WWE RAW Results (12/10) – Vince McMahon & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, December 10th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Prudential Center in Newark, NJ

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-WWE has announced that The Slammy Awards return on next week’s show.

-Opening video package.

-Dolph Ziggler kicks off the show, standing on a ladder in the ring, and saying that he is on top of the world. He is here to discuss 6 and 15. 6 being the days until TLC< and 15 being the days until Christmas. He says Cena has failed to win after being handed things on a silver platter, but Santa (aka Vince) has forced Ziggler to put his MITB on the line against Cena in a ladder match. But this will not be a Merry Christmas, because he will be the coal in Cena's stocking, and he will beat Cena at the PPV. And then he will cash in the MITB on Big Show, and go on to be the greatest World Champion of all time.

Sheamus makes his way out to the ring. Ziggler asks Sheamus if he can help him, and Sheamus says Ziggler is finally taller than everyone. Sheamus then says Ziggler will have to cash in on him, because he will beat Big Show to win back the title. But Ziggler actually has to beat John Cena to make that happen, and Sheamus doesn’t see that happening. Sheamus says down the line he will be facing Cena for the title.

And now the Big Show heads out and says blah blah blah boring over and over again. He says Sheamus and Ziggler are delusional, and would like to come to the ring and punch out Sheamus. But he cannot due to the agreement they signed. So he will wait until TLC. As for Ziggler, he says he can try and cash in, but he will knock him out as well. Sheamus says Show should have Christmas spirit, and says it is because he tosses Rodriguez into his chestnuts. Sheamus is tired of talking, but he cannot touch Show, due to the no contact agreement. BUT, that doesn’t mean he cannot have contact with someone else, and pushes over the ladder, sending Ziggler to the floor. That had to suck.

-Vince McMahon walks.

-John Cena faces Big Show tonight.

-Kofi and Cesaro are out for commentary.

-Vince McMahon power struts out. Vince puts over the main event for tonight of Show vs. Cena. And now he brings out Vickie Guerrero. Vince tells her to take a bow, and then says that two main events are better than one, so what is the other one? Vince suggests Sheamus wrestling, and after Vickie stumbles to think of someone, Vince whispers Dolph Ziggler to her, which she yells out. Vince then says they need monumental third main event, and Vickie says she has a good one. AJ in a handicap match. Vince says AJ against…Vickie Guerrero.

Wade Barrett vs. R Truth

And here we go. Boot by Barrett to begin, and then tosses Truth to the floor. Barrett talks trash to Kofi and then slams Truth to the post. Back into the ring they go and Barrett covers for 1. Elbow drops by Barrett, and another cover for 2. Barrett chokes out Truth in the ropes as Kofi and Cesaro argue. Truth with a roll up out of nowhere for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: R Truth @ 2:03 via pin

-Truth and Cesaro argue after the match, and Kofi hits the ring and hits a cross body on Barrett. Kofi and Truth celebrate.

-Four way elimination tag match coming up next, The Prime Time Players vs. The Usos vs. The Rhodes Scholars vs. Epico and Primo.

-AJ is backstage, and excited about her match with Vickie. Aksana asks if John Cena knows, and she says she has to tell him. She then tells Kaitlyn, who says Cena is in the locker room. AJ goes to see him and walks on in and hugs him. She tells him about the match, and is all excited. Cena takes her from the locker room and looks mortified.

Elimination Tag Match: The Prime Time Players (Young and O’Neil) vs. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) vs. The Rhodes Scholars (Sandow and Rhodes) vs. Epico and Primo

The winners face Rey and Sin Cara at the TLC PPV in a tables match to crown the #1 contenders for the tag team titles. Epico and Jimmy to begin, atomic drop by Jimmy and then tags in Jey. Double back elbow to Epico and a cover gets 2. Epico counters a suplex, tags in to Primo and works over Jey. To the corner, tag to Epico and a slingshot elbow connects for 2. Tag back to Primo, dropkick to Jey, and a cover gets 2. Primo with the chinlock, Jey to his feet, escapes, off the ropes and a clothesline by Primo. He chokes out Jey, and then gets the Russian leg sweep and a cover for 2. Off the ropes, superkick by Jey. Tag to Jimmy, splash off the top and Epico and Primo have been eliminated. O’Neil is in now…

