WWE Smackdown (4/10) Results: Six Man Tag Team Match


[Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location: Lafayette, Louisiana] [Date: 4/11/14]

Welcome to WWE Smackdown, We are shown a graphic that says in memory of the Ultimate Warrior. 

We kick things off with John Cena making his way out to the ring. He says it’s been a busy week. He says that
WrestleMania 30 started off in a great way with Hogan, Rock and Austin kicking off the
show in the same ring together. He says that Bray Wyatt still can’t see
him and sadly we saw the Undertaker lose at WrestleMania. He brings up
that Daniel Bryan won the WWE title, which got a big pop from the crowd.
He turns down the highlights of this past mondays’ Raw. He says that
the future is now and there so many upcoming stars, however, he makes
that it is known that he is the standard that all of them show tries to
be. He is John Cena and if they want to get to the top of the mountain,
then they will have to go through him. The Wyatt Family interrupts and
Luke Harper says he needs to accept his future. Bray says that he is
different and everyone should accept that everyone is different. He says
that he saw John Cena has heart and he is free since Cena beat him. He
says he knows that Cena was so scared to face him, but he just needed a
push. He says that this party is far from over. He’s got the whole wide
world in his hands….

6 Man tag team match featuring Randy Orton, Batista and Kane taking on Daniel Bryan and the Usos for our main event.

Cesaro and Paul Heyman are shown making their way to the ring.

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Paul Heyman comes out before the match and introduces “the King of Swing” Cesaro. He says that he is the greatest manager of all time. 

Cesaro Vs. The Big Show

They shake hands, then lock up. Show throws him across the ring to show off his power. Cesaro runs into a shoulder
block by the Big Show. The Big with a giant chop to the chest of Cesaro. He
throws him back into the ring, but Cesaro hits a big boot to the chin. Cesaro
attempts to suplex the Big Show over the top rope, but blocked. Big Show sits
down on Cesaro chest and goes to the KO punch. Cesaro slides to the floor and
regroups with Paul Heyman.


We are
back on Friday night Smackdown with Big Show landing a big slap to the chest of
Cesaro jumps on his back and locks in a rear naked choke. Show fights out of
the submission hold. Show misses a splash in the corner and Cesaro locks in a
rear naked choke again. Show fights out again and lands a series of
clotheslines. He goes for the choke slam, but blocked and Cesaro once again
locks in a rear naked choke. Show falls backwards to break the hold. Show
climbs the top rope and goes for a dive, but Cesaro moves. Cesaro attempts to
go for the Giant Swing, but Jack Swagger attacks him from behind and locks in
the ankle lock causing the DQ.

via DQ in 

Show clotheslines him out of the ring. However Cesaro hits a stiff uppercut on the Big Show
and hits the Neutralizer to send a further message. That was impressive.


Ryback and Curtis Axel Vs. Los Matadores

Ryback start things off, he misses a wild right hand and Matadore lands a drop kick on the big man. Matadore is thrown into the corner but kicks him in the face. He flies off the top rope, but caught by Ryback who hits a power slam. He tags in Curtis Axel  who kicks Matadore in the face. He chops the chest Matadore and then nails a splash while Matadore was in the corner. Ryback tagged in and he locks in a headlock. Matadore fights out of it and lands a drop kick. Axel tags in and the other Matadore tagged in. Matadore clears house, he with a head take over. Axel throws him into the corner, but runs into a en elbow. Matadore hits a DDT. Ryback is sent to the floor and the Bull tries to take him out witha  dive. Matadore hits a elbow dive off the apron to Ryback. Axel hits a neck breaker for the win.

Winner: Ryback and Curtis Axel in 4:58.

RVD does a quick interview about how it feels to be back in WWE. He says that he is so happy to be back and everything is cool when you are RVD.

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RVD Vs. Damien Sandow
lock up, RVD with a kick to the face and then goes for his signature
pose. Sandow rolls him up for a near fall. RVD catches him in the face
with a kick and then hits rolling thunder. Sandow rolls out of the ring,
then RVD hits a baseball slide. He misses a moonsualt and Sandow sends
him head first into the apron. Sandow hits a big elbow drop and then
head butts to the back of the head of RVD. Sandow locks in a headlock,
but RVD fights out. RVD with a roll up for a near fall. RVD goes for the
five star frog splash, but Sandow knocks him down. Sandow goes for a
superplex, but RVD knocks him down and hits the frog splash for the win. 

Winner: RVD in 4:24 

-Commercial Break- 

Hogan comes down to the ring, he says when he saw Daniel Bryan raise
the WWE World Heavyweight title over his head it made him proud. He
brings out Bryan. Daniel Bryan says that this is the best week of his
life as he won the WWE title and getting married this week. He says that
Hulk Hogan is the greatest WWE Superstar of all time. He says that he
listened to everything Hogan said when he was a kid. He said his
prayers, took his vitiams. He says he has been a Hogan fan forever, but
one thing that could make this week better. It would be cool to have
Hogan do his signature poses in the ring to the fans. He joins him in
doing them for a feel good moment.

-Commercial Break-

Wade Barrett Vs. Kofi Kingston

Barrett with a series of right
hands, he sends him into the corner. Kofi hits a springboard drop kick
and a series of roundhouse kicks. Kofi with a springboard cross-body for
a near fall. Kofi with a big clothesline and then hits the boom drop. Kofi goes for the trouble in paradise, but Barrett slides out of the ring just in time. He gets back into the ring where Barrett hits the bull hammer for the win.

Winner: Barrett at 1:55

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