WWE RAW Results (9/10) – Bret Hart Returns & More!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, September 10th, 2012 (USA Network)

Location: The Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec Canada

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

Live from Montreal, Lawler and Cole announcing (no Miz, damn) and we start off in great fashion with the introduction of Bret Hart to a hot ovation from the home crowd.

Bret attempts to thank the crowd for coming out tonight, but the ovation is tremendous so he lets it ride for a few minutes…and as soon as he tries to start up again, an “Ole!” chant starts up! “Only in Canada,” says Cole.

He thanks the crowd for supporting him through his highs and lows, including the Screwjob, and says he stands proud and thanks everyone in Montreal, and in Canada, for their years of support…PUNK’S MUSIC HITS! And man, does the crowd sound pissed! WWE wanted Punk to get booed, well, they picked the right place and time to do it, interrupting Hart in his home country.

Punk in black, pink, and white trunks and boots as either a sincere or mocking praise to Hart, we’ll find out shortly. Mocking, apparently, as Punk starts in on Bret about the 15 years he “painfully detailed” in the book he wrote himself. Bret tells him off and threatens the Sharpshooter, but Punk just laughs it off, saying he doesn’t need a Vince McMahon to screw him or anyone else, and guarantees that if he’d been in Bret’s shoes, he would’ve just jumped the “proverbial” sinking ship and headed to WCW before ever getting screwed out of his championship.

Bret touts his catchphrase, which Punk can’t believe that Bret still refers to himself as, mocking Jerry in saying that just because someone calls themselves something like “The King of Memphis”, doesn’t mean it’s true. Bret responds by bringing up last week, where Punk ambushed Cena during his match with Del Rio, mocking him in kind for claiming “Best in the World” and yet he walked out and came back just to kick Cena in the head and leaving with Paul Heyman.

Punk excuses himself, just saying he’d come back to get some things, and asks if Bret was expecting Cena to come and be his “White knight” and have his back tonight. Bret says he had been planning on interviewing Cena, respectfully, one-on-one, and that sets Punk off, as he gets in Hart’s face about respect and says he plans to put Cena to sleep on Sunday. “Just like you’re putting this crowd to sleep?” Bret says. OOOOH BURN! Punk calms himself and simply tells Bret that he plans on leaving Cena a broken, beaten-down shell of a man, just like Bret is now, before dropping the “pipe bomb” and leaving the ring to big-time heat.

– We get an advert touting Bret’s interview with Cena later tonight

– Tonight’s RawActive match features Punk against either Brodus Clay, Jerry Lawler, or Randy Orton. REAL tough choice…

All Champions Tag Match: US Champion Antonio Cesaro & IC Champion The Miz vs. WWE Tag Team Champions R-Truth & Kofi Kingston

We find out before the the match that there will be a battle royal on the NOC Pre-show to determine the #1 Contender to Cesaro’s US title, Miz’s opponent yet to be named…sigh.

We start out fast-paced, as the tag champs take it Miz and Cesaro, sending them to the outside before flying over the ropes onto the singles champs as we go to break.

– Commercial break

We come back with Miz locking a chin lock on Truth, wearing him down before Truth comes back with a dropkick and tags in Kofi, and Cesaro for Miz. Kofi flies off the ropes onto Cesaro, as Truth takes out Miz with the Lie Detector. Cesaro pushed Kofi to the corner, missing a splash as Kofi rolls away, then nails Cesaro square in the head with Trouble in Paradise for the 3!

WINNERS: Kofi & R-Truth

We then get a recap of last week’s Raw and Smackdown detailing the storyline of Sheamus’s Brogue Kick being banned after Ricardo Roderiguez took the kick and “allegedly” suffered serious neck and spinal trauma. We then see Sheamus talking with Bret Hart backstage as apparently we’re going to see some footage of Sheamus disputing the ban with Otunga. Riveting… 😛

– A “Did You Know” Advert praising Saturday Morning Slam

– We are taken to WWE Headquarters, where Sheamus is sworn in for his case with Otunga, claiming his last name is Lipschitz *snort* regaling everyone with how his family is part Irish and Jewish…before joking about it isn’t his name.

