WWE RAW Results (8/6) – HBK Returns, Lesnar/Triple H!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, August 6th, 2012 (USA Network)


Location: The AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas

Results by Tony Acero

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

-Video recap of last week’s show.

-AJ comes to the ring to kick off the show. She welcomes us to Monday Night Raw. Tonight we will see Randy Orton vs. Big Show. Also, Daniel Bryan will face John Cena. Before she can announcer next match…

CM Punk makes his way to the ring. Punk has a mic and says he is a man that lives his life with no regrets. He is also man enough to know when he made a mistake, and he will right a wrong. Last week he did something he is not proud of and cannot take back. He stepped out of line, and is here apologize to AJ. Last week he yelled at the Raw GM, and she does not deserve to be disrespected. Just like he does not deserve to be disrespected. He says he is sorry. She accepts the apology. So now, he hopes they can be friends, and she has a ton of responsibility, and she will make mistakes like she did last week, when she put him into a triple threat match at Summerslam. He suggests that they cancel that match, and AJ says he is right. She is new at this and will make mistakes, but the match is not a mistake. Her decision will stand. Punk says he gets it, so this is her getting back at him since he humiliated her when he refused to marry her. Punk asks if she will be the evil GM who sticks it to the guy everyone likes just because she got rejected. He says he will wrestle a singles match at Summerslam, but not the triple threat.

John Cena now makes his way to the ring. Cena says that Punk has become one of those guys, and he is the last person this would happen too. Punk is demanding respect, you don’t demand it, you earn it. Split chants for Cena, who says he has 11 titles, but he still has to fight for respect. So, if you want to play the blame game, the triple threat match was all because of Punk. Cena then tells AJ she smells great and hits on her. Punk says he has not become anything, Cena turns a blind eye to facts, so boo hoo if you do not like it. Punk says that Cena got involved with Punk’s commentary. Cena put his hands on him, and he is the WWE Champion, and he will not be disrespected by anyone. Punk says Cena isn’t strong enough to AA Big Show, his knees were wobbly, and his back is not what it used to be. Cena then says champions do not do well in triple threat matches, and Punk will likely not be the champion. Punk reminds Cena that he beat him last year at Summerslam.

And here comes the Big Show. AJ says to stop this, and says things will not get out of hand on her show. Save the tension for later. Punk says that the champion doesn’t get a match, and that isn’t fair, he deserves the main event. AJ says he does have a match tonight, but she hasn’t decided against who it will be. The WWE Universe will pick. She was about to announce it before he interrupted. It will be a Twitter vote between Miz, Kane or Rey Mysterio. And actually, voting starts right now, because his match is next.

-We get a video package of Brock Lesnar breaking Triple H’s arm. They are both in the building tonight.

-The WWE Universe selected Rey Mysterio to face CM Punk, with 47% of the vote.

Non-Title Match: CM Punk © vs. Rey Mysterio

And here we go, lock up to begin and to the corner, and a clean break. Rey shoots for a leg, drops in and scissors the leg. Punk escapes into an arm lock, Ray to his feet and snap mares out of the hammerlock. Leg kicks by Rey, a whip to the corner and Rey misses a charge and he eats the post. Punk with the roll up for 2. Slam by Punk, leg drop follows and another cover gets 2. Punk with the figure four lock around the head, Rey escapes and shoots off the ropes, back breaker by Punk gets 2. Punk up top, dropkick by Rey and that sends Punk to the floor. Rey off the apron with a Thesz press, and we head to a commercial @ 3:00.

We are back from a commercial @ 7:00, with Rey heading to the apron. He climbs up top and pulls Punk up with him. Punk battles back and looks for a superplex and gets it. Punk covers and gets 2. Punk locks in the body scissors, and tries to ground Rey. Back elbows by Rey, but clubbing shots by Punk slows that down. Punk now works a chinlock, Rey bites his hand and that will allow him to escape. Punk tosses Rey to the floor, but he is back up and up top. Thesz press connects, sunset flip and roll through, kick to the head by Rey and a cover gets 2. To the corner, boot by Rey and then Punk grabs him onto his shoulders, escape and into the ropes. 619 connects! Rey up top and eats knees on the splash try. GTS by Punk and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: CM Punk @ 10:00 via pin

-Punk celebrates his victory.

