WWE RAW Results (2/4) – Mark Henry Returns!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, February 4th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA.

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We recap Cena’s “difficult” decision, his, as well as Sheamus and Ryback’s beatdown at the hands of the Shield, and the “shocker” of Paul Heyman lying through his teeth about The Shield and Brad Maddox and the REAL shocker of Brock Lesnar storming the ring and F-5’ing Mr. McMahon.

The Road to Wrestlemania runs through Atlanta TONIGHT!

No pyro as the former WWE Champion CM Punk makes his way to the ring in a huff. He pulls in Justin Roberts and forces him to announce Punk as the true “People’s Champion.” He asks us if he overreacted, and while the crowd says “Yes”, Punk disagrees, as no one can imagine what it wa slike to lose what he had. He didn’t overreact, he reacted as well as anyone would who had been screwed over like he did. Punk bring up the video that supposedly implicates him and Paul Heyman, while it was obviously clear that Punk himself that wasn’t in the video, and asks a couple of fans and Michael Cole, who grudgingly admit he wasn’t there.

Punk says he finds this hard to be the gospel truth considering Vince put it on his titantron on his show. Vince can doctor anything, hire anyone to play anyone, because he has the money and he is vindictive enough to do it. He says it is karma that Vince got F-5’d by Brock Lesnar and had his hip broken. He dares anyone to tell him that Vince didn’t deserve it, and soon “karma” will reach the Rock in two short weeks. The REAL Champion is right here, in his “442nd day” as the true champion.

Booker T comes out. He screws up his lines a bit, but informs us that Vickie has put him and the fans in charge of Punk’s fate. He brings up three of Punk’s latest Wrestlemania opponents for Punk to face tonight: Rey Mysterio (WM 26), Randy Orton (WM 27), and Chris Jericho (WM 28). Jericho’s name gets some big pops and chants. Booker ends it with a classic “Can you dig that, SUCKAAAAA!”

We get a little advert about how to use the WWE App to vote for CM Punk’s opponent tonight.

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No Title Match: Ryback vs. US Champion Antonio Cesaro

This rivalry stems from WWE Main Event, where Cesaro has been counted out against Ryback on two straight occasions, the second time on purpose when Ryback simply got the best of Cesaro.

Ryback fights out of a waistlock and hip tosses Cesaro, followed by a leg drop for two. Ryback brings him to the corner and beats him down. he sets for the Meathook, but Cesaro ducks out. Ryback chases him back in, but Cesaro lays the boots to him. European uppercut countered by Ryback, then a Thesz press into a few head slams. He picks up Cesaro, who surprises him with an uppercut as we go to break…

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Ryback with a couple of knockdowns to Cesaro, who tries to ditch yet again, but Ryback catches him leaving. Cesaro tossed back into the ring, but hangs up Ryback on the ropes, and trips him onto the apron head first. He drives Ryback into the ring post, then into the steel steps hard. Ryback down and out, and the ref counts. He JUST makes it back in before the 10 count. Cesaro with another uppercut, but Ryback with a big back body drop, then a spinebuster. He hits a Meathook, but Cesaro yet again makes for the crowd, and Ryback throws him back in. Cesaro with a boot that staggers Ryback, but the next one Ryback counters with big powerbomb, another Meathook connects, then FINISH! IT! Shell-Shock! Three count!

Winner: Ryback

Time: 9:48

We recap Cena’s decision to face the WWE Champion and the Shield ambushing him, then taking down Sheamus and Ryback individually as well. We get an deep introspective of The Shield…NEXT!

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Chilli from TLC in the house tonight!

Rey Mysterio pleads his case to face Punk tonight, brings up their history, and knows Punk’s weaknesses. He’s been where Punk has been as WWE Champion, and promises to bring it to him tonight.

We flashback to Survivor Series, where the Shield first made their impact, then took their fight of “justice” to Sheamus, Ryback, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, and others. “BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!”