Otunga questions about the various people Sheamus has kicked, with Sheamus even getting a “Yes” chant started when Daniel Bryan is mentioned. Otunga continues to badger Sheamus about the various physical and mental detriments the Brogue Kick can cause, before Sheamus gets back in his face and retorts that the Brogue Kick doesn’t discriminate between people like Roderiguez or Otunga, before demonstrating by kicking the camera into static and partying about it by singing in Jewish…oy vey.

– Back to the arena, where we find out that Otunga will face Sheamus as a result of their legal debacle, and reminded about Punk’s match with three choices of opponents *cough* ORTON! *cough*

– Commercial Break

6-Divas Tag Match: Layla (c), Eve, and Kaitlyn v. Alicia Fox, Natalya, and Beth Phoenix

Strange match-up, with Eve and Alicia seemingly on opposite sides of where they should be. Kaitlyn and Beth lock up, before Kaitlyn drives Beth into the corner. Beth fires back, knocking down Kaitlyn before tagging in Alicia Fox, who beats down on the #1 Contender before Kaitlyn manages to tag in Layla, who delivers some kicks to Fox and a springboard cross-body for 2. Layla seems to set Fox up for the finish, before Eve blind tags in and hits a spinning neckbreaker for the 3 count.

WINNERS: Layla, Eve & Kaitlyn

– Eve celebrates in the ring as Layla and Kaitlyn are unsure of her sincerity.

– AJ “McPouty Face” Lee, the Raw GM, watches on, as Punk comes up behind her, wondering whether she’s put him in a three-opponent situation because she’s still ticked at him, or that everyone saw her psychotic episode last week, and says he doesn’t deserve that kind of unfairness. AJ glares at him, saying that she actually agrees with him and even agrees that him versus Sheamus should be saved for a special occasion, but Punk still walked out on the people, and thus the people decide his fate tonight. Punk turns away into Brodus, who can only grin on as Punk slinks away.

– Commercial Break

Non-Title Match: WWE Champion CM Punk v. “The Viper” Randy Orton

Thank god for wrestling-snarky Canadians. Punk looks visibly annoyed as Orton saunters down to the ring. Who can blame him, given the history between the two. Cole notes the pink, black, and white trunks of Punk in mocking tribute to the Hart family.

Lock-up, followed by a shoulder block from Orton. Headlock by Orton, followed by a block from Punk. Punk retreats to the corner after Orton counters his run off the ropes. Dueling “Let’s go Orton” and “CM Punk” chants as the two beat one each other, before Punk counters into a backbreaker for 1.

Slam to the mat by Punk, followed by a headlock on Orton, who counters out with some elbows. Whip the corner, Punk floats over, RKO attempt by Orton, but Punk retreats to the outside. He decides to make for the back like last time, but Orton stops him on the ramp, ramming him into ring before tossing him back inside. Punk, though, hangs up Orton, who comes down on his knee hard as we go to commercial…

Back from commercial, Punk has Orton in an abdominal stretch, who hip tosses out, before Punk delivers a kick to Orton’s bad knee. Punk up for a HBK elbow, which gets two. Another elbow get another two. A few more shots by Punk, who goes back up top, only for Orton to knock him down and climb up. BIG superplex by Orton for a close 2 count.

The two rivals trade big right hands, getting to their feet. Orton gets the upper hand, before Punk delivers a kick to the midsection, then Orton counters with a clothesline. Punk stops Orton’s momentum, but gets backdropped for his troubles. Orton goes for the rope-assisted DDT, but gets hung up again, and Punk nails a springboard clothesline for a 2 count.

Punk says it’s GTS time, but Orton counters for the RKO, Punk shoves him off, only for Orton to nail his backbreaker, followed by his vaunted DDT. Orton sets for the RKO again, but Ziggler comes out for the DQ.

