WWE RAW Results (6/17) – Christian & Brock Lesnar!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, June 17th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Van Andel Arena Grand Rapids, MI

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Payback is over, some things have changed, and others have stayed the same. We’re still on the hunt for someone as good as me to do the recap, so you’ve got The Acero for another RAW! Let’s get to it!!!

We’re starting off with a bang, here! Ok, a whimper, actually, as Ricardo Rodriguez is announced to a few boos. He’s lookin smug, so perhaps his boss will be the same. Del Rio is announced, and out comes the new champion, sans car. The announcers speak of Del Rio taking advantage of the concussion Dolph suffered.

Del Rio no the mic. He is grinning. He asks how our weekend was, because he hears everyone talking about Man of Steel, but why do that when we have a man of gold in front of us. He is the NEW Superman. Ricardo announces him again, this time with more Os. Del Rio says that some are saying the way he won was controversial, but what about the night after Mania? That was controversial! Dolph attacked Del Rio, injured, practically broken, and even though he was in pain, he gave Dolph a fight. But what did people do? They cheer for Dolph. Hmmmm, interesting take.

Del Rio calls Dolph a coward for attacking an injured man. Del Rio says he should probably be surprised or offended, but he’s not. It’s ok. He gets it. He heard the reaction last night. “WE WANT ZIGGLER” Chant. He claims to have given us everything, and we never showed him respect. He fought Jack Swagger, an ignorant pig who disrespected Mexico. And all that came out of that was USA chants. Which, of course, prompts silly Americans to chant USA. He wants to get something “estraight”! They are unwilling to cheer for Del Rio, but cheers for a pig and a coward?! He then calls the crowd one and the same. He fought for them, and didn’t get anything, so he turned heel and won a belt, y’all!

Del Rio will be the better man, though. He will show why he is the best. He is going to give us a second chance to show him the respect he deserves. He is interrupted by….

CM PUNK! He’s accompanied by Paul Heyman and chops on his cheeks! Punk is all smiles as Del Rio holds up his belt. The crowd is loving him. Punk says hi, then says it feels like it’s been a while. The last time they were in the ring was Survivor Series 2011 when Punk beat Del Rio and went on to hold onto the title for a record 434 days. He can tell that Del Rio remembers it very well, but that’s not why he is here. The problem Del Rio has with th people is not why he is here. He’s here because he heard Del Rio say that he was “the best.” Del Rio holds up the title as the crowd chants loudly for Punk.

There is only one best in the world, and Punk says Del RIo is looking at him right now. So he is here to challenge Del Rio. Heyman interrupts and wants to state publicly that his client does not fight for free. Heyman rambles while Punk tries to interrupt. He finally stops him, asks him what he’s doing, and Heyman says they didn’t talk about this, and the title wouldn’t even be on the line. Punk is aware of that, Dolph gets a rematch. Punk is banged up because while Del Rio was stealing a title, he was stealing the show with Jericho. He’s glad Del Rio thinks he’s the best, but last night, Punk PROVED he is the best and he is willing to prove it again tonight against Del Rio.

Del Rio tries to tell Punk he doesn’t want it, but Punk wants it. Tonight. We get a “SI!” chant. Del Rio says he is the World Heavyweight Champion, and like he said, Punk doesn’t want it. Punk had a feeling he would say that, so he challenges Ricardo Rodriguez. hahaha.

Out comes Team Brickie, asking for our excusing. Vickie calls the PPV great, but she can’t think of a better way of continuing the momentum than to have Punk vs Del Rio. The crowd agrees, and that’s that. It’s official like a referee whistle.

Sidenote: If you’re stealing my recaps, please know that it’s cool, just be aware that I am shaking my head at you from high above my pedestal of awesomeness.

Backstage, Paul is saying he cares about Punk. Punk says he must not have been clear last night. He doesn’t need Heyman’s help ringside. He’s not Brock, he’s not Axel, he’s not Heyman’s client. So from here on out, he doesn’t need Heyman out there and doesn’t want him ringside. He said he will always be a Paul Heyman guy, always, but doesn’t need him there. And walks away.

