WWE RAW Results (8/27) – Triple H Returns & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, August 27th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-Cole and Lawler welcome us to the show. They discuss what happened with Punk last week, and King heads to the ring. Lawler grabs a mic, and Lawler says this is not the way the show usually starts. He needs to discuss what has happened recently. At Raw 1000 he made a remark that CM Punk did not like, and Lawler says he may have misspoken. So last week when Punk wanted an apology, he would do so in respect of the WWE Title. And then, he got kicked in the head from behind. So this week, he wants an apology from CM Punk.

Punk’s music hits and here comes the Champ. Punk questions the fact that Lawler wants an apology. Punk reminds us that Lawler says he turned his back on the WWE Universe for justifiably attacking the Rock for his lack of respect. Lawler then sat in his little chair and make out Punk to be the bad guy. Punk says Lawler slandered the WWE Champion, and attacked him due to a lack of respect. Punk will put down anyone that shows his a lack of respect. Punk is sorry, sorry that all it takes to get into the WWE HOF is to beat nobodies in Memphis, slap a Hollywood actor and to act like a juvenile. He knows Lawler is jealous because he was never WWE Champion, and sorry he couldn’t beat Michael Cole in his big WrestleMania moment. He calls Lawler a circus seal, and then says he is sorry about the man Lawler has become. Punk asks if he is upset, and wants to know if Lawler wants to fight. He says Lawler is just a commentator, they paid to see Punk and everyone knows Punk would embarrass him. Lawler says he wanted an apology, not a fight. He knows Lawler wants to bow up, but what would happen? Punk asks if Lawler thinks he is the best, and Punk says he will fight him. By the end of tonight, Lawler will leave embarrassed. He will either leave a coward or leave embarrassed because Punk beat him down. Punk bails and yells respect at the crowd. Lawler says he will think about it.

Jack Swagger vs. Ryback

And here we go. Lock up and knees by Swagger. Knees by Ryback, off the ropes and a big boot by Ryback. Slams Swagger to the mat repeatedly, and is in control until Swager trips him into the ropes. A big slam by Swagger, and then the Vader splash countered, but Swagger tries an ankle lock. Ryback slams Swagger to the corner, and then dumps Swagger on his head. Some punches by Ryback, and then a vicious clothesline by Ryback follows. Fisherman’s buster by Ryback and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryback @ 2:00 via pin

-Swagger sits on the floor yelling, “That is it!”

-Cole and King speculate that Triple H’s career maybe over. We will hear from Triple H tonight.

-John Cena faces The Miz tonight.

-Before the next match, Vickie Guerrero says the match needs to end quickly because she has an announcement to make.

Non-Title Match: Natalya vs. Layla ©

Natalya takes Layla to the mat. To the feet and Natalya tosses Layla back down. Off the ropes, a roll up by Layla for 2. Springboard cross body by Layla gets 2. Layla slams Natalya to the mat, and then dances. Ass to the face style by Layla, and Natalya rolls to the floor. Counters a baseball slide, and Natalya then beats her down. Back into the ring they go, and clubbing shots to the back by Natalya. Natalya looks for a sharp shooter, countered and Natalya back with a boot to Layla. Layla counters a suplex into a roll up of sorts for 2. Layla with a kick to the head of Natalya and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Layla @ 2:40 via pin

-Vickie is in for her announcement and tells Layla to leave. Vickie says that she has something to say. Last week, AJ made a match between Ziggler and Jericho. Ziggler won and Chris Jericho is now gone from WWE. She feels that it was an abuse of power, and she will speak up to AJ. If the board of directors are watching, she is begging that it is time for Raw to be controlled by an adult like her. And not a mentally deranged child like AJ. AJ now comes skipping out to the ring, and does her little cute routine and asks for the mic. She then slaps Vickie and attacks her. CAAAAAAAAAAT FIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Vickie bails and AJ looks deranged, yet happy. Crowd replies with YES chants.

-Cole discusses Triple H’s accomplishments in WWE, and we get a DX themed video package about Triple H.

-Daniel Bryan and Kane will be attending Anger Management Therapy. We see clips of them in group therapy, and we see Daniel Bryan refusing to admit that he has issues, like the losers there. The leader says they are waiting on one more person. A little kid in a goat mask shows up, and Daniel gets pissed. He asked who did this, and he says he is handsome. Daniel yells at the kid, and the leader says it is his kid, who is playing a goat in a play at school. The poor little guy was upset.

