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WWE SmackDown Feb 14, 2020 Full Results Report


It’s a Valentine’s Friday Night SmackDown!

Valentine’s Day coincides with SmackDown, and Otis “Dozer” Dozovic tries to win a prize better than a title: Mandy Rose’s heart.


  • SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Carmella; Bayley wins and retains the SmackDown Women’s Championship.
  • 2v1 Handicap Match: Sheamus VS Apollo Crews & Chad Gable; Sheamus wins.
  • The Miz & John Morrison VS Roman Reigns & ???; Reigns & Daniel Bryan win.


SmackDown presents A Moment of Bliss!

Alexa and Nikki Cross have matching mugs and leather pants as they take their seats on stage. Alexa welcomes Vancouver to the first Moment of Bliss of 2020. Nikki wishes everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. And speaking of, let’s talk celebrity crushes! Wait, really? Yeah! Alexa, you first. Well, Alexa’s current crush is… Should she say it? Yes, say it! Okay, okay. Wait, Nikki knows who it is. It’s Brad Pitt! Yeah, exactly! Cheers! But who’s Nikki’s crush? Oh don’t be naughty.


But the guest of tonight’s Moment of Bliss is tonight’s challenger to the SmackDown Women’s Championship. The moon-walking, trash talking Princess of Staten Island, Carmella! The FABULOUS #1 Contender does indeed moonwalk out and takes her seat. Alexa congratulates Carmella on the win. Alexa was one of the three to lose but she’s not bitter at all. Though, others might say this was surprising, because we haven’t heard much from Mella lately. Well everyone loves surprises, right? Mella promises to surprise us all again when she becomes a two-time SmackDown Women’s Champion! And then everyone will remember why #MellaIsMoney!

Speaking of Bayley, she and Mella had a verbal confrontation online. Those who remember #BayMella, they were best friends up until recently. Alexa shares pictures from those happier days. Instagram, specifically. What happened to that friendship? Mella says Sasha Banks happened. Fans boo The Boss, who clearly changed Bayley for the worse. Bayley trashes the Women’s Division and calls others “sheep,” which sucks when they were such good friends. Now Bayley acts like that never happened. Alexa gets that. Many people didn’t- But before Alexa can continue, Bayley appears in person!

“Oh my God, that’s enough, Carmella.” Bayley is sick listening to this. Fans boo but Bayley tunes out the “sheep.” This is not about Sasha, this is about Mella. Ever since NXT, Bayley pitied Mella. They were friends, sure, because Bayley wanted to lead Mella and teach her how to do things. But Mella is a loser and Bayley is a dominant champion! Alexa wants to stop Bayley there but Bayley mocks the “pipsqueak.” Bayley beat Alexa AND Nikki in a Handicap match! That is how Bayley knows that no one can touch her! Not Nikki, not Alexa, and definitely not Mella. Then maybe we put our money where our mouths are, and do this match NOW! Mella storms her way to the ring, and she’s about to get her way. But will she also get that title off of Bayley to open the show?

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley VS Carmella!

SmackDown returns with the bell and this #BayMella break-up match begins!

The two tie up, Mella powers Bayley towards a corner but Bayley puts Mella in. Bayley pie faces Mella then swings on her, but Mella dodges the punch! Bayley tells fans to shut up as she circles with Mella again. Mella waistlocks but Bayley elbows out. Bayley headlocks but Mella powers out, only for Bayley to run her over. Fans boo but Bayley mocks them as things speed up. Bayley rolls but Mella hip tosses and runs her over! Cover, ONE, but Mella is right on an arm. Mella cranks the armlock and grinds a knee in. Bayley rolls but Mella holds on. Bayley grabs for ropes but Mella wrangles her down. Mella drops knees on the arm then cranks on it harder.

Fans rally for Mella but Bayley powers up to get the ropebreak. Bayley brings Mella through the ropes to hammerlock her within them! Bayley pie faces Mella but the ref backs her off. Fans boo as Bayley knees and elbows Mella down. Bayley eggs Mella on while pushing her around. “You gotta step up!” Mella SLAPS Bayley! Then dropkicks! And again! Cover, TWO! Mella keeps hold of Bayley but Bayley kicks low and throws Mella by her hair! Bayley shrugs off the ref reprimanding her as she pushes Mella down to cover. ONE, another try, ONE! Bayley grows annoyed with Mella and bumps her off buckles. Bayley stomps a mudhole then brings Mella out for more elbows.

