WWE RAW Results (4/14) – Evolution Reunites & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night
Airdate: Monday, April 14th, 2014 (USA
Location: The  BJCC Arena in Birmingham, AL
Results by Jeff Johnson

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main

Welcome everyone to tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Tonight’s show
begins with every superstar and diva on the roster standing on the stage
honoring the late Ultimate Warrior. Jerry Lawler asks everyone to join them as
they honor Ultimate Warrior. We are then shown a video package highlighting the
life and career of The Ultimate Warrior.

Back in the arena, everyone gives a moment of silence and and 10 bell salute
to The Ultimate Warrior. Everyone then joins together in giving him a standing
ovation as his music plays over the arena.

After the commercial break, Rob Van Dam will go one on one with Alberto Del
Rio in the first round of the IC Title #1 Contender’s Tournament.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Alberto Del Rio is already in the ring. He is formally
introduced by Justin Roberts. His opponent, Rob Van Dam, makes his way to the

Rob Van Dam vs. Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio starts off quickly with kicks and stomps to Van Dam. Del Rio gets
whipped into the corner and Van Dam connects with a monkey flip. Van Dam comes
off the middle rope with a cross body for a 2 count. Van Dam now clotheslines
Del Rio to the outside. Del Rio now gets back in the ring. Del Rio tosses Van
Dam face first into the corner and connects with a hard kick. Van Dam fights out
of the corner, but Del Rio comes back with a kick to the arm. Del Rio covers for
a 2 count. Del Rio picks Van Dam up and hits a snap suplex for another 2 count.
Del Rio pulls Van Dam to the apron and kicks him in the head. Both men are now
back in the ring. Del Rio charges but Van Dam back drops him to the outside. Van
Dam connects with a baseball slide and flips to the outside, but Del Rio catches
him with a clothesline. Del Rio tosses Van Dam back first into the barricade as
we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, Van Dam has a cover on Del Rio for a 2 count. Del Rio comes back
with a kick to the mid section. Del Rio plants Van Dam with a spike DDT or a
close 2 count. Del Rio catapults Van Dam into the corner, but Van Dam lands on
the middle rope and connects with a van terminatior. Del Rio comes back with a
back stabber and covers for another close 2 count. Del Rio goes to the top rope
and jumps off, but Van Dam connects with a heel kick to the face. Van Dam now
goes to the top rope, but Del Rio catches him and straddles him on the top rope.
Del Rio connects with his enzeguri for another close 2 count. Del Rio bails to
the outside with frustration. Del Rio now gets back in the ring. He calls for
the cross arm breaker. He goes for it, but Van Dam counters and rolls him up for
a close 2 count. Del Rio catches him with a back elbow and goes up top, but Van
Dam trips him up. Van Dam goes up top and connects with the 5 Star Frog Splash
for the 3 count. Van Dam advances to face the winner of Cesaro and Mark

Winner by Pinfall – Rob Van Dam

Back on the arena, the announcers show us what transpired to end RAW last
week between The Authority, Daniel Bryan, and The Shield.

We go to the back where Randy Orton and Batista are with Stephanie Mcmahon
and Triple H. We can’t hear what they are saying, but they are meeting right

We go back to the announcers where they talk about the history of The
Ultimate Warrior. We then see a match between The Ultimate Warrior and The
Honkey Tonk Man at Summerslam 1988 where Warrior won the Intercontinental

-Commercial Break-

Back on Raw, we go to the back with The Authority, Batista, and Randy Orton.
Triple H says they have a big problem with The Shield. Triple H says he has been
dealing with them for a long time. They remind him of them together. Stephanie
says that they can take care of The Shield. Triple H says if the 3 of them are
on the same page, nobody can stop them. Batista says that’s great and all, but
he wants to be champ. Orton says that Triple H is on his own, and that it’s his
problem, not theirs.

Back in the arena, Cody and Goldust make their way to the ring. They will be
in tag team action against Rybaxel.

Cody Rhodes and Goldust vs. Rybaxel

Goldust and Curtis Axel start this match off. Axel starts off quickly with
kicks and right hands. Goldust hits the ropes but connects with a shoulder
tackle. Goldust then hits an atomic drop followed by an arm drag. Cody now tags
in and goes to the top. Cody drops an elbow to the arm of Axel. Cody hits a
front suplex and rolls Axel up for a 1 count. Cody starts concentrating on the
left arm of Axel. Goldust now tags back in. Goldust connects with a shot to the
gut and drops an elbow for another 1 count. Axel fights back with a knee to the
gut followed by a headbutt. Goldust hits the ropes and connects with his
uppercut. Goldust goes after Ryback and Axel attacks him from behind. Axel lands
in some stomps and tags in Ryback. Ryback and Axel hit a double clothesline in
the corner and Ryback covers for a 2 count. Ryback chokes Goldust on the middle
rope then hits some shoulder tackles in the corner. Ryback hits a scoop slam and
goes to the middle rope. He tags in Axel and Ryback hits a splsh. Axel comes off
the middle rope with an ax handle and covers for a 2 count. Axel hits a knee to
the gut then tags Ryback back in. Ryback hits a back kick and covers for another
2 count. Ryback now locks in a rear chin lock. Goldust fights back to his feet,
but Ryback takes him back down and locks in the rear chin lock again. Goldust
back to his feet against and lands some body shots, but Ryback whips him into
the corner. Ryback charges and eats a back elbow by Goldust. Goldust makes the
tag to Cody. Cody fights off a gorilla press and lands a right hand. Cody goes
to the top and hits a moonsault on Ryback. Ryback rolls to the outside. Cody
spring boards to the top rope and hits a splash on the outside to Ryback. Ryback
back in the ring. Cody hits a spring board drop kick for a 2 count. Axel low
bridges Goldust out of the ring and eats a disaster kick for his troubles. He
tries a disaster kick to Ryback, but Ryback hits the meat hook clothesline for
the 3 count.

Winners by Pinfall – Rybaxel

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