Wade is standing in the ring, and just as Roberts is about to announce Axel, Vickie comes out. She claims that the rematch is about to wait, because right now, Wade is about to face Vickie’s big surprise…..

Match 1: Wade Barrett vs Christian

We start with Barrett hittin a kick then Christian taking the upperhand and sending Wade to the outside. A high crossbody from the top rope to the outside! Christian sends Wade back in the ring and goes up top. Wade trips him up and starts hitting some kidney shots then a knee to the gut. Pin for 1…2…NO! Quick cravat after the pin from Wade. Christian needs some crowd support, gets it. Whip is turned into a hard clothesline, but Wade sends him into the corner. Christian with an uppercut followed by a tornado DDT and a pin for 1…2..NO!

Christian is calling for the Unprettier, but Barrett hits a mule kick and a pin for 1..2…NO! Wade tries for the pumphandle, but Christian floats over and into the corner. Wade rushes shoulder first and Christian leaves then hits a reverse hangman from the outside. He is looking for the Unprettier again. He hits it! 1..2…3!!!

Official Result: Christian

A nice reintroduction to Christian, but poor Wade got the shaft because of it.

RATING: *1/2

We get to choose the type of match Orton and Bryan are going to fight in.

Another preview of the Wyatt fam bam plays, and man oh man, they are a-comin…

We’re back on RAW, and Team Rhodes Scholars is in the ring for a 2-on-1 Handicap Matchup…ah fuck balls.

Match 2: Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Sheamus

Rhodes and Sandow on the quick attack, sending Sheamus into the corner, but Sheamus fights out, sends Sandow away, and snapmares Cody from the top rope. Sandow holds Sheamus and Rhodes hits the Beatiful Disaster. Sandow is holding the arms so Cody can stomp him. Two man suplex is next from Rhodes Scholars. Damien pins for 1. Some more stomps from Sandow, then an elbow drop. Cody’s turn as he grabs the head and kicks the side of it. Snapmare take down and Cody hits a boot. Elbow of Disdain then a pin from Cody 1..2…NO!

Sandow locks the arms from behind, and Cody slaps Sheamus talkin shizz. Sheamus is gettin all red-faced, takin the ight hands like a baws. Sheamus stands, Cody hits the ropes, Sheamus tosses Cody over the rope. Sandow looks over to Cody, giving Sheamus the chance for some axe handles and a shoulder block in the corner. High knee to Sandow, and we get a rolling senton! Cody is up on the apron, but gets locked up and Sheamus throws some arms across him. Body slam to Sandow, but Rhodes is on the middle rope! He jumps into…WHITE NOISE! Sheamus grins, and he’s calling for the kick. Sandow pokes his head up from the outside, hilariously. haha. Sheamus is feelin it, but here’s Sandow with a surprise roll-up for the 1…2…3!!!

Official Result: Team Rhodes Scholars

I was totally ready to complain about Sheamus winning, but I’m glad they gave them the win. Still, this was pretty much a squash – which doesn’t make much sense to me.


After the match, Sandow stands atop the ramp while Sheamus Brogue kicks Cody.

Cole brings up the “cryptic tweets” of Mark Henry and questions retirement, which undoubtedly means it won’t be happening.

Did y’all know RVD is comin back? Well he is.

Backstage,Vickie is gloating about her genius idea of the main event, when Triple H walks in. He says he agrees, and is happy. He does wonder, though, if Punk hadn’t gone out there, what WAS going to be the main event? She ignores the question and mentions Christian. HHH says he’s ben cleared for a minute, yo. And how bout RVD? Vickie and Brad argue over whose idea it was. Triple H says he was the one on the phone with RVD.

He wants to talk about The Shield, though. They’ve been running buckwild, and Triple H wants her to take control. If they get involved, she needs to make an example out of them. He doesn’t care how strong that example needs to be. Triple H also likes how they are putting 3MB on the show tonight, because that’s genius… Oh, so Triple H cares about RAW as a whole now, Ok.

