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WWE SmackDown April 10, 2020 Full Results Report


It’s the SmackDown After WrestleMania!

SmackDown has new champions in Braun Strowman and Bliss-Cross! But there’s no time to rest, the Kabuki Warriors want their titles back! Are Alexa and Nikki ready for the rematch?


  • WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Bliss-Cross VS The Kabuki Warriors; Bliss-Cross wins and retains the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.
  • Tucker Knight VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Sonya Deville; Ziggler wins.
  • The Forgotten Sons VS Lucha House Party; The Forgotten Sons win.
  • Sheamus VS Cal Bloom; Sheamus wins.
  • Braun Strowman VS Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Cesaro; Strowman wins.


SmackDown opens with BRAUN!

The Triple Crown Monster Among Men is here with his WWE Universal Championship! Goldberg is a living legend, but not even he could keep Strowman down on the Greatest Stage of Them All. Of course, Strowman had to hit Goldberg with more than anyone else he’d faced before, but he still got these hands on the title. “There’s an old saying: When opportunity knocks on the door, you answer it.” Strowman answered and knocked the door off the hinges! Spear after spear after spear wasn’t enough. Goldberg is a WWE Hall of Famer for a reason, but Strowman refused to stay down. And now Strowman is our Universal Champion! To have it happen at WrestleMania makes that his greatest moment in his career, but now his moment is being interrupted.

Shinsuke Nakamura heads to the ring, and without Sami Zayn or Cesaro. The King of Strong Style goes to the ring with a mic but Strowman asks what he wants. “You said when opportunity knocks, you better open the door.” Well Nakamura is knocking on the door! Strowman, say, “Who’s there?” Like a joke. Well Nakamura is here, knocking on the door. He heard all the talk about the WrestleMania Moment. But the last time we saw Strowman, he LOST! Strowman tells Nakamura to shut up because no one tuned in to hear him talk. How about Strowman knock-knock the crap out of Nakamura?

Be careful what you wish for. Because Nakamura remembers an old Japanese saying: The weak are the meat, and the strong eat. Well here’s a proverb that works in any language: Nakamura will #GetTheseHands! But then Cesaro appears outta nowhere! Strowman knocks Cesaro out of the ring but Nakamura ROUNDHOUSES him! Strowman staggers but stays up as Nakamura and Cesaro head to the back. Will the Artist Collective take another title from Strowman?

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships: Bliss-Cross VS The Kabuki Warriors!

The Goddess and Loony Lass brought these titles back to SmackDown after an epic showdown with Raw’s Asuka and Kairi Sane! But now, the Empress of Tomorrow and the Pirate Princess want their treasure back! Will Alexa and Nikki have the shortest reign in these titles’ young history? Or are they ready for the rematch?

The introductions are made, the belts are raised, and the teams sort out. We begin with Kairi going right at Alexa with a dropkick! Kairi rains down angry rights and then puts Alexa in the corner. Tag to Asuka and Asuka hits Nikki while Kairi stomps Alexa. Asuka returns to stomp Alexa and dig her heels in. Tag to Kairi and the Kabuki double suplex. Alexa resists and throws forearms! But that’s 2v1 and she gets thrown down by her hair! Asuka and Kairi take a moment to boast before Kairi stalks Alexa at the ropes. Kairi pulls ALexa’s hair while also choking her on the ropes. The ref counts and Kairi lets up to club Alexa on the back. Kairi whips but Alexa arm-drags to a cover, TWO! Alexa SLAPS Kairi so Kairi throws hands. The two brawl, Kairi stomps feet, then drags Alexa over.

Asuka tags in and she again hits Nikki first. Kairi stomps Alexa down then Asuka adds stomps of her own. Asuka talks trash in Japanese while digging her heels in again. The ref backs her off but Kairi tags in. The Kabuki double whip Alexa for a flurry of kicks! Camel clutch basement dropkick! Kairi mocks Alexa while sitting on her for a cover. TWO, but Kairi tags in Asuka. Kairi drags Alexa up but Alexa dropkicks back! Kairi flops out of the ring but Asuka hops down to regroup with her. Alexa runs and wrecks Kairi with a dropkick, but then Asuka wrecks Alexa with a hip attack! Kairi laughs while Asuka hops on commentary. “Yes! I’m on commentary! YES!”

