WWE Smackdown (5/1) Results: U.S Title Match


After the match, Batista continues to beat down Rollins. He hits
the Batista bomb to send a further message.

-Commercial Break-

John Cena & The Usos Vs. The Wyatt Family

Rowan and Cena start things off, Cena with a suplex on Rowan and
super Cena is fired up. Harper is tagged in, Cena with a bulldog and then a big
boot. He tags in Jey who lands a series of uppercuts. He tags in Jimmy who
lands a chop to the chest of Harper. He rolls him up for a near fall. Harper
with a major league chop to the chest of Jimmy, he tags in Rowan. He lands a
big right hand; he throws Jimmy into the corner and then a uppercut. He tags in
Jey, but Rowan throws him into the corner and then tosses him across the ring.
Bray Wyatt tagged in, he beats down Jey, then hits a big elbow drop followed by
a series of right hands. Bray with a big splash in the corner. He begins to
walk upside down, but Jey kicks his hands. He fights back with a series of
right hands. He lands an uppercut and sends Bray out to the floor. Harper
tagged in and cuts Jey off. He connects with the gator roll. He locks in a
headlock, but Jey fights out. He runs into a big boot by Harper. Rowan tagged
in and continues to beat down Jey. However Jey sends Rowan into the corner, but
Rowan lands a suplex on Jey, but misses a splash. Jey tags in his bro who
clears house. He hits a heel kick followed by a splash in the corner. Jimmy
hits a kick to the gut of Bray. He nails a super kick to Harper for a near
fall. Cena and Bray brawl on the floor. Rowan joins them, Jey takes out the
three men at ringside. Harper with a clothesline Jimmy out of nowhere for the

Winners: The Wyatt Family.

The Wyatt’s stand tall to end this edition of Friday night Smackdown.

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