tag Team Tourney Finals: Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara v. The Rhodes Scholars

We see the path each team took to get to this point, a week late due to Mysterio’s illness last week.

Cara and Rhodes start off. Cara runs circles around Rhodes and hits a head scissors, tagging in Rey, who drops Cody for a quick two count. Series of reversals between the two ends with an uppercut from Cody. Sandow tags in, but gets caught quickly by Rey for the 619. Rhodes pulls hus partner away, but Cara suicide dives Rhodes, and Rey sentons Sandow! Back in the ring, Rey holds up Sandow in the ropes and tags to Cara, who hits a nice springboard onto Sandow for a two count. Cara misses a another springboard, and Sandow tags out to Rhodes, who hits a stalling vertical suplex for two. He beats down Cara some more before tagging in Sandow, who hits a kneedrop and mockingly bows before tagging Cody back in. Rhodes with some rights and jaw jacks to Rey. Big mistake as Cara counters with a step-up enziguri, and we go to break as both men are down…

Back from break with Rhodes and Cara in the ring. Rhodes hits a kneedrop and tags in Sandow. Leg sleep into the Elbow of Disdain. Rey breaks up the pinfall. Rhodes tagged in to hit some boots with Sandow. Rhodes props up Cara on the turbuckle, but gets nailed with a big time tornado DDT. Hot tag to Mysterio, who comes in with a senton on Rhodes and kicks Sandow off the apron. Rey reverses a whip with a boot to the face and a springboard moonsault gets two. Rey sets Cody for the 619, trips Sandow next to him and hits a DOUBLE 619! Rey up top for the splash, connects, and… Sandow breaks up the ref’s count with his body! Cara whip kicks Sandow, who falls out of the ring as Cara continues to beat down on him. Meanwhile, in the ring, Cody nails the Cross Rhodes on Rey to get the 3!

Winners and NEW #1 Contenders: The Rhodes Scholars

Following the post-match celebration, Team Hell No congratulates the winners and gives their opinion on the Rhodes Scholars’ chances of winning the tag team titles: HELL NO! Kane pulls a magic trick by making Bryan “disappear” and lighting up the posts.

Non-Title Match: IC Champion Kofi Kingston v. Michael McGillicutty

Flashback to last Monday and Wednesday, seeing Miz getting his head kicked off back and forth, losing his IC title in the process.

Michael takes the early offense, keeping Kofi grounded with kicks and headlocks. He backs up Kofi in the corner, but Kofi counters out and hits Trouble In Paradise to send McGillicutty packing early.

Winner: Kofi Kingston (Not much here, as more attention was made to Miz’s commentary as he built up his rematch with Kofi at HITC

– Flashback to the contract signing, where Cena at least shocks Punk by giving the WWE Title shot to Ryback. We find out NEXT why he made that very decision.

– Back from commercial, as we’re introduced to the Super Bowl Champion New York Giants. As a New England fan, meh. Cena comes out to his usual yay-boo response. He talks about WM coming to NY/NJ next year and HITC this Sunday. He feels that CM Punk will be seen as a person who tells the truth, who’s held the WWE Title for 337 days, and was honest about being a visionary and wanting change. Cena agrees, and that after 337 days, we see change in the form of 6’3″, 291 lbs, Mr. “Feed Me More”, Ryback, who’s not an individual who complains about conspiracies, brass rings, and ice cream bars. He stand only for destruction. Cena says change will be coming…and out come the WWE Champ and Heyman.

– Punk is unsurprised that Cena endears himself by promoting the NY Giants. He doesn’t hate them, in fact he’s a Giants fan…of the San Francisco brand. He’s done everything he’s promised, but not for the fans, Cena, or Ryback. Punk says Cena can promise change all he wants, but it doesn’t mean anything. Punk can back up his promises. Punk seems to understand why Cena’s become a cheerleader, that being he finally realizes he can’t beat Punk. Cena mentions he’s finally medically cleared and offers a free ass-kicking before this Sunday. Punk seems intent on obliging him, but Heyman vociferously talks Punk out of it, and the two walk back up the ramp to the consternation of Cena and the crowd.

