​WWE RAW Results (6/2) – Batista Quits, The Shield Splits!


Event: WWE Monday Night
Airdate: Monday, June 2nd, 2014 (USA
Location: The Bankers Life Fieldhouse in
Indianapolis, IN
Results by Jeff Johnson

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main

Welcome everyone to tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. We begin the
Post-Payback show with the arrival of Evolution. Triple H starts by saying that
it’s always darkest before the dawn. He says that it’s funny that The Shield
think that they have won, and think that it’s over. He says that the WWE
Universe doesn’t get it, and that he never loses. He is a winner and always will
be. He says that this will not be over until The Shield are no more. He says
that it happens tonight. Batista now grabs the mic. Batista says that he doesn’t
want another match with The Shield, he wants his one on one title match that
Triple H promised him. Triple H says that there is a reason why he is the leader
here and that he is the boss. It’s because he can see the bigger picture. He
says that there is a plan, but Batista says that he doesn’t care about his plan.
He says he has earned a one on one championship match, and he wants it tonight.
Triple H tells him that Daniel Bryan is injured and can’t compete. He says he
can’t give him a shot at the title tonight. Triple H says that he would probably
choke in the match anyways. Triple H apologizes to Batista, and says that things
are a little stressful around here right now. Triple H asks Batista if this is
how he wants to be remembered, as the man that couldn’t beat The Shield. Triple
H says it ends when The Shield are no more. He tells Batista that when that
happens, he will get everything he wants. He says nobody is getting anything
until that happens. Batista says that he understands, and he quits. Triple H
tells Batista to get back in the ring, and asks him if he is gonna run back to
Hollywood. Triple H says that he is finished, and he will never be brought back.
Triple H tosses the mic down.

We go to the announcers and they give their opinions on what just transpired.
They then remind us what happened last night between Daniel Bryan, Brie Bella,
and Stephanie Mcmahon.

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Back on Raw, Sheamus and Rob Van Dam are in the ring. They will be in tag
team action against Cesaro and Bad News Barrett.

Sheamus and Rob Van Dam vs. Cesaro and Bad News Barrett

Sheamus and Cesaro start the match off. Cesaro starts off quickly with right
hands, but Sheamus knocks him down with a boot. Sheamus comes off the top with a
battering ram for a 2 count. Cesaro back to his feet and lands an uppercut.
Sheamus fights back with right hands, but Cesaro gains the advantage back with a
side slam. Cesaro lands another uppercut and whips Sheamus into the corner.
Sheamus explodes out of the corner with a big clotheslines. He goes for his
clubbing blows, but Cesaro fights out and hands Sheamus’ arm on the top rope.
Barrett now tags in. Barrett lands a kick to the gut and goes for a hip toss,
but Sheamus blocks it and hits a clothesline. RVD now tags in. RVD lands some
kicks to the leg of Barrett followed by a spinning heel kick. RVD covers for a 2
count. RVD now all over Barrett in the corner with kicks. RVD goes for a spring
board, but Barrett catches him in mid air with a clothesline as we go to

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Back on Raw, Barrett is in control of RVD. RVD starts fight back with right
hands, but Barrett catches him with a boot to the face for a 2 count. Cesaro now
tags back in. Cesaro lands a stomp to RVD followed by a running uppercut. Cesaro
covers for a 2 count and locks in a rear chin lock. RVD fights back wit his feet
and gets separation with a kick to the head. Cesaro picks RVD up and slams him
to the mat. Barrett now tags back in. Barrett lands a kick to the gut as Cesaro
holds him. Barrett covers for a 2 count. Barrett goes to the middle rope and
drops and elbow. He covers and gets another 2 count. Barrett now locks in a rear
chin lock. RVD fights back to his feet and lands a kick. RVD charges and Barrett
catches him with a back elbow. RVD falls to the floor as Cesaro tags back in.
Cesaro gives chase and tosses RVD back first into the barricade. Both men now
back in the ring and Cesaro covers for another 2 count. Cesaro lands a headbutt
and boots to RVD in the corner. Cesaro charges, but RVD lands an elbow and rolls
up Cesaro for a 2 count. Cesaro slams him down and covers for another 2 count
himself. Cesaro locks in another rear chin lock. RVD back to his feet again and
lands right hands. Cesaro knocks him down and knocks Sheamus off the apron.
Cesaro turns around into a heel kick by RVD. Both men make their tags. Sheamus
all over Barrett with running lariats. Sheamus lands a running knee followed by
a clothesline. Sheamus hits a tilt a whirl slam to Barrett and Cesaro. Sheamus
calls for the Brogue Kick. He charges, but Cesaro slides out of the ring.
Sheamus turns around and Barrett catches him with The Winds of Change. Cesaro
and Heyman now leave the ring side area and walk up the ramp. It’s now 2 on 1.
Barrett lifts Sheamus up, but Sheamus slides out and tags in RVD. Sheamus
connects with the Brogue Kick, and RVD connects with the 5 Star Frog Splash for
the 3 count.

Winners by Pinfall – Sheamus and Rob Van Dam

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Back on Raw, Damien Sandow walks out as Lance Stephenson. He says that he is
Lance Stephenson, a member of the Indiana Pacers. He says that we all know that
the Pacers’ season has came to an end. Sandow says that with all of his free
time, he is out here for a few reason. He says the first, is to say that Leborn
James is the best player of all time. #2, is that the Pacers are a losing team
in a losing city. He says as an act of charity, he will now give a public
display of his abilities. Sandow then starts doing some over dramatic moves with
a basketball. He is cut off by the music of The Big Show. Big Show makes his way
to the ring.

Sandow asks Big Show if he has game, and then challenges him to a game.
Sandow tosses him the ball and acts like he is guarding him. Big Show tosses the
ball into the gut of Sandow, and hits him with the WMD. Big Show then dunks the
basketball into the basket. Big Show leaves the ring as Sandow is laid out on
the canvas.

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