WWE RAW Results (8/13) – HBK Attacked & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, August 13th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Non-Title Match: CM Punk © vs. The Big Show

Show with clubbing shots to begin, Punk fights back with rapid-fire shots and kicks in the corner. Show shoves him down and then lays the boots to him. Show chokes out Punk in the ropes, and then takes him to the corner and lays in some body shots and chops. Punk tries to fire back, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Show takes him down. Show walks on Punk’s back a bit, and then his face. That had to suck. More chops by Show, Punk then starts to come back again, rights, and a dropkick all land, but a head butt and big body slam by Show stops that. Show yells at Punk a bit, and then works the shoulder of Punk. Walks on his back again, off the ropes now and a boot by Punk. Leg kicks follow, off the ropes and a clothesline by Punk doesn’t do much. More shots, another clothesline and Show is still up. Punk gets the high knee in the corner, can’t get the bulldog and instead Show spears Punk. Both men are down, and here comes Daniel Bryan. He yells no at the crowd, and says he should be in the WWE Title match at Summerslam. Back in the ring Show hits a side slam and covers for 2. Bryan continues to yell at the commentary table, and Show goes for the Vader splash. Punk fight back, gets a springboard clothesline and covers for 2. Bryan enters the ring and we have a DQ.

OFFICIAL RESULT: CM Punk @ 7:00 via DQ

-Bryan applies the NO LOCK to Punk, and Show then drops an elbow on Punk. John Cena is out and makes the save. Clothesline sends Show to the floor. He tosses Bryan and stands tall. AJ now comes out as Punk stares at Cena. She skips to the ring, and makes a tag team main event of Cena and Punk vs. Show and Bryan.

-Brock and Triple H will have a contract signing tonight.

-JTG and Kaitlyn are backstage, and JTG complains about not being able to get a match. He says it is crazy. AJ pops in and asks what he said. She asks if he is saying she is not doing a good job. He denies it and says if he wants to compete co badly, get to the ring, and she will find him an opponent. AJ then says to Kaitlyn that they had had differences, and asks if she is unstable. Kaitlyn says no, and bails.

JTG vs. Ryback

And here we go. Lock up, and Ryback tosses JTG down. JTG backs off into the ropes and tells the ref to get him back. Boot to the gut by JTG, off the ropes and a right to Ryback. Overhead belly to belly by Ryback. Big boot to the chest follow, picks him up after slamming his head to the mat repeatedly and nails a nasty powerbomb. Clothesline levels JTG. FINISH HIM. Fisherman’s buster connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryback @ 2:00 via pin

-Cole discusses Raw active. Roddy Piper is here, and we can vote on who will be the guest on Piper’s Pit. Jericho, Miz and Ziggler are the choices.

-Santino defends the US Title against Antonio Cesaro on the Summerslam pre-show Sunday night.

-Piper is backstage talking to himself about Piper’s Pit. Shawn Michaels is there, and says he is distracted about Lesnar. Piper said he’d be nervous if he had to fight Lesnar. Triple H calls and says he is running late due to flying commercial. Shawn says this is not his fight and tells Triple H to get here, because later does him no good.

-Heath Slater is out in the ring. He is the one-man band, and tonight, everything shall change. R Truth comes to the ring.

Heath Slater vs. R Truth

Lock up, to the corner they go and boots by Truth. A hip toss follows and Truth dances, and Slater bails to the corner. Chops by Truth, rights by Slater. Neck breaker by Slater, and a cover gets 2. he celebrates and does a wacky air guitar dance, and applies a chinlock to Truth. Truth escapes, off the ropes and Slater misses a charge. Clothesline to Slater, flatliner and Truth covers for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: R Truth @ 2:00 via pin

-Truth celebrates with Little Jimmy, but the Prime Time Players make their way to the ring. This is bad because Kofi is on the SD tour. Truth tries to fight them off, but the numbers get to him and they beat him down. Sky-high by O’Neil and the Players stand tall and talk trash to Truth. They challenge for the tag titles on Sunday at Summerslam. Little Jimmy was no help there.