Asuka talks trash to Nikki in Japanese but Nikki jumps on the desk with her! The two scrap, but Alexa trips up Asuka! Asuka hits hard as she falls! Then Nikki LEAPS onto Asuka! Kairi shouts for Asuka-nee as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Asuka wrenches Nikki’s arm over and over. Nikki fights back with forearms but Asuka throws her down by her hair. Asuka tags Kairi and they keep Nikki from Alexa. They double whip and Kairi runs in for a big forearm! Asuka runs in to hip attack! Nikki is down and Kairi covers, TWO! Kairi toys with Nikki now as she slaps her around and kicks her on the mat. She brings Nikki up to club her down, then Alabama lifts. Nikki sunset flips, ONE! Nikki crawls but Kairi drops an elbow! Cover, TWO! Kairi drags Nikki around while laughing at Alexa. Kairi brings Nikki over, wrenches the hair, then tags in Asuka. The Kabuki mug Nikki and Asuka stomps her down. Asuka runs in but Nikki elbows back! Nikki hits Kairi then boots Asuka! Asuka chokes Nikki and throws in knees!

Asuka runs in but Nikki rolls her up! TWO, and Nikki scurries towards Alexa. Asuka anchors a foot and reels Nikki in. Nikki fights the German Suplex off to BULLDOG! Hot tag to Alexa! Kairi tags in but the Five Foot Fury rallies, slaps, ROCKS and dropkicks Kairi! Alexa is fired up as she drops knees, then handsprings. Insult2Injury misses at the last second, and Kairi SPEARS Alexa down! Cover, TWO! Kairi grows frustrated and she argues with the ref. She then smiles as she brings Alexa back up. Alexa ROCKS Kairi again, and brings her over to tag in Nikki. Bliss-Cross have Kairi but Asuka ROUNDHOUSES Alexa down! Kairi’s back hand knocks Nikki down! Nikki runs in but misses in the corner! Asuka tags in and she’s after Nikki! Nikki resists but Asuka still brings her over to Kairi. KABUKI DOOMSDAY! ARMBAR!!

Nikki flails, moves around, gets a cover, TWO! Asuka gets Nikki in the ASUKA LOCK! Alexa attacks but Kairi gives her a BLOCKBUSTER! Kairi fires up with Asuka-nee and they tag. Kairi goes back up and says this will end it! InSANE Elbow misses! Nikki decks Asuka then dodges Kairi to tag in Alexa! Alexa ducks the back hand to boot Kairi. Alexa grins as she hits her DDT! But Asuka drags Kairi out of the cover! Nikki leaps, but into a KNEE! Asuka helps Kairi but Alexa is up top! Alexa gives a SUPER TWISTED BLISS to them both!! The Kabuki go down in a heap but Alexa puts Kairi in. Alexa heads back up, but Kairi moves. Nikki tags in as Alexa blocks a kick. Alexa ROCKS Kairi, Nikki hits THE PURGE! Cover, Bliss-Cross win!!

Winners: Bliss-Cross, by pinfall (still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions)

The best friends fend off the Joshi royalty! Will they keep this second reign going through the Spring into the Summer?

Ladies and Gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is back and is grateful for letting him into our homes. He is in a good mood after putting an end to King Baron Corbin. He’s sure we do, as he got all our messages. Elias has a song titled, “Walk With the King,” but wants us to first turn the volume up. Then Elias begins to play and sings, “WrestleMania, everybody can sing~! Elias, he came and dethroned the king~.” IF you doubted him, he doesn’t blame you at all. From this very perch, he took a hell of a fall. Just like Simba, he returned. For a new king, the people yearned. Look to the horizon, what do you see? Elias says it’s Money in the Bank and that briefcase. It’ll be a guitar case when he becomes champ. Then the world will sing, “Walk With Elias!”

SmackDown looks back on the romance of Otis and Mandy Rose.