Fans boo harder as Bayley hops up the ropes. Mella anchors a foot so Bayley forearms her back! SAIDO Suplex! Bayley heads up top again and leaps, but her crossbody FLOPS! FABULOUS KICK! Cover, TWO!! Mella almost had Bayley but she keeps moving. Mella-go-round headscissors throws Bayley, and then Mella dropkicks Bayley down! Bayley bails out of the ring but Mella gambles with a DIVE! Direct hit and down goes Bayley! Mella drags Bayley up and in then climbs up top herself. Mella leaps, her crossbody hits! Cover, TWO! Bayley flounders out of the ring and ends up by the announce desk. Mella pursues but Bayley flapjacks her off the desk! Both women are down on the outside but Bayley is grinning while Mella is dazed and SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns as Bayley grinds Mella down with a chinlock. Mella endures as fans rally up. Bayley rams her knees into Mella’s back, but Mella still fights her way up. Mella jawbreakers free! Bayley scoops, Mella slips out for an Edge o’matic neckbreaker! Mella gets to a corner as Bayley flounders up to her feet. Bayley runs in but gets a boot! Bayley tires again but Mella clotheslines out! Mella rallies then atomic drops! Buckle bulldog boot, and then a Mella-rana! Bayley is dizzy but fans are fired up for Mella as she moonwalks! Mella runs corner to corner, FABULOUS Bronco Buster! Bayley stirs as Mella aims, but Bayley uses the ref as a shield! To then sucker punch Mella!

Mella hits Bayley back with big forearms! Mella runs and DECKS Bayley! And again! Bayley staggers about as fans fire up again. Mella clobbers Bayley a third time, but runs into a BAYLEY2BELLY!! Cover, TWO!! Mella survives and Bayley can’t believe it! Bayley argues the count but that was a two. She runs in at Mella in the corner but misses! Bayley knees buckles then Mella dumps her out! Bayley hurries back up and hotshots Mella. Mella leans on the ropes as Bayley goes up, but then Mella trips her! FABULOUS KICK! Bayley is stuck upside down, Mella drags her back up and climbs up to join her. Mella stands on the very top, SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO!!

Vancouver can’t believe Bayley survives! But Mella ghost pins, TWO! Oklahoma roll, TWO! Bayley grabs for a leg but Mella blocks. Mella wants a backslide, Bayley cradle counters, TWO! Mella school girls Bayley, TWO, FABULOUS KICK! But Bayley flops out of the ring just in time! Fans boo Bayley’s luck but Mella pursues. Mella brings Bayley up, but Bayley shoves her into a post! Bayley puts Mella in then hooks up, but Mella fights out. Fabulous Kick misses, but drop toehold to CODE OF SILENCE! Bayley endures the modified triangle, but trips up Mella’s arms! Mella lets go of the hold. Bayley prawn holds, TWO! Mella wants the Code again but Bayley uses ropes for leverage!! Bayley wins!!

Winner: Bayley, by pinfall (still SmackDown Women’s Champion)

Bayley just stole one from Mella! And then she DECKS Mella, and PLANTS her with the headlock driver! Fans boo the cheating, bullying Bayley, but here comes Naomi! Naomi stands face to face with Bayley, but Mella shoves Bayley into Naomi! Mella fires off on Bayley, Bayley pushes Mella away, but Naomi enziguris! FABULOUS Kick from Mella! The Glow and the Princess leave Bayley down and out, but Bayley is still champion. Will one or both of these women get a title opportunity as WrestleMania draws closer?

SmackDown shares WWE’s decree regarding King Baron Corbin.

“Per WWE Management, due to unprofessional conduct displayed by WWE Superstar King Corbin last Friday night on SmackDown,” Corbin has been heavily fined and barred from competing tonight. But will losing money and being left at home really teach the Lone Wolf tyrant anything?

SmackDown returns to Bayley fuming backstage.

Kayla Braxton ask her about the “controversial” finish, will Carmella get a rematch? What controversy? The ref raised her hand! Bayley has beaten everyone there is to beat! So the next time Bayley defends this title, it will be at WWE Super Showdown! And it could be anyone, because no one can touch her! So not to bury the lead, but WWE Super Showdown will have a SmackDown Women’s Championship match! Who steps up to travel to Saudi Arabia?

SmackDown takes a special look at Lacey Evans’ Royal Rumble journey.

