​WWE RAW Results (4/28) – Ric Flair Endorses The Shield!


Reigns starts out with some big right hands to Orton followed by some
headbutts. Orton fights back with right hands of his own. Orton tosses Reigns
to the outside. Orton gives chase and lands some kicks to the chest of Reigns.
Orton tries a suplex on the outside, but Reigns blocks it and hits one of his
own. Reigns tosses Orton back in the ring but Orton bails back out. Reigns gives
chase and lands a headbutt. Orton tosses Reigns
shoulder first into the steel steps. Orton tosses Reigns
face first into the steps and tosses Reigns back in the ring. Orton covers and
gets a 1 count. Orton locks in a rear chin lock. Reigns fights back to his feet,
but gets clotheslined over the top to the floor. Orton pulls Reigns back in and
goes for his DDT. Reigns counters but Orton drives a knee into his face. Reigns
explodes out of the corner with a big clothesline. Reigns connects with a
clothesline in the corner followed by a big right hand. Reigns lays Orton on the
bottom rope and hits his jumping drop kick from the floor. Reigns calls for the
superman punch, but Triple H grabs Reigns’s leg. Ambrose and Rollins attack
Triple H and Batista. Triple H tosses Ambrose across the announce table. Triple
H now tosses Rollins back first into the ring. Reigns connects with the superman
punch to Orton. Reigns attacks Triple H and Batista on the outside. Evolution
has the numbers and attacks Reigns on the outside. Batista tosses Ambrose face
first into the announce table. Orton tosses Rollins back first into the
barricade. Batista now tosses Reigns shoulder first into the steel steps. Triple
H connects with a spinebuster to Ambrose on the outside. Triple H and Batista
toss Ambrose and Rollins face first into the ring post. Evolution tosses The
Shield back in the ring. Orton starts stomping on the limbs of Reigns. Orton is
now choking Ambrose in the corner with his foot. Triple H hits a big clothesline
on Ambrose. Triple H goes for the pedigree on Ambrose, but Rollins hits a
springboard knee to the face of Triple H. Ambrose and Rollins toss Batista and
Orton out of the ring and Reigns hits a spear on Triple H. The Shield set up
Triple H for the triple powerbomb, but Orton and Batista distract The Shield and
Triple H bails out of the ring. We go off the air as Evolution backs up the

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