Cena watches this from Vickie’s office, and Vickie brings up the rumor that he plans to confront The Shield in the ring on his own and asks if he has a death wish. Cena says he’s won the Royal Rumble and will once again be WWE Champion, but right now, The Shield needs to be stopped.

We recap Trish Stratus’s 2013 Hall of Fame induction, and it really couldn’t have gone to any other diva of her era. We also hear about the “EPIC announcement” that has been a long time coming, in Michael Cole’s words, about the latest Hall of Fame induction.

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Back with Cole and King. We hear from Jericho, who says you don’t call yourself “Best in the World”, you ARE it, and insists that we vote to see Jericho vs. Punk.

“The Real American” Jack Swagger vs. Santino Marella

Cole brings up some good continuity with Swagger’s US Title loss to Santino last year beginning his downward spiral. Santino goes into his usual antics, but Swagger stops that with a knee to the gut, then takes Santino to the corner for some shots. Santino dodges a charge, and goes for some jabs. Santino goes for a hip toss, Swagger stops it, misses the clothesline, Santino with body shots, but Swagger knocks him down and goes up top for a Swagger Bomb. He psyches up and locks in the Ankle Lock he now calls the “Patriot Act” for the quick tap out by Santino.

Winner: Jack Swagger

Time: 2:30

Swagger gets in Booker’s face after the match and asks “Are you impressed now?” before sauntering off.

The voting is up now for CM Punk’s opponent tonight, and the results will be posted…NEXT!

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Turns out everyone voting at once caused some backlash on the system, so the results will be shown following the next match.

Non-Title Match: World Champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Cody Rhodes

We recap Del Rio’s up and down week, with his victory over Show at the Royal Rumble, Show’s revenge on him and Ricardo on Raw, then Show beating down

Cody with boots to Del Rio. Del Rio gets an elbow out of the corner, then a monkey flip. Cody slaps him, and Del Rio is ticked, laying into Cody with kicks, then a nasty shot to the arm for a two count. Cody counters Del Rio, then puts the boots to Del Rio into the corner. Alberto fights back with some clotheslines, then a sharp thrust kick for a near fall. Cross Armbreaker countered, Disaster Kick by Rhodes, which gets a near fall. Cross Rhodes countered, Cross Arm Breaker is in and Cody taps!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Time: 2:30ish

Del Rio on the mic. He realizes that he used to look down on the fans, and says that being bullied by the Big Show has opened his eyes. He thanks us for allowing him to win the World Title not just for himself, but for everyone who’s worked hard to put food on their plate and has had endured bullying at the hands of monsters like the Big Show. He promises that what happened last Friday is nothing compared to what he will do this week.

Show on the Titantron, trying to calm Alberto down, who says Show has no cajones, and Show laughs it off. He’s in a hotel off-site. Alberto calls him a coward, but Show says he’s here because he could easily annihilate Del Rio if he were there. Heck, he could’ve done it last Friday, but he decided to let it go. He tells Del Rio all he wants is a rematch for the World Title at Elimination Chamber. He tells Del Rio to fax some papers through his “flunkies” and Show will sign them, and Alberto will get Show in a match. IF Del Rio tries to find Show in the hotel, the beating he gave Ricardo is nothing compared to what Show will do to Del Rio tonight.

Lawler announces the results of the WWEActive vote tonight for CM Punk’s opponent…and Jericho wins by a landslide. Jericho vs. CM Punk tonight!

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We recap Rey and Sin Car’s non-title victory over Team Hell No last Friday night. Then we see Bryan and Kane arguing over how Kane “cost” Bryan the match and how he hasn’t been doing his “part” as his partner. Kane says it’s a “shocker” how Daniel can’t seem to take care of himself now. Bryan promises to prove that he doesn’t need Kane’s help, and orders him to stay back for the next match. Kane only looks on with disdain.

Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan

The two lightweight wrestlers exchange grapples, holds, and kicks to start the match. Rey with a kick to the head, then goes for a head scissors, but Daniel stops it and counters with a SWEET modified gut buster. He props up Rey in the corner for the Tree of Woe and hits some shoulder thrusts, but Rey dodges the third one and Bryan rams into the ring post and out of the ring as we go to break…

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Bryan with a wristlock, then stomps Rey’s elbow. He jams Rey’s bad arm into his shoulder, then delivers some kicks to the arm. Rey rolls through a toss to the outside, but Bryan counters him with a baseball slide. Rey fires back with a forearm. Back in the ring, Rey up on Bryan’s shoulders, rolls through, and kicks Bryan in the face for two. Rey whips Bryan into the ropes for a 619, but Bryan catches him and locks in the No! Lock, but Rey counters into a roll-up for a near fall. Rey trips up Bryan, hits the 619, up top to Drop The Dime…but he misses! Bryan locks in the No! Lock. Rey taps!

Winner: Daniel Bryan

Time: 8:20

Bryan celebrates, but MARK HENRY’S music hits! Oh, somebody’s wig gonna get split, and maybe a beard too, as Henry easily dispatches of Bryan, storms the ring, and tears into Mysterio with a spinebuster and drags him to the corner. Sin Cara out, but Henry catches him on the cross body and drill him with the World’s Strongest Slam. He goes back to drop down on Rey, who somehow fights back, but Henry just drops him with the WSS as well. Henry up top, World’s Strongest Vader Bomb! He tosses out Sin Cara as he screams “THAT’S WHAT I DO!” I think we’ve got a front runner for the Elimination Chamber…

Punk vs. Jericho, coming up later.

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Bryan catches up with Kane in the back, and demands why he wasn’t out there. Kane said he followed Bryan’s orders. Bryan asks since when does Kane listen to him, and demands an apology. Kane says Bryan’s words hurt and their friendship is stronger than that. Bryans asks if that’s true. “HELL NO!” He laughs as Bryan sulks.

We recap Heyman being caught by Mr. McMahon in his lie about not being associated with either Brad Maddox or the Shield, about to be fired, but “The Beast” Brock Lesnar makes his presence know, hits the ring, and Vince warns him to not do anything he’d regret, only for Brock to F-5 Vince, “shattering” his hip to the point he needed hip replacement surgery. More updates as they come in.

Show in his hotel suite, impatient with Booker over when the contracts for his match with Del Rio will be delivered. A knock on the door…and it’s room service with an awfully small meal for the big man. The room service man asks for a tip. Show’s tip: “Get a better job.” Ouch.

Sheamus out for his match against The Big Red Machine, Kane, NEXT!

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Sheamus vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Kane

Kane and Sheamus tie-eup, but it turns into a slugfest with Sheamus coming out on top. Kane reverses a whip and nails a clothesline. he takes Sheamus to the corner for some uppercuts. Whip reversed by Sheamus with a knee lift, but Kane comes back with a sidewalk slam for two. Kane to the outside, but Sheamus kicks him off. Kane rolls back in, Sheamus kicks him, whip, but Kane counters with a boot. Sheamus fires right back with the Irish Curse, but Kane come back up. Sheamus drives him to the corner, but Kane uppercuts him, goes up top, misses the clothesline. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick, BLOCKED by Kane, GOOZLE! Sheamus floats out, goes for White Noise, Kane fights out, goes for a Tombstone, but Sheamus counters that! Nice sequence there. Kane takes Sheamus down, goes for th Chokeslam, but Bryan out, which distracts and angers Kane as he goozles Bryan and shoves him off the apron, only to get Brogue Kicked for the three count!

Winner: Sheamus

Time: 3:46

Bryan says “I’m sorry” with a big, goofy “Nah, I’m not sorry” grin on his face as Sheamus celebrates.

Cena calls out the Shield, and MizTV with Paul Heyman is up NEXT!