Just before the Royal Rumble event began, the Sassy Southern Belle prepared by putting very special fan letters into her boots. One letter in particular was a girl who lost her parents to addiction, but worked her butt off to not go down that same path. Lacey’s story and stance kept that young woman on the right path. Lacey vows to continue to use this platform to inspire that strength. She carries those letters to remind her why she does what she does. We’ll hear more from Lacey next week in an exclusive sit-down interview!

Otis prepares for his Valentine’s SmackDown date!

He combs his hair, and his beard, before seeing he has a text. His reply: “Sounds great, Mandy (winky face emoji). See you there (heart emoji, heart eyes emoji).” Tucky checks on his boy and Otis says Mandy’s running a little late. Otis has more time to prepare, but more time to be nervous. Tucky encourages Otis and is so proud of him. Is Otis crazy to think Mandy might actually like-like him? If Mandy truly deserves Otis, she will like him for all he has to offer. Tonight’s the night, big man! Will Otis get the girl?

2v1 Handicap Match: Sheamus VS Apollo Crews & Chad Gable!

The Celtic Warrior continues his crusade to rid SmackDown of the “vermin” and weakness that has infected it! But will he be able to take down two men at once?

Before the bell even rings, Crews and Gable go after Sheamus first! The ref shoults for them to stop but they won’t let up! They mug Sheamus in the corner, then finally let up. Gable throws his shirt at Sheamus then the bell rings. Sheamus puts Gable in a corner but Gable gets around him to fire off forearms and a rolling heel kick! And another! Sheamus staggers, Gable runs corner to corner and Crwes tags in. A third heel kick hits, then Crews dropkicks! Crews wrenches Sheamus’ arm then tags Gable back in. Gable goes up to drop ax handles! But then Sheamus ax handles Gable back!

Fans cheer even as Sheamus stomps Gable down. Sheamus throws a STIFF European Uppercut then pulls Gable against the ropes. Sheamus gives Gable Beats of the Bodhrain! He goes past 10 to about 20 before Gable just flops to the apron! Sheamus stares Crews down but Gable gets back in. Gable throws hands but Sheamus back drops. Gable sunset flips to get the ANKLE LOCK! Sheamus scrambles around, kicks Gable off, but Crews tags in! Crews fires off, whips but Sheamus reverses. Crews kicks back but Sheamus back drops. Gable tags in, Crews kicks Sheamus in the back, Gable runs and crossbodies Sheamus over and out of the ring! Sheamus staggers into Crews’ MOONSAULT! Direct hit and Crews puts Sheamus in.

Gable climbs up top and Crews tags back in, before Gable hits a missile dropkick! Crews adds a standing shooting star! Cover, TWO!! Sheamus survives but Crews drags Sheamus up. Sheamus powers out, BROGUES Gable but Crews rolls him up! TWO, and Sheamus sends Crews into a post! Sheamus grits his teeth as Crews drags himself out. Fans want to see it, and Sheamus fires up, to BROGUE Crews down! Cover, Sheamus wins!

Winner: Sheamus, by pinfall

The Fella falls two men in one match! Will Sheamus continue to conquer opponents on his way back to championship gold?

Backstage interview with Carmella.

She was so close to the title, but we all saw what Bayley did. Bayley dares to brag about all that, but Carmella demands a rematch! WWE, Fox, just name the time and the place, because Mella promises to be the NEW SmackDown Women’s Champion!

Mandy Rose arrives at the fancy restaurant.

And it isn’t good to make a lady wait. Will Otis make it there before she gets bored?

SmackDown gives us a refresher course on Goldberg.

A man who “appeared outta nowhere” and dominated WCW in an incredible undefeated streak that led him right to the World Heavyweight Championship. Then coming out of retirement after 12 years, he continued where he left off to become WWE Universal Champion! It didn’t last long but it sure made an impact. However, he wants another try with the title. So The Fiend, Bray Wyatt, “YOU’RE NEXT!” Will the Super Showdown super showdown go Goldberg’s way?

SmackDown talks with Hulk Hogan via satellite!

The Immortal Hulkster is about to become a two-time Hall of Fame inductee as he joins the nWo in the HoF! That’s strong stuff! Hulkamania set the business on fire and then the nWo raised it to a new level. Being inducted, that’s #4Life. Speaking of the nWo, Goldberg was among their biggest rivals. Does Hogan feel Goldberg stands a chance against The Fiend? Well the young guys with their titles and aspirations, Hogan has already been. He’s felt that power in his own  hands, and he knows the power of Goldberg firsthand. But he’s felt the energy from The Fiend coming off the dressing room door. Hogan isn’t sure what to say, but The Fiend will have to dig deep if he wants to survive Goldberg.