Backstage, Kane and Bryan are trying to reconcile but Bryan ain’t havin it. He says the only way he’ll ever be able to prove himself is if he does it by himself. And how can he do that? He needs to win the WWE Championship. Kane was thinkin the same thing. He wants to know if this is the end. Bryan says he doesn’t know. I had this conversation once…

Kane wishes Bryan good luck, and Bryan takes that as Kane thinking he is the weak link. hahaha. As for the stipulation, which can only be voted on the WWE APP, we’ve got No DQ, No Count Out or 2/3 falls!

How to download the app:

1) Go to App Store on mobile device

2) Search WWE APP

3) Kill yoself

If you didn’t do step 3, then presumably you have the app, and watched as Orton called Daniel Bryan the weak link.

King is in the middle of the ring, and he’s bout to drop knowledge, ya dig? The votes are in, and the match is…..

Match 3:

No Disqualification Match

Randy Orton vs Daniel Bryan

Bryan don’t look too happy. I was hopin for a 2/3. Either way, let’s do it! Lockup! Bryan with a right, wretches the arm, sending Orton to his knees. Orton is back up, he spins out of the hold and we get an arm bar behind the back. orton has the leverage, but it’s short lived as Bryan falls and turns, oh but it’s right into a headlock. Bryan gets out, hold the leg up high and gives the thight a few kicks. Bryan turns Orton over and is looking for the surfboard. He, instead, stomps the legs, sending Orton reeling. Bryan with some kicks to th legs, this time in the corner. The crowd loves it, as Orton hits a headbutt (was that a headbutt?) stomps in the corner elicit a NO chant. Orton sets up for a suplex, and uses the ropes to help him out. Orton grabs Bryan by the hair as the crowd chants for DB. Whip, missed clothesline, Thesz Press, but Bryan rolls out and locks in a half-crab!! Oh, he’s workin them legs. Orton reaches for the ropes, but it’s a NO DQ, y’all! So he socks Bryan in the head. Bryan rolls away then comes back with kicks, each one amplified with a YES!

Orton is out of it, rake of the eyes! He sends Bryan to the outside, then quickly follows and hits a clothesline on the outside. Nice movement, Randy. Orton sells the left leg. He grabs Bryan and sends him back inside. Cover for 1…2…NO! We get a cravat from Orton but I feel the beard is really softening the hold. Bryan is out of the hold, heads to the corner, and Orton hits a right. He’s lookin for the 10-timer! He gets to 7 and stops then sends Bryan to the other corner. Bryan flips over Orton, hits the ropes, ducks a clothesline, hits one of his own! Orton heads to the corner and Bryan wants some YESs! He hits a dropkick, Orton falls, and Bryan hits another dropkick! Pin for 1…2…NO! Whipe from Bryan, and Orton hits a kick. He goes for a clothesline near the ropes, so Bryan holds them down, sending Orton to the ground. Suicide Dive from Bryan, but Orton is all “Not Today!” and side steps the move, sending Brryan right into the barricade. Ouch!

Orton is called “matador-like” by Cole. haha. Dumbass. Orton goes under the ring, and grabs a kendo stick. Smack to the back with the kendo stick onto Bryan, and Orton ain’t done! He’s lookin for a gut shot, and gets it! Orton then proceeds to just drill the stick into Bryan’s belly button, like he’s cleanin it…Orton sends Bryan inside and pins for 1…2..NO!

We get a break…

We’re back! Orton is looking for a superplex, but Bryan hits a few gut shots. I swear to you guys, I tohugh the ropes were red the entire time until now. Weird. Anyways, they are YESSing the punches, and Bryan sends Orton to the mat! Bryan takes the opportunity to rest. Both men are up, but Bryan is up first, and hits some kicks to Orton’s chest. My neice changes the channel so I miss something, but we’re back shortly, and Bryan is on the outside apron. Orton is looking for the DDT. The ref is looking for the doctor. Orton is going for the DDT, but Bryan gets out of it, only for Orton to slingshot Bryan to the apron. Bryan tries to skin the cat, but Orton kicks him in the gut, sending Bryan back to the outside. Orton is about to head out, but the refs stops him, as well as the doctor. Doc and Ref are checking on Bryan as Orton watches. Bryan shoves him off and heads in the ring with some rights! Orton sends him to the outside and we get a back suplex onto the apron! The doctor checks on Bryan again, and the ref calls the match…

Official Result: Randy Orton via Ref Stoppage

An interesting turn here…I’m intrigued. They are really running with the whole concussion thing.

