WWE RAW Results (5/27) – Cena vs. Axel & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, May 27th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

A touching Memorial Day tribute video to the soldiers past and present of the United States kicks things off tonight.

We are LIVE in Bret Hart’s backyard of Calgary, Alberta, Canada as Cole recaps the events transpiring between Triple H and Curtis Axel, including the Game ignoring doctor’s orders and ending up suffering a sort of post-concussion syndrome. Also recapped is Ryback’s proposed rematch at WWE Payback for an Ambulance Match with “Da Champ” John Cena.

Speaking of the man, here he comes, yellow shirt, jorts and all. The usual 50-50 reaction for Cena. He takes in the crowd for a few moments. He notices the unrest, the anger and anxiety of the audience. He brings up the Last Man Standing match, how neither man(?) stood for the count of 10, and that both men have a claim to the WWE Title. There’s Cena, who holds the title, and Ryback, who feels he deserves it. A “We Want Bret” chant rings through the arena, and Cena assures that tribute will be paid to the “Hitman” in due time. Cena feels Payback should be deliberate, definitive and hell. He suggests a THREE STAGES OF HELL match! First match is so Ryback can’t run: A Lumberjack match. The second stage is one Cena thanks the audience for, because of a familiar chant: We want tables! A Tables match. The third round is Ryback’s precious Ambulance match, and even if Cena wins the first two, he’ll still toss Ryback in the ambulance to be taken to the hospital.

Ryback comes out and agrees about how payback should be deliberate, definitive and hell. He drove Cena through the lighting, not caring what was on the other side. He took Cena to Hell. Say hello to Beelzebub, say hello to Lucifer, say hello to Satan, say hello to RYBACK.

As Ryback leaves, out come Heyman, who overly praises Curtis Axel’s “dominant” victory over Triple H and introduces the “future WWE Champion and Hall of Famer” himself. Heyman says it’s two different things to accept a challenge from Ryback and challenge the man himself. Heyman has a challenge for Cena; For the first time, John Cena versus Curtis Axel! Cena gives brief praise to Axel before warning him about Heyman, but Axel cuts him off and says he’s looking for a fight, not an opinion. Cena relents, and accepts Heyman’s proposed match. It’s on!

Coming up next, the rubber match between ALBERTOOOOO DEL RIIIIIOOOOOOO and Big E. Langston!

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“Official” Ricardo announcing time: 13.952 seconds.

Alberto Del Rio w/Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Big E. Langston w/AJ Lee

Lock up, and Langston with knees and shoulders to Del Rio to start. Del Rio ducks a clothesline, hits a dropkick and low bridges Langston. He follows up with a suicide dive to the outside. Langston recovers and drops Del Rio face first on the steel steps. He rolls him back in for a 2 count. Del Rio gets caught coming off the top and Big E. hits his trio of rib breakers for another 2 count. Langston misses a shoulder into the ring post. Clotheslines finally take down Langston, followed by a big Backstabber. Thrust kick gets a CLOSE near fall for Del Rio. Langston counters the Cross Arm Breaker into a belly-to-belly slam. He readies the Big Ending, but Del Rio counters into the Arm Breaker. AJ up on the apron and takes apart the turnbuckle pad apart. Langston takes down Del Rio, but Alberto tricks him into the Cross Arm Breaker! Langston POWERS Alberto up, but Del Rio lets go of the hold, and waistlocks Langston, driving him into the exposed turnbuckle. Del Rio rolls up a dazed Langston for 3!

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Time: 3:45

AJ and Langston are both upset with one another over how the match ended and walk off together in a huff.

Team Hell No invokes their Tag Title rematch against The Shield’s Reigns and Rollins tonight!