“The following announcement has been paid for by the Firefly Fun House.” The fFh!? Hollywood Bray Wyatt strums on his title belt guitar a la the Hulkster, and even tears off his sweater to reveal those pythons! And tattoos. Bray is following Hogan’s classic advice: saying his prayers, eating his vitamins, and now look what he has! The Universal Championship #4Life. Huskis asks what’s going on. Not much, brother. Just hanging out with Hogan, talking about muscles. Not anything Huskins knows about. But he tries so hard! Really? Then want some chocolate? Well yeah! Happy Valentine’s Day! Is it #TooSweet? Oof.

Hogan thinks that’s pretty funny. But when he gets in the ring with Goldberg, that wont’ be a joke. So good luck. Oh silly Hogan. Bray doesn’t need luck. He has The Fiend. And if Hogan isn’t careful, brother, then please remember there can always be one more picture on the Wall of Friends. Nah, Hogan will be in the Hall of Fame instead. Well bye, Hulk! See you around! And see you soon, Goldberg! Bye~!

Ladies and Gentlemen: Cesaro and Sami Zayn…?

This is normally Elias’ shtick, and clearly the Swiss Cyborg and his Great Liberator are doing this in response to last week’s verbal and physical confrontations. Sami introduces himself and thanks Vancouver for being her at the “protest concert.” Cesaro, Shinsuke and Sami have been “victims of injustice” at the hands of Elias and Braun Strowman, not to mention the rest of the WWE who did nothing to help. So in the tradition of great protest musicians, here is a song for everyone here tonight. Silence, please.

Sami strums his ukulele while Cesaro plays cowbell. Sami takes a moment to tune up first. He finds the note and begins. But Elias interrupts! Fans cheer as The Drifter walks out on stage and introduces himself. Elias was napping when he got a call from good friend and fellow Elias, Elias Pettersson of the Vancouver Canucks. Elias told Elias that Elias has to stop Sami, so here Elias is. And Elias knows what Sami is doing: he’s trying to make his name off Elias. With WrestleMania on the way, we all know it is happening again. Elias knows that Sami knows the universal truth that Vancouver knows: WWE stands for “Walk With Elias!”

Sami says Elias should shut his mouth! Same for the fans. Sami and Cesaro know who Elias is and what he stands for, but who they hell does he think he is? He’s interrupting the highly anticipated protest concert! Well that’s why Elias is here. Elias is staging his counter protest concert. Oh, really? On any other night, Sami would use his security guards throw Elias out, and roughly. But if Elias wants to get something off his chest, then fine! Security lets Elias pass so that he can join Sami in the ring. Sami is a fan of free speech, he wants Elias close enough to hear this song, because the song is about Elias. Well in that case, okay.

Sami strums his ukulele and Cesaro drums on the cowbell but fans sing for Elias instead. Classic Seven Nation Army style, too. Elias likes it. Sami tells them to shut up but the fans boo instead. This is a protest, so show some respect! Okay try again. From the top. Sami and Cesaro play, but Cesaro pushes the tempo a bit. Way less cowbell, man, sorry. Fans chant for cowbell as Sami strums. Cesaro tosses the cowbell away instead. Sami focuses on his ukulele and Cesaro gently claps along. But Vancouver continues to sing for Elias instead. Sami says that if they don’t shut up, the concert is over. Fans like that! Oh you think this is a joke?! “YES! YES!” The only joke are the Canucks numbers hanging in the rafters!

Elias steps up to defend the hometown hockey team, but Cesaro attacks! Elias and Cesaro brawl, but Sami has the mic stand! The distraction gives Cesaro an opening! But here comes BRAUN! Braun Strowman storms his way out and BARRELS through security! Cesaro and Sami bail out and run away, and more security gets steamrolled! Sami gets caught! A guard goes after Strowman and Cesaro gets Sami to safety. The guard runs but Elias is there to clobber him! Elias gives Strowman a hand in TOSSING the guard onto everyone else! The Monster Among Men and The Drifter shut down the Great Liberator’s whining, but will Team Sami #GetTheseHands and #WalkWithElias?

Backstage interview with Naomi.

She gets this off her chest: she is sick and tired of Bayley’s mess! What happened to Mella is on Bayley. But Naomi wants her own shot, because the Glow is real, and SHE is the next SmackDown Women’s Champion. Will both Mella and Naomi make a date for Super Showdown?

Mandy is waiting.

Where is Otis? Hopefully he makes it before the show is over!