WINNER: Randy Orton by DQ

– RKO on Ziggler gets countered into a clothesline on Punk. Powerslam to Ziggler, powerslam to Punk. RKO attempt on Punk gets thwarted by Ziggler, who pushes Randy into the corner as he and Punk double team in. JERRY LAWLER in for the save, as he beats Punk out of the ring, as Orton does the same with Dolph, and all four men are brawling as we go to commercial…

CM Punk & Dolph Ziggler v. Randy Orton & Jerry “The King” Lawler

Back from commerical, as AJ Lee has apparently restored order and made an impromptu tag match. Orton and Ziggler brawling in the corner. Orton gets the upper hand as he tags in Lawler, who delivers a dropkick and a couple of fist drops for a two count.

Ziggler comes back with a knock down, kicking and beating down Lawler, mocking him with a delayed elbow for a two count. Headlock into the sleeper hold, before Lawler counters with a back suplex. Punk looks like he wants to be anywhere but here. Orton gets the hot tag. Clotheslines, followed by the powerslam. Rope DDT countered into a backdrop by Ziggler to the outside.

PAUL HEYMAN is walking to ringside, apparently for a convo with with his new client, Vickie screaming all the while that there is a match going on, hilariously enough. Punk and Heyman are apparently planning to walk out, as they start talking about restaurants in Montreal. Ziggler’s beating on Orton, but immediately gets dropped with a RKO for 3, Punk completely unaware and uncaring to what’s happening as he walks off with Heyman.

WINNERS: Randy Orton & Jerry Lawler

– Commercial break

– Ad for Rock-Cena Wrestlemania Special DVD. Never seen a lukewarm Wrestlemania match get so much advertising since Bobby Lashely vs. Umaga in “Battle of the Billionaires.”

– Another “Did You Know” blurb touting Smackdown’s success. Wonder how much Nielsen gets paid for this research.

– Backstage, Punk and Heyman are leaving as Matt Striker comes up to them asking what the nature of their relationship is. Punk stares long and hard at Striker, stating simply, “I’m a Paul Heyman guy.” Well, I’m sold…

– Recap of the Bryan-Kane “Hug It Out” segment, with hilarious commentary and play-by-play from the Miz, accompanied by happy-go-lucky music, which slowly deteriorates as the Bryan and Kane go from buddies to beating each other up again. A little long for my liking, but I personally thought the bit was freaking hilarious.

– Back live with Kane and Bryan backstage, who each claim that the other had something to say to them, before seeing that the good doctor Dr. Shelby has paid them a visit and ask them to come together, as he was invited by AJ, who wants them to try and find a breakthrough again. Shelby has an idea that will either go north or waaaaay south, as Kane and Bryan seem understandably nervous about it.

– Commercial Break

– WWE Rewind with Zack Ryder picking up a win over Heath Slate last week on Raw

Heath in the ring, talking a lot of junk about Ryder and how he got lucky last week, and Heath wants a rematch. Ryder on the tron, saying how Heath’s not facing Ry-derrrr, but, well, you know…FEED! ME! MORE!

Ryback v. Heath Slater

Ryback tosses Heath to the outside, gets hung up by Slater, who fires on Ryback with some weak shots, before Ryback nails him with the Meat Hook, followed by a double powerbomb, and the Fisherman’s Buster for the three and another, albeit funny, squash for Ryback.

WINNER: Ryback

– Cole & Lawler promote the WWE App for the IPhone.

– Prime Time Players backstage with AJ, as they do their “Millions of Dollahs” schtick, which annoys AJ. She mentions that they aren’t technically the #1 Contenders, as they haven’t beat every team, but no fear, as tonight they face the team they haven’t beaten…”Daniel & Kane, Daniel & Kane, Daniel & Kane.” I love AJ.

#1 Contender’s Match for WWE Tag Team Championship: Kane & Daniel Bryan v. The Prime Time Players

A “Oui, Oui, Oui!” chant by Montreal, I love it. Kane and O’Neil lock up, shots by Kane before forcing Titus into the corner and “tagging” in Bryan. Kicks to Titus, waistlock by Brian countered, Titus tags in Young, who nails a clothesline, before tagging Titus back in, who delivers some sharp corner elbows to Bryan.