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Miz out in the ring, going over Heyman bringing back Lesnar. Heyman stops him and introduces himself, not allowing Miz to soil his reputation. Miz jokes that it was soiled before he said anything. Heyman accuses him of slander, then goes on to apologize to Mr. McMahon, which Miz doesn’t buy for a second. He’s seen the video of the Shield and Brad Maddox, he saw Vince about to fire Heyman. Paul tries to say that he tried to get Brock to back down, but Miz doesn’t believe him, and credits him for.

Vickie out now, and says Heyman is telling the truth. SHE is the one who secretly negotiated with Lesnar over the last few months, hoped that the deal would convince Mr. McMahon to make her position as GM permanent, and had finally sealed a contract around the time of Raw Roulette. She and Heyman never expected Lesnar to do what he did, and she “sobs” into Heyman’s jacket. He wants to dedicate a moment to Vince, but Vickie tops it by wanting to pray. Miz asks “Really?” He reminds us how Vince ruined Heyman and ECW, how Vince has dangled the notion of Permanent Raw GM in Vickie’s face and pull it away. Vickie reminds Miz that she’s his boss. Miz asks for how long, as Vince will recuperate, do away with Vickie, and finish the job with Heyman.

Before he can go on, Brock Lesnar’s music hits, and Miz is frozen in the ring as Lesnar marches to the ring. “The Beast” in the ring now, and Miz does the VERY foolish thing of shoving Lesnar, who takes his head off with a clothesline. He tosses Miz outside and starts dumping furniture on him. Miz somehow back in and takes the fight to Brock, who stops him with high knees, then a F-5 to lay out Miz for good. Heyman begs Lesnar off before he can do more, and they leave, Miz and MizTV in ruins.

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Non-Title Match: IC Champion Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton

We get a little promo from Bo Dallas, who promises that’s he’s a underdog “with some bite.” We see his upset win last Monday on Raw Roulette, then we see last Friday, where Wade ambushed and beat down the NXT Rookie.

Wade drills Randy into the corner, but Orton comes back with a Thesz Press and a back body drop. Wade to the outside, but Randy follows and back suplexes him onto the barricade. Orton rolls Barrett back in for a two count. Randy with the pseudo-Garvin Stomp. Barrett counters a charge off the ropes with a clothesline, a knee lift, then tosses Randy to the outside, where he beats down on Orton some more, before rolling him back in a for a two count. Wade with a rear headlock, Orton fights out, blocks the thrust kick from Barrett, then fires up with some clotheslines and a powerslam. Snakebite DDT, Orton goes for the RKO, but Wade ducks to the outside. Randy follows, throws him back in, but Barrett surprises him with the Winds of Change for a near fall. Barrett preps the Bullhammer, Randy dodges, RKO attempt countered by Barrett pushing Orton to the corner. Barrett misses the boot to the corner. RKO! OUT OF NOWHERE! Three count!

Winner: Randy Orton

Time:: 5:05

Jericho vs. Punk is up NEXT!

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WWEActive Match: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Lock-up in the ring, chops from both men, Jericho wins that battle, and backs Punk into the corner for some more chops, then a stalling vertical suplex for a two count. Punk with a series of kicks, then a jumping calf kick for a two count. Punk with a key lock to Jericho. Jericho fights out with elbows and chops. Punk reverses a whip, but gets a boot to the face. Punk counters a whip, goes for a tornado DDT, but Jericho floats out, and back drops Punk to the ring floor, then follows up with a baseball dropkick which sneds punk into the announce table as we go to commercial…

