WWE RAW Results (9/17) – Cena/Sheamus vs. Punk/Del Rio!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, September 17th, 2012 (USA Network)


Location: The Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, CT

Results by Ken Hill

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

– LIVE from Bridgeport, CT…Michael Cole and JBL at the Broadcast Booth.

– We kick off with the CM Punk’s music…and PAUL HEYMAN comes out instead. Interesting. Heyman introduces himself, and believes he was a part of hsitory last night, seeing Punk successfully defend his title against John Cena. The crowds boos and Heyman actually agrees the ending to the match was controversial, and asks the referee, Chad Patton, to come out. Heyman shows a still photo of the ending, where BOTH men’s shoulders were clearly down for the three count, and Patton agrees. Heyman brings up a fan recording to further certify Patton’s judgment. Heyman starts to tell the audience that Punk walked in and out as champion and deserves respect, before Cena’s music hits!

– Cena pretty much tells Paul to shut up, but agrees that Patton made the right choice. He talks about how epic the match between him and Punk, how banged up he is, and was more upset about the finality of the ref’s decision. He felt the match, as well as the feud, should end with a victory one way or the other. He asks Heyman about this, but Heyman believes Punk earned respect with the draw. Cena draws the line there, saying the real definition of respect is holding your head high after a definite decision,a nd feels they should see who the winner is tonight. Heyman tells Cena what he knows Punk will say before he arrives tonight, but before any of that, Del Rio’s music hits!

Alberto feels he, not Cena, deserves a rematch due to being told last-minute about Sheamus’ kick being un-banned. Now AJ comes out, and basically makes a tag team main event of Sheamus and Cena versus Del Rio and Punk, with the winner of the match going a long way in determining who gets a rematch for what title. She skips off as Heyman desperately tries to talk to her.

– Backstage, Sin Cara and Mysterio are WALKING to the ring for tag team action…next!

– A tout from Jerry Lawler thanking the WWE Universe for all their well-wishes, and Cole introduces JBL, as well as JR(!), for commentary. Rey and Sin Cara make their entrances with Epico, Primo, and Rosa already in the ring.

Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara v. Epico & Primo Colon

Primo and Cara start off, Cara snapping off a heel kick before arm dragging Primo and tagging in Rey, who splashes Primo, then tags in Cara. The two luchadores nail a double team kick, which gets a two count as we go to commercial break…

Back from the break with Epico with a headlock on Cara and tagging in Primo, however, Cara counters immediately with a tornado DDT before making the hot tag to Mysterio, who comes in agaisnt Primo and nails a cross body on Primo for a two count. He sets Primo up for a 619, and then him and Cara double team Epico right alongside his cousin for a double 619! Rey takes out Primo on the outside, while Sin Cara nails a senton on Epico for the three count!

Winners: Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio

Following the match, the Prime Time Players show up and assault Mysterio and Cara, laying them out, and announcing while they may have had their legitimate title shot taken from them, they’ll be the ones doing the taking from now on. That’s the first strong promo I’ve heard from Titus and Young, and I like the change in attitude.

– We find out the tag team main event is official, as well as a Tag Team Championship rematch from NOC. Wonder if Teddy Long’s advising AJ too…

– We find out that Miz will be hosting his first ever episode of “MizTV” with Booker T as the guest host. Beth Phoenix is in the ring, waiting as Eve comes to the ring.

Non-title Match: Eve Torres (c) v. Beth Phoenix

Honestly, I missed the majority of the action as I was more engrossed in Layla and JBL’s conversation over Eve suspiciously ending up in and winning last night’s championship. What I can tell you is that it ended as soon as it started, with Eve countering Beth’s powerslam attempt, shoving her into the turnbuckle and rolling her up with a slight assist from the tights for 3!

Winner: Eve Torres

– Eve shows off her newly won title to Layla as we’re reminded about the tag team main event and go to commercial…

– Subway advert shows us Brodus and Tyson’s involvement with Cesaro on last Friday’s Smackdown.