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Kane backstage with Daniel Bryan, who’s obsessing over being the weak link. Kane is fed up, since Bryan’s the only one who thinks he’s the weak link and he has to pull himself together if they’re going to win the titles back. Bryan assumes that means Kane does think he’s the weak link, and they devolve into a YES-NO argument until “DA HITMAN” himself shows up to a big pop! Hart warns them about this kind of arguing breaking up tag teams and praises Team Hell No as one of the best pairings he’s seen. Bryan asks how Bret dealt with being the smaller half of the Hart Foundation, and Bret tells him being tough has nothing to do with size, and Bryan’s one of the toughest men Bret has ever seen compete, he never gives in. Bryan’s smile lights up like it’s X-Mas. Kane asks how Bret can say the same thing he just said, and Bryan will listen to Bret instead of him. Bryan says that man is “The Best There Is, The Best There Was, The Best There Ever Will Be.” Kane? He’s just…Kane. *snicker*

Dean Ambrose makes his way to the ring as we get a rematch from last Friday night for the US Championship…coming up next!

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Curtis Axel’s (re)debut is recapped, and he has his hands full with John Cena tonight.

United States Championship: Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi fires up quickly with some roll-ups and arm drags. He kicks away at Ambrose and hits a dropkick. Ambrose comes back with a shoulder block. Kofi floats over and under Ambrose, who dodges an attack from Kofi. Clothesline countered into a Trouble in Paradise, which Ambrose fluidly ducks under and rolls out of the ring for a breather as we go to commercial.

They continue to hype the WWE App, where you can view the matches during the commercial breaks. They also promote “Bret Hart Apprecation Night” 30 seconds after RAW ends tonight. It’ll air LIVE in Canada and also on the WWE App. Download it now …….

Mid-match break…

Ambrose has Kofi in a straight jacket sleeper, but Kofi fights out, only to get taken down for a 2 count. Kofi floats out of a slam and catapults Ambrose into the turnbuckle, rolling him up for 2. Kofi fires up with clotheslines and kicks. Ambrose catches him and pushes him to the turnbuckle, but Kofi springboards off the ropes with a cross body for 2. Kofi takes Ambrose down, but Dean dodges the Boom Drop, only to get rolled up for 2. The two men exchange roll-ups, but Kofi gets the last laugh with a SOS for a near fall. Kofi hits a big Superman punch from the top rope. Ambrose rolls out of the ring on the TIP attempt. Kofi exits, only to get tripped up and falls FACE FIRST on the steel steps. Ouch. Ambrose rolls Kofi back in and finishes him off with the Headlock Driver to retain.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Time: 8:43

The rest of the Shield in to celebrate, but it’s cut short by the arrival of Team Hell No. They clear the ring of Rollins and Reigns, and we apparently will be getting the second of two title rematches coming up next: Team Hell No versus the Shield’s Reigns and Rollins!

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WWE Tag Team Championship: The Shield (Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins) (c) vs. Team Hell No

We enter mid-match. Rollins has Bryan down, and puts him back down with a shoulder block. Bryan comes back and delivers some big kicks, and the ref has to pull him off. Kane tags in to calm down Bryan. Kane with an uppercut and catches Rollins on the float over, hitting a powerslam for 2. Bryan tags in and they hit a HART ATTACK (big pop) for 2. “Daniel Bryan” chant as Bryan delivers some sharp elbows to Rollins. Kane tags in and tags Rollins with a right. Rollins counters and tries to come off the top, but Kane goozles him. Rollins floats out of the chokeslam and hits a big roundhouse to Kane! Reigns in and powers down Kane. Reigns with a kick from the outside. Reigns brings Kane to the corner and Rollins tags in. He tries for a suplex. Ehhh, no. Kane counters into a stalling vertical suplex for 2. Rollins fights back and tags in Reigns, who takes down Kane. Kane fights out of a hold, but Reigns scoop slams him for a 2 count. Rollins in now, and has a chin lock on Kane. He fights back up and nearly takes Rollins for a 360 ride with a clothesline.

Bryan is EN FUERTE, delivering a clothesline, a German suplex and a BIG corner dropkick for a near fall. He hits a series of kicks, followed by the Buzzsaw for another close near fall. Bryan up top, but Rollins stops him and goes up top. Bryan slips out of a superplex attempt and hangs up Rollins in the tree of woe. Woeful dropkick to Rollins. He picks up Rollins and puts him on the top rope…TOP ROPE BACK SUPERPLEX! Bryan looks like he hit his head real hard as we go to break.