-Later tonight, Orton vs. Big Show and Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena.

-Alberto Del Rio arrives backstage. He has a special parking spot, right by the bathrooms.

-We get a video package for the return of Wade Barrett! They play up his bare knuckle fighting background and show that he went back to his roots to get his fire back. The Barrage has just begun!

-Alberto Del Rio comes to meet with AJ. He says she is doing a fantastic job as the Raw GM, much better than Booker T on Smackdown. He says she knows he should not compete until Summerslam, and she says he’s not scheduled. He mentions that he was afraid that she would do something crazy, which pisses her off, and now he is in a match next. Del Rio makes Rodriguez run off to get his gear.

-Shawn Michaels will join us LIVE tonight.

-Christian is already in the ring, with the “coming back from commercial jobber’s entrance.”

-Rodriguez has to run out to do the introduction, and Del Rio is still shedding clothes as he comes to the ring. Nice continuity from the last segment.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Christian

They start brawling at the bell, and to the floor they go. Del Rio slams Christian into the steel post and then into the barricade. Back into the ring and Del Rio with a cover for 2. Del Rio viciously works the left arm of Christian, looking to often him up for the arm bar. Single arm DDT by Del Rio, and he stands over Christian, telling him that he is nothing. Christian slaps the shit out of him, fires up and lands an uppercut. Up top he goes, cross body connects for 2. Body kick by Del Rio, but Christian with a roll up for 2. Del Rio attacks the arm with kicks, and Christian is down. Del Rio misses the back splash off the ropes, and Christian sets for a spear and runs right into a superkick. Arm bar countered, and then a boot by Christian. He heads up top again, Rodriguez distracts him, and that allows Del Rio to hit Christian with his boot. Arm bar and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alberto Del Rio @ 4:00 via submission

-Sheamus is backstage, and says he has thought about what Del Rio said. Sheamus said he is right, and says he should class up with the car he drives. He says that Rodriguez left the keys in the car, so he gets in and says to relax. He will take the car sight seeing, and says he feels classier already. SHEAMUS DID NOT HAVE HIS SEAT BELT ON! CLICK IT OR TICKET MAN!

Randy Orton vs. The Big Show

And here we go. They stand off for a few moments, and then lock up, with Show slamming Orton to the ground. To the corner, rights by Show, but Orton fires back to escape. Corner clothesline by Orton. Another, and the mounted rights follows. Show tosses him off, and Orton runs into a side slam. Show with some boots to Orton, talks shit to him and then drops Orton with a head butt. Orton tries to fire back again, but runs into an elbow and is down again. Chinlock by Show, Orton to his feet and escapes. Show eats a boot from Orton, and a clothesline by Orton. Another, and then a dropkick takes Show down. Orton drops to the mat, looks to finish this, RKO stopped and a chokeslam by Show, and Orton kicks out at 2. Orton to the floor, Show grabs him and pulls him up, stun gun by Orton. Orton back in and Show shoulder blocks him to the floor. Show out to the floor now, they brawl ringside, and Show with chops to Orton. Ref counting, Show rolls Orton back in and Show follows. He calls for the chokeslam, goozle, boots by Orton. Show sends him back to the floor. He follows again, lays Orton on the announce table and delivers a chop. Orton counters a slam and rushes Show into the steel post. RKO countered, SPEAR by Show! And we get a double count out.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Double Count Out @ 6:00

-Show rolls Orton back into the ring, stalks him for the big punch, countered, RKO! Randy Orton stands tall.

-We get clips of Triple H vs. Lesnar from Raw 1,000. They are both here tonight.

-Shawn Michaels is also here, and will join us LIVE.

-Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins are in the ring, they will face the Ryback in a highly anticipated PPV rematch.

-We get an inset interview from the Ryback.