BREAKING NEWS for Super Showdown!

History will be made when one woman faces Bayley for the SmackDown Women’s Championship in Saudi Arabia! But with two worthy challengers, next week’s SmackDown will have a #1 Contender’s match! Will the FABULOUS Princess #FeelTheGlow? Or will Naomi learn why #MellaIsMoney?

SmackDown quickly recaps the timeline of Otis x Mandy.

A Christmas ham and a kiss on the cheek led to a New Year’s fruitcake with real fruit, and a longing for more. Otis would save Mandy from bad landings on more than one occasion, such as during the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Friends couldn’t understand it, and foes hated on it, but Dozer is the one having a Valentine’s Day Date with God’s Greatest Creation tonight. Otis has trained both physically and mentally. He’s ready for love, but is the world ready?

Otis finally arrives at the restaurant.

He asks if the concierge has seen a “beautiful peach.” He’s directed right inside. Otis does one last breath check and it’s good to go. He slicks his hair back, but still hesitates. Mandy checks her menu, but the man who finds her first isn’t Otis, but Dolph Ziggler! Otis turns the corner to see Ziggler sitting with Mandy and ordering wine! Otis drops the roses as his heart drops in his chest. Will Mandy be able to explain the misunderstanding? Or will she choose the Show-Off in the end instead?

The Miz & John Morrison VS Roman Reigns & ???

The Hollywood A-Lister and Guru of Greatness egged on The Big Dog online, and they have mics to talk smack on The Usos. What did Jimmy & Jey say? “Welcome to the Uso Penitentiary!” Fast forward and the wardens aren’t here. How long were they back? A month tops, and now their big cousin has to fight their battles for them. Love him or hate him, The Miz has been here! Don’t boo Miz! Morrison is also here every night since he’s been back for a month, but he’s showing everyone what they were missing these last 8 years. Everyone finds out again that Miz and Morrison are the greatest tag team of the 21st Century! Cue dramatic look off in the distance.

But here comes The Big Dog himself! Who did Roman get to be his partner tonight? It’s… Daniel Bryan! The Goat has teamed with Roman before, and still generally dislikes The Miz, so this makes a lot of sense! But wait, Baron Corbin is here?! As a fan, since he has a ticket in his hand. There was nothing the WWE management said about him being barred from the crowd. Will Corbin cause any problems for Roman when SmackDown returns?

SmackDown returns as the match is already underway. Morrison has Roman in a headlock as fans rally and duel. Roman powers out and runs Morrison over with a shoulder! Morrison gets back up and the two circle. They tie up but Morrison kicks away on Roman’s leg. Morrison wrenches to a wristlock but Roman LARIATS his way out! Corbin is not impressed as he sits front row. Roman headbutts Morrison to the corner and rams his shoulder in! Roman ROCKS Morrison with an uppercut then tags in Bryan. Fans love Bryan as Roman whips him in for a dropkick! Bryan drags Morrison out for European UPpercuts, then he decks Miz just because!

Bryan goes after Morrison again with big haymakers then whips corner to corner. Morrison reverses, Bryan goes up and over then keeps moving. Bryan ducks to DIVE out onto Miz! Then he hits Morrison with a forearm and climbs up top. Bryan leaps for a missile dropkick! And a kip up! Fans fire up with Bryan and he feeds off the “YES! YES!” to give Yes Kicks! Morrison keeps sitting up, Bryan keeps kicking him. BUZZSAW! Cover, TWO! Morrison crawls away to his corner but Bryan throws EuroUppers. Bryan bumps Morrison on buckles then puts him up top. Fans rally as Bryan climbs and SUPER STEINERS! Morrison writhes to his corner, Bryan runs in but Morrison slides out then in then around to body scissor Bryan out!

Morrison distracts the ref so Miz can RAM Bryan into barriers! Fans boo and Roman comes around to get at Miz but Miz stays back. Corbin talks trash at Roman, and Miz clobbers Roman down! Morrison FLIES out and over the post onto Roman and Bryan! Corbin talks trash again as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns once again as Miz keeps Bryan away from the tag! Morrison tags in, instead, and a classic combo returns as Miz catapults Bryan into Morrison’s BIG forearm! Morrison then slingshots to elbow drop Bryan across Miz’s knees! Cover, TWO! Roman is ready but Morrison keeps on Bryan with a grounded cobra clutch. Corbin applauds Morrison as he grinds Bryan down and throws punches. Bryan fights his way up and jawbreakers free! Morrison BOOTS Bryan down! Tag to Miz, and they double whip Bryan. Bryan holds ropes and dumps Morrison out! Bryan throws hands on Miz but Miz knees low to throw Bryan over. But Bryan lands on his feet to climb up top! Miz trips Bryan in time, and then taunts Roman.