RATING: ***1/2

After the match, Orton goes to grab Bryan, lifting him up like a good sport. He gives him a playful slap and wants to walk him up to the ramp. I wait for a turn, but nothing happens. The commentary team sells the importance of the doctors ringside.

We’re back, and we get a recap of Del Rio bein all Super-Mex on us.

MY BELOVED is here!!!! Big E is by her side, as the newest Divas Champion skips down the ramp and around the ring. A recap of Kaitlyn breaking down at the PPV, along with Layla checking up on her. AJ on the mic.

Unfortunately, her scripted boyfriend Ziggler will be back soon enough. She calls herself the greatest Divas Champion of all time and grins like the time I bought her a Batman cape. She says she’s always been the champ, now she just has proof. Last night, she made Kaitlyn tap out. Yeah, she played some mind games and crushed her spirit, but she is the hero of this story. She is a woman who knows how to get exactly what she wants, and that is an example to women everywhere. There is not ONE woman in this audience, or in the locker room or DA WORLDZ who is as strong, brilliant, or corageous as she is. If there is a woman back there that thinks she can compare to her, then she dares them to come out right now.

nothin. THAT’S RIG—-

The music of Stephanie McMahon hits, and out comes Triple H’s Double D’s. AJ says hello to boss lady. Steph wants to say her piece first. She calls AJ a true under dog. AJ has this amazing story, and what a victory, and for that, Steph does say congrats. But, Brooke Hogan Steph is upset about the stereotype about women. She says what AJ did to Kaitlyn was degrading to women everywhere. Steph says it’s time for AJ to start acting like a champ. AJ says she is sorry, Steph is right, and she should be thinking more like Steph…acting more like her. And instead of dating superstars, maybe she should just…MARRY ONE. Let’s not get started on Steph’s daddy issues…

Steph says if AJ was so brilliant, she’d expect something more original. AJ says she is original. What she did to Kaitlyn was cunning and well plan. Months in the making. It was her masterpiece. Steph says she is a McMahon, and no one does crazy better than her. If AJ wants to be a Divas champ, she needs to start acting like one. AJ says, she is, and the only reason Steph is out here is because AJ IS Stephanie…only younger and no without a pantsuit. Steph wants AJ to know she can take all of that away, and if she wants to, AJ won’t have a job anymore. She says this with a muffled mic, which is a nice touch.

Kaitlyn’s music hits, and out come a few of the Divas that matter. Kaitlyn congratulates AJ. Steph is up at the top of the ramp, tells Kaitlyn not to ever interrupt her again. the fuck…

Anyways, Kaitlyn is with Alicia, Cameron, Naomi, Layla, NAME. The crowd chants YOU TAPPED OUT. hahaha. Kaitlyn says AJ humiliated her, and played her like a puppet. AJ is happy. Kaitlyn says she was broken. And now, it’s her turn. Kaitlny heads in the ring to attack. Big E kind of scrambles outside until he can grab a leg. AJ is all “Let me at em!” but Big E grabs her and the title and carries her away. The ladies up top just stand there.

This was all kinds of weird….

Match 4: Dean Ambrose vs Kane

Kane does his flames pre-match, which usually signifies a loss. Kane goes for a right, but Dean ducks so Kane chokes him and sends him into the corner. Some lefts and rights send Dean to themat. Whip to the corner and Kane misses a move, due to Dean moving, but Kane hits a big boot. Whip to the ropes, Dean with a kick to the face and some chops. He follows up with a run…right into a body slam and a pin for 1. Kane with an uppercut to Dean. Whip to the corner and a clothesline. Whip to the corner and another clothesline. Sidewalk slam and a pin for 2.

