WWE RAW Results (5/14) – Lesnar Sues, HHH, Cena!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, May 14th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The CONSOL Energy Center in Pittsburgh, PA

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Backstage: Triple H and John Laurinaitis

Big Johnny didn’t know Brock Lesnar was going to attack Triple H, but couldn’t pull him off and disallow Triple H from standing on his own. He says that Trips has his support. Trips has something to say, but he’ll say it in front of the world. He also wishes Big Johnny he best of luck in his future endeavors match with John Cena this Sunday at WWE Over The Limit!

Standard opening video airs…and we are live in Pittsburgh, PA! And it’s Time to Play The Game!

Triple H In Ring Promo

Corporate H makes his way to the ring, with his arm in a brace. We get highlights of Brock’s attach on Corp two weeks ago.

H says everyone wants to know his thoughts on Brock Lesnar. He says it’s not the physical portion that bothers him so much–he’s had worse. He’s offended by Brock’s statement that he had to bring “legitimacy” back to the WWE. It’s about time someone brought that up! The day before Brock arrived, Trips went toe-to-toe with The Undertaker in front of over 70,000 people and the largest viewing audience ever. He lists the people offended by Brock’s statements, including Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan. He’s always been part of the WWE Universe, and Brock Lesnar offends him.

He also admits he was embarrassed. He’s embarrassed because he bought into Lesnar’s trap–his hype. The same hype as 2002–when Brock was The Next Big Thing. And Brock shot to the top of the WWE–and he left. Then he got to the top of the UFC–got his ass kicked and quit there, too. Then, Brock returned to the WWE, where he thought he take John Cena–and he gave Cena everything and John never quit. John reached deep inside himself and beat Brock Lesnar. The next night, was told “no,” and Brock Lesnar quit.

Brock’s theme welcomes…

Paul Heyman! And some lawyer, apparently. Heyman hides behind the lawyer, and claims he gets it. HHH is giving the big spin–damage control. What every promoter says when they lose their biggest star. But this is an open and shut case–breach of contract. Heyman says they brought a fighter into an entertainment company–and didn’t like it when he wanted to fight. He provides Trips with legal paperwork, serving him with a lawsuit. Brock Lesnar is suing Triple H–and likely the WWE–for the millions of dollars he’s owed. Brock is very disappointed on a professional basis. And on a personal basis, he expected a fight–not a corporate sycophant who never lived up to the hype. Heyman says he’s glad Brock broke the left arm, because H is writing the check with his right. Triple H intimidates Heyman physically, but backs off. Still, The Game ain’t happy.

Triple H: “You tell Brock Lesnar…he’s gonna get everything he deserves!”

Triple H leaves, but Heyman isn’t done. He informs Triple H that he put his hands on him, prompting lawsuit #2–assault & battery.

Paul Heyman: “And Triple H…I will see you…in court.”

Something apparently happened in the ring, as Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were distracted. We get highlights of Big Show and John Laurinaitis from last week. And if Big Show doesn’t apologize, he’s fired! Not sure if that’s before or after he wrestles Kane, though. Plus, John Cena returns tonight–and will go face-to-face with Johnny Ace.

Commercial Break. Nope, not quite yet!

Tag Team Match

WWE Champion CM Punk & US Champion Santino vs. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes & Daniel Bryan

Buring Punk’s entrance, we get highlights of his loss in last week’s handicap match.

After Punk’s entrance, we finally do go to commercial.

Match 1: CM Punk and Santino vs. Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes

We’re starting with Cody and Punk. Lockup, and Cody edges Punk in the corner for a lengthy conversation. Cody works the left arm of Punk, dropping an elbow on it. Punk with a right, then a body slam. Punk sends Cody to the corner, goading Bryan to tag himself in. Bryan grins and says no. Punk with a kick to the gut and a whip to the corner. He runs right into a boot from Cody. Cody sends Punk to the ropes, but Punk holds on. Cody runs and Punk sends him over. Bryan is in and Punk sends him over as well. Santino is in and tells Punk to fly through the ropes. Punk obliges and flies into Rhodes and Bryan. Santino is looking to fly as well, but hilariously gets caught up on the ropes as we go to break..