A scheme cooked up by Mandy’s own friend, Sonya Deville, and the Show-Off, Dolph Ziggler, was exposed! Mandy cut ties with Sonya and Ziggler, but they together worked to cheat Otis during the WrestleMania match. But then Mandy would stand by her man and go after Sonya! She also screwed Ziggler and Otis got the win! The Dozer gets the win and the girl, and all is right in Otis’s world!

Ziggler and Sonya barge out into the arena.

They both yell at commentary. They haven’t heard from Mandy all week and are upset. Ziggler defends there was doctored footage in that hacker’s “reveal.” They just want the best for Mandy. But here comes Tucker to retort! “Dolph, I’m sorry, I can see you’re busy,” but clearly he is still smitten with Otis’s kitten. Here’s some pictures Ziggler deserves to see. Couples that work out together stay together. Bananas are great potassium, by the way. Otis and Mandy are a bit busy, but Tucker is here to settle things on his end. Will Tucky bulldoze Ziggler to add on to Ziggler’s woes?

Tucker Knight VS Dolph Ziggler w/ Sonya Deville!

SmackDown returns with the bell. Ziggler rushes Tucker but gets huge hands! Sonya talks trash and Tucker gets distracted, but he manages to deny the Zigzag. Tucker POSTS Ziggler then stomps him all around. Tucker drags Ziggler up for a BIG suplex! Cover, TWO! Tucker goes after Ziggler at the ropes with clubbing forearms. Ziggler elbows back hard then leaps, but is caught! Tucker catapults Ziggler into buckles! Tucker is fired up as Ziggler flops out of the ring. Sonya coaches Ziggler up but Tucker goes out after him. Tucker CLUBS Ziggler on the back and then brings him to commentary. Tucker bounces Ziggler off the desk before refreshing the count. “You wanna use steps, huh?!” He’ll give it back, as he whips Ziggler into them!

The ref counts again as Tucker pulls the steps apart. Tucker refreshes the count at 5 then goes after Ziggler. But Ziggler rakes Tucker’s eyes! Sonya kept the ref distracted so Ziggler gets away with that. Ziggler leaps, but the Zigzag is TOSSED onto the desk!! Sonya is in shock as Ziggler writhes and crawls. Tucker grins as he catches his breath. Tucker fetches Ziggler as the ring count passes 5 and puts him in the ring. He brings Ziggler up, whips him and scoops,m for a BIG spinning powerslam! Cover, TWO!! Tucker keeps his cool while Sonya is at a loss for words. Tucker drags Ziggler back up but Ziggler throws body shots. Ziggler bobs ‘n’ weaves but Tucker LARIATS him down! Tucker demands Ziggler get up, and then he hits a springboard crossbody! Cover, TWO!! Ziggler survives and Tucker grows frustrated.

Ziggler gets up and superkicks, but Tucker blocks it. Tucker spins Ziggler, but Ziggler baits him into the post! SUPERKICK! Cover, Ziggler wins!

Winner: Dolph Ziggler, by pinfall

The Show-Off survives a furious freight train in Tucker. Will Ziggler and Sonya be able to make contact with Mandy and “patch things up?” Or is it beyond the point of no return for them both?

SmackDown presents a new episode of The Dirt Sheet.

The Miz and John Morrison are here and still the SmackDown Tag Team Champions. It may be hard times for the world, but the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century have good news. Morrison retained their titles, and the first person to do that in history. Miz is the first person in history to retain his title from the couch. WrestleMania 36 was the most talked about and most watched WrestleMania! #ThatsGoodNews. Otis finally kissed a girl! But then Mandy’s mom had to watch it happen. That’s…? The Undertaker is back and he buried AJ Styles, literally! Reminds Morrison of a recurring nightmare he has. Footage of the Boneyard Match plays, and Miz realizes he had the same nightmare. But it was Styles getting kicked down a grave and not them. #ThatsGoodNews.