– Recap of the earlier tweet by AJ, who’s in an emergency meeting with the WWE Board of Directors. Uh-oh! And it’s a battle of the behemoths and unofficial co-holders for the “most heel-face-heel-face turns” record as Kane and Big Show face each other one on one!

Non-Title Match: US Champion Antonio Cesaro v. Justin Gabriel

Before the match, Cesaro speaks in an insulting foreign tone to the crowd, but Gabriel silences him with a suicide dive. Back into the ring, Cesaro regains control with a big boot, gutwrench suplex, followed by another boot to the chest. Gabriel fights out of the rear chinlock, but gets posted on the turnbuckle for a punt by Cesaro, who covers for two. Cravat by Cesaro. Gabriel counters out, but Cesaro back suplexes him into the the turnbuckle. Gabriel comes back with a kick and goes up top, but Cesaro follows, and the two exchange punches. Cesaro gets knocked down, but comes right back with a stiff forearm. Gabriel slips off the top rope, but counters with an enziguri when Cesaro approaches, goes up for the 450. He connects…and gets the three count!

Winner: Justin Gabriel (Honestly surprised by the result, but not complaining. Suppose this means there will be a rubber match between these two at HITC or sooner on Main Event for the championship. Either way, I’m looking forward to a longer match from these two.)

A limo pulls up and Vince McMahon and AJ Lee get out. AJ looks nervous and Vince looks pissed off. They’re out next …

– Back in the ring with Mr. McMahon and Raw GM AJ. Vince talks about part of the meeting involving AJ’s tenure as Raw GM. AJ herself takes the mike. Amongst accusations of fraternizing with a wrestler on the roster, AJ is hereby resigning as the general manager. AJ admits she could have been fired for the people she attacked or the decisions she made, but denies the allegations. She also admits some people find her to be a little unstable, but who doesn’t like crazy chicks? The crowd agrees SO much. AJ doesn’t want to give this up. She grew up with nothing, grew up in cars and motels, and went from being homeless to being the boss. She felt like she’d always be the poor little girl, but she felt like people accepted her here and thanks the people and Vince for giving her the opportunity to do what she wanted to do.

– Paul Heyman comes out and acts likes he was unaware of AJ’s life story. He mockingly praises her rise above a lack of intelligence and stature from a Jersey Girl. He understands the Raw GM position needs to be filled immediately, and recommends himself, aware of his past and current transgressions with Vince and the WWE, but offers the ruthless aggression Vince looks for. Vince tells him no, and says there is a new Managing Supervisior, but not a GM or interim GM, Vickie Guerrero. Vickie thanks the Board of Directors for giving her this opportunity. Heyman interrupts and tries to butter up Vickie into canceling the match between Ryback and Punk. Vickie denies him and makes a Champion vs. Champion match with Punk versus Sheamus! To assure the match happens, she makes it the biggest Lumberjack match in Raw’s history! Heyman leaves in a huff. Vickie mocks AJ, putting her down for her lack of immaturity and grace. She even goes into the allegations, saying AJ not only fraternized, she had an affair with a WWE superstar. Lucky son of a gun, whoever that is. Vickie tells her to pack up her things and leave, but AJ turns right back around and goes postal on Vickie, ripping and tearing at her as Vickie clambers out of the ring and up the ramp. CATFIGHT!

Ryback v. The Miz

The “Punk-eating carnivore.” I like the sound of that. Miz looks he’s facing a shooting gallery, and I don’t blame him in the least.

Miz talks with the ref and tries to get out of it, but Ryback biels him in the hard way. Miz tries to fight from the corner, but Ryback tosses him to the outside. Ryback follows Miz out, then back in. Miz with some shots, but Ryback boots him down, drops him by the throat a couple of times, and winds up for the Meathook. Ryback misses, but Miz just bounces off Ryback like a brick wall. Miz tries for a top-rope sledge, but just gets slammed hard with a spinebuster. Meathook connects, and the Shellshock “FINISHES IT!”