Miz goes back to Bryan and climbs up top. Bryan resists the superplex and slips under to trip Miz up! Miz falls backwards but Morrison tags in. Miz holds Bryan even while in the Tree of Woe. Morrison sucker punches Roman then fireman’s carries Bryan. Morrison pops Bryan around for a SPINE BUSTER to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO! Morrison keeps his cool as he stays between Bryan and Roman. Morrison drags Bryan to a drop zone and climbs up top. Fans boo as Morrison poses and leaps, but the 450 FLOPS! Both men are down and crawling for their corners as fans rally up. Hot tags to Miz and Roman!

Roman rallies on Miz with big lariats! Roman whips, Miz reverses but Roman hits the leaping lariat! An uppercut ROCKS Morrison, then Miz runs in to get point-blank clotheslines! Roman goes all the way up to 10, then runs to BOOT Miz down! Fans fire up as Roman goes to a corner. Roman locks ‘n’ loads, takes aim as Miz rises, but Miz gets around! Full nelson but Roman throws Miz off! Morrison tags in, Roman uppercuts Miz, FLYING CHUCK! Cover, TWO! Corbin is getting frustrated watching this but Morrison runs to SHINING WIZARD! Cover, TWO!! Morrison drags Roman to a drop zone and goes up, but Roman school boys! TWO and a dead lift, but Morrison fights free! Morrison springboards, into a SUPERMAN PUNCH!

Fans fire up again as Roman fires up in the corner. Roman lets out the battle cry, but runs into a kick! Miz tags in and full nelsons, SKULL CRUSHING FINALE!! Cover, but Bryan breaks it! Bryan runs to dropkick Morrison out! Bryan builds speed but runs into Miz’s BOOT! Miz parodies the Yes Movement, fans chant “NO! NO!” but Miz runs corner to corner, to get a SUPERMAN PUNCH! “OOAH~!” SPEAR!! Cover, Roman & Bryan win!!

Winners: Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan, by pinfall

But Baron Corbin attacks, and with his scepter! The Lone Wolf King defies WWE’s decree, but chances are all he’ll have to pay is another fine. But will Roman make him pay in interest when they have a Super Showdown Steel Cage match?

My Thoughts:

This was a very interesting episode of SmackDown, mostly when you consider there were only THREE MATCHES on the card! The show still passed by rather quickly, but I’m just surprised they only gave us this much on what felt like a pretty big night. A Moment of Bliss and the SmackDown Women’s Championship match were great openings, but I was pretty sure Bayley was going to retain. What is pretty big is that we’re getting another women’s match in Saudi Arabia, and for the title. Next week’s Carmella VS Naomi match should be a lot of fun, but it is very interesting that they might get Naomi VS Bayley out of the way with Super Showdown. It makes me wonder what the SmackDown title plan for WrestleMania will be now.

Sheamus gets a Face reaction from Vancouver, but that’s usually what you get when even a Heel faces two men that aren’t actually that much smaller than him. If it was Gable and someone else Gable’s size, or the Lucha House Party, Sheamus wouldn’t look as Face. The segment Elias had with Sami and Cesaro went a little long, but some of that is because they were reveling in the Vancouver fans singing. I almost thought we were going to get a tag match of Elias & Strowman VS Cesaro & Shinsuke, but maybe that’s next week in the go-home to Super Showdown that could even set up an Intercontinental Championship story for Elimination Chamber. I still want the midcard titles to be in that Chamber, so just throw Gable and Sheamus in on top of Strowman, Elias, Cesaro and Shinsuke, and there you go.

The development with Otis and Mandy tonight was actually how I expected this to go, but Otis does a good job playing up the emotion so that it makes you feel for him. Otis VS Ziggler is going to happen, and win or lose the match, Otis has to win the girl. It’ll be the most heartwarming story WWE has done in a long time if it happens. Bray interrupting Hogan this week like he did Goldberg last week, this is some good stuff. And for a moment, I thought Roman’s mystery partner was going to be Cena to completely bust the announcement, but no. Bryan made a great choice overall, for in-ring ability and story with Miz, and we should’ve guessed Corbin would be here somehow. Corbin still gets Heel heat as we head for Super Showdown, but I’m just waiting for this to be over.

My Score: 8.1/10

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