-We see footage of Mark Henry in London during the Olympics.

-Pauly D will the Social Media Ambassador for Summerslam.

-They also discuss Smackdown and Del Rio attacking Sheamus, and show a video history of the feud.

-Cole shows us video from after Smackdown where Booker T canceled the world title match due to Del Rio’s actions.

-Earlier today Del Rio responded via TOUT. On Smackdown, he will respond to Booker T.

-Sin Cara makes his way to the ring. We see highlights of Cara defeating Cody Rhodes on Smackdown.

Sin Cara vs. Tensai

Cara with rights and leg kicks, but Tensai drops him with an uppercut. More kicks from Cara, but he runs into Tensai and is sent to the mat. Tensai misses a splash, Cara up top and kind of hits a senton. Off the ropes, sends Tensai into Sakemoto, and hits an enziguri. Tornado DDT to Tensai and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sin Cara @ 1:00 via pin

-After the match, Tensai kicks the shit out of Sakemoto.

-Backstage, HBK asks a stagehand if he has seen Brock Lesnar. I think HBK is a bit scared.

-Piper’s Pit is up next.

-PIPER’S PIT TIME. Jerry Lawler announces Piper for the live crowd. Piper says he has business to do but has to catch up. He does a quick recap of who will appear, and clarifies things in regards to the voting. Fans vote 55% for Chris Jericho to appear.

Chris Jericho makes his way to the ring for Piper’s Pit. Piper demands that people stop cheering for Jericho. Piper discusses Mickey Rourke punching Jericho out. Jericho reminds Piper that he beat Piper and other legends in a 3 on 1 match. Piper claims to not remember that. Jericho says he is happy to be in Piper’s Pit, and thanks the fans. Piper hates to admit it, but they have a lot in common. Piper says the crowd is behind him, due to Ziggler saying that he cannot win anymore. Piper says Jericho’s dad was not a quitter, and he won the big one. Piper says he doesn’t care what anyone has to say, it is what the little boy in the crowd is saying, because he is supporting Jericho.

EXCUSE ME! Vickie Guerrero announces Dolph Ziggler. Piper was rambling in the ring during the whole introduction. Ziggler asks Piper how long he has been doing the same tired routine? Ziggler says it is sad, and Piper mocks Ziggler for wearing pink. Ziggler then tells Jericho he will end up deranged like Piper. How many failed comebacks does it take for Jericho to realize that he cannot get it done anymore. After he beats Jericho Sunday, take the light up jacket and hang it with Piper’s kilt, because they are finished. Jericho then mocks Ziggler’s hair, and then tells Vickie to shut the hell up. Piper says to save it for Sunday. Jericho says he has not forgotten Vickie slapping him on Smackdown, but he says that on Sunday he will prove them all wrong. He will beat him, and that is a guarantee.

The Miz now makes his way out to the ring as Piper mumbles “Y2J” repeatedly. Jesus, is he lit? Miz does his really shtick, and Piper I believe called him a frog in there somewhere. Miz says he and Ziggler can win the big ones, as they both won MITB previously, and Miz won in the main event of WM 27 and he also won the IC Title a few weeks back. Miz doesn’t care about fan voting, and says he will tae over the show. He says Dolph can be the guest and tells Piper and Jericho to get the hell out of the ring. Piper refuses to leave and Jericho attacks. He tosses Miz and Ziggler, and stands tall with Piper.

