WWE Smackdown (1/31) Results: Chamber Qualifying Matches


[Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location: Toledo, Ohio] [Date: 1/31/14]

Welcome to the last Friday night Smackdown of January, we are shown what happened on Raw with the Shield taking on Bryan, Cena and Sheamus from this past week’s Raw.

The Shield opens Smackdown, they are in the ring. Dean Ambrose says the Elimination Chamber is made for The Shield. He says that everyone knows that if the Shield was in the match that one of them would walk out with the WWE world heavyweight title. He brings up that Roman Reigns about him setting a record at the Royal Rumble. Ambrose said they will wipe The Wyatt Family off the earth, but Vickie Guerrero comes out. She starts by saying she will be making history, but Triple H walks out. He says he gets why they are mad with the Wyatt Family and to let it go, but Roman Reigns says they does not need Triple H’s approval. This makes HHH a bit upset and announces that The Shield will take on The Wyatts at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

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Elimination Chamber qualifying match: Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro with a drop kick right out of the box for a count of 2. Ziggler rolls him up for 2 then Cesaro with a roll up for 2 and then they both go for pin falls several times. Ziggler hits the fameaser for a count of 2 and Cesaro rolls out of the ring. Ziggler follows him and they run around the ring. Ziggler throws him into the ring, then Ziggler goes for a move, but Cesaro catches him for a huge back breaker for a near fall. Cesaro hits a under arm suplex for a near fall. Ziggler fires back with right hands, but Cesaro clotheslines him out to the floor.

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We come back and Cesaro is still in control. He locks in a headlock, but Ziggler fights out with elbows. He misses the big splash in the corner where he landed hard. Cole brings up Ziggler past with concussions. Cesaro with a huge suplex off the top rope for a near fall. Ziggler once again fights out of a headlock with a jaw breaker. Ziggler with a big drop kick and covers him for a near fall. Cesaro catches him with a right hand, but Ziggler reverses and locks in the sleeper hold. Cesaro battles out with a big suplex. Both men get to their feet, Cesaro goes for the big uppercut, but Ziggler reverses it into a DDT. Ziggler goes for Zig Zag, but blocked. Cesaro finishes things off with the giant swing and the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner: Antonio Cesaro

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R-Truth was on commentary for the match.

Fandango Vs. Xavier Woods

Fandango with a shoulder block, then does a bit of dancing. He turns around and walks into a drop kick by Woods. Woods goes for a move, but Fandango catches him with a slam for a near fall. Fandango with some kicks to the grounded Woods. He nails a clothesline followed by a headlock. Woods fights out, but cut off by Fandango. He throws him into he corner, but Woods reverses into a face first move. Woods can feel it, he lands a series of right hands then a big head butt. Woods with a forearm and then a drop kick. Fandango ducks out to the floor, Woods with a over the top rope dive taking out Fandango. Emma is in the crowd. Back in the ring, Woods is knocked off the top rope and Fandango hits a sit down suplex for the win.

Winner: Fandango

After the match Fandango attacks Woods, but Truth makes the save and nails the front face suplex for the win.

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Ryback and Curtis Axel Vs. Prime Time Players

Young and Axel start things off, slow start until Axel back him into their corner and tags in the big guy. Young fights back with right hands, but Ryback catches him with a kick then sends him to the floor. Young with a big right hand to Axel, but when he comes back in the ring. Ryback hits the meat hook clothesline then tags in Axel who hits his finisher for the win.

Winner: RyAxel

After the match, Titus O’Neil looks disgusted as Young bleeds form his mouth. O’Neil argues with him and is about to leave. Darren gets on the microphone and says they are like family. O’Neil says they are not family, since he has tagged with Young, he has been a loser. He says he came to the WWE to be a champion then attacks him. He beats him down and leaves Young on the floor.

Jake the “Snake” Roberts hall of fame video is shown.

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JBL grabs Zeb Colter to be on Commentary.

Elimination Chamber qualifying match: Christian vs. Jack Swagger

Jack gets on the attack first with right hands then throws Christian over the ring post to the floor (Awesome bump) Jack with a big knee to the ribs of Christian and throws him back into the ring. Jack locks in a waist lock, but the crowd gets behind Christian and he fights out of it. Christian is thrown into the corner and Jack talks’ trash. He walks into a big slap by Christian. Jack nails a knee to the ribs then the swagger bomb for a near fall. Jack who looks more intense, salutes the crowd. He hits a series of knees to the ribs of the retuning Christian. He puts him on the top rope, but Christian pushes him off. Christian with a kick followed by a big DDT for a count of 2. They trade right hands, then Christian trips him and lands a big slap while Jack is on the ropes. Christian comes off the top rope with a big drop kick for a count of 2. Christian with a spinning elbow off the top rope, he goes for his finisher, but blocked and Jack nails a big gut wrench powerbomb for a near fall. Christian goes for the Killswitch, but blocked. Jack locks in the ankle lock, but Christian rolls him up for a near fall. Jack misses a spear in the corner and Christian hits the splash off the top rope for the win.

