WWE RAW Results (2/6) – Kane Stalks Eve, & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, February 6th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, OK

Results by Tony Acero of 411

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We are LIVE in HD in Oklahoma City, and immediately are informed that there will be a Six Pack Challenge which will decide the sixth person involved in the RAW EC Match! Also, Daniel Bryan will go one on on with The Big Show, and that is our first match. But first, El Juego!!!

Triple H’s music hits and he comes out in his suit and tie. His light green tie goes well with the green theme of the entrance. Triple H soaks up a chant then says that he’d like to discuss last week and what he was out there to do. He was out there last week to fire Johnny Ace. He wasn’t out here to wish him well, rather he wanted to wish him well in his future endeavors. He wanted to make this point clear, however. He claims that the man is a backstabbing, lying, conniving, manipulative weasle. Basically, an ass kisser…and those are his good qualities. He really doesn’t have anything redeeming about him in any way, and hopefully the board will see that. It appears that Johnny Ace went to the Board directly and plea bargain for a stay of execution. Triple H is to be on hold on the decision until further notice. He drops it as if it’s not important to move on to something that is “very” important. The Undertaker had not been seen since he was carried from Wrestlemania. Last week, the undertaker’s gong hit and he walked down that ramp and I’m not ashamed to tell you that after 20 years in this business, there’s nobody else that I still get that feeling for. He says he stands in the ring with Taker and he stands before him, truly humbled. Monday Night reminded him of last year when Taker came out and without saying a word, pointed to the Mania sign. He wanted the rematch of rematches. Triple H looked into the eyes of the dead man and for the first time ever, there was no rush up his spine. There was no butterflies, no awe, nothing. He wasn’t humbled. He looked The Undertaker in the eyes and he felt…sorry. He felt bad. OOOO, them’s fightin words. He knows that what he did to The Undertaker last year and he chooses to remember The Undertaker in a different light. This is how: (TO THE TRON!)

WE get a quick video package of The Undertaker kickin some ass at Mania, highlighting a majority of his Mania matches. Triple H says that THAT (the video) is the Deadman and how he chooses to remember The Undertaker. What he doesn’t want to remember is last year’s match where Taker was laid out in the ring afterwards and had to be carried out. Well, Trips, not many people want to remember the match either, so don’t feel too bad. Trips says that no one will ever compare to Taker, his legacy will never be matched. Deadman, for that reason, you challenge me to Wrestlemania? Out of respect, with all my heart, I say no. He continues to say that what he did to Taker was something that has never been done. He knows what he would have to do if they wrestled again, he would have to finish it. Taker knows that, too. Triple H then considers that maybe The Undertaker wants HHH to put an end to it. He quotes the necronomican then says that even The Undertaker has limits. He will not be the guy to push Taker past those limits. He respects Taker too much for that. THIS is over.

Triple H’s music hits then cuts off rather quickly. Trips looks around as the lights go out and the crowd goes nutso. Up on the screen is Taker sitting in a chair watching last year’s Mania. He says it’s not over. The video on the screen is grainy an looks like an older film. They recap what Triple H said the RAW after Mania. My victory over you means nothing. Give me what is mine. Vengeance.And I will give you one more chance at immortality. This is not over. Triple H is left staring as we go to break.

Match 1: The Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan (w/ AJ)

AJ actually comes in shortly after Bryan and Bryan goes to get her, telling her she will be safe. Well that doesn’t seem very smart at all…Show goes on the attack but Bryan grabs the ropes to break any possible hold. Show ain’t havin it and sends him to a corner before chopping him in the chest and giving him a few lower uppercuts to the gut of Bryan. Bryan with some kicks from the ground, but Show stops him with a headbutt. And another! Show with a body slam to the mat! Show whips Bryan to the corner, splashes him then hits the ropes, and Bryan dropkicks the knees as Bryan grins and we go to break.