There’s a NEW Universal Champion in Braun Strowman! And he’s on almost every show! That’s way better than the other champions. #ThatsGoodNews. Speaking of previous champions, did Miz see the Firefly Fun House match? OF course! It was weird and John Cena is just gone. After all this time, all that “You Can’t See Me” crap came true. #ThatsGoodNews. But the best news, the hit single, “Hey Hey!” hit the top of the charts! And these two know what fans want: a live performance! The music plays as “MC M-I-Z” and “Johnny Drip Drip” start rapping. Miz ‘n’ Morrison! Hey hey! Ho ho! But the best(?) WWE rap is interrupted by The Usos!

“Hold up, hold up, hold up.” Out of respeck, they were going to let that finish, but nope! They want to talk Peewee Herman? Ol’ Peewee has WAY more street cred than Miz and Morrison combined! How dare they! The champs were spreading good news and the Usos have to go and bring downer energy. Morrison defended the titles and won, so why are the Usos here? Because the last time they checked, Miz and Morrison are both tag team champions. They both have to defend the titles! Well that wasn’t the match, Uce! Morrison sees that the Usos are trying to drive a wedge between them, but news flash! Morrison has Miz’s back and everyone gets Morrison’s front. Miz got hurt, is still hurt, and still can’t compete. See you two later!

But awwwwww~ people at home~! Don’t you dare be sour! Here comes the New Day! Kofi Kingston and Big E see the arguing going on and points out the Usos weren’t the only ones in that SmackDown Tag Team Championship match. “Y’all ain’t Lil’ Boosie on Instagram.” The WrestleMania match didn’t go as planned, so how about this? One half of each team competed on WrestleMania, so perhaps the other halves should compete in their own Triple Threat for the “adorable, kissable, lickable” titles? What part of “not cleared” does no one understand?! The New Day is here to say that after talking with WWE management, Fox executives, Martha Stewart, Dakota Fanning, Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ Kim AND Freddie Prinz Jr. on a huge Zoom call turned happy hour… NEXT WEEK! Jey Uso VS The Miz VS Big E in a SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat! HOLLA HOLLA!!

The Forgotten Sons VS Lucha House Party!

Steve Cutler, Wesley Blake & Jaxson Ryker have come to SmackDown! Will they make sure Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik remember them forever?

The teams sort out and Cutler starts against Dorado. They tie up and Cutler powers Dorado to a corner to fire off hands. He CHOPS then throws body shots. Cutler whips Dorado and elbows him hard against the ropes. Tag to Blake and the Sons mug Dorado with body shots. Blake pushes Dorado into a corner with forearms and grinds them in. Blake whips Dorado but Dorado dodges to springboard and moonsault! Tag to Metalik and he gets a boost for the falling splash! Cover, TWO! Metalik wrenches then tags Dorado back in. Dorado drops ax handles on Blake then wrenches him. Dorado clamps onto the arm but Blake turns things around. Tag to Cutler but Dorado fights back.

Cutler kicks low and underhooks for a butterfly backbreaker! Cutler pushes Dorado at ropes then forearms him hard in the back! “Ain’t no party like a Forgotten Party!” He chokes Dorado on the ropes then tags in Blake. The Sons double backbreaker Dorado down! Cover, TWO! Blake drops knees then clamps on a chinlock. Dorado endures and fights back. Blake clamps a hammlerlock on and throws chops and elbows and uppercuts! Dorado flounders against ropes but hops over Blake! Blake ends up outside but he tags Cutler in. Cutler whips but Dorado hits the GOLDEN REWIND! Blake tags in but so does Metalik! Springboard crossbody! Metalik whips but Blake reverses. Blake dodges the handspring but not the springboard!

Metalik runs the ropes and leaps to missile dropkick! Cover, but Cutler breaks it! Dorado CHOPS away on Cutler but Cutler TOSSES Dorado out! Metalik SUPERKICKS Cutler but Blake rolls him up! TWO and Metalik enziguris! Metalik handsprings but Blake catches him., Blake suplexes, Metalik lands on his feet, but Blake LARIATS! Tag to Cutler, and the Sons combine, for MEMORY REMAINS!! Cover, The Forgotten Sons win!