Non-Title Match: The Miz © vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho

Ziggler and Miz look to attack Jericho and they do. Jericho fights them off, clothesline to Miz in the corner. Backdrop suplex by Jericho gets 2 on Miz. Suplex to Miz, and he covers again for 2. Jericho in control, off the ropes and tripped by Ziggler. Ziggler lays the boots to Jericho, and then Miz takes his turn. Miz holds up Jericho and allows Ziggler to hammer away at him. Ziggler holds Jericho, and Miz with boots to the gut. Miz chokes out Jericho in the ropes, but Jericho tries to fight back only for the numbers game to be too much. Double suplex on Jericho, and an elbow drop from Ziggler. Another, he covers and Miz stops that. Miz and Ziggler argue now, and Jericho attacks. He tosses Miz to the floor, and then tosses Ziggler to the floor. Slingshot cross body by Jericho, who then celebrates on the announce table. He takes part of the table and slams it onto his opponents. Tosses Ziggler back in the ring, kicks Miz back to the floor, but Ziggler charges and sends Jericho back down to the floor. We head to a commercial @ 5:00.

We are back from commercial @ 8:00 with Miz in control of Jericho in the ring, and Ziggler on the floor. Jericho escapes, off the ropes and eats a knee to the gut from Miz. Miz chokes out Jericho, Miz sends Ziggler back to the floor, and covers Jericho for 2. Miz continues to beat down Jericho while talking trash to him. Jericho once again fights back, dodges the corner clothesline from Miz and then lands some shoulder blocks. Springboard dropkick sends Ziggler back to the floor. Bulldog to Miz, and the Lionsault connects for 2 as Ziggler comes to break that up. They brawl, Miz to the apron and Jericho pulls him up top and looks for the Superplex. Ziggler over, TOWER OF DOOM. All three men are down, Ziggler crawls and covers Jericho for 2, Jericho counters into a cradle for 2. Fameasser by Ziggler, and that gets a close 2. Miz in, skull-crushing finale on Ziggler and that gets 2. Jericho over, Miz gets a neck breaker, counter then by Jericho into the walls, countered by Miz and then Ziggler in and levels Miz. Codebreaker by Jericho to Ziggler! Jericho crawls for the tag, gets it, but Vickie puts Ziggler’s leg on the ropes to save him. Jericho complains, Miz in and rolls up Jericho for 2. Jericho counters the finale, walls of Jericho applied. Vickie distracts the ref, Ziggler in with the Zig Zag and covers Jericho for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Dolph Zigler @ 15:00 via pin

-Punk stretches backstage and Eve arrives. She says congrats on being the new CM Punk. He says he is nothing new, he is the same guy, the undefeated WWE Champion for nine months, the guy who fights for respect, because he deserves that. She says no one believes that, especially Cena. Punk says he will go and tell Cena himself.

-They discuss Pauly D being the Social Media Ambassador, and the fact that he will DJ a Summerslam party in LA this week.

-Highlights from earlier in the show involving Show, Bryan, Punk and Cena and the match that AJ made.

-Shawn Michaels walks backstage, and looks a bit afraid as he gets a water. Cena comes to say high and scares the shit out of him. Shawn leaves, and Punk arrives. Punk says last week Cena called Punk “that guy,” but he says being the champion is the most important thing to him. Sure he doesn’t like tonight’s match, but will not stab Cena in the back. But he will do everything to make sure he doesn’t lose the title Sunday. He also says he will make things all about him.

-We get a Wade Barrett video package.

-Layla makes her way to the ring with Kaitlyn.

Layla and Kaitlyn vs. Eve and Beth Phoenix

Beth and Layla to begin. Beth attacks, press slams her, they blow a roll up spot badly and Beth takes her the corner and tags in Eve. Knees to Layla, off the ropes, and they blow a roll up spot. Layla back with a cross body for 1. Headlock by Layla, off the ropes and Layla dances a bit and slams her ass into the head of Eve. Eve distracted by Kaitlyn, clothesline by Layla gets 2. Tag to Kaitlyn, side slam to Eve gets 2. Boots by Kaitlyn, and gets a bridging cover for 2. Eve sends her to the corner, elbow by Kaitlyn, but Eve then pulls her off the ropes. Mounted rights by Eve, and she covers for 2. Tag to Beth, lays the boots to Kaitlyn and then punts her in the gut. She follows that by choking her out, to the corner and Beth sends Layla to the floor. Eve chokes out Kaitlyn in the corner, and then Beth takes a turn. Boot by Kaitlyn, forearms follow. Boot by Beth, back breaker follows. Kaitlyn escapes, sends Beth into Eve and rolls up Beth for the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Layla and Kaitlyn @ 4:00 via pin

-Triple H vs. Lesnar video package.

