WWE RAW Results (4/3) Live Coverage – WrestleMania 33 Aftermath & Tons More!


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Still photos are shown from the WrestleMania Kickoff Show that saw Neville retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship over Austin Aries.

Neville is standing in the middle of the ring and tells the crowd to look at that. He did everything he said he was going to do, whereas Austin Aries did a lot of talking. Aries is a better talker than a fighter. The crowd may not like his method or respect his tactics, but they cannot deny his results. Neville holds the title up. Neville says tomorrow on 205 Live, they’re going to have a proper celebration. As for tonight, he couldn’t refuse the opportunity to prove them all wrong and remind the crowd of what he’s become.

Mustafa Ali’s music hits, and he comes out to interrupt Neville. Neville looks furious with him.

Neville vs. Mustafa Ali

While going for the prematch handshake, Neville simply shoves him. They lock up, and Neville powers him to the corner. Ali punches him off and applies a side headlock. Neville whips him off, but Ali shoulder blocks him down. Neville quickly kips up. Ali hits the ropes and does two backflips. Ali then takes him down with a running hurricanrana before dropping him on the apron. Ali connects with a kick the sends him to the floor. Ali then goes to the second rope and catches him with a moonsault block to the floor. Ali puts him in the ring and hits the ropes, but Neville takes him down with a flapjack. Neville throws him over the top rope and taunts the crowd.

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We come back from the break to see Neville taking Ali down with a headlock. The crowd appears to be completely distracted by something. During the break, Neville hit Ali with a missile dropkick. Neville appears a little frustrated with the crowd. Neville sends Ali into the ropes, but Ali comes back with a dropkick. Ali kicks Neville back and connects with a neckbreaker for a two count. The crowd is entertaining themselves rather than watching this match. Neville chokes Ali on the bottom rope. Ali flips through a back suplex, but Neville quickly elbows him. Neville hits the ropes and hits a deadlift German Suplex. Fans in the front row have their backs to the match. Neville viciously turns him inside out with a clothesline for a near fall. Neville appears to be furious with the crowd. The crowd is chanting, “Beachball Mania.” They’re bouncing a beachball around. Neville has Ali on the top rope, but Ali counters with a Spanish Fly. Ali is too hurt to capitalize. Finally, Ali starts to strike Neville. Neville kicks Ali down and goes for a low dropkick, but Ali moves. Ali superkicks him before hitting a reverse victory roll and a head-scissor float over DDT, but Neville gets his foot on the bottom rope. Ali goes to the top rope, but Neville rolls out of the way of the Inverted 450 Splash. Neville goes to the top rope for a Red Arrow, but then he gets off shaking his head. Neville then applies the Rings of Saturn for the submission victory.

Winner by Submission: Neville

A limousine pulls up, and Vince McMahon comes out of it. We’ll hear from him, next.

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More still photos are shown of WrestleMania 33. They also show highlights of all the mainstream media coverage they got.

Vince McMahon addresses the crowd

Vince McMahon makes his way to the ring doing his trademark strut to a loud pop. The crowd loudly sings his theme song, which looks like it pleases McMahon. The crowd chants at him, “Roman sucks!” McMahon says he’d like to say something to the entire WWE Universe. McMahon says he doesn’t say these words often, but he thanks the crowd. McMahon thanks them for being the most passionate fans in the world and making WrestleMania the “Ultimate Thrill Ride.”

This big wheel keeps on turning. He’s conferred with the representatives of RAW and Smackdown. They’re going to have a superstar shakeup next week. It’s time to shake things up. Something shook everyone last night. It broke his heart. Incidents like this don’t often occur. We see footage of Seth Rollins knocking Triple H into Stephanie McMahon to send her through a table at ringside last night at WrestleMania. McMahon says his daughter will unfortunately be out of action for some time. The crowd loudly cheers that and starts up a “YES” chant. McMahon says she was almost broken in half, but they’re happy about that. McMahon says they’re passionate, but they’re being a little insensitive. A “DELETE” chant fires up. McMahon says they’re being cruel and bloodthirsty, but they’re taking it as a compliment. McMahon says the show must go on. Since the commissioner is out of action and there is no GM, it’s time to name a new General Manager. This man was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Teddy Long’s music hits, and the 2017 Hall of Fame inductee comes out to the stage dancing. McMahon angrily tells the truck to stop his music and demands he stop dancing. McMahon says it isn’t him. Long is confused. Long says, “My bad – Holla, holla, holla!” McMahon then announces the new General Manager of RAW, but no one comes out. Finally McMahon says, “Ladies and gentlemen, your new General Manager of RAW – Kurt Angle!”

The crowd loudly pops as Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring smiling. The crowd loudly chants, “You Suck” along with his music. McMahon hands him the microphone and leaves the ring. A loud, “Welcome back” chant fires up. Angle says it’s great to be back on Monday Night RAW. Angle finishes by saying, “Oh it’s true… it’s DAMN true!”

We’ll hear from Brock Lesnar later tonight. The commentators thank the city of Orlando for their hospitality toward WWE, as well as the fans that traveled from all over the world.

Still photos are shown of Kevin Owens defeating Chris Jericho to become the new WWE United States Champion. Later tonight, we’ll see Jericho team with Seth Rollins to face Samoa Joe and Kevin Owens.

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The New Day, the hosts of WrestleMania, make their way to the ring wearing multi-colored LOD shoulder pads. Booty O’s rain down from the top of the tron. Big E says, “What a night!” WrestleMania was one for the ages. It was so thrilling that all the blood from his head went straight to his… Kofi Kingston stops him. Kingston says they were excited and honored to host a record setting event for “you people.” Xavier Woods asks him what he means by “you people.” Kingston says he meant the WWE Universe. Kingston says it made them sad to not do what they do best: get in the ring and put a whooping on anyone who faces them. Woods says they’re issuing an open challenge. Who will it be? Who? Who? Who? The Revival answers the challenge. They knock over The New Day’s popsicle cart. The crowd is going crazy for them.

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