Ryback vs. Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins

Ryback and Reks to begin. Knees by Reks, but Ryback just slams him down. Clubbing shots to the back, Reks escapes a slam and gets a body shot and tag to Hawkins. Boot by Ryback, and Hawkins then runs and tags in Reks. Hawkins distracts Ryback, boots by Reks and then a clothesline and cover for 2. To the corner, they double team Ryback, and Reks tags in Hawkins. Double suplex try and they get a double team gut buster, and Hawkins covers for 2. Works a chinlock, Ryback escape that and slams him down. Reks tries to trip him up, and then dumps Hawkins to the floor onto Reks. Ryback tosses Hawkins back in and gets a spinebuser. Clothesline follows. FINISH HIM. Marching fisherman’s buster and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Ryback @ 3:00 via pin

-Feed him more.

-John Cena faces Daniel Bryan later tonight.

-Tag teams already in the ring.

Primo and Epico vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young w/AW

Primo dropkicks Young, and we begin the match. O’Neil takes him to the corner, tag to Young and they double team Primo. Chops to Young, a whip to the corner and Primo with the head stand in the corner and a head scissors to Young gets 2. They take Primo to the corner, double team him and O’Neil tags in. Tosses primo across the ring, and then chokes him out. Chops by O’Neil, and then dumps him to the mat. Tag to Young and O’Neil suplexes Young onto Primo. Young works the chinlock, and into a headlock. Primo escapes, and gets a roll up for 2. Dives for a tag, stopped and then a powerslam by Young. Young covers for 1. To the corner, back elbow by Primo and then gets a tag. Epico in and he is the house of fire. Flying clothesline by Epico. Dropkick and a backdrop follows. Dumps O’Neil, back suplex to Young, rolls into another and then a third. AW has them bail and says they have seen enough. Kofi and Truth are now out, and they cut off the Players. Epico and Primo attack. O’Neil sent into the post, and Young tosses Epico in. Young gets distracted and a lung blower by Epico finishes it.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Primo and Epico @ 4:00 via pin

-Sandow walks, and Josh Matthews tries to interview him. Sandow says he did what he did last week because he needs to rid WWE of dancing fools, because it hurts society. Tonight, he will dispose of Clay, for the betterment of the WWE.

-Sandow attacks Clay during his entrance. They brawl by the ramp, but Sandow with a flying clothesline levels Clay. Sandow attacks the knee, and continues his attack. Sandow sets the knee on the stage and stomp son it repeatedly. Referees are out to stop Sandow, who stands and looks at his work and says, “YOU’RE WELCOME!”

-AJ is backstage and meets with Daniel Bryan. She says that the doctor may say he is sane, but she thinks he has anger management issues. Bryan says it is because she left him at the alter. He then adds that he is calm, and he likes the match with Cena tonight. He says if he wins, he should be in the WWE Title match. AJ says he already has a Summerslam match, against Kane. Bryan says, “NO!” AJ says, “YES!” They repeat this several times, and the live crowd chants with them.

-And now we are getting a Divas match.

Kelly Kelly vs. Eve

And here we go, as Eve talks trash to begin. She tries to bail, Kelly pulls her back in and slams her down. Thesz press and rights by Kelly. She slams Eve to the corner, some boots and then the cartwheel into a back splash. Stink face follows, and Eve bails to the floor. Kelly follows and attacks, sending Eve to the barricade. Back in the ring they go, Kelly up top and gets a cross body for 2. Eve with a reversal, counters a head scissors and lays the boots to Kelly. Eve then chokes her out, Eve up top and chokes out Kelly. Eve works a choke now, Kelly fights out as Eve transitions to a more traditional sleeper. Kelly escapes, off the ropes and a boot to Eve. RANA follows and that gets Kelly the pin.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kelly Kelly @ 2:30 via pin

-According to THE TWITTAH MACHINE, Miz and Kane have a match tonight.

-We get a recap of Sheamus stealing Del Rio’s car.

-Sheamus has reportedly TOUTED about the crime, which we will see later says Cole.