Winners: The Forgotten Sons, by pinfall

What won’t be forgotten is that their debut was a success! Are we looking at the future of the SmackDown Tag Team Division?

Bliss-Cross celebrate their victory backstage.

They’re the first two-time champions in these belts’ history, they’re basically the best ever. Nikki feels unstoppable! Alexa does, too. Carmella and Dana Brooke come over to congratulate them on the win. But Carmella and Dana didn’t get to be part of WrestleMania, sot hey were hoping to make up for lost time. Could they have a match for the titles next week? Um… Yeah… Here’s the thing. Just because they missed out on Mania doesn’t mean they can just “jump the line.” Well, okay, but didn’t Bliss-Cross just say they’re unstoppable? Nikki is excited but Alexa wants to talk this over. They go off to the side and talk, and then come back. Nikki accepts the challenge! Mella and Dana are very excited, but Alexa says Nikki needs decaf. Will the second reign still be cut short?

Sasha Banks and Bayley head to the ring.

The Boss may not be SmackDown Women’s Champion, but she helped her best friend keep the title! Bayley continues her longest reign in SmackDown history and is still united with Sasha. They have a lot to say, but we’ll have to wait until after the break.

SmackDown returns and Bayley says, “Just look at us!” Three weeks ago, “that annoying, jealous Paige” tried to ruin WrestleMania and their friendship with that huge elimination match. But Paige failed! Anyone that thinks can touch Byaley, YOU CAN’T! Bayley has beaten everyone! But in her humble opinion, Bayley’s greatest moment yet was defying all odds as WrestleMania! How did she do that? Because she- no, she and Sasha are the best. They are the ultimate role models! So to all the sheep that thought things were going to go the other way, here’s two words for you: Screw you! The ignorant masses will never understand their friendship. No woman from past, present or future can-

Well speaking of the present, Tamina heads right to the ring! The Daughter of Superfly immediately intimidates the “role models.” They try to talk her down with compliments. Bayley isn’t sure why she’s here, but she’s happy Tamina is here. They want to compliment her performance. Tamina tells them to shut the hell up! Bayley didn’t beat Tamina at Mania. No one beat her. It took all four other superstars to eliminate her from that match! So “Ms. Role Model” needs to lead by example and take Tamina on 1v1 for the title. Bayley and Sasha laugh that off. Sorry, Tamina, you may have just come back “from whatever coconut shell you’ve been hiding in,” but there is a pecking order! You don’t just step up and make demands!

Bayley “holds” Sasha back, but says that as a role model, she will be fair. Tamina’s challenge is accepted, but it only happens IF Tamina beats The Blueprint, Bayley’s best friend, Sasha Banks! Tamina accepts the counter offer. But uh, Sasha, your bestie just screwed you. Is Boss Time going to end when up against the Samoan steamroller?

Sheamus VS Cal Bloom!

The Celtic Warrior returns to SmackDown to continue his purge of the “vermin” on this roster. Will he be able to clear out the weak and prove himself worthy as we head for Money in the Bank?

The bell rings and Sheamus goes right after Bloom with clubbing forearms! He whips but Bloom whips back. Bloom throws kicks and hands then whips,. Sheamus reverses and runs Bloom over with an elbow! Sheamus stomps Bloom at the ropes but the ref backs him up. The Celtic Warrior stands Bloom up to put him on the ropes. He throws Ten Beats of the Bodhrain! Bloom flops to the apron as Sheamus finally lets him go. Sheamus smirks as Bloom crawls back in. Bloom turns around into a BROGUE!! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

Motivated and menacing, will Sheamus make minced meat of those put in his way back to Money in the Bank?

SmackDown begins a retrospective of Jeff Hardy.

Chapter one: the rise. Jeff gets flashbacks to his start alongside his brother, Matt, as he watches his daughters jump on the trampoline. The Hardy boys would jump around and run all over. Jeff felt like Sting howling and shouting. Then the Hardy Boys had their debut. They vowed to do something, anything, to get people to remember them. Christian notes that they were fans living out the dreams. Soon, Team X-Treme had kids dressing up like them the way they dressed up as their favorites.