Kane is going up top! Ambrose is hit with a flying clothesline, and Kane sets up for the chokeslam, but here comes Reign and Rollins to interrupt. Rollins and Ambrose are about to get chokeslammed, but a spear from Reigns puts the big man down!

Official Result:

This was all a set up to see what Vickie would do about The Shield running wild. Still, I’m ok with it.


We end up with a three-man powerbomb, and now let’s see what Vickie does to “tame the beasts…” The Shield head to the back.

In another area backstage, Henry is hugging Tamina and Darren Young. Young seems to be crying. Henry is in a swank ass coral suit.

Backstage, again, but after the break, so totally different area, The Shield are walking all smug. Here’s Vickie. Ambrose questions her “severe ramifications” and asks for a spanking. He tells her from now on, she should think about what she is doing before she does it. She points, says they….

Here’s another McMahon! Vince shakes the hands of them, says he reminds them of him. Ruthless Agression is brought up. He says to keep it up and have a good night. They leave as Vince says he’s never liked Kane any how. He then walks away.

Wyatt Family gets another video package, talking about droppin fists. Shit’s bout to go down.

We’re back to the lovely voice of Zeb Colter! He is speaking to us within a country under seige. Our very own government is spying on us. Moderators are deleting Randy Ragsdale comments! Every day, foreigners are sneaking across our border, like rats in the street! Let’s face it: we are at war, and at war it costs some very unusual alliances. This is why Swagger and he have chosen to work alongside a man that has Integrity, Honor, and respect. He embodies the very spirit that all us real Americans try to reach. He speaks five languages, the most important one being English.

And here is Antonio Cesaro. Cesaro comes out with his hand across his heart and says, “We the People” before heading to the ring to face…William Regal!!

Match 5:

Cesaro with an arm bar, but Regal sends him over. Cesaro sets him in the corner, then hits him in the gut with some elbows. He hits a right in the corner. Cesaro with a toss over and a pin for 1…2.., but Regal gets a bridge! Cesaro just stomps Regal in the gut, and Regal sells like only Regal can! A right forearm to Regal. Regal with a kick, a hard elbow! He’s all kinds of vicious! Regal is looking for a butterfly suplex, but Cesaro lifts him up and hits a bad ass brainbuster like manuever! Cesaro is calling for the finish. Cravat from behind, and he adds a spin to show how hard he’s holding it in. Cesaro sets up for the Neutralizer. He hits it! Pin! 1…2….3!!!

Official Result: Antonio Cesaro

Interesting pairing, maybe they’ll find him more interesting now. A solid match and it was GREAT to see Regal!


Zeb is in the ring, and hands Cesaro a flag. It’s a “Don’t Tread on Me!” flag! ahahahahha! We get a “We The People” chant from Cesaro and fade to the backstage area where…


The Champ is here and he is so happy that we are one day away from Tuesday. What a goober. We get some stills of the 3 Stages of A Summer in Texas. Ryback is apparently, not cleared to fight. Cena says he loves the reaction of the fans. He lurvs him some boos. Everyone under one roof sharing one common interest. He calls the Universe his favorite superstars, because he admires their honesty. We are always here to tell him he sucks. There’s a group out there that just doesn’t like him.

But there is also a group out there that knows every single time he steps in the ring, he goes to war for them, and they are actually pretty vocal. He wants to speak to that group specifically. He had a horrible 2012 (don’t you guys remember that?) He had to beg those peeps to just hang in there, during all of those losses and main events he had to go through, and they did. Moments like the Royal Rumble, challenges like Rock, Punk, Ryback, Payback, Outback, he stands and proudly says THE CHAMP IS HERE!

Skeptics and critics will always be here, but he wants to thank those who stuck by his side. Tonight is the night he tells them that he feels great and can take care of any challenge. All of their eyes are focused on….MONEY IN THE BANK, and that’s when he’ll know where his next challenge comes from. He’s got a message to the dude who grabs the case. There will be no opportune time to cash in. Think again, home skillets, cuz he will always be ready. He won’t hold it forever, but whoever grabs the title next will earn it.