When return, Bryan has Show in a half boston crab until Show kicks him off then hits a couple of clotheslines! He tosses Bryan to the ropes then hits a spear. Show with a cover for 1…2..No. Show is calling for the Chokeslam. Goozle!!! Bryan locks in a guiollotine, though! Show tosses him in the corner, Show lifts the foot for a Superkick, but Bryan grabs the leg and drops it while kicking the knee. Hard kick to the chest of Show, and a pin! 1…2..NO!!!! Bryan is going to go up top, but Show calls for the WMD so he hops down. Show gives him a kick to the head on the apron and Bryan falls down near AJ. He claims to have hurt his knee badly. Show goes to the outside but AJ begs for him to stop. Bryan was playing possum and tries to toss Show to the stairs. Show reverses thhen gets sent to the stairs and he nearly crushes AJ. Show stops himself, however, and Bryan grabs AJ and walks her up the ramp. She is noticeably scared as Show rolls into the ring.

Winner: Big Show via Countout (**)

More storyline driven than anything, but I did enjoy what was shown

Bryan is on the stick. He wants to know what kind of giant freak Big Show is and what kind of man he is! He just proved that when he ran through AJ, it was on purpose. Show is all like, “nah man!” Bryan wants to know why Show would torture this poor, innocent woman and AJ looks so sad. Bryan says that protecting AJ, who loves him, is more important than winning or losing any match. Regardless, at the Elimination Chamber, things will be different. He will still be champion.

In an apparent teaming with Nascar, we get John Cena being invited to wave the green flag of the Daytona 500. February 26th is the date. So if you’re a fan, be sure to check it out.

A video package for the Elimination Chamber is shown that explain the rules and highlight the previous 13 matches. 13? Really? Interesting.

We are welcomed back to the show with David Otunga in the ring. He begins with kissing the ass of Johnny Ace then looks to Tebow…lol. We are interrupted by Justin Roberts who says that Otunga will compete in a match…right now! Otunga is in his Lawyer attire, so he definitely doesn’t want this.

Match 2:

Otunga tries for a kick, but he misses so Sheamus grabs him by the bow tie then goes for the Celtic Cross. Luckily, Otunga’s sweater vest is big enough to slip out of and Otunga runs out of the ring. Otunga slides in as Sheamus hits him with a clothesline then sets him up for the bashing of the chest on the ropes, followed by a clothesline. Sheamus lifts Otunga up, but Otunga holds onto the ropes. Kick by Otunga and a DDT. Otunga covers for 1. Otunga with some kicks to the chest of Sheamus. Sheamus pushes him away, so he keeps coming back with the kicks. Otunga removes his button up all mad and turns right into a Brogue Kick! Pin for 1…2..3!!

Winner: Sheamus (*)

I believe that Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler made roughly 30 lawyer or law jokes here, all of which were cheesy and cliche. The match was short, and essentially Sheamus kicking Otunga’s ass. I’m all for that, I suppose.

Chris Jericho is up next!

We’re back, and the light-lined jacket of Chris Jericho is atop the ramp. He comes out and his smile is gone. We are reminded of the match between Punk and Bryan when Jericho comes out and hits a Codebreaker.

Jericho claims that the end of the world is here and now. By just reappearing on RAW, he has made every other superstar in the back obsolete. Every other man that has been in this ring is nothing more than a Chris Jericho wannabe. He’s got a whole roster of Jericho wannabes and a whole arena filled with Jericho wannabe’s. He points some out in the crowd, calling them wannabes! The pathetic thing is that he manipulated all of us without saying a single word! He TROLLED all of us! Muahahaha. He says just like The Miz! He did the scowl and slow talking first! Before R-Truth said what’s up, he said Shut The Hell Up! Before Dolph Ziggler walked down the ramp with Vickie Guerrero, he walked down with Stephanie McMahon. Then there’s CM Punk the worst of them all. He claims to be the best in the world, when he certainly is not. He’s nothing more than a Chris Jericho wannabe and he knows deep down inside that Jericho is the best in the world at everything he does. I am the best in the world at everything I do and I don’t have to put it on the back of a shirt to prove it.. He says that this is the end of the world as we know it because he is coming back to reclaim what is….