Tag to Darren, who hit a Northern Lights suplex on Bryan for two. Front chancery by Darren, Bryan fights out, but gets knocked down, and Young & O’Neil nail a double-team front suplex for a two count. Bryan tries to fight back with some uppercuts, but O’Neil with a stalling powerslam for two.

Boots to Bryan by Titus, who barks to the crowd before synching in a headlock. Tag to Young, who delivers some some sharp uppercuts. Bryan retaliates, but again gets knocked down and trapped into a rear naked choke by Young. Bryan fights out with some kicks and a snap suplex. Kane begs for the tag, but Bryan shrugs him off and goes for the Benoit headbutt, but misses. Young locks the headlock back in. Good tag team formula by Young and O’Neil so far.

Bryan comes back, nailing Young with repeated kicks, before Kane tags himself in, knocking Titus off the apron and giving Young a sideslam for two. Flying clothesline by Kane, sets for the chokeslam, nails it, and send Titus flying over the rope. Bryan tags in and Kane is not happy, chokeslamming Bryan on Young, and that gets 3 for Bryan and Kane!

WINNERS and NEW #1 CONTENDERS: Kane & Daniel Bryan

– Recap of earlier tonight, with the diatribe between Bret Hart & CM Punk, then a reminder of Hart’s interview with Cena. We all know that’s not going to end well, right?

– Commercial Break

– WWE “Slam of the Week” is Sheamus “debuting” his Texas Cloverleaf submission, followed by the Brogue Kick on Ricardo Rodriguez.

– Ricardo comes out, neck brace and all, to introduce Del Rio for his match.

Alberto Del Rio v. Tyson Kidd

Not liking Kidd’s chances here, even with the home crowd. Early offense, including a Sharpshooter attempt, is shurgged off by Del Rio, who lays in with kicks on Kidd and sends him to the outside, but Kidd hops on the apron as Del Rio goes out, kicking him in the chest.

Back in the ring, Del Rio tries for another kick, but Kidd counters into the Sharpshooter, and a nice pop from the home crowd. Del Rio almost taps, but makes the ropes. Slingshot leg drop to the apron by Kidd misses, Del Rio yanks away on the arm, then pulls Kidd back in for the Cross Arm Breaker and the tap out.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio gets on the mic, warning Sheamus that what he did to this “Canadian peasant’, he’ll do worse to Sheamus come Sunday.

We go to Michael Cole, who gives an update on Jerry Lawler, as he had been absent for the last couple of matches. Lawler apparently collapsed during the broadcast and had to be ushered to the back for medical attention. Cole assures us this is NOT part of the program as he has a sincere look of concern on his face.

We go to commercial…

Non-title Match: World Champion Sheamus v. David Otunga

Otunga rushes Sheamus as he takes his shirt, and hammers him with punches and kicks to the outside. Sheamus gets thrown back in, Otunga gets in his face and slaps him, bad move, which ticks off Sheamus, who headbutts Otunga. Shots to the chest, White Noise, then the Cloverleaf for the quick submission win. The lack of commentary is a bit unsettling here, as I really hope Jerry’s okay…

WINNER: Sheamus

Sheamus starts to leave, but comes back, and NAILS Otunga with the Brogue Kick, uh oh…

– AJ comes out, followed by Booker T, who’s handling the World Title business. Booker T says he’s doing an internal investigation and, until it’s completed, if Sheamus uses the Brogue Kick on anyone, anywhere, he will be STRIPPED of the World Heavyweight Title. Sheamus is not a Happy Irishman as we go to break…

– Back from commercial, we get a live view of Montreal and a recap of the tag match where Bryan & Kane won the #1 Contendership to the Tag Team titles.