Back to the show, and Santino is in the ring with Cody. Santino has the upperhand but it’s shortlived as Cody hits a fist to the forehead of Santino. Cody with a kick to the chest of Santino. Rhodes hits a right, but Santino blocks and hits a couple of lefts before sending Cody into the orner and runs into the back elbow of Rhodes. Rhodes tags in Bryan and whips Santino to the corner. Bryan with a dropkick in the corner to Santino. Cover for 1…2..NO! Santino kicks out. Bryan drops a few knees to the neck of Santino and covers again for 1…2..NO! Tag to Cody. Cody hits a right, Santino tries to fire back, but Cody hits him again and gets a front suplex. Cody with an elbow drop and a pin for 1…2..NO! Cody with a right hand to the head then a tag to Bryan. Bryan kicks Santino in the chest. Bryan with another kick, and another, one more! Bryan with an arm bar. Santino reaches the bottom rope, requiring Bryan to break it. Santino tries to battle back, but Bryan hits a hard kick then tags in Cody again. Cody with a kick of his own, then a body slam onto Santino followed by a rolling knee to the face of Santino. Pin for 1…2…NO! Cody sends Santino into the heel corner and tags Bryan in. Bryan with some more kicks that Santino sells pretty well. Bryan goes to trash talk Punk then hits Santino. Bryan tags in Santino. Santino flips over, launches himself for the tag but misses. haha. He jumps up and finally gets it. In comes Punk. A right, a kick, a dropkick, running knee, bulldog! He stares a hole into Bryan the entire tim. G2S attempt but Cody ducks, only for Punk to kick him right in the head! He covers for 1 but Bryan comes in! Punk is up and gets ready for a G2S! Bryan escapes and heads outside the ring! Cody is behind! He’s looking for the Cross Rhodes, but Punk slips out and sends Cody to the corner, where Santino has the Cobra ready! Cody deflects it, though, and turns into a Go 2 Sleep! Pin for 1….2….3!!!!

Winners: Santino and CM Punk (***1/2)

Well told story and a nicely put together match. Santino got his ass kicked, and did a great job in selling every move that Cody and Bryan dropped on him.

Match 2: Beth Phoenix vs. Alicia Fox

Lockup and Beth overpowers Alicia into the corner. Beth with a right, but Alicia ducks out of it then leap frogs over a running Beth. She tries for a monkey flip but Beth grabs her legs and tosses her aside. Alicia in the corner as Beth runs and hits a clothesline. Beth sends Alicia in the corner as Layla makes her way out to the top of the ramp. Beth chopes Alicia all the way up the turnbuckle then bench presses her off the corner while staring at Layla. Beth smirks then drops Alicia. Beth, calling for the Glam Slam. She hits it and pins for 1…2…3

Winner: Beth Phoenix (NR)

Another short ladies match.

Layla applauds Beth, smiling and Beth isn’t done proving a point. She is about to attack Alicia and Layla comes running down to save Alicia. She hits a faceplant, sending Beth out of the ring.

In case we were unaware, they recap the Big Show/Ace situation from last week for the third time. It appears we are going to get Kane vs. Show.

We’re BACK, and here’s Cole and King who want us to join them on the pre-show before Over the Limit where Zack Ryder takes on Kane….and you guys said the WWE wouldn’t give us closure…ha!

Video recap with some of the most intense music set to the most mundane of storylines in Show and his voice-making-fun-of antics!

Heeeeerrreeee’s Johnny! Ace and Otunga come out to join ringside while Show takes on Kane.

