WWE RAW Results (9/30) – Orton/D-Bryan + Heyman/Punk!


Event: WWE Monday Night RAW

Airdate: Monday, September 30th, 2013 (USA Network)

Location: The Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, MS

Results by H. Winston

“Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event…”

We’re kicking things off with CM Punk entering the ring. Punk says that some say the show thrives on unpredictability. It was predictable that Heyman would come out in his hometown of Chicago, and predictable that Punk would chase after him, and predictable that Punk would be attacked when he did. But Punk is okay with this because he know that the story ends when Punk gets his hands on Paul Heyman. But no one knows when the story is going to end. The history books might say that Heyman pinned Punk in the ring, but the world will know that Punk put Heyman out of his misery.

Maddox comes out and tells Punk to cool it. Punk asks why Maddox has no entrance music. Maddox ignores the question and says that he knows why Punk is angry. Maddox says that Punk engaging Paul Heyman and Ryback tonight is not what is best for business. But since Maddox is the GM, he can give Punk a match if he wants one. Big E Langston and exclaims that if Punk wants aggression, then Langston is his man. Big E attacks Punk, the two go back and forth and Maddox calls in a ref to officiate the match.

CM Punk vs Big E Langston

Back from commercial, Punk launches off of the top rope to take Big E down. Big E gains the upper hand , catching Punk with one arm and slamming him to the mat. Big E gets a running start before jumping high, smashing Punk with his weight, 2-count. Punk fights back with kicks, but Big E answers by knocking Punk down with the force of his body. Punk attempts to pull Big E down by his legs, but Big E is too strong. Punk lands a kick to Big E’s head, 2-count. Big E gets to his feet, Punk goes for GTS, Big E breaks free and hits a big clothesline. Big E attempts to smash Punk again but Punk rolls out of the way. Big E tries to smash Punk in the corner but Punk dodges. Punk hits a swinging neck breaker. Punk hits the running high knee, followed by an elbow drop from the top rope. Punk picks Big E up, hoists him on his back and hits the GTS to get the 3-count.

Winner: CM Punk

Fandango vs Kofi Kingston

Fandango gains the upper hand , pulling Kofi up by his arm and slamming him back down continuously. Fandango attempts to clothesline Kofi, Kofi grabs Fandango’s arm, flips over it and takes Fandango down to the mat. Kofi hits trouble in paradise out of nowhere to get the 3-count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

The Wyatt family comes out and talks some nonsense. Kofi is in the ring with a chair, prepped for combat, but nothing comes of it as it’s commercial time.

Orton approaches the Bellas and asks Brie when her and Daniel Bryan’s wedding is. He says that it’s important for them to have it before the match between Orton and Bryan, or else Bryan won’t be able to make it. Because, he won’t be able to walk.

Paul Heyman is asked about Punk backstage. Heyman says that Punk will never be able to intimidate Heyman because Punk is a nobody. A nobody that became a Heyman guy, that became WWE champion, that made “us” the best in the world. When asked about possible traps set for Punk, Heyman says that his mere existence is a trap for Punk. Heyman dares Punk to find the manhood necessary to try and get to Paul Heyman tonight.

3MB vs Los Matadores

Los Matadores, formerly known as Primo and Epico, make an extravagant entrance with a small person dressed as a bull, being called El Torito.

Late into the match, Diego is tagged in a takes out 3MB with an offensive flurry. Fernando tags himself in, launching onto Slater in the center of the ring. Diego and Fernando both hold Slater up high and drop him down to get the 3-count.

Winner: Los Matadores

Triple H and Stephanie come out to Triple H’s “King of Kings” theme. Triple H invites the Rhodes family out to the ring. Stephanie congratulates Cody on his wedding. Triple H asks why they look so hostile. Triple H asks if Dusty is bitter about his failures outside of NWA and the rest of his life. Stephanie comments on how Dusty trains superstars at WWE’s performance center, holding their futures in his hand. Similar to how the futures of Cody and Goldust are in her hand. Stephanie says that Cody will be offered his job back, and Goldust is being offered *a* job. All they have to do is defeat the tag team champions Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. However, if they lose, they can never be employed by WWE again, and their father will join them in the unemployment line.

Dusty takes the mic from Triple H and says that he is big on getting in people’s faces. Dusty demands to be in the Rhodes brothers’ corner. Dusty is granted is request. Triple H and Stephanie leave the ring. As the Rhodes family depart, Cody and Goldust are assaulted by the Shield.

R Truth vs Curtis Axel

R Truth’s entrance is always the highlight of the show for me.

Axel insults Truth for his dancing, Truth answers with a right hand to Axel’s jaw. Axel tries to balance himself along the ropes, but Truth kicks Axel’s legs out from under him. Axel regains control and hits a dropkick on R Truth. Truth hits a unique shoulder drop on Axel to get a 2-count. CM punk’s music hits. Heyman looks frantic, Axel gets caught by Truth and the what’s up while he is looking out for Punk. Truth does a jig after his victory.

Winner: R Truth

Congratulations to Trish Stratus for the birth of her baby boy, Maximus!

