WWE RAW Results – January 2, 2017 (Tampa, FL.)


WWE RAW Opener:

The first WWE RAW show of 2017 kicks off live from Tampa, Florida with General Manager Mick Foley showing off his new haircut.

As Foley continues to talk, out comes Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. The two walk past the shark cage that Jericho will be in at the upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view

Owens asked if Foley thought it was funny that he was going to put Jericho above the cage. Jericho reminded Owens he was going to be hanging like a sexy pinata. Jericho said Foley constantly abused power. He and Owens made fun of Foley’s new haircut and were upset about Reigns getting another match for the Universal Championship at the Royal Rumble. Jericho presented Exhibit B, which was Rollins giving him a pedigree on top of a car and Foley didn’t punish him. In fact, Foley rewarded him. Yet Foley punished Jericho by putting him in the cage just for helping Owens retain the championship at Roadblock.

Owens said it was obvious that Foley had a personal issue with them and they weren’t going to stand for it anymore. Foley admitted he made mistakes and said he kept hearing about the Kevin Owens Show, but he’s never seen it. So tonight, we were going to have the debut of the Kevin Owens Show and his guest would be Goldberg.

Owens said that was fine because they had questions for Goldberg, like where has he been the last ten years? And who cares where he’s been the last ten years? Owens asked what made Foley think he could abuse his power. Stephanie McMahon came out and said Foley wasn’t abusing his power because he has every right to put Jericho in the shark cage, though she wished that Foley would have consulted with her about that. Foley replied that he wished that she had consulted with him about putting Zayn against Strowman in a Last Man Standing match. Stephanie announced that Reigns would defend the U.S. Championship tonight against Jericho and if Reigns is disqualified or counted out, he would lose the championship.

Jericho liked the idea, but Owens suggested Rollins be banned from ringside for tonight’s match. Foley said Owens should be barred from ringside. They all started arguing until Stephanie shouted them all down saying she was upset that SmackDown beat Raw in the ratings last night. She ordered Owens to face Rollins immediately, and the loser of the match would be barred from ringside in the Jericho-Reigns championship bout.

Finally, the RAW Commissioner orders Jericho to get ready for his match and for Foley to get his act together. She tells Owens to prepare immediately because his match against Seth Rollins is next.

Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins

Rollins starts off strong, taking it to Owens in the early goings. At one point, Owens backdropped Rollins to the floor, but hit the guard rail when attempting to follow up by jumping out to the floor with a cannonball attempt.

Owens went for the Pop-Up Power Bomb, but Rollins landed on his feet and caught an enzuigiri. Rollins got the downward spiral into the turnbuckle and the slingblade. He attempted the pedigree, but Owens backdropped him over. It ended with Owens taking a bump to the floor and Rollins hitting a tope.

The two ended up fighting out at the timekeeper’s area, where Owens used the ringbell to jab Rollins into the midsection for a disqualification. Rollins tried to pedigree Owens, who escaped.

In the end, Rollins wins via DQ, meaning Owens will be banned from ringside for tonight’s Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns title match.

Winner via DQ: Seth Rollins

Karl Anderson vs. Cesaro

Up next is another singles match pitting Karl Anderson against Cesaro. Sheamus was on commentary for this one.

Anderson takes it to Cesaro early on, nailing him with a big spinebuster before the match spilled out to the floor.

Jameis Winston and Gerald McCoy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are shown at ringside as the action continues in the ring.

In the end, Luke Gallows got involved and with his assistance, Anderson ended up hitting a flying neckbreaker on Cesaro for the win.

Winner: Karl Anderson

Last Man Standing
Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman

In a Last Man Standing match, Sami Zayn and Braun Strowman will go one-on-one. It’s up next on this, the first episode of WWE RAW of 2017.

Zayn, sporting a black eye, takes it to Strowman with a flurry of punches early on. Strowman chased him to the floor, but Zayn grabbed a kendo stick at the timekeeper’s table and batted with it three times. Zayn went for a moonsault press of the dasherboards, but Strowman caught him and dropped him across the boards. Zayn got up at six. Strowman ran at Zayn but ran into the post, Zayn pushed Strowman into the post twice more, then attempted the flying between the ropes DDT, but Strowman leveled him with a forearm. Zayn was up at six again. Strowman bounced Zayn around with clotheslines and shoulder blocks, with Zayn answering the bell each time.

Following the commercial break, Braun threw Zayn off the entrance ramp onto the floor, then the front of the annoncer’s table. Strowman rammed a moving case into Zayn’s midsection. Crowd booed when they brawled out of their line of sight. It wound up backstage where Zayn used a lead pipe across Strowman’s shoulder three times. Strowman recovered to throw Zayn high in the air on top of moving cases, followed by throwing a case on Zayn, which partially caught his legs. They brawled to the ramp with Zayn using chair shots across Strowman’s back, but Strowman grabbed Zayn across the neck and chucked him onto the ramp.

Strowman tried to throw Zayn off the stage, but Zayn got out and used more chair shots. Strowman backed up towards the end of the stage where Strowman teetered on the edge. Then Zayn gave Strowman a crossbody block and they fell about two feet to the floor through a table. That got the crowd into it with the “This is awesome” chants. Strowman got up, but Zayn used more chair shots. Strowman grabbed the chair and threw Zayn to the ramp. Then he gave Zayn the Oklahoma Stampede on the floor, which appeared to be the finish. But Zayn got up at eight. Strowman landed knees to the chest and chin. Strowman laid in some more stiff forearms and crossfaces. Zayn appeared motionless, but Strowman picked up Zayn anyway and gave him another Oklahoma Stampede even though Zayn didn’t appear to be getting up. This time, Zayn didn’t get up.

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