WWE RAW Results (2/27) – Chris Jericho/Kevin Owens, Goldberg, & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW
Airdate: Monday, February 27th, 2017
Location: The Resch Center in Green Bay, WI
Results by Adam Martin of Wrestleview.com

“Then. Now. Forever.”

Goldberg talks about WWE Fastlane to kick off the show

We go live into the arena to hear Goldberg’s music. The crowd immediately comes to their feet and starts chanting his name. The cameras follow Goldberg while he makes his way through the backstage area. The sparks on the stage start to fly, and Goldberg comes through them breathing smoke before his pyrotechnics go off. Goldberg high fives and hugs children while he makes his way to the ring. Goldberg gets in the ring and continues listening to the chants of his name. Goldberg thanks Green Bay for the great reception. Last week, Kevin Owens came out in his nice little suit and spotlight and did what he does best: talk and talk and talk until he couldn’t talk anymore, and then he kept talking. Goldberg won’t do that, but he is in one hell of a good mood. He’s six days out. Goldberg says from his heart, he’s never made a promise that he didn’t follow through with. Here’s a promise: at WWE Fastlane, it’ll be Spear, Jackhammer, and a 1-2-3. Goldberg will become the WWE Universal Championship. He’s going to take it into WrestleMania to face Brock Lesnar. Another “Goldberg” chant fires up, but there was a smattering of boos for the promise. Goldberg promises everyone in the arena and at home, as well as his wife, son, and Kevin Owens that he will deliver, and he’ll see him Sunday.

Kevin Owens’ music hits, and the WWE Universal Champion makes his way to the stage dressed in a suit and looking thoroughly unimpressed. Owens says it’s great that Goldberg is in a good mood because he is as well. Owens says he’s happy to see him. Last week, he got a lot off his chest, but Goldberg was missing. Now he can tell Goldberg what he thinks. Goldberg promised his wife and son something, but when he got to WWE, he made a promise to himself. Owens promised himself he would grab the company by the throat and show them what he was about. On his first night here, he beat John Cena. Owens didn’t stop there. Dean Ambrose – he beat him. AJ Styles, the flavor of the month – he beat him. He even beat Seth Rollins and “The Guy” Roman Reigns. Owens won’t bring up what he did to Chris Jericho because he doesn’t matter, but everyone remembers what happened. No matter how loud the sheep chant his name, Goldberg is next! Owens says he’s not saying it in the cute way Goldberg says it. He’s telling Goldberg he’s next in the evolution of Kevin Owens as Universal Champion.

Goldberg sarcastically claps for him and says his speech was “wonderful and moving.” As entertaining as it was, it pissed him off. Goldberg wants to give Green Bay something to cheer for. Owens says he doesn’t speak Neanderthal very well, but it sounds like a challenge. Owens makes his way to the ring for a fight before saying Green Bay doesn’t deserve to see him fight. Owens tells Goldberg to not worry – they will fight this Sunday. Owens cannot wait to pin Goldberg and stand over him with his championship. The only thing Goldberg will hear is silence. At Fastlane, the Goldberg chant dies. Owens drops the mic and walks off.

Seth Rollins will be interviewed in the ring tonight about his status for WrestleMania. The New Day is seen backstage. They’ll be in action, next.

-Commercial Break-


The New Day makes their entrance. Big E pours Booty O’s down the expectant throats of some fans at ringside. Xavier Woods says as the hosts of this year’s WrestleMania, they have quite a bit on their plates. Kofi Kingston says they shouldn’t be concerned about what they have on their plate. Big E says they should be concerned with what is in their bowls. Woods says they have showered them with sugar and bathed them in Booty O’s. They know the crowd wants much more. They get in the ring. Boos are starting to kick up. Kingston says people want ice cream. That gets light applause and a quiet “ice cream” chant. Kingston says they’re trying to bring about “New Day Pops: a mouthful of magic; I gotta have it!” Big E says they have to take the shine off the Shining Stars because they rock.

The Shining Stars make their way to the ring. A technician comes in the ring and hands them a corrected envelope. They’re playing off the botch at the Academy Awards last night. Woods says The Shining Stars aren’t facing them – they’re facing The Big Show later tonight. Kingston says this is not indicative of their hosting abilities. They’re supposed to face Rusev and Jinder Mahal.

The New Day vs. Rusev and Jinder Mahal w/ Lana

Rusev is no longer wearing his protective face mask. Xavier Woods will start against Jinder Mahal. They lock up, and Mahal applies a waistlock. Woods turns it on him, but Mahal elbows out. Woods hits the ropes and takes him down with a head-scissor takeover. Woods avalanches him in the corner. Big E tags in and hits a running shoulder thrust. Woods follows up with the Honor Roll. Big E covers for a two count. Big E lays him out on the apron. Woods dropkicks Rusev down at ringside before Big E splashes Mahal on the apron. They celebrate before heading into a commercial break.

-Commercial Break-

We come back from the break to see Rusev applying a front facelock to Woods. Woods fights up and connects with a jawbreaker. Rusev stops Woods from making a tag before kneeing away at him in the ribs. Rusev follows up with a fall-away slam for a two count. Mahal tags back in and stomps Woods before dropping a knee for a two count. Mahal applies a chin lock. Woods fights up, but Mahal elbows him down. Rusev tags in and drops an elbow. Rusev taunts the crowd before Woods fights back. Rusev quickly powers Woods to the corner and shoulders away at him. Rusev sends him to the corner, but Woods catches him with a boot. Rusev is still able to prevent him from making a tag. Rusev lifts Woods up, but Woods gets out with an enzuigiri.

Big E and Mahal are tagged in. Big E hits Mahal with a trio of belly-to-belly suplexes. Big E gyrates before connecting with a big splash. Big E knocks Rusev off the apron and goes for a Big Ending, but Mahal gets out and superkicks him. Woods blind tags in. Mahal turns into a cross-body block, but Rusev breaks it up. Rusev kicks Big E off the apron. Kofi Kingston argues with Lana at ringside. This distracts Mahal, so Woods rolls him up for the victory.

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