WWE RAW Results (12/15) – A Cage Match, Roman Reigns Returns, Y2J Hosts, & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night
Airdate: Monday, December 15th, 2014 (USA
Location: The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit,
Results by Matt

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main

Chris Jericho, Paul Heyman, Seth Rollins & John Cena Open Up

The post-TLC edition of WWE RAW, which emanates from Detroit, Michigan, opens
up with Chris Jericho’s theme song immediately hitting. The pyro explodes and
out he comes as Michael Cole welcomes us to the show.

Jericho is truly getting a rock star reception in Detroit. Huge pop for his
entrance and a giant “Y2J” chant as soon as the music stopped. “Welcome to RAW
is Jericho” is repeated by everyone in attendance. Jericho talks about how he’s
the special guest General Manager tonight.

He thanks everyone for voting for him for “Extreme Moment of the Year” at
last week’s Slammy Awards. The fans break out into another loud “Y2J” chant. He
says he could stand here and listen to them chant that all night, but he’d get
in trouble. He continues to talk about the Slammy’s and how Fandango accepted it
for him. He proceeds to insult Fandango and then demands that “Fan-Dumbo,”
“Fan-Dingo,” “Fan-Dodge-Durango” come out to the ring.

Instead of Fandango coming out, we hear “Ladies and Gentlemen!” Out comes
Paul Heyman. The fans boo the hell out of Heyman as he runs his mouth while
walking down to the ring. We’ve got a hot crowd in Detroit tonight, folks.

Heyman admits to being a “Jericho-holic.” He talks about how Jericho is the
guest GM tonight and says it should be him instead. He says he has a beef with
Jericho. He talks about Jericho winning the “Extreme Moment of the Year” Slammy
Award and says if anyone should win an award with the word “extreme” in it, it
should be him. The fans chant “E-C-W, E-C-W!” Heyman calls himself the father
and grand puba of the extreme concept. Jericho calls him a walrus, which prompts
the fans to chant “Walrus! Walrus!”

Jericho tells Heyman he did give him his first break in ECW, but he also
ripped him off. He says he owes him $200. Heyman brushes that off and then talks
about Seth Rollins failing in his task to beat John Cena at TLC last night. As
he continues to talk about Rollins, he is interupted by Rollins’ music. Out
comes “Mr. Money in the Bank” himself, with Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble with

The fans break out in a “You Sold Out!” chant as Rollins makes his way to the
ring with Mercury and Noble. He gets in Heyman’s face. He leans into Heyman and
pushes him backwards. Heyman tells Rollins that he’s not a fighter, he’s only an
advocate. Rollins talks about Heyman standing at ringside during his match with
Cena last night. He says he saw him put Cena through a table. Rollins then talks
about Sting. He says Sting screwed him at Survivor Series and then Roman Reigns
screwed him at TLC.

Rollins switches gears and focuses on Cena. He calls Cena a coward and then
challenges him to a rematch, but not tonight. Before he can say when, he is
interupted by Cena’s theme song. Cena makes his way to the ring to a loud mixed
reaction from the Detroit fans.

Cena tells Rollins to shut his mouth. He calls him a kid and says there’s
grown men in the ring. He tells Rollins that he put up a hell of a fight, but
the fact is — he lost. He says he hasn’t learned what it’s like to be a man. He
says a man doesn’t complain and make excuses.

He continues to talk, but turns around and focuses on Heyman. He talks about
his match with Brock Lesnar for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the
upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view. He says that he’s not here tonight to talk
about that, he’s here to fight. He says Rollins claims he can’t beat him without
help. He says he’s right, he does need help. He says he can’t make matches. He
needs someone with the power to make that happen. Jericho smirks in the

Jericho makes the Cena-Rollins rematch for tonight on RAW. Rollins looks
pissed. Jericho says the Cena-Rollins rematch won’t be just any match — it will
be a steel cage match. We see a shot of the cage hanging above the ring. Cena
tells Rollins he’ll see him later tonight and he walks off. Rollins complains to
Jericho, calling him the worst General Manager of all-time.

Rollins continues to complain, telling Jericho he’s jealous. He says Jericho
couldn’t beat the janitor or the popcorn salesman here at Joe Louis Arena, or
even Paul Heyman. Jericho cuts him off and tells him to calm down. He says he’s
right, the popcorn guy is a ninja. He says he thinks he can beat Paul Heyman
though. Rollins says Heyman isn’t a fighter. Jericho says he really thinks he
can beat Paul Heyman. Heyman says for the record, he too thinks Jericho can beat
Paul Heyman.

Jericho says we’ve got two big main events tonight. Cena vs. Rollins in a
cage and Chris Jericho vs. Paul Heyman. He says on top of that, he wants people
to go to the WWE App and choose what kind of stipulation the Jericho-Heyman
match will be. He says when he’s done with Heyman, he’ll never — ever — be the
same, again. His music plays and he heads to the back. We head to

Stipulations For Chris Jericho vs. Paul Heyman Match

We return from commercial and the announcers inform us of the three options
for a stipulation for the Chris Jericho vs. Paul Heyman match later tonight.
Those stipulations, which you can vote on via the WWE App, are: Extreme Rules
Match, No Holds Barred Match or a Street Fight.

Big Show & Luke Harper vs. Erick Rowan & Dolph Ziggler

We shoot to the ring where we see Big Show and Luke Harper standing on one
side and Erick Rowan standing on the other. From there, Dolph Ziggler’s theme
music hits. Out comes the WWE Intercontinental Champion. We’ve got tag-team
action here in our first match of the evening.

The bell rings and here we go. Ziggler and Show start things off for their
respective teams. Ziggler is flying all over the place early on, trying to use
his speed to gain an advantage until he runs into a big shot from Big Show that
knocks him out to the floor.

Back in the ring and Big Show and Luke Harper double-team Ziggler a bit. We
head to a mid-match commercial as Harper takes over, continuing where Big Show
left off.

We’re back from the break and we see Harper still dominating Ziggler in the
ring. Ziggler continues to take a beating for another minute or two before
finally making the hot tag to Erick Rowan. “Big Red” comes in the ring and
immediately goes to work on Harper. He knocks Show off the apron.

Show is tagged in but Rowan goes to work on him too. Harper tries to
interfere but Ziggler hits the ring and knocks him out to the floor. The
distraction causes Rowan to turn around right into a knockout punch from Big
Show. 1-2-3. Show and Harper win.

Winners: Big Show & Luke Harper

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