CM Punk’s music hits, and the WWE Champion comes out with his pipe bomb. Is that a new shirt? I think it is. Punk is grinning as he makes his way down the ramp. The crowd is firmly behind Punk. Punk stares at Jericho for a bit. He is about to speak, but opts not to. He drops the microphone then holds up the WWE Championship, then is about to walk away. Perfect!!!! Ah, but he stops. Jericho scowls! CM Punk thinks better of what he may have done and walks out. Jericho is on the mic, calls Punk a wannabe again and tells Punk to look at him!!! He wants words! haha. Nicely done, Punk. Nicely done!

Match 3: Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton and The Great Khali

We are starting with Orton and Rhodes. Rhodes with a kick then a right and a nother kick followed by a whip that is reversed by Orton into an elbow! Body slam from Orton then he stomps on the head of Cody before tagging in Khali with a hard slap. Cody tags in Wade and Khali chops him on the head. He then hits a hand right on the chest of Wade. Wade runs right into a clothesline as Khali stands tall. He chops Orton hard across the chest to tag him in, reciprocating the previous tag. Orton goes for a kick but Barrett with a mule kick into a neckbreaker and a pin for 1…2..NO! Wade lifts orton up in a headlock and Cody tags the back. Cody is in with some hits. Cody with some kicks in the corner followed by a right hand to the head. They trade blows as orton fights out of the corner, but Cody with a dropkick and a pin for 1…2..NO! Cody with a right to the face, another. They fight back and forth but orton gets Cody into the corner. He goes for a pin but no go! Wade comes in quick but Orton Powerslams him then sets Cody up for the rope assissted DDT! He hits it! Orton is looking for the RKO but he’s close to Khali and Khali gets the tag! Cody takes the distraction to go for the Beautiful Disaster, but Khali just chops him down hard and pins for 1…2…3!!!

Winners: The Great Khali and Randy Orton (**)

I get the appeal of Khali, but he’s really the odd man out in more than one way, here, and any match that he’s in. Essentially, what we learned here is that Randy Orton > The Great Khali > Cody Rhodes.

Orton gets in the ring and in Khali’s face. Khali raises his hands in the air then goozles Orton. He yells loudly then pushes orton to the ropes. Khali goes for a chop, but Orton ducks it and BAM! RKO!

King and Cole talk about the Twitter War that Cena and Rock have been involved in before playing that Cena video that we will be seeing quite a few times in the coming weeks, I’m sure.

Match : Eve, Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox and Tamina vs. Natalya, Beth Phoenix and The Bella Twins

Even and Beth to start, and Even goes quickly with a side headlock. She hits the ropes and rolls over Beth but Beth catches a kick and clotheslines her to the mat. Beth pins for two. Beth with a body slam then she tags in one of the Bella’s hard. Seriously, smacked the chest of her. Bella with a neckbreaker then yells at Beth like a dummie. It’s Brie, by the way. Tamina was tagged in off cam and she gives Brie a Samoan Drop then goes up top. Nikki tries to distract but Kelly and Alicia are there to stop her. Superfly Splash from the top and a pin for 1…2..3!!

Winner: Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox and Tamina (1/2*)

Always fun to see the Divas come out and essentially do nothing. By always, I mean not at all…

In the back, Triple H is on the phone and tells whoever he’s talking to that there should be an answer by tomorrow morning. Johnny Ace comes in to shake the hand of Trips but Trips ain’t havin it. Ace says he has the utmost respect of the board and he’s here because he still has the title. He laso says that next week, Shawn Michaels will be on RAW. Triple H says he’s not going to be here. Apparently, it was Ace’s decision. He also suggested a main event match at the PPV. John Cena vs. Kane in an Ambulance Match….Triple H calls it a good idea. It’s not…. Triple H asks if there’s an ambulance in the back right now, because he’d love to hook up Johnny’s career to the heart moniter and see if it flatlines, then threatens him before he leaves.

If you want to know what happens to Johnny Ace, be sure to log onto WWE.com at 10 AM EST!

Backstage, Josh Mathews asks Ace what he thinks the Board is going to decide. He thinks that the board wants someone with integrity, not someone who is a brute, intimidating or hot headed. Triple H is refusing match against Taker, and he’s not sure the Board would appreciate such cowardice.