Here’s MARK HENRY!!! In an awesome ass nod, he has his boots with him and leaves them standing atop the ramp as he makes his walk down into the ring. Henry tells Cena to put his guard down, and extends his hand out. They shake as the crowd chants for Henry. Henry wants Cena to stay. He wants to tell something to everyone in the back and Cena. Henry looks really emotional as the crowd chants his nme. He’s got them tears. He respects everybody that loves this business and all the people that work for the WWE, because he knows how difficult it is.

Ah shit, he is either extremely great or this is legit. He was a seasoned vet in 02 when Cena came in. THANK YOU HENRY chant. He says Cena is doing an awesome job. He figured if they all forget Henry, they’ll at least remember the coat. haha. We get a Sexual Chocolate chant, and this reviewer is gettin chills. He says at the rate Cena is going, he’ll be the greatest WWE champ of all time. Henry admits that he will be formerly retiring from the active roster as the crowd chants ONE MORE MATCH.

Cena is in the middle of the ring and hands Henry the WWE Title. Henry holds that shit like a beast. A small town Texas boy done proud, he says. He gives the title back to Cena, because it’s something you gotta earn. Henry got a chance to travel the world, tells Argentina not to cry, and stands proud.

He is on the road over 200 nights of the year, tells his wife and son that he’ll see them a lot more than perhaps they want to. He punks a crowd member, calling him a dummy. haha. He tells his daughter daddy’s comin home. Cena in to hold the title and Mark’s hand in the air…..


YES! YES! YES!!!!!!

Henry says he’s got a lot left in the tank! It ain’t that easy!!! He drops the title on Cena’s chest, and says he’s going to get his soon! Holy shit!!! FUCKING AWESOME!!!!

Backstage, Henry is with blondie and calls everyone a puppet. He says the WWE Title. That’s all he hasn’t held. He’s challenging Cena for it right now. Reason why he got two boots, is because one is going in Cena’s rear end. haha.

Match 6: Chris Jericho vs Heath Slater

Battle of the Bands! Side headlock from Jericho. Toss to the ropes and a shoulder block from Jericho. He ducks a clothesline and hits some chops on Heath. A third sends Heath away. Jericho with a back elbow but is met with a heel kick from Slater and a pin for two. Heath with some rights. Jericho hits a boot, though, and hits a shoulder block, then another. He is sent over the ropes but heads up top and hits a axe handle from the tope. Jericho with a bulldog. He’s looking for the lionsault, and there’s Drew McIntyre with a cheap shot while Mahal distracts the ref. Pin for 1…2..NO!!

Heath with some stomps into a body slam. Heath goes up top and looks for a knee drop, but Jericho moves and hits a bulldog then a Lionsault, this time hitting it. Codebreaker! Pin 1….2….3!!!!

Official Result:


The rest of 3MB tries to attack, so Jericho dispatches them like henchmen in a Batman episode.

Backstage, we have Axel and Heyman talking. Stryker is here to ask about CM Punk. Heyman hilariously tells Striker “I expected so much more from you.” hahahahaha. Didn’t we all? Heyman wants to talk about Axel, the man that was born to be better than Perfect. He then walks it out.

We are back and Cole is calling King’s jokes bad…Pot. Kettle. Black.

The Miz is joining us on commentary for a match with Sin Cara!

Match 7: Curtis Axel vs Sin Cara

Lockup to start. Axel sends Cara to the corner. Some hard rights send him to the seated position. He presses UP + A and chokes him up before hitting a back breaker and a pin for 1…2..NO! Miz is upset while Axel sends Cara to the ropes. Cara with a dropkick bouncing off of Axel then runs right into a clothesline. Axel with a right hand to the back of the neck. Axel is actually getting a mini chant. Axel with a Saito Suplex. A pin for 1…2..NO! Axel’s baldness is really glaring in the yellow lights.

Axel is dropped and Cara pins for a one. Cara with some leg kicks, and Axel hits a knee to the gut. He whips Cara, then runs into some boots, followed by a kick. Cara is up top. He flies! Senton! But it looks like his knee was up, and it hits Cara in the back of the head. We get a DDT with a scissors lock that just plants Cara down, and it looks like we may have a new finisher.