Match 3: The Big Show vs. Kane

Lockup! Show with the go behind into a belly to back suplex, turning THAT into a front faced headlock. He gets some leverage as Kane tries to hit some rights. He’s getting them in, but they look soft. Kane sends Show in the corner and hits some shoulders. Kane with a right hand but Show turns it around and sends Kane to the corner, throwing some rights and lefts. Hip toss from Show. Show with a headbutt to the back of the head then a whip into the corner. Show runs but Kane moves, kicks the ankle, and sends Show headfirst into the corner. Kane hits the ropes and flies off with a crossbody. Kane with some rights then gets in a cravat from behind. King is talkin mess about Ace vs Cena and Johnny gives him the stink eye. Show with a clothesline! Bodyslam! Show climbs up the corner, he’s lookin to splash! Ah, but Kane moves out of the way. Kane hops off the apron into a goozle, but Kane kicks the legs and hits an uppercut. Kane goes for a whip, but Show whips him back, over the ropes, to the outside.

Both big men on the outside now. Show whips Kane into the barricade! Show with the spear! Kane ends Kane in the ring at the count of eight until Ace gets on the mic. Ace wants an apology and he wants it now. This distraction leads to Kane goozling Show then chokeslamming him. The chokeslam looks horrible, as Kane didn’t even get Show up (although, admittedly, that’s got to be tough).

Winner: Kane (*)

Pretty bad finish, there, but I’ll say that they had a pretty good start, actually.

After the match, Ace gets in the ring and tells Show to look at him and get up…like a man. Ace says that last week Show made fun of his voice and calls it quite stupid to do to the leader. Ace wants to know if Show is trying to set an example in the back. He’s not going to take it and demands an apology, a good one, or he’s going to fire Show. Show grabs a mic. He says that he’s been thinking long and hard about what he’s going to say tonight, but before he does he wants Ace to know something. He says that he was 23 when he broke into the WCW. He’s done it all since then. There’s a part of him that can walk away with his head held high, no regrets, but the truth is he loves what he does. He loves waking up each day and performing for us, the fans. It’s not just the matches, it’s the kids in the back, the friendships and bonds that he has made. Show is bringing out the Knucklehead worthy tears here. He doesn’t want Ace to erase 18 years for something petty. If he wants to fine Show, that’s cool. If he wants to bar him from ever getting a title shot again, that’s fine too. If Show, imitating Ace’s voice offended him, Show is sorry, but if there’s an ounce of decency, Ace will continue to allow Show to do what he does.

Ace says he didn’t hear Show say that he was sorry….um, ok. Show apologizes again. Ace says he doesn’t think people have heard him in the cheap sheats or in the back. Show apologizes again. Ace says that Show’s gotta prove it! He wants Show to beg him. Ace tells Show to get on his knees and beg him. Ace requires the blow job position, or he’s firing Show. Show is about to drop, thinks better of it, tries to go down again, but struggles with the decision once more. THINK OF THE CHILDREN, SHOW!!! Show gets in Tebow position, then stands back up. Show says fine, he’ll beg, but please not on his knees. Ace says that Show disgusts him, and all Show’s fans disgust him. He’s going to do what’s right for business. He says he’ll reconsider….reconsider what?

Ah, he’s reconsidered it already between the ring and the ramp. Ace wishes Big Show the best in….ah, but Show is on his knees, now! Show apologizes in tears for making fun of Ace’s voice, and he’ll never do it again. He wants to know if Ace is happy now!? Ace is not happy, and as GM of both RAW and Smackdown, he wishes Show the best in his Future Endeavors. He fires The Big Show.

Well that went on way too long…

Back to the show, and in case you missed what JUST happened, The Big Show got fired and cried like his puppy died.

To break the somber silence of that horrible, horrible moment, the Funkasaurus is here!!

Match 4: Brodus Clay, Kofi Kingston and R-Truth vs. The Miz, Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler

Truth and Swagger to start. Lock up into a side headlock from Truth. Swagger sends Truth to the ropes, but Truth holds on and dances a bit before hitting Swagger with the right. Truth tags Brodus, whips Swagger, and Brodus hits a headbutt to Swagger, sending him to the outside. Dolph comes in, and runs into a wall. Miz flies off the top into a headbutt then he gets T-Bone’d to the outside! Kofi and Truth send Swagger back outside as we go for a break!