– Back on Raw, we have Brodus and the Funkadactyls coming down. Cesaro on commentary as Slater waits to be sqaushed…

Brodus Clay v. Heath Slater

Brodus shrugs off Slater’s early offense, knocking him down several times before propping him in the corner for a splash. Cesaro briefly gets involved, allowing Slater to hit a modified neckbreaker for a two count. Slater goes up top, but gets drilled with a headbutt and a SPLAT! splash for a three count

Winner: Brodus Clay

– Brodus does his usual post-match dance with the kids as we see Miz preparing for his new show segment. Will it stand out or will Y2J have another reason to comeback? We’ll see, as we go to commercial…

– Miz comes out for his inaugural “MizTV” segment, telling us that when your a champion who defies odds like he has and has everything, what do you give him next? His own own talk show. He even lampshades it by mentioning past talk show segments and saying they were missing the element of “awesome”, something he doesn’t. He then brings out Booker T, who gets a nice pop. Miz talks to Booker, wondering if this is better than any of his championship reigns and going to Wrestlemania. He then questions Booker as to the decisions he has made in recent weeks, wondering if Booker has realized his time has past and is making it difficult for the younger superstars. Booker snatches the mike from Miz, and tells him for his talking, it was interesting, but he wants to introduce Miz to someone else who can beat multiple opponents…FEED! ME! MORE! Ryback marches down to the ring, and Miz clears it, so Ryback clears the MizTV set! Well, everyone wanted WWE to move Ryback on to something more, how’s that for you?

– We go to ringside with Cole, JR, and JBL, as Cole reminds us about Jerry and his Tout to WWE fans, and JBL and JR assure they’re just keeping King’s seat warm.

– Backstage with CM Punk and Paul Heyman conversing. Josh Matthews questions Punk about his upcoming tag match. Punk states he’s not happy about teaming with Del Rio or competing in it period. He questions what it really takes to get respect around here as he storms off.

– Santino struts down to the ring, the Vickie introduces “Mr. Money in the Bank” Dolph Ziggler!

Santino Marella v. Dolph Ziggler

Santino starts off with a nice judo throw on Ziggler, who snaps a dropkick right back in Santino’s face. Whip into the ropes, but Santino power walks off them distracting Ziggler long enough to be jackknifed for a two count. Another knockdown, followed by a series of elbows for a two count. Ziggler takes the Cobra sock out of Santino’s tights and gags him with it, calling him a joke. Santino tries to mount a comeback, but Ziggler lays in a right hand for a two count. Cocky cover gets a two count. Santino makes a more full-fledged comeback, but when he goes for the Cobra, Vicki takes it away as Ziggler hits a Zig Zag, then pulls up Santino up for another statement-making Zig Zag for the three count.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– We get another advert for the Tag Team Championship rematch later tonight as we go to commercial…

– The WWE Rewind features Wade Barrett’s decree that one “lucky” superstar gets to sample his product in the near future.

Wade Barrett v. Justin Gabriel

This should be an interesting match between former Nexus and Corre members. Couple of quick roll-ups from Gabriel to start before a sharp right hand from Barrett, who tosses Gabriel to the outside. He then rolls Justin back in, bow-and-arrow stretching Gabriel around the ring post. Whip into the corner followed by a stalling backbreaker gets 2 for Barrett. Body shots to the ribs by Barrett, then a stiff clothesline for two. A “We Want Nexus!” chant! Interesting…

Gabriel fights out of an abdominal stretch, Barrett attempts a slam, but Gabriel reverses into an inverted DDT, followed by a springboard moonsault for a close two count. Gabriel tries for another kick, but Barrett flapjacks him, then whips him into a STIFF left hand that downs Gabriel for the three.

Winner: Wade Barrett

– We’re backstage with Truth celebrating a birthday. Kofi says it’s not his birthday, but Truth says it for Subway, then we pan to Jared, who gives the two (and Little Jimmy) some Turkey subs before their match. Damien Sandow comes in with his own ideas for a sub, but Jared gives him a Meatball Marinara, which Sandow actually says “You’re Welcome” (to a few laughs from the audience). Zack Ryder comes in, and Jared gives him an Italian BLT. Then we top off the segment with Ryback, who simply asks Jared to FEED…HIM…MORE! Jared’s nervous, but hands him a sub and Ryback is apparently pleased.