Here comes the Main Event!

Match 5: The Miz. vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. R-Truth vs. CM Punk

All six men in the ring at once. Everyone save CM Punk goes after Jericho. Punk rolls Miz up but only gets a one count. Jericho rolls out of the ring, Punk and Miz are tangling with Truth, Kofi and Dolph are fighthing each other until Truth comes through to help. Punk hits Miz then pins for 1. Punk is hitting knees then a chop in the corner. Dolph is trying to fight off Kofi and Truth while Punk is kicking Miz in the chest. Truth and Punk now, but Miz is there to roll up Truth but only gets a two. Punk chops Miz in the corner while Dolph has the upperhand against Kofi. Truth with a clothesline to Miz, sending him to the outside!! Truth flies over and flips right into Miz! Kofi and Ziggler are in the ring. Ziggler tries to slingshot Kofi into the turnbuckle, but Kofi hops up and flies to the outside, onto Miz and Truth!1 Dolph looks to fly, but thinks better of it and grins. Punk is in to knock him down and pin for 1 as we go to our first commercial.

When we come back ,we see that Truth flew over the top rope and practically missed Miz, landing on his head and back, sooooo doctors have ordered him to be out. Dolpy and Miz are in the ring with Punk. Dolph flies into the corner with Punk. Miz tries, but Punk moves then clotheslines Dolph. A clothesline to Miz. A dropkick to body slam to Dolph and a dropkick to Miz! A bulldog to Dolph and a neckbreaker to Miz at the same time!! Pin to Miz but only gets a 2 so Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice. Dolph breaks it so Punk gets a Vice in on Dolph!! Kofi flies in to break the hold but Punk gets him on the shoulders then sends Kofi to the outside. Jericho slides into the ring and we’ve got a stand off between Punk and Jericho! They stare at each other long enough for Dolph and Miz to come in and attack both men! Miz attacks Jericho while Dolph goes to attack Punk! Punk is up top and Dolph is there, trying for a Superplex. Everyone is in the corner and we get a multiman superplex! Dolph and CM Punk are both down! Miz pins and Jericho pins at the same time!!! 1…2..NO!!!! Kofi comes in as Punk and Dolph slide out., Miz and Jericho are left alone and Miz goes for the SCF!! Kofi is in and Jericho ducks! Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Miz!!! Miz rolls out!! Kofi and Jericho now. Jericho with a dropkick from the second rope. Cover for 1…2…no!!! Jericho from behind with a cravat! Kofi is fighting out of it with some rights, though. He sends Jericho to the corner, Jericho reverses, but Kofi with a slingshot cross body and a pin for 1…2..NO!!! Kofi with a few chest chops then a dropkick! Kofi goes for a high clothesline but Jericho ducks so he comes from behind with a rolle up for 1…2..NO!!! Jericho with a lionsault, but he misses!!!Awww, I miss that. Kofi calls for the Trouble in Paradise and Jericho is looking to lock in the Walls!!! He gets it!!! Punk comes in from the right side with a kick to the back of the head of Jericho!!! Jericho is sent to the outside and Dolph is in with a roll up!!! 1….2…NO!!! Dolph goes up, mounting the shoulders but Punk sets it up for the G2S!!!! He hits it! Pin for 1…2..NO!!! Jericho is right there to pull the feet of Punk!!! He sends Punk over the announcer’s table, into the chairs! Jericho is in the ring nad pins Dolph for 1…2…3!!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho (**1/2)

The beginning seemed really disoriented and I hope Truth is ok. I really thought this would be extremely good, but it was average until the very end.

After the match, Jericho grabs the title belt and sits in the middle of the ring cross-legged.

We hear screaming for some damned reason as Punk is sitting, trying to recover. We figure out that it’s Eve in the back with Kane hovering over her. He says he can’t stand that Cena isn’t embracing the hate! He tells her that if he doesn’t do it soon, he’s afraid for Eve and for Cena and for anyone that gets in his path. More than all of that, for the first time in Kane’s life, he’s afraid of himself. We end the show with a zoomed in eye of Kane….

Credit: Tony Acero

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