Back! Ziggler has Truth on the ground, with a side headlock. He does a bit of a handstand as we get a shot of Abraham Washington sitting up top with Primo, Epico, Rosa Mendes and Mason Ryan. Rumors are that AW is closing in on a deal with Mason. Back in the ring, Ziggler hits a dropkick and a pin for 2. He tags in The Miz. Miz kicks then pins for 2 and locks in a front face lock of his own. Truth is up but Miz hits the back of Truth. He turns, getting distracted by Brodus, and Truth takes the opportunity to hit his “excessive spinning” move. Tag to Kofi! Kofi comes in with some kicks and dropkick, then some rope work leads to a Hurricanrana! S.O.S into a pin for 1….2…NO! Swagger runs in, but Trith pulls the ropes, sending Swagger over! Ziggler comes in and runs into a headbutt from Brodus! Kofi is workin with Miz, hits the ropes, Brodus tags himself in. Kofi with the Trouble in Paradise! Brodus is in with a splash! Pin for 1…2….3!!

Winners: Kofi Kingston, R-Truth and Brodus Clay (**)

I felt like I missed an entire section in the middle of this match. Whether this is true or not, I’m not sure, but that’s what the match felt like; part 1 and part 3, with no part 2

Backstage, Riley and Punk are talking about the Yes! Lock. Here’s the most beautiful woman in the world, EVAR!!! AJ comes calls for Punk and Riley leaves. AJ just wants to wish him good luck on Sunday. Punk says that although he appreciates it, he doesn’t really trust this situation. He says that he doesn’t trust Bryan and in the short amount of time that he’s known AJ, she’s been quite…unstable, so thanks but…see ya later. AJ looks sad. MMMMM, emotional wreckage.

Our World Champion is here to join commentary.

Match 5: Chris Jericho vs. Randy Orton

Lockup! Orton with a side headlock. Jericho sends him to the ropes and Orton hits a shoulderblock. Orton blocks an arm drag and hits one of his own. OCver for 1…NO. Jericho kicks out. Orton bounces off the ropes and hits a kick then a dropkick, followed by a clothesline, sending Jericho over the ropes!

We’re back, and Jericho has the cravat locked in on Orton. During the break, he poked Orton in the eye to gain the upperhand. Jericho is really locking it in. Orton stands and turns into it, hits a right then a headbutt and hits the ropes, but Jericho hits a knee then drops an elbow. Jericho is on the apron and flies over with a crossbody onto the fallen Orton. It’s a pin for 1….2…NO! Orton backs up in the corner and Jericho hits a couple of kicks before slapping around Orton like a bully. Orton fires back with an uppercut, though, and another, sending Jericho to the opposite corner, then back to the original and runs right inot a boot. Jericho goes to the second rope and hits a missle dropkick and a pin for 1…2…NO! Sheamus calls Cole useless…so true. Jericho from behind, pulls back both arms. Orton is able to get out, hit a right, one more, but Orton gets hit by an elbow! Orton is sent down, Jericho goes for a lionault, but Orton with the knees up! Orton with a clothesline, another, powerslam! Jericho heads to the corner then runs into a backbreaker! Jericho makes his way onto the apron. Orton tries for the DDT,but Jericho sends him over the ropes to the outside! Jericho berates Sheamus, causing him to remove his headset. He lifts Orton and sends him into the seated Sheamus. haha. Jericho is smirking.

Jericho sends Orton in the ring. Jericho is on the apron, and Orton hits the rope-assisted DDT! Orton is looking for the RKO, but Sheamus pulls Jericho out of the ring and clotheslines him! Orton is a bit upset.

Winner: Chris Jericho via DQ (**1/2)

Nice match, and the ending is ok by me considering it adds to the fire between Orton and Sheamus. Harry, who is over at the show, takes the words out my mouth that the finish makes perfect sense and points out that Jericho is quite over.

Orton runs out of the ring and goes to Sheamus, questioning him. Orton calls says “that was my W” which is just…bad ass, I think. Orton sits on the apron and opens the ropes, iniviting Shemaus to fight. Sheamus heads in and we’re gonna get down! Ah, but a bunch of refs come down and keep them seperated.