– Backstage with Dr. Shelby, Kane & Bryan, as Bryan and Kane argue over who’s name should be first in their new tag team. I’m liking this more and more…

– Overview of Night of Champions

– Back to Cole, who updates us on Lawler’s situation. He collapsed earlier, got taken to the back for CPR, and had to be taken to a hospital, and is on assisted breathing right now, but is thankfully breathing on his own anyway. Cole lets us know that this is in NO WAY part of tonight’s show, and respectfully decides to cut off commentary for the rest of the night for Jerry’s sake. Prayers to Jerry from myself and everyone here at 411mania.

– Rey Mysterio comes down to the ring for the next match, as we go to commercial…

– Commercial break

Cody Rhodes v. Rey Mysterio

Lock up by both men. Cody backs Rey into the corner, shots to the midsection, punches and kicks, followed by a facebuster suplex and another kick.

Rey fires back with kicks, Cody counters, but Rey pulls the rope and Cody goes tumbling to the outside. Rey flies to the outside onto Cody. Rey gets Cody back into the ring, where Rhodes imediately hits a Disaster Kick for a close two. Cody insisits it was three and goes for a charge in the corner, only to find post. Rey hits a head scissors into a face buster for a two count. Cody ducks a basement dropkick, only to get kicked in the back of the head, for another close two count.

Rey drops Cody into the ropes for the 619, but sees the Miz coming down and kicks him away from the ramp, only to get Cross-Rhoded for the 3.

WINNER: Cody Rhodes

– Miz comes in to beat on Rey some more, only to get the Cross Rhodes himself! Cody picks up and eyes the belt he brought back into the WWE. A nice bit of continuity, and methinks a Triple Threat could be in the works for this Sunday…

– We see Cena backstage as he’s preparing for his interview with “The Hitman”

– Commercial Break

– We’re back as Cole updates that King is in the isolated ER ward of the local hospital. He is more responsive to lights, and is awaiting a CAT Scan to determine the severity of his condition. I’m with Cole, fight through this, Jerry…

Another commercial, and we’re back fully as Bret comes out to introduce Cena for his interview. Cena gets the usual backlash from the Canadian audience as he comes down to the ring. He thanks Bret for the chance to be interviewed. Bret makes the comparison between Cena-Punk and himself and HBK, and how a normally friendly rivalry turned into something so much more personal.

Cena thanks him for even making the comparison and is aware that he and Punk need more accolades to measure up to the legacy of HBK and Hart. Cena feels that HBK, even as a jerk, was upfront about it, while Punk hasn’t, and HBK earned his respect because, right or wrong, he supported what he stood for.

Bret starts to ask what Cena plans on doing to shut the “phony” Punk up, who comes out and objects. Cena verifies it, calls Punk a phony, and dares Punk to make a move on him and Hart. Punk turns the idea of being a phony back on Cena, and declares that he’s only out to defend his good word.

He agrees that Hart and Cena have a lot in common, but that it’s not necessarily a compliment, as both have been surpassed by someone superior, Cena by Punk, and Hart, by Michaels. Punk, however, says he’s better than Michaels, Austin, and the Rock. He is the best WRESTLER, best TALKER, best BRAWLER, and best TECHNICIAN.

Cena’s says all that proves is Punk’s a lying scumbag. He hits Punk with a bit of harsh truth, the fact that he’s held the title for 300 days in obscurity, watching main event by main event pass by, and the fact that for all the years Punk’s talked, his best moment was when his mic was shut off, and when he won the belt in Chicago. It was never about ice cream bars or being the “Voice of the Voiceless”, it was about making CM Punk a star.

He continues on, saying that Punk’s become all about the WWE Title, and that he hasn’t discovered who he is. Cena starts to speak up in French before Punk interrupts, but Cena immediately slaps the mic out of his hands, calling him an ignorant son of a bitch. What he had been trying to say was that even though Punk says he’s going to win NOC, Cena’s just going to kick his ass. Stare down between the two men. Punk goes for a shot at Bret, who blocks and gives the champ a right hand, as Punk scrambles out of the ring and up the ramp as Bret and Cena stand tall.

We get a final update on Lawler, who’s heart and overall condition has stabilized as he’s being prepared for a CAT Scan. Thoughts and prayers go out to Jerry Lawler…

– End Show

Credit: Ken Hill

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