Winner: Ryback (There was never a doubt here, and Miz was fed for the purpose of Ryback going over a recent former WWE Champion.)

– An advert for WWE’s anti-bullying campaign with B.A. Star.

– The main event Champion vs. Champion match, with EVERY wrestler on the roster serving as lumberjacks, is advertised.

– “In The End” by Black Veil Brides is one of Hell in the Cell’s themes.

– Eve backstage on the phone, as Kaitlyn approaches and confront her about the assault a few weeks earlier. Eve again denies any involvement, but Kaitlyn show the picture of Eve’s iPad with an email that Eve apparently did not want people to see. Kaitlyn tells her to drop the nice act as Eve’s always been a conniving witch. Eve slaps Kaitlyn, and the two scuffle! CATFIIIIGGGGGHT! Layla gets involved, and the refs have to pull the three apart.

– Josh Matthews backstage with Sheamus and his “Brawlin’ Buddy.” They discuss the chaos of the Lumberjack match Sheamus is in with Punk, as well as the chaos of facing Big Show at HITC. Speak of the devil, Show comes in and Sheamus sticks the doll in his face, only for Show to punch it out of sight. Show simply tells Sheamus that he better get serious real quick this Sunday.

– Daniel Bryan to the ring and tears down a “Goat Face” sign as he’s in action NEXT!

Dolph Ziggler v. Daniel Bryan

Dolph and Bryan exchange holds, and Bryan gets into it with the crowd. Another tie-up, and Dolph avoids a kick this time. Rights by Ziggler, backing Bryan into the corner. The two exchange rights, Dolph kicks Bryan, Bryan reverses a whip, but Dolph snaps off a dropkick, then a Rude Awakening neckbreaker. Bryan counters a suplex, trips up Dolph, and locks in a surfboard, slamming Dolph’s knees into the mat. Dragon screw by Bryan. Dolph counters, pushing Bryan into the turnbuckle. Dolph with body shots to Bryan in the corner. Bryan counters into a small package, then floats over into a Figure Four! Nice! Dolph makes the ropes. Bryan with some kicks to Ziggler. Dolph counters a shoulder with a knee, and suplexes Bryan to the outside, who appears to have injured his knee on impact. Kane’s pyro hits and out comes the other half of Team Hell No as we go to break…

Back from commercial as Bryan fights out of a headlock by Ziggler, springboards out of the corner, hits a clothesline, then a VICIOUS corner dropkick for two. Bryan goes for a buzzsaw kick, Dolph counters, but Bryan counters into the No! Lock. Dolph slips out, Bryan goes for a spear, but Dolph PLANTS him with a DDT for a close two count. Dolph goes for a corner splash, but misses and hits the corner post HARD. Bryan with a nice suicide dive. Bryan up on the top turnbuckle, but Dolph with a TOP ROPE X-FACTOR! 1! 2! Thr…KICKOUT! Dolph with a kick, but Bryan counters with a Buzzsaw kick. He gets pumped as Kane starts some “Yes!” chants. This distracts Bryan long enough for a second-rope Zig Zag by Dolph, which gets three. What a match.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– Kane and Bryan continue to argue as Matt Striker comes out and informs them that Vickie has decided to put them in a “therapeutic game show” called the “NewlyTag Game” against the Rhodes Scholars, with Striker as host, NEXT. That whole announcement went over like a lead balloon on Jupiter.

– Recap of AJ’s resignation as GM of Monday Night Raw and Vince introducing Vickie as Raw’s new “Managing Supervisor.”

