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WWE SmackDown 2/21/17 Results – #1 Contender’s Battle Royal


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We’re back with Cena hit a double german suplex to Ambrose and Styles. Corbin hit End of Days to Cena and Ambrose sent Corbin to the floor for the elimination. Corbin pulled Ambrose out of the ring and hit End of Days. Miz tossed Cena to the floor for the elimination. Cena went after him while The Miz ran through the crowd. Harper sent him to the apron but Styles got into the ring. Ambrose put both of them on the apron but Harper dragged him out to the apron. They hit a double kick to Ambrose for the elimination. We’re down to Styles and Harper. They exchanged shots and Styles put him on the apron. Harper and Styles both fell to the floor. There is confusion between the referees as to who is the winner. Bryan ran down to the ring and talked to the referees. Bryan announced that the match ends in a draw and there is no winner. He said that they will determine a winner next week. Styles pushes Harper and Harper hit a big clothesline to Styles. Wyatt appeared on the big screen laughing to close the show.

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