-Punk has Tweeted that he is offering the first punch to Lawler if he accepts their match tonight. Lawler grabs a mic and says Punk accused him of beating nobodies in Memphis. Lawler says he beat Briscoe, Venture, Superstar Graham and more. Lawler says he may act like a fun loving child and that he beat up a comedian in Memphis. Lawler says he respected Andy Kaufman. But Punk said Lawler was a WWE Hall of Famer, and that was true. Lawler says he has to stand up for himself, even if Punk is younger and in the prime of his life. Lawler admits he is not the best, but says Punk isn’t either. So tonight, he will not back down, and he agrees to fight Punk tonight. Lawler heads to the back to prepare.

-John Cena makes his way to the ring.

Non-Title Match: The Miz © vs. John Cena

Lock up to begin, and a side headlock takedown by Miz. Cena to his feet, off the ropes and Cena back with the side headlock takedown after some counters. Miz to his feet, off the ropes and Cena counters a hip toss and gets another headlock takedown. We head to a commercial @ 1:00.

Back form a commercial @ 4:00, with Miz in control. Josh Matthews has joined the commentary team. Miz bails to the floor, takes a powder and then back in. Cena takes him to the corner, gets the bulldog. A cover by Cena gets 2. Boot by Miz, running boot to the face follows and a cover gets 2 for Miz. Miz gets the corner clothesline, and then heads up top. Double axe handle off the top by Miz gets 2. Miz now works a chinlock to keep Cena on the mat. Cena fights to his feet, powers out of the hold but a knee by Miz stops that. Cena back with a suplex, but Miz back with the back breaker-neck breaker combo for 2. Kick to the face by Miz, and a cover gets 2. Miz with another kick to the face, and covers again for 2. Miz tries a kick again, stopped and an STF by Cena. Miz makes the bottom rope and Cena has to break. DDT by Miz connects, and he covers for 2. Miz looks for the finale, sets, Cena up and escapes, counter but Miz with the side effect gets 2. Miz sets again, misses the corner clothesline. Shoulder blocks by Cena, proto bomb, you can’t see me five-knuckle shuffle and goes for the AA and gets it. That is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: John Cena @ 10:00 via pin

-AJ says that the main event tonight is Punk vs. Lawler, and it will be a RAW ACTIVE match. The WWE Universe can choose the match, either a tables match, a cage match or a no DQ match.

-We get another Triple H video package.

-Ziggler and Del Rio vs. Orton and Sheamus later tonight.

-Back to anger management class, and Bryan looks bored. Bryan is asked to comment on Harrold’s sharing. He rants about AJ and everything she has done to him. he is stuck here with these people, and says it can’t get any worse. And here comes KANE IN HIS GEAR! Bryan rants about Kane being there.

-Heath Slater TOUTS about beating Sin Cara.

Heath Slater vs. Santino Marella

Santino does wacky martial arts moves, and then takes down Slater. Santino has some fun at Slater’s expense, and then some air guitar by Slater. Santino tries it, and Slater attacks. Slater lays the boots to Santino, and then covers for 2. Knees to the back by Slater, rights follow. Slater celebrates, and then chokes out Santino in the ropes. Boring chants now as Slater covers for 2. Slater to the 2nd rope, but then drops down and goes to the other corner. Santino rolls away again and Slater drops down and then gets rolled up for 2. Jabs by Santino, split, hip toss, saluting head butt and now cobra time. Aksana’s music hits and distracts the cobra. Santino hits Slater with it anyway, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Santino @ 3:00 via pin

-Brodus Clay and Sin Cara are out for tag team action.

-Damien Sandow has a mic, and says that he is the intellectual savior. He is happy to announce he has experienced a miracle, he found someone he can have an intellectual conversation with. Cody Rhodes. Cody has a mic and thanks Sandow. He says this match is perfect, since Clay has the girth of the people of Milwaukee, and Sin Cara has their hideous looks. But at least he is considerate enough to wear a mask…for now.

Brodus Clay and Sin Cara vs. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

JIP with Cody in control of Cara. Running knee connects and a cover gets 2. Tag to Sandow, Russian leg sweep connects, and then the elbow drop gets 2. Rights by Sandow follow, and then lays the boots to Cara. Tag to Cody, more boots to Cara, and continues the beat down. Cody off the ropes, RANA by Cara and BOTH men are down. Tag to Clay, and he starts to clean house on Cody. Corner splash connects, and then a running powerslam gets 2 as Sandow makes the save. He targets the knee of Clay, but Cara sends him to the floor. Hit a big cross body to Sandow on the floor, and Cody jumps into a head butt by Clay. Big splash connects and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brodus Clay and Sin Cara @ 2:30 via pin

-Clay, Cara and the girls dance with the kids.