Alicia Fox vs Brie Bella

Fox kicks Brie in the gut, sending her ringside. She is greeted by being choked along the middle rope as soon as she enters the ring. Fox chokes Brie with her legs. Brie fights her way out and hits a series of clotheslines. Brie’s screams to attempt to fire up the crowd feel so awkward. Fox flips Brie over her back but Brie lands on her feet, followed by a right hand. Brie hits a face buster to get the 3-count.

Winner: Brie Bella

Backstage, Curtis Axel is pacing back and forth until Heyman yells for him to stop. Ryback says that there is nothing to worry about, after the two of them took care of Punk last week. Heyman asks for Ryback to leave and he will get to him in a few minutes. Heyman looks infatuated with Ryback as he leaves. Heyman tells Axel that he is going to propose to Ryback tonight .

Big Show is being interviewed backstage, looking very nervous. He says that his financial situation is being held over his head like a sword from a thread. Show is being forced to choose the lesser of two evils. He is only trying to do what is best for his family. But he says that there is only so much that he can take. Show says that he is not going to take it anymore. Show says he’s going to find Triple and show him exactly how he feels. He says he’s going to knock Triple H the hell out!

Big Show bursts into Maddox’s office and demands to know where Triple H is, holding Maddox up against the wall.

Zack Ryder vs Alberto Del Rio

Del Rio attempts to ram Ryder into the corner but Ryder dodges, lifts Del Rio up and plants him on the mat. Outside of the ring, Drl Rio throws Ryder into the barricade. Del Rio hits a tilt a world backbreaker. Del Rio throws Ryder into the ropes, Ryder counters and hits a face buster. Ryder hits the broski boot, 2-count. Ryder goes for the rough ryder, Del Rio counters it and hits a german suplex, 2-count. Del Rio locks in the armbar to make Ryder tap.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

Heyman and Ryback enter the ring . Ryback says that if there’s one things he doesn’t like in this negative world, it’s a bully. After all of the sacrifices that Heyman made for Punk, and seeing Punk throw it all back in his face, Ryback couldn’t stand by and watch. Ryback says that there is nothing that he would not do for Heyman. Heyman says that he is glad Ryback feels that way. Heyman says that in such a progressive day in 2013, people need to be more open about the way that they feel about each other. Heyman says that he wants to make an honest man out of Ryback. Heyman grabs Ryback by the hand and drops to a knee. Heyman asks Ryback if he will be (after much delay) a Paul Heyman guy.

Punk runs out and falls to the floor after jumping the barricade. Punk limps around the ring but Heyman and Ryback stand their ground. Heyman looks over the ropes to see what is wrong with Punk. Punk pulls a kendo stick from under the ring and takes Heyman’s legs out with it. Punk takes out Ryback and Axel with the Kendo stick, and delivers a GTS to Axel.

The Usos w/ Dolph Ziggler vs The Shield

Ziggler hops over Ambrose, bounces off the rope and hits Ambrose with a dropkick. Ambrose tags in Rollins, who is hit with an arm toss by Ziggler, who then tags in Jimmy Uso . Rollins gains control over Jimmy, tagging in Ambrose. Ambrose and Rollins take turns wearing down Jimmy. They attempt to double clothesline Jimmy, Jimmy ducks and tries to take them both out with a running cross-body. Ambrose and Rollins catch Jimmy, but Jay had tagged himself in and kicks Jimmy into the two Shield members. Reigns attempts to help but is take out by kicks delivered by the Usos and is clotheslined over the ropes by Ziggler. The Usos launch over the top rope into Ambrose and Rollins.

Back from commercial, the Shield is back in control, wearing down Jimmy Uso again. Jimmy kicks Reigns outside of the ring and crawls towards his corner. Reigns gets back in to stop him but Jimmy stops him with a kick to the jaw. Rollins is tagged in and attempts to keep Jimmy from getting to his corner but Jimmy tosses him over his head to make the tag to Ziggler. Ziggler comes in and clears house. He begins his heart stopper elbows but is interrupted by Rollins. Rollins hits an inziguiri on an Uso, but is hit by zig zag. Before Ziggler realizes what happened, he’s hit by a spear from Reigns, who was actually the legal man.

Winner: The Shield

Orton and Bryan are in the ring. Orton says that at the time, he was not happy with Triple H’s decision to strip him of the title. But he’s glad that he did it because it motivated him to become to the viper that he once was. Bryan says that Triple H took the title away for Orton to motivate Orton, because he could not reach his full potential without it. Bryan says that he may be a B+ weakling but he never needed anyone else’s help to motivate him to be successful. Orton tells Bryan that he has been on a roll lately, getting lucky enough to land a Bella. Orton says there must be something wrong with her to settle for a farm animal, instead of the genetically superior Orton. Bryan has had enough and attacks Orton. Orton gains the upper hand and beats Bryan down outside of the ring. Brie Bella runs out to aid Bryan but doesn’t dare get close to Orton while he is on the attack. Orton closed out the night by RKOing Bryan through the announce table. Vintage!

That’ll do it for this week’s RAW. Until next week, take care guys & gals!

Credit: H. Winston

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