-Shawn Michaels joins us next.

-Time to appreciate Shawn Michaels, as he makes his way to the ring. HBK grabs a mic and says it doesn’t matter how many times he is asked to do this, he has told WWE he is out of shape and can’t just do this every few years. He thanks the WWE Universe for allowing him to be a part of history. He was at Raw 1,000, and that was a historic moment with the reunion of DX. He is comfortable watching the show from home, but when he heard the show was in his hometown, he figured there is no way that old HBK would miss that. So here he is, and the irony is, the more things change, the more they stay the same. There are new faces backstage, new faces he did not know. But there is always scuttle but, they are talking about Triple H vs. Lesnar. Everyone asks his opinion…

Music hits and here comes Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman says that it is not surprising that everyone wants to know HBK’s opinion regarding Lesnar vs. Triple H. Everyone should be asking HBK’s opinion, and Paul calls him the greatest in ring performer in WWE history. Heyman says Brock would like to hear an opinion, Lesnar doesn’t want to know about Summerslam, because Lesnar is not showing up as an entertainer. He doesn’t want to be a showstopper, Mr. WrestleMania or anything of the sort. Lesnar will show up to fight Triple H, and to prove that he is the baddest dude on the planet. HBK says he is not here to dispute the attributes of Lesnar. HBK stops Heyman and says not to put words in his mouth. Any other time with any other guy, Lesnar is the man. HBK says he should not have gone personal with Triple H, that turned Triple H into someone HBK doesn’t know anymore due to that. HBK says that at Summerslam, he will pick Triple H. he believes that, and he believes it so much, that he wants to be there personally to see it. HBK says he will be in Triple H’s corner to watch him defeat Lesnar. Paul says that is the big announcement that will be played over time when they look at the end of Triple H. Paul says HBK go tto leave on his own terms, but now HBK, Stephanie and his kids will have to watch his destruction. Lesnar now says that HBK thinks that Triple H will win because HBK has never been in the ring with Lesnar, until now.

And here comes Triple H. Triple H is all taped up for a fight. Triple H enters the ring and stares down Lesnar. Lesnar laughs at them, and leaves the ring. He grabs a mic and reenters, saying that he will see Triple H at Summerslam. He then tells HBK that he will see him before then. Lesnar and Heyman bail as Triple H stares them down.

-Highlights of Sheamus stealing Del Rio’s car.

-Sheamus TOUTS about his grand theft auto.

-Chris Jericho joins the commentary team.

Alex Riley vs. Dolph Ziggler w/Vickie Guerrero

Ziggler shows off a bit to begin, and then Riley gets a takedown. Lock up, Ziggler works the arm but Riley with a takedown and cover for 1. Arm drag by Riley, to the corner and Ziggler with a knee to the gut. He lays the boots to Riley, and ten talks shit to Jericho. Ziggler with rights to Riley, who fires back, but Ziggler back in control with a dropkick. Elbow drop by Ziggler gets 2. Riley fights back again with rights, but Ziggler beats him down again. Ziggler shows off a bit, lays In some boots and then rights follow. Riley back once again with rights, off the ropes and a hip toss. Riley misses a corner charge, eats the post, and a neck breaker by Ziggler. Ziggler mocks Jericho’s one foot pin, and Jericho decides to TOUT the match. Riley rolls up Ziggler and gets the win.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Alex Riley @ 5:00 via

-Cole and King confirm the Kane vs. Miz match, which will be NEXT!

-Sheamus TOUTS again about his grand theft auto.

Non-Title Match: The Miz © vs. Kane

Lock up to begin, to the corner and Kane breaks clean, but Miz with a cheap shot. Bad idea as Kane starts to beat his ass in the corner. Kane breaks before the count, but Miz back with a chop block and now attacks the knee of Kane. Miz in control, covers for 1. To the corner and Miz lays the boots in on Kane, and then continues to work the knee. Kaner back with uppercuts, but Miz dropkicks the knee and takes Kane down. Miz covers again for 2. headlock by Miz, Kane works to his feet and escapes. Kane drops Miz with an uppercut, a slam follows and then a basement dropkick to Miz follows and a cover gets 2. To the corner, clothesline by Kane. Charges again, misses and Miz tries for the finale, countered and then Miz dropkicks the knee, and sends Kane to the corner. Miz set, rushes and eats a snake eye sin the corner. Chokeslam by Kane, and that is all.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Kane @ 4:00 via pin

-Sheamus returns in Del Rio’s car, which is jacked up with shrubbery and food all over it.