~commercial time~

We are back from the commercial as Jey works a side headlock on Cody. During the break the Usos eliminated The Prime Time Players. Sucks to be them. Jimmy and Sandow in now, boot to the gut by Sandow, but Jimmy back with an uppercut. Splash off the ropes and a cover for 2. Jey tags in and sends Sandow to the corner, but charges in and eats a boot. Sandow lays the boots to him, and then chokes him out. Tag to Cody, rights and boots follow from him. We get a “Cody’s Mustache” chant. Tag to Sandow, Russian leg sweep connects and then the elbow with the fancy name and a cover gets 2. Tag back to Cody, boots to the gut and then to the corner. Jey counters the bulldog, and then tags in Jimmy. Clotheslines to Cody, sidekick and then a Samoan Drop. To the corner. Samoan clambake connects. A cover gets 2 as Sandow makes the save. Sandow to the floor, pulls Jey out as well. Jimmy up top, Sandow distracts him, Cody up top, head butted off to the mat, top rope splash eats the knees. Cross Rhodes, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: The Rhodes Scholars @ 11:00 via pin

-The Rhodes Scholars face Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara in a tables match at TLC, with a shot at the tag team title son the line.

Non-Title Match: Eve © vs. Alicia Fox

Boot to the gut by Eve to begin, side headlock follows and then takes Fox to the mat. Fox works to her feet, elbows out and Eve with the shoulder block. Awkward exchange there and Fox slams Eve to the corner. Eve to the floor, Fox follows, slams her to the apron and tosses her back in. Eve begs off, Fox grabs her and gets a bridging northern lights suplex for 2. Forearms by Fox, off the ropes and a boot by Eve. Off the ropes and she runs into a side back breaker, and Fox covers for 2. Eve battles back, to the corner and misses the charge, but then pulls Fox off the ropes. Neck breaker by Eve and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Eve @ 2:40 via pin

-Eve has the photographer come in the ring and he takes pictures of her celebrating her victory over the fallen Alicia Fox.

-CM Punk and Paul Heyman arrive, Punk is on crutches. We’ll hear from them…next.

-CM Punk and Paul Heyman make their way to the ramp, unfortunately Punk is not in a wheel chair. Punk says that it has come to their attention that there are some people in the WWE Universe that think that the injury he has is phony, and that the surgery did not take place. The knee is 100% real life, and is what happens when you work more than everyone else, and are the champion for 388 grueling days. Injuries happen, and this is a tough sport. 388 days with no signs of slowing down. Injuries happen, and he wants to show us how it happened, and we see the attack from Ryback on last week’s show. Heyman then says that the people are ticking him off. HOW DARE THEY chant “Feed Me More” at CM Punk, just days after his emergency surgery. This is a legit champion, not like the NJ Devils. For 388 days he has been the reigning champion, and was injured so badly that he had to have emergency surgery. There were no stunt doubles like the Rock has. Punk is not complaining, he is here like the great man that he is, the longest reigning champion in the last 25 years, like the Rock, who was too busy to come here. Heyman says Ryback is no longer in front of Punk, and Punk will face the Rock at Royal Rumble, because CM Punk is not going anywhere. Because he is the best in the world. Punk then says he will address people saying he should be stripped of the title. That notion that he would hide from Ryback with a fake injury is ridiculous. If anyone believe that, then they can come and strip him of the title now. Cena, Show, Miz, Bryan, Jericho, Del Rio, and many others have tried, and they have failed, just like Ryback has failed twice. And at the Rumble, the Rock will also fail. Punk says the truth hurts, and on Sunday, he will be at TLC, and will watch the Shield, who he is not affiliated with, do to Ryback what Ryback did to him last week.

-Cole says the main event for the TLC PPV is Team Hell No and Ryback vs. The Shield in a TLC match, which can only be won by pin or submission.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Ziggler is taped up a bit, due to the fall he took earlier. Sheamus attacks the taped up leg of Ziggler, and drops the elbow on it and ties it up. Knee drops to the back of the leg of Ziggler. Ziggler fights back with rights and elbows, but then Sheamus with kicks to the injured leg. Flair knee breaker by Sheamus and a cover for 2. Off the ropes, boot by Ziggler, but then Sheamus connects with a clothesline. Sheamus works the leg of Ziggler by tying it up in the ropes, Ziggler escapes and connects with a dropkick. Ziggler with rights to Sheamus, but Sheamus just tosses him to the floor. He follows, and hits a clothesline. Sheamus celebrates.