But more than anything, Jeff loved pushing the envelope of risky moves. Jumping off of ladders onto tables, onto other ladders, but always onto opponents. Hardy wrestles matches like they’re his last, and yet he’s not done yet. He hopes to keep this dream going to the next level. What next level is there for the already incredibly accomplished Charismatic Enigma?

In two weeks, SmackDown plays the game.

The HHH 25th Anniversary Celebration comes to Fox!

But next week, SmackDown prepares for Money in the Bank!

Qualifying matches for the respective Men’s and Women’s MITB Ladder matches begin! For the men, it will be Daniel Bryan VS Cesaro! And for the women, it will be Naomi VS Dana Brooke! Who takes the first step towards climbing up to a golden opportunity?

Braun Strowman VS Shinsuke Nakamura w/ Cesaro!

A challenge came knocking, and the call was answered! Will the Triple Crown Monster make sure Nakamura only #GetsTheseHands? Or will the Swiss Cyborg be a factor in the King of Strong Style gaining ground in the title hunt?

The bell rings and Strowman rushes Nakamura. Nakamura gets clear, as does Cesaro, and Nakamura gives testing kicks. Strowman stays up so Nakamura throws body shots. Strowman withstands those, and stays clear of Nakamura’s kicks to then BOOT him down! Nakamura gets to a corner and Cesaro coaches him up, but Strowman headbutts Nakamura back. Strowman whips Nakamura corner to corner hard! Nakamura clutches his back but Strowman THROWS him across the ring! Strowman says Nakamura bit off more than he can chew getting in the ring with him! Strowman smashes Nakamura off his knee then throws him out of the ring. Cesaro checks on Nakamura but Strowman goes out to pursue. Cesaro says he was just watching. Nakamura tries to sucker punch but Strowman ROCKS him!

Strowman puts Nakamura in the ring then glares at Cesaro. Cesaro stays back and Nakamura knees Strowman off the apron! Nakamura goes out and runs at Strowman, but is TOSSED onto the barriers! The Monster stands tall as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns once more as Strowman has Nakamura in a corner. He whips Nakamura corner to corner hard then FLAPJACKS him! Strowman bumps Nakamura off buckles then corner splashes him! Strowman scoops but Nakamura fights out. Nakamura swings one kick but hits the second! Nakamura tumbles into the ref, but that’s just to keep him from seeing Cesaro SHORYUKEN Strowman! And Nakamura adds the dynamic dropkick! Cover, TWO!! Strowman survives and the Art sit Collective is furious! Nakamura wraps on a chinlock and squeezes tight. Strowman endures and powers out, to sidewalk slam Nakamura down! Strowman is free and Nakamura is gasping. Nakamura is in the corner but gets another corner splash! Cesaro distracts but Strowman DECKS him! Nakamura BOOTS but Strowman LARIATS!

Strowman watches Nakamura go outside, and decides to take a lap! Strowman bulldozes Nakamura down! He puts Nakamura back in before he BLASTS Cesaro over barriers! Strowman goes back to Nakamura but Nakamura KNEES him down! Cover, TWO!! Nakamura is furious as he goes to a corner. HE runs at Strowman but Strowman scoops! MONSTER SLAM!! Cover, Strowman wins!

Winner: Braun Strowman, by pinfall

The Triple Crown Monster is only building up speed now that he’s Universal Champion! Is there any man in the WWE today that can survive the #StrowmanExpress?

Wait, Firefly Fun House interrupts! Bray Wyatt presents “The History of John Cena and Bray Wyatt.” Hold on, he needs to rewrite history. He makes it all caps. The Fiend defeated Cena and made him disappear. We really can’t see him now! But hey, Braun! Bray congratulates him, and is so happy for him. The old Bray whispers but no, that was a long time ago. Strowman’s surely learned his lesson b now. The Black Sheep of the Wyatt Family was given a home. And yet, he turned his back on them all. He turned his back on his creator. But Bray can forgive Braun now, right? Mercy won’t, because Strowman’s too big. Abby says Strowman is gross. Huskis says Strowman smells worse than a swine sphincter. Ramblin’ Rabbit likes Strowman. Oh shut up.