Winner: Christian

After the match Zeb is mad and lets Swagger know about it.

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We see Christian walking in the back and Renee Young interviews him. He says he earned the spot in the chamber match,

Kofi Kingston Vs. Damien Sandow

Sandow with a flurry of strikes then a quick roll up for 2. A neck breaker then misses a splash in the corner. Kingston with a series of kicks then shoots off the ropes, but gets a knee to the ribs. Sandow with clubbing shots to Kingston ribs. Kofi fights out with an hip toss and lands a big boot. Kingston with chops to the chest of Sandow followed by a drop kick. Kingston misses a cross-body and Sandow covers him for 2 count. The crowd is dead, Kingston misses the trouble in paradise. Sandow goes for something, but blocked and Kofi hits the SOS for the win.

Winner: Kingston

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They show a vide recap of Brock Lesnar taking on the Rhode Brothers from Raw.

Triple H and Michael Cole’s weekly sit-down interview is shown.

Cody Rhodes Vs. Road Dogg

They lock up, Road Dogg with a kick to the gut then lands a series of right hands. Cody with a clothesline and both men regroup. Road Dogg with a kick to the injured arm of Cody. He works on it a bit with right hands and holds. Cody fights out of an arm submission and lands a big knee. Cody with a uppercut followed by the signature kick to the ribs. Cody with a spring board missile drop kick. On the outside, Billy and Goldust fight. Cody with a spring board drop kick on Billy. Road Dogg rolls him up for a 2 count. Cody hits the disaster kick for the win.

Winner: Rhodes

After the match, all four brawl and The Brotherhood gets the upper-hand to send the Outlaws to the back.

-Commercial Break-

The Divas match from Raw is shown.

The Shield is in the ring and waiting on their match when The Wyatt Family appears on the big screen for a promo. Luke Harper talked in this one about how the Shield picked a beautiful hill to die on. Rowan tells him to run!

The Shield vs. Sheamus, Daniel Bryan and Rey Mysterio

Sheamus and Rollins start things off, Sheamus with a head take over, he works the neck and then a big shoulder block. Reigns tagged in and the two men square off. Reigns with a shoulder block of his own, they square off again, but Reigns with a kick to the ribs. Reigns beats him down in the corner and then sends him into the ropes where he goes for a arm toss, but Sheamus nails a clothesline. Sheamus with a neck breaker for a count of 2. Sheamus goes for a clothesline, but they back him into the corner and put the knuckles to him. Ambrose now in, he lands right hands then send shim into the ropes, but Sheamus fights out by putting him on the top rope and hits a big knee. Sheamus with the clubbing shots to the exposed chest of Ambrose. Sheamus attacks Rollins and Reigns to send us to break.

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Rollins and Bryan battle it out, He lands a series of kicks then a big knee to the midsection. The fans are defiantly behind him, he locks in a leg surfboard. Bryan sends him back into their corner and tagged in. Rey hits a kick to the face of for a count of 2. Rollins reverses and lands a kick to the gut. He sends Rey into the corner but Rey with a kick followed by a head scissors. Rey goes for 619, but Ambrose is tagged in and takes out Rey when he comes off the ropes. The Shield keeps control until Rey battles out of a suplex on the top rope and lands a head take over that sends Rollins to the corner face first. Bryan gets the hot tag and clears house. Bryan with a flip out of the corner and lands a clothesline. Bryan is hyped up, he lands the series of kicks to the chest, but misses the head kick. Reigns push him to the ropes, but he goes for a clothesline and Bryan dumps him to the floor. He lands a dive to Reigns then one Ambrose. Sheamus with a back breaker on Rollins. Reigns with a superman punch to Sheamus, but when reigns turn around. Bryan catches him with a missile drop kick off the top rope for a near fall. Bryan locks in the yes lock, but Dean Ambrose makes the save. Sheamus takes him out with the probe kick. Rey is tagged in and he takes him out with a dive. Rey drop kicks Rollins off the apron and Bryan nails the big knee to the face of Rollins. Rey turns around and is met with powerbomb, but blocked. Rey goes for the 619, but runs into a huge spear for the win. (wow)

Winner: The Shield

The Shield argues in in the corner by the steps to end this week’s Smackdown. Thanks for everyone checking out the coverage tonight and we will see you Monday for Raw.

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