WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Results – (1/29) – 30-Man Royal Rumble Match, Styles vs. Cena, Reigns vs. Owens


Bray Wyatt was #21 and Apollo Crews was #22. Crews hit a moonsault to Sheamus. Sheamus and Cesaro eliminated The New Day. Sheamus then eliminated Cesaro and Jericho eliminated Sheamus. Cesaro and Sheamus started arguing at ringside. Randy Orton was #23. Orton hit a series of clotheslines to Crews and Ambrose. Orton with a powerslam to Miz then an RKO to Corbin, Rusev, and one to Zayn off the top rope. Dolph Ziggler came out at #24 and super kicked Orton and Rusev. He hit a double team DDT to Crews and Miz. He super kicked Miz and Crews. Luke Harper was #25 and attacked Crews then eliminated him with a back elbow. Harper and Orton have a staredown. Wyatt played peacekeeper but Harper hit Wyatt with a clothesline then a big boot to Orton. Harper went for Sister Abigail to Wyatt but Orton hit Harper with an RKO. Brock Lesnar came out at #26 with Paul Heyman. Lesnar took out Ambrose and eliminated him. Lesnar eliminated Ziggler then hit a german suplex to Rusev, Jericho, and Corbin. He hit an F5 to Miz, and Orton. Enzo Amore was #27 and had a staredown with Amore. Amore fired himself up but Lesnar hit a big clothesline and eliminated him. Lesnar with a belly to belly suplex to Jericho then a suplex to Rusev. Goldberg was #28. Goldberg and Lesnar have a staredown then Goldberg speared Lesnar then clotheslined him out of the ring. Goldberg with a clothesline to Corbin, Rusev and Jericho. Goldberg hit the Jackhammer to Zayn. Orton and Wyatt attacked Goldberg. Goldberg speared Orton and Wyatt.

The Undertaker was #29 and he appeared in the ring. Taker went for a chokeslam but Corbin and Rusev attacked Goldberg and Taker. Goldberg eliminated Rusev while Taker eliminated Corbin. Goldberg speared Taker. Goldberg eliminated Harper. Taker eliminated Goldberg. Taker started throwing bones at multiple souls. Taker chokeslams Miz and Zayn. Roman Reigns was #30. Reigns and Taker had a staredown then they exchanged right hands. Taker went for a chokeslam but Reigns fought out but ultimately Taker hit it. Taker eliminated The Miz then Zayn. Jericho went for a dive off the top rope but Taker hit a chokeslam. Reigns eliminated Taker.

The final four are Reigns, Jericho, Wyatt and Orton. Reigns hit a superman punch to Jericho and eliminated him. Wyatt and Orton double teamed Reigns. Orton hit a second rope DDT to Reigns. Reigns fought back and tossed out Wyatt. Orton hit an RKO to Reigns and clotheslines him out of the ring to win the match.

Winner: Orton!

Orton celebrates in the ring to close the show.

Entrant list:

1. Big Cass
2. Chris Jericho
3. Kalstio.
4. Mojo Rawley
5. Jack Gallagher
6. Mark Henry
7. Braun Strowman
8. Sami Zayn
9. The Big Show
10. Tye Dillinger
11. James Ellsworth
12. Dean Ambrose
13. Baron Corbin
14. Kofi Kingston
15. The Miz
16. Sheamus
17. Big E
18. Rusev
19. Cesaro
20. Xavier Woods
21. Bray Wyatt
22. Apollo Crews
23. Randy Orton
24. Dolph Ziggler
25. Luke Harper
26. Brock Lesnar
27. Enzo Amore
28. Goldberg
29. The Undertaker
30. Roman Reigns

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