Mid-match break…

Bryan is back up and kicking the hell out of Reigns, before Roman plants him for a 2 count. Rollins in with a kick to Bryan’s midsection, followed by a back suplex for a 2 count. Rollins mocks Bryan with a Surfboard. Bryan actually fights out with kicks to the knee, but Rollins takes him down. Reigns tags in, and delivers a big stomp to Bryan, then a stiff knee to his head. He just about runs over Bryan with a shoulder block for a close near fall. Rollins back in now. He brags about being a champion and calls Bryan the weakest. He slams Bryan into the turnbuckle and hits him with right hands. Bryan fights back, but Rollins pulls him into a reverse STO into the second turnbuckle for a near fall. Reigns in with the reverse bear hug, followed by some clubbing blows. Bryan with a boot to Reigns, then a big dropkick.

Kane is now EN FUERTE! Corner clotheslines, but Rollins counters the side slam! Kane back body drops him and nails the side slam. Reigns breaks it up, but Bryan with a huge missile dropkick and here comes AIR GOAT to take out Reigns! Kane up for the top rope clothesline and connects…but Bryan is on the apron and Kane warns him to returns to the corner. Bryan ignores him and dives after Reigns…WHO BREAKS HIM IN HALF WITH A MID-AIR SPEAR! Wow! Rollins comes in with a diving knee to the side of Kane’s head, and that gets 3!

Winners: Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

Time: 18:38

As the Shield celebrate in the ring, the Cena-Ryback confrontation is recapped, and we will hear next about Triple H’s condition following his collapse last week.

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The WWE Rewind highlights Triple H versus Curtis Axel, including Triple H collapsing near the end of the match, resulting in a “victory” for Axel. We find out, via exclusive, that Triple H didn’t remember anything after his entrance.

Cole and company assure that Triple H will be back next week after taking some time to rest, and that the damage came from the sledgehammer shot to the jaw at Extreme Rules.

Miz out for the Wade Barrett-Fandango match, and the WWE fans will decide whether he will be a guest ref, ring announcer or commentator. I agree with JBL and Jerry, take Cole’s spot, Miz, Better yet, take Lawler’s spot too and we can have the next great announce team in Mike the Miz and JBL!

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And the survey says…Guest Referee! Aw, shoot, so much for the dream announce team.

Non-Title Match: IC Champion Wade Barrett vs. Fandango w/Summer Rae

New titantron to go with Wade Barrett’s new theme. I like them both. Fandango may beat out Randy Orton and Undertaker for longest entrance at this rate.

Barrett and Fandango exchange holds. Barrett mouths off with Miz, and Fandango lights up Barrett with a few chops, taking him down for a 2 count. Barrett with rights and a clothesline for a “Miz” 1 count. Barrett hangs up Fandango in the ropes…but Miz checks on Fandango! Barrett just tosses Miz out of the way and boots Fandango. Miz hits the Skull-Crushing Finale on Barrett! Fandango covers for 3!

Winner: Fandango

Time: 1:48

Post-match, Fandango celebrates with Summer Rae, but Miz boots him in the face…and counts Summer Rae on top of Fandango for 3! “Mrs. Fandango is undefeated!” – JBL

John Cena backstage with…HBK! Hobo daddy beard and all! He appreciates John’s bravery in making a Three Stages of Hell match with Ryback, but says he should reconsider given what happened in the Last Man Standing match. He wants John to listen to him, the voice of reason, for once. John doesn’t want to hear it and says he’ll do it because he can…just like someone else he know. HBK is stunned at that.

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Six-Man Tag Match: Great Khali & Tons of Funk vs. 3MB

3MB waits outside the ring as Natalya, Cameron, Naomi, Tensai, Brodus Clay and The Great Khali dance up a storm. Khali starts out with Drew McIntyre and hits a huge chop in the corner. Tensai comes in and keps control. He takes out Heath Slater. Tensai turns around to a big kick from McIntyre. Jinder Mahal comes in and takes control of Tensai. Brodus Clay comes in and keeps control, going at it with Slater. Clay with a big slam for a 2 count. Clay gets the win for his team, hitting Slater with a Splat! after a Khali chop.

