WWE Smackdown (5/2) Results: U.S Title Match


[Show: WWE Smackdown] [Location: Kansas City, MO] [Date: 5/1/14]

Welcome to Friday night Smackdown, we get things kicked off with a video package recapping the Shield – Evolution program. 

The Wyatt Family comes out to the ring to kick things off. 

The Wyatt Family vs. The Usos and Sheamus 

Harper and Jey start things off, Jey with a big boot followed by a roll up for a near fall. Jey
nails a shoulder block for a near fall and then tags in Sheamus. He
comes in, lands a series of right hands, he is backed into the corner.
Eric Rowan tagged in and lands a series of right hands. Rowan tags in
Harper, Sheamus tries to mount an offense and hits a rolling senton. He
hits a knee drop on Harper for a near fall. Sheamus goes for a neck
breaker, but blocked. Harper with a big uppercut and tags in Rowan. Eric
throws him into the corner, but misses a splash. Sheamus with a spear
followed by a running knee to the face. Sheamus runs into an elbow, but
clotheslines Rowan out to the floor. 

-Commercial Break-

We’re back and the Wyatt Family is in control, Bray with a running splash into the corner laying out Sheamus. Rowan hits a suplex as he gets tagged in. Quick in and out tags by the Family until Sheamus
hits a back breaker on Harper. He tags in Jimmy, he clears house. He
hits a Samoan drop on Harper and then a superkick. He follows it up with
an enziguri, followed by a splash in the corner. Jimmy knocks Bray and
Rowan off the apron. He nails a dive off the top rope, but crashes and
burns. Harper with a sit down powerbomb for a near fall! Harper is
speared by Jey and things break down in the ring. Rowan sends Jey out to
the floor, but kicked with the Brogue Kick. Bray takes him out and
Jimmy takes him out. Jimmy with nails a super kick on Harper, but Bray
hits a tag on Harper and hits sister Abigail on Jimmy for the win.

Winners: Wyatts in 10:12 

After the match a huge brawl is started out on the floor. However the Wyatt Family gets the advantage and they lay out everyone. 

-Commercial Break-

It’s contract signing time for Hornswoggle and EL Torito. Apparently Hornswoggle has
some demands he wants, he wants M&MS, greatest hits of 3MB, ten
copies of a DVD and then the bull starts talking. He says if you mess with the bull, then you get the horns. They sing and then see who is the taller man, this ends in a brawl. The Bull gets the better of Hornswoggle and we all just wasted five minutes of our lives.

-Commercial Break-

R-Truth Vs. Alexander Rusev
trade right hands, R-Truth nails a heel kick that knocks Rusev down.
Rusev  knocks Woods down with a big right hand, then shoves R-Truth into
the apron. Back in the ring, Woods attacks R-Truth from behind causing
the DQ. 

Winner: Rusev in 49 seconds. 

Woods takes out out Rusev on the outside and they stand tall in the ring. 

-Commercial Break-

Daniel Bryan makes his way out to the ring, he says that we take care of our
families. This Sunday, he will walk in and walk out as the champion.
This is just more than the championships, it’s about being beat up,
beaten down and Kane putting his hands on his wife! This is a war, Kane will be going home, which is straight to hell. Kane comes on the big screen, he says that going to hell is not a bad thing. When they arrive there together and give you a tour. Kane video package is shown. 

-Commercial Break-

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Damien Sandow
Ziggler with a hip toss and then works the left arm of Sandow. Damien nails right hands, but Ziggler hits
a splash in the corner. Ziggler with an elbow drop for  a near fall.
Sandow with a neck breaker for a near fall. Sandow with a series of
knees to the face. Ziggler rolls him up for a near fall, Sandow locks in
an arm submission, but Ziggler fights out. Sandow with a kick followed
by a neck breaker. Ziggler fights back with right hands, he nails a
dropkick followed by the Zig Zag for the win.

Winner: Ziggler in 3:07. 

-Commercial Break-

Big E Vs. Titus O’Neal
E with a big takedown, he hits a shoulder block. Big E clotheslines
O’Neal out of the ring. O’Neal sends Big E over the announce table and
then back into the ring. O’Neal does not break the count of five and is

Winner: Big E at 2:13 

After the match, Big E attacks O’Neal and lays him out. 

-Commercial Break-

John Cena – Bray Wyatt video package is shown. 

Wyatt does backstage promo about John Cena and the awesome Monday Night
segment on Raw. He says he will lead the light for the children, this
Sunday he will be taking all of the Cenation with him and they will all
be his. 

U.S Title match: Dean Ambrose (c) Vs. Ryback Vs. Curtis Axel Vs. Alberto Del Rio 

Here we go, they
corner the champion. Ambrose fights out, but all three men beat him
down. Ambrose fights back, but the numbers game catches up to him and
they toss him out of the ring. Axel rolls up Del Rio, Del Rio rolls up
Ryback. Ryback and Axel start arguing, here comes Ambrose. He beats Axel
down, but runs into a spine buster by Ryback and we go to break. 

-Commercial Break- 

back and Ryback is beating down Del Rio in the corner. He and Axel use
some double team work on the big guy. Hoover Del Rio fights out and hits
 a back stabber on Ryback. Axel with a running knee to the face of Del
Rio. Ambrose tries to mount some offense, but is sent out to the floor.
Axel nails a drop kick on Del Rio. However Del Rio fights back and nails
a german suplex on Ryback after he hit Axel with a drop kick. Del Rio
and Ambrose trade right hands, he sends Ryback to the floor, and then a dropkick on Del Rio. Axel with a clothesline on Ambrose, he goes for the suplex,
but Ambrose reverses and hits a huge clothesline for a near fall.
Ryback sends Ambrose into the time keepers’ area. Del Rio hits a enziguri on Ryback and Axel hits the perfect plex
on Del Rio for a near fall. Axel puts Del Rio on the top rope, Del Rio
fights him off and hits a double stomp to the chest of Axel. Del Rio
misses the superkick and Ryback accidental hits a the clothesline on
Axel. Del Rio locks in the arm bar on Ryback, but Ryback hits a slam to
get out for a near fall. Axel pulls him out to break the pin attempt,
Ambrose rolls up Axel for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose 

After the match Ryback and Curtis Axel attack Ambrose after the match. The Shield came out to make the save. They hit a triple powerbomb on Axel to end this edition of Smackdown thanks for reading along.

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