-Triple H has not arrived yet.

-John Cena and CM Punk vs. Big Show and Daniel Bryan is next.

John Cena and CM Punk vs. Big Show and Daniel Bryan

Cena and Bryan to begin. Lock up to begin, Cena works a headlock. Off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cena. Punk tags himself in, lock up with Bryan and a side headlock takedown by Punk. Bryan to his feet, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Punk. Hip toss follows and Cena tags himself in. Show wants to tag in, and repeatedly says NO to Show. Lock up, side headlock by Bryan. Off the ropes, and a hip toss by Cena. Dropkick follows and Show now tags in. Boot to Cena, and Show head butts him down. Body shots follow that, and then Show whips Cena to the corner. Cena fights back, shoulder block by Cena but he just bounces off of Show. We head to a commercial @ 4:00.

We are back from a commercial @ 7:00, with Show beating down Cena. Bear hug now by Show, Bryan with the blind tag and he tells Show to get out. Bryan says this is all about him, and then misses the charging corner dropkick on Cena. Punk tags in and gets the springboard clothesline to Bryan. Neck breaker follows for 2 as Show makes the save. Show then properly tags in and he then beats down Punk. Cena is down on the floor. Show with body shots to Punk, and chops follow. Punk battles back, off the ropes and into a bear hug from Show. Punk with elbows to escape, but Show slams Punk to the mat and remains in control. Show then walks on his back, which has to suck, and then talks trash to Cena, who is back on the apron. Punk attacks Bryan, and then runs into a slam by Show. Bryan tags in as Show is about to hit the KO shot, they argue, and Bryan yells NO at him again. Show to the floor, and Bryan with kicks to Punk. Show chills on the floor and Punk back with the head kick to Bryan. Cena cheers on Punk for the tag, Punk is not happy about that and then comes back with the Cena comeback. Shoulder blocks, proto bomb and even the you can’t see me gesture. Cena tags in and then does the Punk knee in the corner followed by the bulldog. Punk grabs the title and bails to the floor. Bryan roll sup Cena for 2. But then Cena hits the AA and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Punk and Cena @ 14:00 via pin

-Cena celebrates, Show enters the ring and goes to attack but Punk lays out Show with the title belt. Cena and Punk stare down, and Punk then offers Cena his hand. Cena won’t shake, so Punk bails.

-Punk walks backstage, and Matthews asks what just happened. Punk says Cena went into business for himself, and didn’t care about the team. Punk says he offered his hand, and thought that Cena was honorable. That is a sign of disrespect where he comes from, and Sunday, he will show everyone about respect.

-Lesnar and Heyman talk backstage.

Damien Sandow vs. Christian

Sandow attacks right away with knees, and then shoulder blocks to Christian in the corner. An elbow drop and a cover gets 2. Christian fires back, misses off the ropes and a slap to Sandow. Sandow to the ropes, uppercut by Christian and then the second rope uppercut connects. Sandow bails to avoid the killswitch, and then Christian follows. Sandow slams him to the steps, and then repeatedly slams his head to the steps. Back in the ring and Brodus Clay’s music hits and he limps out to the ring. Christian then rolls up Sandow for 2. Sandow back, necktie neck breaker and Sandow wins.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Damien Sandow @ 2:00 via pin


-SANDOW CARTWHEEL! He stares down with Clay and mocks his knee injury.