Hey, Johnny Ace fired The Big Show.

Cole updates us on an Eve Tweet. She says that Sheamus and Orton will go one-on-one on Friday Night.

The music of People Power is here! Ace is in the ring now and he is sorry…he is sorry if John Cena is your favorite superstar, because that makes each and every one of those who are…a loser. Cena is a loser. He lost to Rock at Mania, he looked like a loser after Brock. Ace is better than The Rock and Brock combined, and when he beats Cena at Over the Limit, he will prove that the crowd are losers. There’s nothing wrong with that, though. After all, the world needs losers. If there were not losers like the crowd, there wouldn’t be winners like him.

Cena’s music hits. He’s here and there’s boos, and he’s smiling….wasn’t he attacked pretty viciously recently? He comes up to Ace, real close, and takes a big whiff. He says that desperation is such a stinky cologne, “if that is your real name.” Cena says that with the election coming up, don’t forget to vote for candidate X, because (Cena mocks Ace’s voice) “I Like People.” He wants to know if Ace is going to fire him. He was a scumbag before firing Show, but now…well, it’s worse. Cena then wants to run down Ace’s record. At Mania, Ace’s team won but he did nothing. Next, he wanted Punk removed as WWE Champion. Punk is still the champ, though. Then, his moment of glory, bringing in Brock Lesnar to become the next big thing; well, Brock lost and quit. That makes Ace 1-4. That’s not a winner, that’s a loser. He calls Ace a loser, in his face, then acts like a 5 year old, cutting Ace off with “Loser” each time he tries.

Cena says that at Over the Limit, he’s going to be a loser. Ace has stepped on everyone in the WWE, everyone in the universe, and do it all in the name of “People Power,” but the reality is that the only person that matters is himself. He polls the audience. How many people here want to hit Ace. Many hands in the air. He wants one more poll. The question: how many of them want to beat Ace so bad, he squeals like a bad simile out of Cena’s mouth. Loud cheers for this. The crowd stants a Yes! chant. He says that this is proof that Ace has no concept of reality. Cena chooses Pittsburgh to show Ace the reality of the world. Cena says that the city is known for a lot of things, The Steel Curtain. The legend of the Curtain is a group of men that decimate, hurt and destroy their opponents, and that’s what Cena will do to Ace at Over the Limit.

The second is the Penguins, obviously. Ace cuts him off, says that he was going to refer to the Penguins later on in his promo, and Cena stole that from him! hahha. Cena wants to know what he said, and Cena cuts him off with “Loser” once again. The Rock wants his gimmick back.

Cena then allows Ace to reference the Penguins. He then calls them losers. Cena says that this is interesting, now let’s hear his reference. With a few of the Penguins in the crowd, he guarantees they will enjoy them. On behalf of Cena, the Penguins and everyone here….(Cena pulls out a puck) “Go Puck Yourself.” Ace calls these tough words. He’s Big Johnny. He’s taller than Cena and better looking, but there’s something he should know. He can make a match, he can change a match, he can do whatever he wants in any match.

Here’s Eve! She’s trying to stop Ace. She has something important to say. She whispers in Ace’s ear and hands him a folded piece of paper. Cena tries to grab it out of his hand, and rips it…yeah, that was a mistake. It’s apparently from the Board of Directors. There is news regarding the match against Cena. The board feels it’s important to let the WWE Universe exactly what they are getting. Therefore, the match will be one-on-one. There will be NO Special Guest referee. No one is allowed at ringside. The only way to win is by pinfall or submission, and any Superstar who interferes in the match will be immediately terminated. Cena says the last line on the bottom half is important. Should Johnny Ace lose the match to John Cena, then he will be officially terminated.

Cena’s music hits, but Cena is not done. He heard Cole say that Ace had some sort of huge announcement, and he wants to know what it is. What is it?!

Ace has no announcement, and instead slaps Cena and then rips the paper out of his hand and walks up the ramp.

End Show.

Credit: Tony Acero

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