-Back to anger management. The leader asks if Kane wants to remove his mask, and he takes off the outer mask, and still has his regular one on. Kane says he is the devil’s favorite demon. When asked about what makes him angry, and is asked about his childhood. Bryan says this is a bad idea. Kane then says that he grew up locked in a basement and had emotional scarring when his brother burnt his parents to death. He went to medical institutions, and buried his brother alive, twice. He had a girlfriend named Katie, but that didn’t work out so well. His put his father in a freezer, has an unhealthy obsession with torturing Pete Rose and once electrocuted another man’s testicles. The instructor says they should call it a day, and asks them to make an anger collage. Harold thanks Kane for sharing, and offers a hug. Kane looks to destroy him, but says no problem and leaves.

-Another Triple H video package.

Daniel Bryan vs. R Truth w/Kofi Kingston and Little Jimmy

Bryan tries to stay calm on his way to the ring. Deep breaths man, count to 10. Kofi is on commentary, discussing Little Jimmy. Truth and Bryan exchange a fist bump pre-match, he’s off to a good start. Goatface chants now, and Bryan tries to stay calm. Truth jokes that Little Jimmy wants a fist bump and Bryan does, and then attacks Truth. Truth fights back, leg lariat follows. Spinning forearm by Truth gets 2. Off the ropes, and Truth sends Bryan to the floor. Truth follows, and slaps the shit out of Bryan. Truth gets a mic and talks with Little Jimmy. He then starts YES chants, and Bryan gets pissed off and starts to yell NO. he grabs the mic, yells NO repeatedly, and then gets counted out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: R Truth @ 3:00 via countout

-Bryan throws a fit after the match.

-Triple H appears next.

-Here comes the H’s. He has a cast on the “broken” left arm thanks to that dastardly Brock Lesnar. Cole and Matthews stand in silence to honor Triple H. Yup. Triple H stays silent to soak in the cheers a bit, and says that he will cut to the chase. Everyone wants to know if he will retire. They chant NO for him, and he says that there is one thing you learn is to never say never. At the beginning, he wanted to do two simple things. Step foot in the ring and create something no one would forget. The other was to retire from all of this before it retired him. That being said, everyone comes to a cross road in their career, and you have to ask yourself, is it time. Because you cannot fight time, it will always win. He never wanted to be the guy that was just hanging out, never hanging on too long, the guy that was waiting for the nostalgia pop. T not just get into the ring for a check, to be the guy that was too beat up and crippled inside to hold his own kids. He never wanted to be the punch-drunk fighter that couldn’t have a life when it was done. But he is at that cross road, and Lesnar has made him ask the question, is he done? He just doesn’t know. He is beat up, tired, and broken again. But he wanted to come into the ring and wanted to be the Game, the King of Kings, to be Triple H. He wants to say he will kick Lesnar’s ass because that is what he does. But he can’t say that. The truth is because he doesn’t know if he can. Brock Lesnar has forced him to look into himself and ask, “Am I done?” If he cannot say that he can come back and beat Lesnar and to come back and be better than before, then maybe he has answered his own question. Crowd chants, “YOU CAN DO IT!” Maybe the crowd is right, but while he is out here, he can take a minute to say something. He can say thank you. Whether you love or hate the guys that step into the ring, they do so for one reason. They sacrifice it all for the entertainment of the fans. Everyone in the back stands there and waits for the music to hit, when they are alone, they question if anyone will care. For his career, when he walked out, he knew they cared. That always got him through it. When muscles were torn, bones broken, what got him trough it, was the fans. He thanks them again and says thanks for letting him play the game. He says he will not forget the fans, and hopefully, if he has succeeded, they will never forget him. “Thank You.” The crowd chants “Thank You Hunter” as he sheds a tear.

-Jericho’s entrance music hits, and it is just Dolph Ziggler playing with the crowd. Ziggler asks if we were expecting someone else, and then says we will not see Jericho because he cost Jericho his WWE contract. And we will never, EVER, see Jericho again.

Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio vs. Randy Orton and Sheamus

And here we go with Ziggler and Orton to begin. Lock up, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Orton. Counters, and a clothesline by Orton. Slingshot suplex by Orton, and Del Rio in and Orton tosses him to the floor. Sheamus off the apron with a shoulder block to Del Rio, and a powerslam by Orton to Ziggler. We head to a commercial @ 1:00.