– We see Daniel Bryan and Kane backstage proclaiming they are, each, the “tag team champions”

– We see video of Lawler arriving in his hometown of Memphis, as the two teams make their entrances for the tag title rematch from NOC!

WWE Tag Team Championship: Kane & Daniel Bryan (c) v. Kofi Kingston & R-Truth

Bryan and Kane argue, like last night, over who should start, and Bryan wins out, starting against Kofi. Headlock on Kofi, Kofi pushes Bryan off, leapfrogs him, and dropkicks him. Truth is tagged, who wrenches the arm, kicks Bryan a few times, then tags Kofi in, who nails a cross body for two. Bryan tags in Kane, who tosses Kofi into the corner for some right hands and stomps, followed by a headbutt. Whip in the corner reversed by Kofi, who nails a few kicks. Whip reversed by Kane, but Kofi holds the rope and low bridges him over the top rope, then back body drops Bryan onto Kane. The champs argue with one another as we go to a commercial break…

Back from commercial, with Kane trapping Truth in a bearhug, as we see that Kane hit a big boot on Truth during the commercial. Kane attempts a charge, but Truth counters and makes the tag to Kofi, who comes off the ropes with a Superman punch, gets whipped to the corner, then hits a slingshot kick, followed by another kick, but Kane sits up before the Boom Drop. Kofi tries for a springboard, only to get uppercutted by Kane HARD. Bryan tags in to Kane’s dismay, and their argument gives Kofi enough time to tag in Truth, who comes and nails a spinning forearm on Bryan for a two count. Kofi tagged back in, Truth scoops him on top of Bryan for a two count. A basement drop kick gets another two count. Kofi tags in Truth and another double team gets a two count. Truth with a headlock, whips Bryan into the corner, but get kicked in the knee, and Bryan tags Kane in, who flies off with a clothesline for a two count. Whip to the corner, clothesline, and side slam gets another two count. Bryan almost blind tags in again, hugs Kane, but distracts him for the What’s Up, and Truth gets a two count before Bryan breaks it up. Kofi comes in, but Bryan low bridges him, and Kane chokeslams Truth for the three count to retain!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Kane

The champs continue to argue who’s the real “tag team champion” as the crowd chants for them to “hug it out!”, which they actually do…and they go right back to arguing…oy vey.

– A “Be A Star” advert featuring Big Show, David Otunga, and Stephanie McMahon, followed by some of the kids being featured at the Raw show who are a part of the program. Nice touch.

– Randy Orton is WALKING backstage as he’s in action in a rematch with the man he calls the “350 lb. tuna”, Tensai!

Randy Orton v. Tensai

Why do I sense a punt coming in Tensai’s future? Lock-up, Tensai pushes Orton into the corner, but Randy coutners with body punches, but Tensai fires back with a shoulder block, then rams Orton into the turnbuckle before delivering some body shots of his own, followed by a shot to the kidney and pressing him into the ropes. Another kidney shot gets countered into a forearm by Orton, but Tensai turns it around into a powerslam for 2. Tensai drills Orton with more punches and another two count. Bearhug by Tensai, Orton slowly but surely fights his way out, but Tensai drops him with a headbutt, then knees to the kidney. Tensai locks in a shoulder nerve hold, which Orton slowly counters out of. Tensai hits some more shots, comes off the ropes…into a powerslam from Orton! He brings Tensai to the ropes, hits some vicious kicks to the head, then the DDT. Orton looks for the RKO, Tensai shrugs him off to the corner, misses a charge, and Orton nails the RKO this time for the three count!