~Commercial Break~

Punk with a back suplex to Jericho, then knee drops to his head before covering Jericho for two. Punk with a neck vice to Jericho. Chris fights out with right hands and a chop, Punk reverse the whip, Jericho tosses him to the apron, but Punk misses the springboard clothesline. Jericho with a pair of shoulder block. Punk tosses him to the apron, Jericho with a kick, then the bulldog. Jericho spots the counter on the Lionsault, tries to turn it into the Walls of Jericho, but Punk kicks him off. Punk goes for the high knee in the corner, misses it, Jericho picks him up, Superplex. Near fall for Jericho. Punk looks for the GTS, Jericho rolls him for the Walls, but Punk counters into a cradle for two, then Jericho with a cradle for two. Punk with the high knee and a clothesline, but misses the elbow drop from the top rope. Lionsault! 1…2…Thr-NO! Punk with a BLISTERING roundhouse kick. 1…2…Thr-NO! Anaconda Vice is in! Jericho…makes the ropes! Jericho gets to the turnbuckle, but Punk stops him with another withering kick. Punk picks up Jericho for the GTS, but Jericho catches the leg, Walls of Jericho is in! And Punk…makes the ropes as well! Punk tries for a GTS, but is too damaged from the Walls. Jericho tries the Walls again, but Punk leg whips him into a corner turnbuckle. He then drives Jericho into a ring post, shoulder first. Jericho up…GTS connects! Three count! Awesome match!

Winner: CM Punk

Time: 15:00

The next inductee of 2013…a man who more than deserves this overdue achievment…the longest-running WWE Champion in its storied history, the man who built Madison Square Garden and is truly the best in WWE’s entire history…BRUNO SAMMARTINO! The crowd is standing in ovation at the news!

~Commercial Break~

Matt Striker backstage with CM Punk to ask where his head is. Punk explains he is not angry that the Rock is off shooting films, he is angry because while Rock walks around with a belt, Punk is the true champion. Every second, minute, and hour of the day, he proves why he is the Best in the World, and in two weeks, he’ll do it again.

Josh Matthews with John Cena backstage. Josh asks Cena why despite their attacks in recent weeks, Cena would call them out alone. Cena says pretty much what he said before: He won the Rumble, he’s facing the WWE Champion, and the Shield is something that has to be taken care of right here and now.

~Commercial Break~

Show on the phone with Booker, wondering where the guy is with the papers. Knock on the door, and the man has arrived with the papers. He seems to be trying to tell Show something, probably that he left the door unlocked. Yep, there’s Alberto, who assaults Show, but the big man with kicks to Del Rio’s gut and tosses him around the hotel hallway. He goes to grab a table leg, but Alberto with a fire extinguisher, sprays Show, and cracks him in the head, knocking him out. He laughs, says he’ll get Show some pepto for the “bad hotel food” and leaves with a wink.

Brad Maddox in the ring now. He talks about how Heyman manipulated and took advantage of a kid who tried to make it big in the business, how he did what he thought was right for himself. When Heyman had him disposed of at the hands of the Shield, he had no trouble admitting to his involvement in keeping the championship on CM Punk and it turns out HE was the one who gave Mr. McMahon the footage incriminating Punk and Heyman. Now, HE will be the hero of this story, and it will be HIM, not Cena, who teaches The Shield about the true meaning of justice. He calls them out.

The Shield’s music hits, and Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins come down the arena steps. Ambrose on the mic, saying Maddox is no hero, but a rat foraging for scraps, and while the Shield took a payoff like he did, “justice ain’t free.” Rollins questions if Maddox even knows the concept of justice, as a whiny, 15-minutes-of-fame wannabe. Roman Reigns jumps the barricade now, saying the last time was all business, but they are going to take their time savoring this one. They surround Maddox, he stares them down, goes after Ambrose, and is promptly beat down and triple powerbombed in a heartbeat.

Cena’s music hits, and here he comes through the audience, Shield-style. Then Ryback’s music hits, and here he comes, as well as Sheamus! They surround the ring, much in the way of the Shield, who retreat, only to run into a barricade of superstars led by Randy Orton and Kofi Kingston. They’re forced back into the ring, and Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback lay into the three mercenaries with hard rights and boots. This goes for about a minute until the Shield retreats into the crowd, with Cena and company standing tall as we fade to black.

End show.

Credit: Ken Hill

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