WWE Smackdown (11/14) Results: Ryback Vs. Kane


[Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location: Liverpool, England] [Date: 11/14/14] [Airing Live On Syfy]

Welcome to Friday night Smackdown, the weekly opening video package is shown of the feud between Team Authority and Team Cena.


Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring to kick off Smackdown and the Highlight Reel. Jericho does his usual Jericho catchphrases. He asked who was Adam Rose’s bunny. Jericho thinks it is Funaki. He brings out Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. They make their way down to the ring and he wants to know why are they on the show? Stephanie asked how long it has been since Jericho’s been in Liverpool. She said that she likes to have fun with the fans and says that they would not have a show without them. She said that the WWE needs Superstars and Divas that the fans can believe in. She gets a cheap YES chant going with the crowd. She said that Daniel Bryan might be gone, but the fans still chant for him. She asked where the WWE would be without a McMahon in charge. Jericho said that he could run the WWE and he likes what John Cena stands for. He said that the WWE Universe could run the WWE by saying YES or No. Jericho asked the fans if they would like to see HHH cleaning the toilets in the arena or Stephanie being thrown in a pool of pudding by Vickie Guerrero again. This leads to a video recap of that actually happening. Triple H cuts him off and gets upset. Triple H said that he does not Jericho’s acceptance from anyone. The wolf does not ask to be impressed by the sheep. He said that once they win at Survivor Series then they will be the ones laughing. Triple H adds that Jericho needs to keep that in mind. He said that the next time Jericho calls to return, they might have erased his existence from the WWE. Jericho said that he is going to sing the Nanananana hey hey, goodbye song after the Authority loses at Survivor Series.

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Bray Wyatt vs. Sin Cara in a singles match.

They lock up, Wyatt with an uppercut. Wyatt misses a clothesline and Cara takes him out with a springboard crossbody. Cara goes to the apron and nailed a kick to Wyatt’s face. Cara up to the top rope, but misses a dive and Wyatt takes him out with a clothesline. Wyatt nailed a splash in the corner and follows it up with a suplex. Wyatt laughs in the ring, he finishes it off with Sister Abigail for the win.

Winner: Wyatt

After the match, Wyatt cuts a promo about how Dean Ambrose is screaming for help. Wyatt said when he was a child, he would pray that his daddy would come home, but he did not and it was all darkness. Wyatt said that all he has to do is to embrace him. This leads to Dean Ambrose making his way down to the ring, but Wyatt rolls out of the ring before Ambrose can get to him. Wyatt continues to talk on the mic by saying that all he has to do is push Dean Ambrose’s buttons to see him. Wyatt walks into the ring, but walks right into a right hand. Wyatt walks to the back as he said that he is the key to the light.

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Goldust and Stardust vs. Adam Rose and The Bunny in a tag team match.

Stardust and Goldust double team Adam Rose in the early going. The fans get behind Rose as he fights out a of a headlock held by Gold. Rose with a big boot and then tags in The Bunny who cleans house on Stardust. He goes to the top rope and Stardust put the knees up to block the dive. Stardust nailed his finisher for the win. 

Winners: Goldust and Stardust 

Rose looks disgusted with The Bunny. Rose nailed the Party Foul to the The Bunny.

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Dolph Ziggler cuts a backstage promo about the Authority is throwing everything at him. He has taken curb stomps, steel cage matches and now he is defending his IC title tonight. He said that the clock is ticking and for the next ten days he has to survive.

The Ryback hype video package is shown. Ryback cuts a promo backstage about his match with Kane tonight and how it is almost feeding time.

Dolph Ziggler © vs. Tyson Kidd and Cesaro in elimination triple threat intercontinental title match

Cesaro nailed a big boot to Ziggler and belly to belly suplex on Kidd. Cesaro runs into a big boot by Kidd. Ziggler nailed a drop kick to Cesaro. Kidd with a quick roll up to Ziggler, Cesaro breaks it up and all three men nailed a series of quick pin attempts. All only get a count of 2. Ziggler with a drop kick to Cesaro. Dolph with a elbow drop to Kidd. We head to break.

Back from break, Kidd and Dolph go for a double team suplex, but that gets blocked and Cesaro nailed one of his own to both men. Cesaro goes for a powerbomb and nailed it. Kidd with a springboard elbow drop on Ziggler. Cesaro nailed a power slam to Kidd and Cesaro covers Ziggler for 2. Cesaro misses a spear and eats the turnbuckle. Dolph with the fameasser on Kidd for 2. Cesaro puts Ziggler on the top turnbuckle, but Ziggler fights him off with right hands. Kidd nailed a drop kick to Cesaro and a baseball slide to Ziggler. Cesaro with a belly to belly suplex to Kidd. Cesaro with a big time uppercut to Kidd and covers him for 2. Ziggler off the top rope with a crossbody onto Cesaro for 2. Dolph with a splash to Cesaro and then Kidd in each corner. Ziggler with a neck breaker to Kidd and a DDT to Cesaro for a near fall. Kidd cuts him off with a neck breaker for 2. Kidd heads to the top rope, but Cesaro cuts him off with an uppercut. Cesaro climbs the middle rope, but Kidd fights him off. Ziggler up there as well. Kidd with a sunset flip into a powerbomb and Ziggler gets suplexed off the top rope as well. Kidd locked in a sharpshooter on Cesaro, but Cesaro powers out and sends Kidd to the floor. Ziggler goes for the DDt, but Cesaro blocked and hit a uppercut. Kidd with a springboard move, but caught and Cesaro hit a backbreaker for 2.

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