~commercial time~

We are back from the commercial break as Ziggler works a chinlock on Sheamus. Ziggler also gets the body scissors and tries to keep Sheamus grounded. Sheamus works to his feet, uses rights to escape, but then runs into a knee from Ziggler. Sheamus rolls to the floor, Ziggler follows and tosses Sheamus back into the ring and works body shots in the corner. Ziggler lays the boots to him in the corner, and hits a neck breaker and covers for 2. Ziggler back to the chinlock, Sheamus back to his feet, escapes and then slams Ziggler to the corner. Both men are down, Sheamus works to his feet and so does Ziggler. They trade rights, double axe smash by Sheamus. Corner clothesline connects. Ziggler side steps the second try, and then rolls up Sheamus, uses the ropes but the ref caught him. Ziggler to the second rope, leaps off, Shamus catches him and gets a side back breaker and then the sack of shit slam. To the ropes, and Sheamus with the clubbing shots to the chest of Ziggler. Suplex to Ziggler, and Sheamus to the apron and then heads up top. Ziggler crotches him, climbs and they trade rights. Sheamus tosses him to the floor, but then Ziggler runs up and hits a top rope X-Factor, but only covers for 2. Both men work to their feet, Zigzag countered, cloverleaf try but Ziggler gets the ropes. Ziggler misses the fameasser, and gets caught in the Irish curse and Sheamus covers for 2. Sheamus sets for the brogue kick, charges, and misses. Ziggler to the floor, and Sheamus chases. Ziggler hits him with a chair for the DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus @ 15:20 via DQ

-In the ring and Ziggler has the chair, looks to do more damage, but Sheamus brogue kicks the chair out of his hands and Ziggler runs for his life.

-Vickie stretches backstage, and Hornswoggle and Khali arrive. They help her stretch, in a compromising position, and Vince walks in on an odd scene, saying he thought this was a family show.

-We get highlights of the Shield’s attack on Team Hell No on Smackdown. We also see the video from Smadkdown.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder

And here we go. Lock up, and a dropkick by Ryder. Corner clothesline follows, rights and the ref breaks them. Another forearm by Ryder and a cover for 2. Chinlock by Ryder, Del Rio escapes but a side headlock takedown by Ryder. Del Rio gets the ropes, and they break. Del Rio to the floor, Ryder tries to follow up and Del Rio works the arm. TO the corner, Del Rio counters and hits an enziguri to the back and covers for 2. Kick to the shoulder by Del Rio, Ryder tries to fight back, but Del Rio with a suplex and a cover for 2. Del Rio with shots to the back, and works a chinlock. Ryder runs into a back breaker, and Del Rio covers for 2. Del Rio charges, enziguri in the corner, and a cover again for 2. Kick by Del Rio, and a cover for 2. Chinlock by Del Rio, Ryder fights to his feet, Cole and Lawler are bored and discuss Lawler’s health, German suplex by Del Rio and a bridge gets 2. Kick to the face by Del Rio, to the second rope and Del Rio with the double axe smash and a cover for 2. Ryder fights back, and backdrops Del Rio to the floor. Del Rio back in and a clothesline by Ryder. Double knees by Ryder, and Ryder goes for the boot, Del Rio trips him up and then gets the cross arm breaker for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Del Rio @ 5:00 via submission

AJ vs. Vickie Guerrero

They wait for the ref, and as Guerrero yells for one, Brad Maddox arrives in his ref gear. AJ and Guerrero argue, and then AJ yells at Maddox. The bell rings and Guerrero attacks, taking AJ down and choking he rout in the ropes. Guerrero laughs, and pie faces AJ. She slaps AJ now, and celebrates. AJ tackles Guerrero and unloads with rights. Guerrero escapes to the floor and bails. AJ follows and tackles her on the floor. Back to the ring they go, AJ attacks again and AJ then slaps Guerrero, covers, but Maddox will not count. AJ wants to know what is up, Guerrero rolls her up and Maddox counts the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Vickie Guerrero @ 2:00 via pin

-Vickie skips up the ramp, Maddox follows and raises her hand. AJ is pissed, pounds the mat and starts to throw chairs around. She topples over a ladder and screams uncontrollably and slaps Justin Roberts. She then storm off.

-Backstage AJ is still freaking out. John Cena arrives to calm her down, and hugs on her to help her get calm.

-Cesaro is out and runs down America, and specifically New Jersey. The fans need him as their US Champion, and Sunday at TLC, R Truth will find out that the truth hurts.

