WWE Smackdown (12/6) Results: Orton Vs. Bryan


Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown and we are airing from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Randy Orton comes to the ring; he starts out by talking about or more less hyping up their TLC match. He says that he will overcome what Cena did to him on Raw and then shows us what happened on Raw. He says that even though he is beaten up, he is not going to complain and in ten days he will prove that he is the greatest superstar of any generation. He says he doesn’t like John Cena but he does like the “Authority” because they know what’s best for business. He wants to apologize to Stephanie and Triple H. Daniel Bryan comes out, he says that Orton should apologize to all the fans for impersonating being a champion. He says that he never really beat Bryan and hasn’t forgotten about what Orton has done to him. He says that no matter who wins at TLC, he will be right there and challenging for that title. He says he feels like putting a knee to that chin of Orton. He challenges Orton but Randy No! He asks the crowd and says Yes! Yes! Yes! Randy leaves the ring and retreats to the back.

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Big E. Langston vs. Fandango

Damien Sandow is on commentary, they start off with a test of strength but Langston with a big back body drop then some shoulder tackles in the corner. He sends Fandango out of the ring but Fandango meets him with a clothesline. Back in the ring, Fandango puts some right hands on the big chin. Fandango with a chin lock but Langston fights out with a big lift and a clothesline. Here comes Big E. followed by a belly to belly. He hits the big splash but when he picks him up he eats a boot for a near fall. Fandango on the top rope but Langston pulls him down then hits the big ending.

Winner: Big E. Langston in 3:00

After the match He and Damien Sandow stare down each other.

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Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel

Ryback and Cody start things off with Cody getting the upper hand then tags in Goldust. A double team move followed by a knee drop to the back of the head. Ryback picks him up and drops Goldust on the ropes for a near fall. Ryback with a suplex then a elbow drop, Axel in and hits an elbow drop of the top for 2. Ryback and Axel stay in control with double team moves until Axel misses a drop kick and Goldust rolls him up for 2. Goldust with a fall away slam then tags in Cody. His little brother clears house with a drop kick then some right hands. He misses disaster kick and Axel throws him in the corner where Cody rolls him up for 2. Cody sends Axel shoulder first into the corner then this a moonsult for a near fall when Ryback breaks it up. Goldust takes out Ryback to the floor. Cody hits the disaster kick off the announce table on Ryback. Back in the ring Axel rolls him up for the quick win,

Winner: Axel and Ryback in 4:00

Randy Orton Vs. Daniel Bryan is set for tonight.

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Bad News is once again, Wade Barrett calls the crowd sheep that will get slaughtered. How lovely.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Kofi Kingston

When Kingston is on the top rope during his entrance he is attacked from behind. He throws Kingston into the ring and rolls him back in the ring. Del Rio hits the super kick then the arm bar with the referee breaking it up.

This is a no contest

The Shield does a promo in the back and about CM Punk how bad they are going to hurt him tonight.

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CM Punk Vs. Dean Ambrose

Lock up then some grappling on the mat with headlocks. Punk misses a wild kick then a big boot. Punk with a leg drop four times for a near fall, Punk with a forearm but when he shoots off the ropes, Ambrose hits a knee to the gut. Ambrose with a big clothesline followed by a headlock. Punk fights out with a heel kick then an elbow. He goes for the GTS but blocked. He tries it again and sends him on the apron. Ambrose rolls out to the floor. Ambrose tries to get In the ring but Punk with a drop kick. When he goes out there, Ambrose runs him into the side of the ring several times. Back in the ring, Ambrose stays in control until Ambrose misses a dive off the top rope. Punk with a spring board clothesline for a near fall. Back and forth we go, Ambrose locks in a headlock but Punk catches him with a kick then hits the GTS for the win.

Winner: CM Punk in 12:00

Rey Mysterio does a backstage promo but interrupted by the Real Americans. Zeb Colter does a promo about Mysterio being Hispanic.

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Natalya Vs. Tamina Snuka

AJ Lee is on commentary, A side headlock but Snuka got out of it. Snuka controls most of the match. Snuka misses the splash off the top and Natalya covers her for the win.

Winner: Natalya

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This week in Smackdown history video package is shown that takes up some time.

Big Show and Rey Mysterio Vs. Real Americans

Show and Swagger starts things off but Show takes control early. A quick tag to Rey who this a head take over. Swagger catches him in mid air and connects with a electric chair. The real Americans stay in control with quick tags in and out until Big Show gets the hot tag. Show clears house with clotheslines then a back body drop. Show shoves Swagger out of the ring then a big splash in the corner followed by splash on Cesaro but Swagger breaks it up. Rey hits the 619 on Swagger and Show finishes it off with a choke slam on Cesaro. A splash from Rey onto Cesaro finishes this one off.

Winners: Show & Mysterio

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The weekly sit down interview with Triple H is shown.

Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan

A feeling out process starts then a kick from Orton to the gut of Bryan. Orton shoots off the ropes but Bryan catches him with a knee to the gut. Bryan with kicks in the corner but Orton nails a head butt in the corner. Orton with right hands but Bryan lands some of his own. Bryan works the left arm then a well-placed kick to the arm. Bryan continues to work the arm until Orton hits a back breaker for 2. Orton misses a knee drop and here comes Bryan with several kicks. Bryan drop kicks Orton out of the ring then goes for a dive but Orton gets out of the way

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Orton is in full control and is for a bit until hits a drop kick in the corner three twice. Bryan puts him on the top rope and nails a head take over. Orton cuts him off with a back breaker followed by the DDT off the second rope. Orton calls for the end and goes for the RKO but blocked and Bryan rolls him up for 2. Bryan with a huge kick then he goes to the top rope for the head butt. Before he can come off, It goes black and the Wyatt family are outside the ring. Off the distraction, Orton hits the RKO for the win.

Winner: Orton in 11:30

Bray Wyatt comes on the screen saying tick tock; he says stop fighting and join us.

End of the show and thanks for reading.

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