We are back from commercial @ 4:00, with Del Rio beating down Orton on the floor. Back into the ring, tag to Ziggler and they lays the boots to Orton. Elbow drop by Orton and a cover gets 2. Ziggler works the chinlock, Orton gets to his feet and elbows out. Ziggler battles back and covers Orton for 2. Tag to Del Rio, kicks to Orton and a cover for 1. Orton fights back again on Del Rio, to the corner and Orton side steps a charge and rolls up Del Rio for 2. Orton tosses Del Rio to the floor, Sheamus looks for a tag, and Ricardo helps del Rio back into the ring. Sheamus and Ziggler with tags, Sheamus takes over and cleans house on both guys. Ziggler escapes white noise, but hits the Irish curse for 2 as Del Rio makes a save. Ricardo slide sin the MITB case, Orton makes the save, Brogue kick to Ziggler and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Sheamus and Randy Orton @ 9:00 via pin

-Lawler talks with Cena backstage, and says he needs to face Punk on his own. Lawler says if Cena gets involved, he will always hear it from Punk. Lawler says he is doing this for himself, and Cena wishes him luck.

-Kane makes his way to the ring. Josh Matthews is nervous about this, due t the Summerslam attack. Matthews bails, and Kane joins the commentary team.

Zack Ryder vs. David Otunga

Otunga attacks early, working over Ryder. To the corner, rights by Otunga and then a whip to the other corner. Clothesline by Otunga, and a cover gets 2. Chinlock by Otunga, Ryder works to his feet, and Kane sits saying nothing on commentary. Suplex by Otunga, and a cover gets 2. Otunga back to the chinlock, Ryder escapes and fights back. To the corner, back elbow by Ryder and then Otunga levels him. Ryder escapes a clothesline, hits the rough Ryder and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Zack Ryder @ 2:00 via pin

-After the match Kane enters the ring to chokeslam Ryder, but instead lets him go and chokeslams Otunga.

-Dolph Ziggler will face Randy Orton Friday on Smackdown.

-The Punk vs. Lawler match will be a… cage match!

-AJ skips out and says regardless of the result tonight, Punk will defend the WWE Title at Night of Champions against her choice of opponent, John Cena.

-Ominous music plays and the cage lowers.

It’s MAIN EVENT time!!

Non-Title Cage Match: CM Punk © vs. Jerry Lawler

Punk offers Lawler the first punch, and Lawler initially declines, but Punk insists. Lawler levels Punk with a right, and Punk backs off to the corner. Punk now attacks with leg kicks, and then rights in the corner on Lawler. Neck breaker by Punk, and then clubbing rights follow. Chinlock by Punk, Lawler to his feet and Punk then slams him down to the mat. Kicks by Punk, and says he is the new King of Memphis. Rights by Punk, and then back to the chinlock. Lawler escapes to his feet, but Punk slams him to the mat. Punk looks to climb, Lawler up to his feet, and Punk drops to the mat and chases Lawler down and hits a basement dropkick. Punk to the top, crotched by Lawler, and he crawls for the cage door. Punk stops that, and drags him back into he ring. Repeated elbow drops by Punk, picks up Lawler, sings a bit to Lawler (same song Lawler sang to Kaufman many years ago) who fights back and slams Punk to the cage. Lawler with rights and works over Punk. Off the ropes and slams Punk to the cage. Clothesline by Lawler, and he unloads with rights to Punk. Lawler to the second rope, strap is down, MEMPHIS FIST DROP! Lawler covers for 2. Lawler goes for the door, is stopped and then Punk with the high knee in the corner, and both men are down. Punk is busted open in there, looks for the GTS, but instead hits a Rock bottom on Lawler. Anaconda vice applied and Lawler taps.

OFFICIAL RESULT: CM Punk @ 8:00 via submission

-Punk now grabs a mic and a toolbox. Punk gets a chain and lock and locks the cage closed so he can abuse Lawler some more. Punk says he gives Lawler another shot to say that Punk is the best in the world. Lawler says hell no and Punk with rapid fire elbows to Lawler. Punk says he is the best and wants Lawler to say it. He continues to beat down Lawler, and here comes Cena to make the save. He can’t get the door open and tells them to raise the cage. Climb you last bastard. Cena yells at Punk and says he has crossed a line. Punk continues to attack Lawler. Punk again says he is the best and as the cage raises, Punk bails. Cena says Lawler needs help and checks on him.

-Punk walks out all proud of his handy work.

-End scene.

Credit: Tony Acero

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