WWE Raw Results (3/13/2023)


Here are the results for the episode of WWE Raw airing on March 13, 2023. Did you miss the previous episode of SmackDown? You can catch up with the results here: 3/10

To open the show, Edge challenges Finn Balor to a Hell In A Cell match at WrestleMania, which Balor accepts.

#1. Dexter Lumis & Johnny Gargano vs. Damian Priest & Dominik Mysterio — Winners: Judgment Day with South Of Heaven


The Miz scoffs at the suggestion of having a cohost at WrestleMania. Meanwhile, Damage CTRL attack Trish Stratus backstage and leave her laying.

Omos and Brock Lesnar have a confrontation in the ring. They shake hands before Omos forces Lesnar to the outside. Referees and agents come out to keep them apart.

#2. Cody Rhodes vs. LA Knight — Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, Cody Rhodes cuts a promo about not working for The Bloodline, because Paul Heyman said he should stay out of The Bloodline’s business. Cody acknowledges Reigns, but he also wants the champion to acknowledge his undefeated streak. He grew up thinking he is a prince of this industry, but with no crown or master sword, so on April 2nd the sun will go down on Hollywood when he ends Roman Reigns’ generational run.

The Miz sets up a face-to-face between Seth Rollins and Logan Paul next week on ImPaulSive TV. Corbin wants to get involved next week in any way, so Seth challenges him to a match tonight. Miz says if he beats Seth tonight, he may get him a good word with Logan Paul.

#3. Bronson Reed vs. Elias (w/ Rick Boogs) — Winner: Bronson Reed with Tsunami

Chad Gable is handing out flyers because Otis is missing. Meanwhile, Becky Lynch and Lita are seen but won’t comment on the Trish Stratus situation.

Kevin Owens says he asked for help with The Bloodline for a long time, but nobody helped him then. It’s understandable that he wants nothing to do with Sami Zayn, given their history. KO tells Cody Rhodes that he doesn’t need his help either. What he wants him to do is focus on Roman Reigns, because he doesn’t want to be the reason he can’t beat him at WrestleMania. He’d rather fight The Bloodline alone, like he has, and will keep on doing.

Earlier in the day, Street Profits dig at Austin Theory for what happened last week, but he finds it funny as they will probably be unemployed in a few months. About last week, he doesn’t care because he got a marquee match with John Cena at WrestleMania. He wonders who the toughest is in the Street Profits, but it can’t be Montez, because every time he gets an opportunity he fails. Angelo Dawkins wants to cook him tonight, so it looks like we’ll get that match next.

#4. Austin Theory vs. Angelo Dawkins — Winner: Austin Theory

Paul Heyman says The Bloodline has a problem, and its name is Kevin Owens. Tonight, they demonstrate the problem will be solved by Solo. And then there’s Cody Rhodes. He has a problem too. The truth shall set him free with the fact that he’s making a stupid mistake by making it personal with Roman Reigns.

He calls Cody a riveting opponent at WrestleMania, but to ridicule the Tribal Chief by sanctimoniously acknowledging him? He will give him a chance to do it properly next week, when Roman Reigns will be on Raw. And then he will realize he made the biggest mistake of his life. Either he’s a challenger, or a problem. Roman Reigns would love to solve this problem personally.

Rey Mysterio comes to the ring to talk. He has to admit it feels good to be back on Raw. This HOF induction isn’t just his award. It is for all the fans from around the world. Predictably, Dominik Mysterio is here to interrupt. This time he says he deserves it and hopes it worth it. He earned that honor at the expense of his own son. His life was more so for his career than his kids. How does it feel to be honored while knowing he went all those nights without a father. He was a noshow for key moments for his life.

Dominik turned 16 and Rey said he would get him a new car, and while all his friends got Mercedes, he got him… a BMW? He’s a sorry excuse for a father and a man. He can enjoy his induction without interruption, but he challenges him to a match at WrestleMania. Rey has to remind him he won’t fight his own son. He still loves him and always will. There will be no match at WrestleMania. Rey walks away and Dominik tells him that’s what he does best.

#5. Seth Rollins vs. Baron Corbin — Winner: Seth Rollins

Chad Gable finally finds Otis. He’s having a sexy photoshoot with the Maximum Male Models. Gable tries to get involved, but his closeups break the camera. It looks like Gable is losing Otis to Maxxine Dupri.

#6. Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green (w/ Carmella) — Winner: Bianca Belair with the KO-D

Carmella & Green attack the champion afterward. Asuka shows up in street clothes without her makeup on and helps Bianca to clear the ring. She grabs the title and dances around with it, goading Bianca to take it from her. Asuka teases Belair some more by not spitting in her face with The Mist, but letting the blue substance to run down her face as she laughs hysterically. She drops the title and dances away with a smile on her face, while Belair isn’t sure what to do.

#7. [Street Fight] Kevin Owens vs. Solo Sikoa — Winner: Solo Sikoa with an assist from The Usos

WWE Raw Results (3/13/2023)

WWE Raw Results (3/13/2023)

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