– Back from commercial with Team Hell No and Striker in the ring. Striker asks them to tell a little about themselves. Daniel says he’s a former World Champ, does not have a goat face, and he is THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Kane is a Scorpio, likes puppies, and rainbows. “Really?” HELL NO! They argue again as the Rhodes Scholars come out and refuse to participate, saying everyone will get to know them real well as the NEW Tag Team Champions. Striker gives the “victory” to Team Hell No. Bryan starts celebrating like crazy, while Kane eyes Striker for another beating. Matt retreats out of the ring, and says he’d like to wish them luck, but he really doesn’t. He laughs at this, but backs right into the Big Show, who tosses him aside like a rag doll. Striker, take Cole’s advice for once, just be quiet. Show versus Kane, next…

Big Show v. Kane

Back in mid-match, as Show has Kane in the corner. Show mouths to Bryan, which allows Kane to come back with a couple of corner splashes. Show, however, counters a run off the ropes with a big spear. Show attacks Kane’s arm, and beats him down in the corner with rights and headbutts. Kane with rights, but Show slams him and drops a leg for a two count. Shot to the ribs of Kane, who tries to come back, but gets a headbutt and then locked into a bearhug. Bryan tries to get the crowd behind Kane. Kane tries to scoop Show, but Show falls on him for a near fall. Show chokes Kane in the ropes. Kane and Show start exchanging rights, but Kane gets the upper hand with a running DDT for a close 2. Kane up to the top rope and connects with the clothesline for two. Kane revs up for the chokeslam. Rhodes Scholars out, which distracts both Kane and Bryan, allowing Show to KO Kane for three.

Winner: The Big Show

– Post-match beatdown by Rhodes and Sandow, Rhodes giving Bryan the Cross Rhodes as they look to have the momentum this Sunday.

– Backstage, AJ is consoled by Santino. Cena approaches and offers to help out and find things out about who ever AJ supposedly had the “affair” with. AJ seems conflicted about it, as she says it was HIM who she was accused of having the affair with. Cena’s stunned, as apparently this all stems from a “business dinner” he and AJ had. Someone misconstrued it as something more, brought it to the Board, and AJ resigned to keep Cena’s name from being involved. All John can do is give AJ a consoling hug as they both seem unsure about what to do. Just something to keep Cena busy until his obligatory WWE Title shot? Very likely.

– Recap of WWE’s trip to Egypt.

– Cena confronts Vince about the accusations and asks him to be man to man about it. All Vince can say is that there was incriminating evidence and it is what it is.

Alberto Del Rio v. Zack Ryder

Del Rio with some kicks to Ryder in the corner. Zack tries to fight back, but gets knocked down for a two count. Del Rio goes after the arm, but Ryder counters into a sunset flip for two. Del Rio with a straight kick for two. Arm wringer by Del Rio, then some headbutts. Ryder comes back with some lariats, then double knees in the corner. Ryder misses the Broski Boot. Kicks to the arm by Del Rio, Cross Arm Breaker, and the quick tap out victory for Del Rio.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– Del Rio asks Randy to tell him how that looks and makes an example of Ryder, locking in the Arm Breaker as he proclaims himself to be the new “Apex Predator.”

– Vickie in her new office, getting rid of AJ’s things as Cena barges in, telling her she backstabbed AJ and ousted her from a position she loved. Cena knows Vickie knows it was just business, and she cost AJ her job. Vickie says perception is reality: Cena asked AJ out a few weeks back (continuity!), they went out when AJ was on probation, and by that logic, Cena cost AJ her job, not Vickie. Cena seems stunned yet again as he leaves Vickie’s office

– The Champion vs. Champion Lumberjack match is NEXT!!!

– Josh Matthews backstage with Dolph Ziggler. Dolph’s stunned by the events involving AJ, and believes she shouldn’t have put her hands on Vickie like she did. He’s even more stunned by Cena’s involvement, and thought AJ would’ve least had better taste than John. ZING!

– Nice video of Ryback’s surge of dominance, quickly becoming a big name and “FEEDING” more and more up until his chance at the WWE Title, where he has three words: “FEED! ME! PUNK!”