Winners: Tons of Funk & Great Khali

Time: 3:01

After the match, we find out from Brodus that it’s Natalya’s birthday…and KHALI will lead the singing of “Happy Birthday”, or as Khali ends up pronouncing it, “Heppy Barf-day.” I’m confused, is this pairing with Khali suppose to be a step UP from her farting gimmick?

Paul Heyman is WALKING as he’s on Jericho’s Highlight Reel NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

We get a Memorial Day voiceover from John Cena praising the US troops.

Chris Jericho and his Lite-Brite jacket hit the scene! Big “Y2J” chants in Calgary. He welcomes us to the Highlight Reel and introduces Paul Heyman as “buzzworthy, disingenuous, and bulbous.”

Jericho says Heyman has been called many things, from genius to walrus, but has a knack of aligning himself with great talent. Heyman elaborates, saying he not only aligns with them, but cultivates them, like he did with Jericho back in ECW. Y2J admits so, but says Heyman still owes him money. Jericho says Axel is a great talent, but doesn’t want to talk about him. When Heyman tries to talk about Lesnar, Jericho shuts him and says he wants to know about his OTHER client, CM Punk, who’s been MIA for 6 weeks.

Footage from last month is shown with Punk talking about Mania, his title reign, and coming up the short in ending the streak and such, before walking out. Jericho wants Heyman to cut to the point. Heyman says there will be an announcement concerning his client a few weeks from now. Heyman praises Punk some more, before Jericho cuts him off once more, saying Punk just can’t sit on his ass in Chicago and call himself the Best in the World. Payback’s in Chicago as well, so Jericho challenges Punk to a match. Heyman says Jericho could wipe the floor with him, but he won’t be dictated into making a match for Jericho. Jericho pulls Heyman’s “Punk card” by saying he is THE BEST IN THE WORLD AT WHAT HE DOES! That does it, as Heyman agrees to the match, and Jericho tells him that after Payback, Punk will never…ever…be the same…again.

We’re reminded about Heyman’s newest client, Curtis Axel, taking on “Da Champ” John Cena.

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Rock and Fast 6 breaking box office records all over the world!

Divas Tag Match: Natalya & Divas Champion Kaitlyn vs. The Bella Twins

Nikki and Kaitlyn start it out. Kaitlyn powers out of a hold by Nikki, but Nikki hangs her up on the ropes and chokes her until a 4 count in the ropes. Brie in now, and hair pulls Kaitlyn for a 2 count. Kautlyn fights out, but Brie cuts her off with a knee. Kaitlyn dodges a charge and tags in the birthday girl! Suplex to Brie and a clothesline. She locks in the Sharpshooter! Nikki breaks it up, but gets a spear from Kaitlyn! Brie tosses her from the ring and goes for a bulldog. She ducks out of the way of a Kaitlyn spear, and Natalya gets hit! Kaitlyn has to exit, while Brie drapes herself over Natalya for a cocky 3 count.

Winner: The Bella Twins

Time: 3:41

The Bellas sing “Happy Birthday, LOSER” to Natalya…who lost…on her birthday…in Calgary. Let me guess, Vince called an audible on that one too?

Curtis Axel is padding up when Bret comes in and they reminisce about his matches with Curtis’s dad. He wishes Axel would shake off Heyman. Curtis shoots him down, saying Heyman was the only one who picked him up and supported him when others wouldn’t.

Randy Orton out next, and the Celtic Vipers are in action against the Rhodes Scholars NEXT!

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We get a introductory promo from the Wyatt Family, and I can see where people get the “Waylon Mercy” vibe from Bray Wyatt. I like it.