-After Daniel Bryan heads to the ring, we see Del Rio finding his car, and he is pissed and blames Rodriguez. Ricardo has to clean the car.

-On Friday, The Highlight Reel returns to Smackdown to interview Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero.

-John Cena makes his way to the ring.

John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan

And here we go with the main event of the evening. Lock up, to the corner, and a clean break by Cena. Crowd into it with the split Cena chants, to which Bryan starts yelling “NO” at, because this is about him. he bails to the floor and starts to yell at the crowd, which doesn’t make him happy. Back in and a hip toss by Cena, and a cover for 1. Cena works a headlock and takes Bryan to the mat. Bryan escapes, off the ropes and a shoulder block by Cena. Back to the headlock, taking Bryan down. Bryan works to his feet, escapes and works the arm. Bryan works Cena down to the mat, yells NO a bunch of times, and Cena gets back to his feet. Bryan bails, Cena chases, and that allows Bryan to dropkick Cena to the floor. To the apron, and Bryan gets the flying knee on Cena, and starts to yell NO several times. We head to commercial @ 3:00.

Back from commercial @ 7:00, with Bryan in control. Bryan connects with the charging corner dropkick, and covers for 2. Bryan with kicks to Cena, wearing him down in the corner. Rights by Bryan follow, and then a whip to the corner, reversal and a backdrop by Cena. Both men work to their feet, but Bryan drop toeholds Cena into the buckles. He covers for 2. Bryan goes back to work on the arm and shoulder of Cena, keeping him on the mat. Cena tries to fight back, working to his feet, and gets there. Escapes, tries for an AA, but Bryan escapes and gets a kick to the legs, and then a knee to the back and shoulder of Cena, which gets a cover for 2. Cena again works to his feet, kicks by Bryan, off the ropes and the shoulder blocks by Cena connect. Proto bomb follows, and then the five-knuckle shuffle connects. AA try again, countered into a hanging guillotine by Bryan! Cena is able to slam Bryan to the corner, but Bryan holds on. Cena drops to the mat, but powers back to his feet and again slams Bryan to the corner to break the hold. Drop toehold by Cena, Bryan escapes and then rolls up Cena for 2. Kick to the head by Bryan, and a cover gets another 2. Bryan is not happy, pulls Cena center ring and heads up top. FLYING HEAD BUTT CONNECTS! 1…2…NO! Bryan now talks to himself, looks to finish Cena, more kicks follow. Repeated kicks now, misses one and Cena is able to lock in the STF. Bryan struggles, looks for the ropes, fights, and is able to sneak out and get the NO LOCK! Cena rolls, counters and pulls Bryan up into position, gets the AA and that is all.

-CM Punk now makes his way to the ring. Punk and Cena stand off, and Punk holds the title in the air to show off. Cena points and says it will be his, and then tosses Punk away as Show enters the ring. They brawl as Punk chills on the mat. Cena picks up Show for an AA, and Punk stops it like last week. Crowd boos and Punk asks “what?” Punk to commentary, and says that maybe this his fault that it is a triple threat at Summerslam. Maybe he has let people disrespect him. He kissed babies, shook hands and kissed ass, but look now, he does what he does best. Raw ends with CM Punk, standing tall with the WWE Champion. Because he is the best in the world, and if anyone stand sin his way, he will leave them laying on the mat like Cena and Show.

-Punk enters the ring, tries to kick Show in the head, but eats a knockout punch. Show then knocks out Cena.

-Show stands with the WWE title on his shoulder and surveys his handy work.

Credit: Tony Acero

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