– Heyman attempts to reassure Punk backstage about Ryback, saying he’ll be out next week to sing the praises of Punk as being the best in the world once he retains his championship at HITC.

– The locker room empties, the lumberjacks are out, and NOW the Champion vs. Champion match…is…IN PROGRESS!!!

Champion vs. Champion Lumberjack Match: WWE Champion CM Punk v. World Champion Sheamus

Mason Ryan sighting! Where’s that guy been the last few months? Anyway, the two men exchange waistlocks. Punk floats into a front headlock, but Sheamus pushes him off. Punk with a kick and elbows, and sends him to the outside. No one seems willing to do so. Punk gets sent out, and the lumberjacks all too willing to throw him back in. Knees by Sheamus, then a headlock into a takeover. Punk pushes him to the corner and gets loose with some shoulders, then a headbutt to the midsection. Snapmare countered into a Sheamus elbow, then a scoop slam and elbow for a two count. Punk gets clotheslined over and immediately thrown back in. Irish Curse for a two count. Sheamus starts with the first of his Ten Shots, but Punk stun guns him and springs off for a clothesline and a two count. Sheamus pushed to the outside, and now the heel lumberjacks put the boots to Sheamus, tossing him back in to a cover by Punk, which gets two as we go to our last commercial break…

We are back and Punk with a side head lock. Sheamus with punches to Punk in the corner. We see footage during the commercial when Sheamus hit the ring post and went to the floor. Back to the live action and Punk with a key lock. Sheamus gets Punk on his shoulders but Punk gets back to his feet and he sends Sheamus to the floor. The lumberheels attack Sheamus. The lumberfaces try to protect Sheamus and we have a Demilitarized Zone of Lumberjacks.

Punk with a neck breaker followed by a double sledge from up top followed by an elbow from the turnbuckles. Punk goes up top again but you don’t do a move a third time and Sheamus with a punch to the midsection. Sheamus with more punches. Punk with a knee to the midsection followed by a kick that returns Sheamus to the mat.

Punk with a slam and he goes up top and teases the big elbow drop but he jumps to the mat and drops a regular elbow drop. Punk with a neck breaker for a near fall. Punk with a reverse chin lock on Sheamus. Sheamus punches Punk and hits two double sledges followed by a running clothesline into the corner followed by a fireman’s carry slam.

Sheamus gets Punk on the apron and he connects with the ten crossfaces. Sheamus suplexes Punk back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Sheamus with a running shoulder into the corner but Punk with a leg lariat to counter the knee lift.

Punk sets for the knee into the corner but Sheamus grabs Punk. Punk tries for a sunset flip but Sheamus holds on. Punk with the running knee followed by a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Punk goes up top but Sheamus with forearms to Punk’s back. Sheamus with a superplex and a near fall.

Sheamus sets for the uranage backbreaker but Punk gets Sheamus on his shoulders. Punk with a drop toe hold into the turnbuckles and Punk with a near fall. Punk with a round kick and he gets a near fall. Punk goes up top for the elbow drop but Sheamus moves. Sheamus with the uranage back breaker for a near fall.

Sheamus tries for the Cloverleaf but Punk escapes the hold and Sheamus goes over the top rope to the floor. Sheamus fights off the lumberjacks. Sheamus hits White Noise and then he looks around for the Brogue Kick set up and Sheamus gives Cesaro a Brogue Kick. Sheamus gives a Brogue Kick to Jinder Mahal. Big Show grabs Sheamus and choke slams him. Punk gets the three count.

Winner: CM Punk

After the match, Ryback comes to the ring and he hits a back breaker followed by a power slam after Punk is returned to the ring. Punk goes to the floor but he is sent back into the ring and Ryback with a power bomb. Punk goes to the floor again and Ryback gets him again and he presses Punk over his head and he tosses Punk onto the lumberheels.

Credit: Ken Hill

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