The Celtic Vipers vs. The Rhodes Scholars

Orton and Rhodes start things off with Randy running him over with clotheslines. Off to Sheamus with the slingshot shoulder for two before Sandow and Orton come in again. Orton snaps off a nice dropkick, but Damien comes back and pounds him down in the corner and brings Rhodes back in, only to have him caught in a suplex. Back to Sheamus who is stomped down in the corner before coming back with a neckbreaker for two. Sheamus goes up but gets slammed down by Sandow as we take a break.

Mid-match break…

Sandow covers Sheamus for 2. Tag made to Cody, who traps Sheamus to keep him from making a tag. Cody with a nice rear naked choke. Sheamus fights back and hits the Irish Curse. Tags made to Sandow and Orton. Randy hits his clotheslines and powerslam to Sandow, then one to Cody. DDT to Sandow, and Orton psyches up for the RKO. Cody pulls Sandow out of the ring. Orton clothesline to Cody, but Sandow drives him into the ring post.

Sandow rolls Orton back in for a 2 count. Tag to Cody, who stomps down Randy. Gourdbuster suplex gets a 2 count. Rear chin lock on Randy. Sandow tags in, and delivers knees to Orton. Leg sweep and the Cubito Aequet for a near fall. Sandow with more rights. Cody back in with boots to Orton, who fights back and hits a T-Bone suplex. Sheamus gets the hot tag and pretty much bowls over Cody. Sandow tries a blind tag, but Sheamus catches him and clubbers Sandow. Cody connects with the Disaster Kick, but Orton pulls him out. Sandow covers Sheamus for a near fall. Meanwhile, Orton tosses Cody over the barricade. Back in the ring, Sheamus counters the Terminus into White Noise, and connects with the Brogue Kick for 3!

Winner: Randy Orton & Sheamus

Time: 15:40

We see replays of big moments in the match, and the main event of “Next Big Heyman Guy” Curtis Axel versus WWE Champion John Cena…IS NEXT!

~Commercial Break~

This Friday, Randy Orton looks for vengeance against the Shield when he takes on US Champion Dean Ambrose!

Cole, JBL and Lawler quickly go over the 3 Stages of Hell match for the WWE Championship.

Non-Title Match: WWE Champion John Cena vs. Curtis Axel w/Paul Heyman

Lock up in the middle of the ring. Axel with a headlock takeover. Axel floats over and under Cena, but gets hip tossed and exits to ringside as we go to our last commercial break.

Mid-match break…

Axel slams Cena’s head into the ring, then whips him hard into the steel steps. Cena’s down on the outside, but JUST gets back in at the 9 count. Boots to Cena in the corner, followed by a hard Irish whip. Snap suplex gets a 2 count. Elbows to Cena’s head. Axel locks in an armbar and rakes Cena’s eyes. He keeps wrenching the arm and Cena’s chin as apparently there was some fan scuffle that drew a lot of the audience’s attention. Cena powers out of the armbar, but misses the clothesline and takes a lariat to the back of the head, which gets Axel 2. More boots to Cena. John fires up with the Five Moves, but Axel floats out of the AA and hits a SWEET Blue chipper dropkick for a near fall. Cena comes back with a modified powerslam for 2. Axel gets a boot up on a corner charge, and hits a “perfect” snapmare, followed by a boot to the head for two. STF attempt, but Axel counters out. AA attempt, but Axel slips out and hits the Perfect-Plex! 1…2..Thr-No! Cena hits a clothesline…then an ambulance sounds! Cena heads out to see if Ryback’s at the wheel…and he gets counted out!

Winner: Curtis Axel

Time: 14:00

Cena opens the back doors…but no one’s there. He’s ambushed by Ryback from behind, and Ryback looks to drive him through the LED lighting again. Cena dodges and goes for an AA off the stage, but Ryback slips out and tosses Cena off the stage as he retreats. Meanwhile, Curtis Axel is announced the winner and stands tall in the ring. Cena applauds him as the last image is of Curtis Axel with his hand raised…AS IT SHOULD’VE BEEN LAST WEEK!

End show.

Credit: Ken Hill

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