Winner: Randy Orton

– Backstage with Punk and Heyman again, as Otunga and Del Rio approaches them about the tag match and questioning who should lead. Heyman feels Punk should lead as WWE Champion, Otunga states it’s irrelevant and questions his manner of dress and living. Heyman reminds Otunga about Punk beating him for the WWE Championship last November. The two partners agree that it will be an “honor” to team with one another.

– Damien Sandow comes out, proclaiming the “Season of Sloth” (Summer) to be over, says “Slobberknocker is not a word, and proceeds to give us a little vocab lesson with words such as “ignoramus” and “temerity.” Zack Ryder comes out, who gives Sandow a little word lesson of his own: “Shut”, “Up”, and “Now”, as AJ’s made a match between the two of them next!

Damien Sandow v. Zack Ryder

We come back mid-match with Sandow having Ryder in a headlock. Zack counters out, clothesline Sandow over the rope, then nails a Plancha, rolling Sandow back in for a two count. Sandow knocks down Ryder, delivering some kicks and elbows, then rubs Ryder’s face in the mat and covers for two. Sandow then hits another elbow for another two count. Ryder tries to counter out of a chinlock, only to get headbutted and hit with Sandow’s elbow for a two count. Whip to the corner, Ryder counters into a roll up for a two count, then a small package for another two. He fires up with clotheslines, a discus clothesline, then a forearm. Broski boot is coming, but Sandow ducks out, only for Ryder to come off the ring apron. Sandow tries to attack Ryder coming back in, but Ryder counters and nails the Broski Boot for a close two count. Rough Ryder attempt, but Sandow counters into his trademark arm-trap neckbreaker for the three!

Winner: Damien Sandow

– Video of Jerry Lawler’s reunion with his doctor friend, and we’re reminded about his exclusive interview on Raw next week.

– The tag team “SUPAH” main event is coming up next!

World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus & John Cena v. WWE Champion CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio

Punk with his defiant stance with the WWE Championship held high, like last night. He barely moves, and refuses to move as Cena and Sheamus prepare, then we go to commercial…

We’re back as the bell rings with Punk and Cena starting out…or not, as Punk tags out to Del Rio. Del Rio headlocks Cena, Cena rolls out, Del Rio whips to the corner for some kicks, Cena counters another whip, hits a monkey flip and a elbow for a two count. Tag to Sheamus, who beats down on Del Rio in the corner. Whip to the corner, boots by Del Rio, but Sheamus counters into a powerslam for a two count. Del Rio kicks Cena, tags in Punk, who charges Cena, but Cena counters with a bulldog and tries for the AA, but Punk rakes the eyes and kicks his ankle before retreating. Punk tags in Del Rio, who attacks the ankle more, then tag Punk back in. Cena tries to fight out, bu Punk drop toe holds him. Cena evades him, however, and tags in the World Champ to face the WWE Champ. Sheamus in with clotheslines and boots, but a corner charge makes him eat an elbow and a kick from Punk, who tags in Del Rio to continue the beatdown. However, Sheamus fights out nails 10 shots to the chest, then White Noise. Sheamus tries for the Brogue Kick, but Punk distracts him, allowing Del Rio to hit a Backstabber for a close two count. Punk tagged in, who delivers chops and a kick to Sheamus’ knee, then locks in a bow-and-arrow submission on Sheamus. Sheamus fights out into a cover for a two count. Punk grapevines the leg and tags Del Rio back in, who locks in a reverse chinlock on Sheamus. Sheamus off the ropes into a knee from Del Rio, who then stomps him for a two count. Whip of the ropes reversed by Sheamus, kick by Del Rio, but Sheamus hits the Irish Curse. Both manage to make the hot tag to Punk and Cena. Cena tries to hit his big moves, Punk tries to counter the Five-Knuckle Shuffle, but Cena counters into a STF. Del Rio breaks it up, but gets a Brogue Kick for his troubles. Cena hits an AA, Punk’s foot is on the ropes, but the ref misses it and counts the three!

Winners: Sheamus & John Cena

Punk and Heyman are LIVID with the ref, complaining all the way back as the show ends…

Night everybody!

Credit: Ken Hill

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