Non-Title Champion vs. Champion Match: Kofi Kingston © vs. Antonio Cesaro

Lock up, counters and to the mat they go. Kofi with the hammerlock, countered and Cesaro works the arm. Kofi rolls out, tries a trip and gets kicks in the face. Head butt by Cesaro, and the side headlock follows. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cesaro. Off the ropes, counters and Kofi with the back elbow. Mounted rights in the corner by Kofi, and leaps off with the top rope chop. Cesaro to the apron, stun gun by Cesaro, and then slams Kofi to the mat. Double stomp follows and Cesaro covers for 2. Cesaro lays the boots to Kofi in the corner, and then chokes him out. Boots by Kofi, but another slam by Cesaro and a cover gets 2. Cesaro works the arm a bit, Kofi works to his feet, and leg kicks by Kofi. Forearms and a dropkick by Kofi. Off the ropes and the boom drop will not happen as Cesaro rolls to the floor. Kofi chases, back in and a sunset flip by Kofi. Monkey flip follows, but Kofi runs into a boot from Cesaro.

commercial time

We are back from commercial as Cesaro works a grounded bear hug. Kofi fights out, sunset flip try, Cesaro counters but Kofi gets the roll up for 2. Cesaro fights back with a slam and cover for 2. Gut wrench suplex by Cesaro gets 2. Kofi back with rights and kicks, but Cesaro with a spinebuster and a cover for 2. Cesaro back to the grounded bear hug, Kofi again working to his feet, and escapes. Cesaro charges, eats the back elbow, Kofi off the second ropes with the splash to the back Delirious style and covers for 2. SOS countered, uppercut to the back by Cesaro and a cover gets 2. To the corner, rights and lefts by Cesaro to the body of Kofi. SOS by Kofi and he gets 2 as Cesaro gets the ropes. Kofi is upset, charges and misses in the corner, counters and kicks Cesaro in the face. Up top, cross body caught by Cesaro into a sweet back breaker. Neutralizer by Cesaro connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Antonio Cesaro @ 14:00 via pin

-Miz is out for MizTV. He has the Rhodes Scholars as his guests. He calls them the beardo and the weirdo. Sandow runs down Miz’s show and the people that watch it. Sandow tells the crowd to be quiet, and says that it is his honor to reintroduce us all to Cody Rhodes. Cody thanks Sandow for the introduction, and runs down Miz for being a main event guy two years ago, and says The Rhodes Scholars are a bright light in the WWE Universe. An intellectual island like Princeton University is. Miz makes fun of Cody’s mustache, and then Sandow says Miz has lost touch with reality. Miz says they will not win at TLC, and will hit the ground hardy than Manny Pacquiao in the 6th. Sandow says Miz is a poor host and he needs to refine his questions. Miz then asks how Cody feels about Sandow not visiting him while he was injured and carries him in their team. Miz says Sandow called Cody the Jannetty of the tag team. Miz also says that Sandow says that Cody will always be over shadowed by someone, like Sandow or even his father. Cody doesn’t buy it and says Miz looks like Col Sanders, and calls this “Honey Boo Boo” like TV and they end the interview. Crowd chants for Cody’s mustache, and Miz then says that they will now be known as the Pink and the Stink.

-AJ meets with Cena and wants to pay him back by supporting him at ringside tonight. Cena doesn’t like the idea, and tells AJ to stay backstage because if anything happened to her he would feel responsible. She agrees.

We are back from commercial as Cena fights back, but then runs into a side slam and Show covers for 2. Head butts by Show, Cena fights back with rights and boots, dropkick follows. Cena charges, but Show kills him with a spear, and covers for 2. Body slam by Show, and off the ropes and an elbow drop connects, Show covers for 2. Boot to the head by Cena, off the ropes, and Show catches him with the bear hug. Long bear hug by Show, Cena tries to power out, does and looks for an STF, Show kicks him away and Cena rolls to the floor. Show follows and slams Cena to the barricade. Show stares down the ref as he counts, rolls back in and then grabs Cena by the head and pulls him to the apron. Clothesline by Show as Cena tries to fire up. Show walks across Cena gut, and then talks trash. Show up the ropes for the Vader splash, and it connects and Show covers for 2. Show is not happy about this, works body shots in the corner, goes for the splash again but Cena rolls out of the way. Shoulder blocks by Cena, belly to back suplex. Five-knuckle shuffle connects. Show up, chokeslam to Cena and a cover gets 2. Show looks for the KO shot, Cena up and ducks under, AA connects and BOTH men are down. The Shield hits the ring for the DQ

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Cena @ 14:08 via DQ

-The Shield beats down Cena, and they all lay the boots to him. They set up a table into the ring, and Reigns also grabs a ladder. Team Hell No are out and we have a brawl. Ziggler hits the ring and attacks Cena. Show is back up and also attacks Cena. Sheamus rushes out and tackles Ziggler and sends him to he floor. Cena puts Show through the table that was in the corner, but the Shield beat down Kane and Bryan. Ryback now heads out to the ring, he tosses a ladder at the Shield and starts to brawl with all three members. It’s a massive brawl as the show fades to black…

Credit: Ken Hill

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