But if the puppets aren’t going to, Bray will. If Strowman says he’s sorry, that is. “I’m not playing these games, Bray.” Well, guess Strowman is busy about getting hands rather than manners. But Bray taught Strowman so much, why stop now? The lesson for today is sharing. Because Braun has something Bray wants back. It’s that thing on his shoulder. The Universal Championship. “As one circle closes, another begins again.” Bray brought Strowman into this world, so he’ll be the one to take him out. Bye~~! See you soon~! Strowman says that before Bray goes, he does want to say that any time Bray wants, he will #LetHimIn. Bye~! Strowman may not be playing Bray’s game, but he is willing to throw it all in Bray’s face. When will the dark past become a darker future for these two?

My Thoughts:

This was a pretty good SmackDown that didn’t feel as subdued as Raw did this week. There were still recaps but they weren’t as extensive as on Raw. Of course that’s probably just the math of a two hour show versus a three hour show. But we got plenty of original content that was all pretty good. The WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship rematch was good, but it was clearly just a way to clear out Kabuki Warriors from the contender’s list for now. Another bad sign that Kairi Sane is leaving the WWE to go back to Japan and Stardom, but not a guarantee. I appreciate that it is Nikki’s over-excitement already getting her and Alexa into random matches, but I highly doubt Mella and Dana win the titles. When are the IIconics coming back?

Bayley and Sasha had a good promo, and Tamina had a good part to play in it. Tamina has legitimate claim for a title shot for MITB, but I don’t see her winning. Well, she could beat Sasha next week to take a similar path to Lacey Evans. But I feel like MITB might already be set up for another same-night cash-in from Ms. Money in the Bank. Especially if it’s The Boss in the Bank. Sasha could lose to Tamina, qualify for the MITB match, win that, then cash in on whoever. It would be obvious yet so fitting that Sasha cashes in on Bayley after helping her screw Tamina over. Sasha is getting her Grand Slam at some point, so why not just do it here?

I did not think The Forgotten Sons would move over to SmackDown. Also, no one who watched NXT regularly would think they “dominated” that brand. But while they wrestled Heel against Lucha House Party, I wonder if we’ll finally get that faction of them and Lacey Evans that only the NXT house show circuit got to see. Forgotten Sons were using patriotism to go Face, so it wouldn’t take much for them to do that on SmackDown. But it’ll be awhile before they’re tag title contenders. Miz & Morrison had a good promo, and I like the idea of a Triple Threat that flips things around from WrestleMania. Miz VS Big E VS Jey will be a lot of fun even if it isn’t with ladders, but I’m thinking Miz finds a way to win.

Ziggler rebounds with a win off Tucker, but I liked that Tucker used pictures of Otis and Mandy to stick it back to Ziggler. Sonya and Mandy are set to have a face-to-face next week, I’m very confident in saying that will lead to a Mixed Tag Match as we head for MITB. And speaking of, while MITB had to cancel its date with Baltimore, it obviously is not going to be cancelled. It’ll be another Empty Arena PPV, even if a miracle happens in regards to the pandemic, and all the qualifying matches will be good original material for both SmackDown and Raw. I don’t think it’ll happen this year, but I hope MITB adds NXT so that even the NXT Championship is prey to the cash-in. With WWE basically being confined to one central location, crossover is the way to go that will help it outdo the competition.

I like that WWE is giving Jeff Hardy this multi-part retrospective, but it definitely gives the feeling that Jeff might be winding down towards the end. At least, in the WWE. If brother Matt Hardy is any indication, there is always life outside the WWE, but Jeff still might have one big push inside it. Sheamus glaring at commentary as they talked about Jeff makes me think that’s where the story is going for both Celtic Warrior and Charismatic Enigma, and that might be a decent match. Strowman VS Nakamura was a decent match but of course Strowman was winning. And I am so excited to see that we’re going with Strowman VS Wyatt to start off. There’s so much already in this story, not even factoring in how Goldberg took the title from Bray. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

My Score: 8.3/10

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