-HBK walks backstage, and is checking behind corners and then runs into Lesnar. Lesnar stares him down and HBK walks away as Brock smiles.

-The contract singing is up next.

-CONTRACT SIGNING TIME. Lesnar and Heyman come to the ring. Heyman introduces himself and his client, Brock Lesnar. He says he heard HHH has had flight delays, and they believe that story. They believe it because no one wants this match to happen more than HHH. HHH wants it more than Lesnar. Lesnar quit and walked away, but HHH needs the match, because it is personal. Sunday at Summerslam, HHH will defend the honor of WWE as well as his dignity. He thanks the fans for their irrelevant opinion, and he stands here with a hold harmless agreement for Sunday. He will not allow Lesnar to be legally responsible for what he does to HHH. On Sunday, you will get a beating, not a match. Lesnar will strip HHH of his entire career, and HHH will suffer. Not everyone agrees, like HBK. Heyman asks if HBK is here, and Heyman says if HBK wants to say that HHH will win Sunday, HBK is welcomed to come and say it to Lesnar’s face right now. Heyman says he is not coming and he doesn’t blame him, there is no shame of being afraid of Lesnar. No shame in understanding that the prayers will not come answered when face to face with Lesnar. He also says everyone from Texas has a yellow streak running up their spine.

And here comes HBK. HBK stares down Heyman, and Heyman says to grab the mic. HBK grabs a mic and stares them down. HBK doesn’t get a word out, but here comes HHH. HHH in a suit comes out and strips off the jacket and tie. HHH enters the ring and stares down with Lesnar. He signs the contract. Lesnar smiles and Heyman says to keep it cool because this is just a signing. Lesnar signs as well and tosses the contract at HHH. Lesnar and Heyman bail to the floor. Lesnar talks trash from the floor and HHH stares him down. Lesnar and Heyman leave as HBK and HHH are in the ring. That’s all.

-Replays of Smackdown and Del Rio’s attack on Sheamus.


-HBK and HHH talk backstage. HBK says he has been in the ring with Taker, HHH and many others, but Brock is on another level. HBK says he will be there, but HHH has to beat him on his own. HBK says, “you know where my heart is on this.” HHH looks sad.

-They show Punk laying out Show, and Cena not shaking his hand.

-Striker catches up with Show, who says nothing will affect his match. HBK and Paul Heyman has a small car accident in the background, which allows Brock to attack HBK as the feed goes to black. Lesnar calls HBK a weasel and we hear as ass beating and go to commercial.

-MOMENTS AGO…HBK was predictably attacked on the parking lot by Brock Lesnar, which we didn’t get to see. We see the windshield of the car destroyed, but no one knows where they are. HHH arrives and demands to know what happened. AJ says Brock dragged HBK away. Well that can’t be good.

-Cole and King wonder what happened, and ask if Heyman and Lesnar planned this.

-We now see Lesnar carrying HBK to the ring on his shoulders. He rolls HBK into the ring, and HBK barely gets to his feet. F5 by Lesnar to HBK. Heyman talks shit as Lesnar surveys the damage. HBK pulls himself up, only for Lesnar to pull guard and try to break his arm. Heyman demands that HHH stop, and if he doesn’t, Lesnar will break HBK’s arm. Heyman warns HHH again, and HHH says if Lesnar does this… but Heyman cuts him off. Lesnar stares at HHH while applying the hold, and “breaks it” anyway. HHH chases Lesnar out of the ring, as Heyman yells, OH MY GOD YOU BROKE HIS ARM!” HBK rolls around the ring in pain as Lesnar smiles at his handy work. HHH tells HBK he is sorry, and HBK yells for HHH and the EMTs to get away from him. “STOP TOUCHING IT!” Lesnar continues to smile at HHH from the ramp, as HHH says they can do this right now…

-End scene.

Credit: Tony Acero

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