Official Result: Curtis Axel

Pretty solid effort. Nothing flashy, but nothing bad either. It looks like we’re keeping Miz in the IC Title hunt, but not Barrett. I suppose Axel needs a face counterpart to work with, but man Miz is boring as a face…

RATING: *1/2

Backstage, Vince is applauding the efforts of Vince and Brad. He said that Henry had him crying, and wants to know what Vickie and Brad will do. They think it’s best if they make the match for MITB. Yes, that’s cool. In comes Steph, saying Vickie needs to assert herself as a leader, this show is a disaster. Here’s Triple H, mad that an example wasn’t made. Vince didn’t know that, he’s upset. Triple H goes back to Vickie, when he tells her soemthing, he wants it done. He says that Vickie needs to start listening to…him, and walks away. Vince tells her don’t worry about anything, if she listens to him, she’ll be fine, then leaves. Steph is the last to go, and essentially says the same.

Backstage, Punk is walking. Heyman chases after saying people are trying to stir it up. Everyone else doesn’t get it, but Heyman gets it. He says it’s cool, he understands, he loves Punk, and thank you. ::HUGS:: He tells Punk to go win this one, calls him the BEST IN THE WORLD, basically solidifying a setup. Nice.

Match 8: CM Punk vs Alberto Del Rio

PUnk attacks quickly with a kick and some knees! He sends Del Rio to the outside like a good face should. Del Rio gets back in at the coutn of four, and there goes Punk with the kicks again, sending Del Rio to the outside one more time! Punk is all F this and heads to the outside as well, to attack near the barricade. He sends Del RIo back in, and Del Rio kick the left arm hard. He stomps Punk a bit then gives a nice kick to the head. Cover for two. Del Rio with a suplex. Looks good as he floats over for a pin for 1. Punk is in the corner with some harsh knees, and Del Rio reverses it once the ref separates them. He does the same to Del Rio, sending him back, as Ricardo looks on. Punk gets a chant, and Del Rio with a rope-assisted enziguri to the arm of Punk. He works the right arm for some reason, against the ropes. Punk with a kick to the gut, then an elbow to the face, another. He sets up for the GTS, but Del Rio rolls off and out of the ring. Punk hits the ropes. Suicide Dive to Del Rio!!!

Punk lifts up Del Rio and slams his arm against the barricade. He sends Del Rio in the ring, then hops up top. Ricardo distracts, and Del Rio hangs the arm up on the rope then runs and kicks the arm, sending Punk to the floor outside.

Back from the break, and Punk is looking in control just barely. Both men on opposite corners. Del Rio runs into a boot, but Punk runs into a tilt-a-whirl after. Del Rio pins for two then hits some headbutts over and over. Del Rio with a hard kick to the back of the head of Punk. Yeesh. Another kick to the face, and a pin for 1…2…NO! Del Rio is on the apron. He’s going up top. Punk moves! He hits a spining kick! Sends Del Rio to the ropes! Heel kick! Knees to the head of Del Rio. He misses a kick, and we get knees to the left arm from Del Rio! Del Rio gets Punk on the ropes then hits a backstabber and a pin for 1…2..NO! I miss something, but Punk pinned for two only for Del Rio to hit a superkick an a pin for 1…2..NO!

Del Rio is calling for the armbar. He goes for it but Punk sends Del Rio to the corner, hits a high running knee! He hits the GTS near the ropes! HE GOT IT! Del Rio slithers out of the ring!! Del Rio is all F this and walks out on the match.

Official Result:

Another match that was meant for story more than anything, but still a damn solid effort.

RATING: **1/2

At the top of the ramp, Ziggler flies out and attacks Del Rio!! He even hits Ricardo a couple of times, then goes back to attack Del Rio!! Refs are out to break it all up, but Ziggler ain’t done! He runs after the running Del Rio, leaving Punk in the middle of the ring as the official winner until….


He makes his way to the ring, and Punk is just staring him down. Brock wants the mic. Brock lifts to speak, and instead just grabs Punk and hits an F-5!!! He is all grins as the show Ends!

Credit: Ken Hill

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