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WWE SmackDown Feb 21, 2020 Full Results & Report


SmackDown, you’re next!

SmackDown has huge returns! Goldberg arrives ahead of his Super Showdown with The Fiend, the Bella Twins are on A Moment of Bliss!


  • 8 Man Tag: The Miz, John Morrison, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS The Usos & The New Day; win.
  • Symphony of Destruction Match: Elias & Braun Strowman VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro w/ Sami Zayn; Elias & Strowman win.
  • Daniel Bryan VS Heath Slather; Bryan wins.
  • SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Naomi VS Carmella; Naomi wins and will challenge Bayley for the title at Super Showdown.


8 Man Tag: The Miz, John Morrison, Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler VS The Usos & The New Day!

Super Showdown will have a SmackDown Tag Team Championship match, but before then, we have a super showdown right here! The A-Lister & the Guru of Greatness join forces with the GLORIOUS Show-Offs, but can they defeat Jimmy, Jey and the W, W, E, SmackDown, Tag, Team CHAMPIONS~!?

Before the match, the Usos grab mics as fans chant “UCE! OH!” Jimmy says last week, they couldn’t be here. It was very hard to be missed. That’s because Miz and Morrison couldn’t keep the Usos’ names out they mouths. But this week, the #UceGottheJuce and everyone’s invited to the Superkick Party! And it won’t be just them. Guess who they got as their partners? Who who who? Awwwww ARIZONAAA~! Don’t you dare be sour, clap for Kofi Kingston & Big E, and FEEL~ the POWER~! See? Fans love these two greatest teams on SmackDown, the Usos and the NEW~ DAY~! But hopefully they’re keeping the titles warm. Well this is the UCE! OH! A greatest of all time, Hall of Fame no doubt. Oh stop it! No, you going to get these compliments!

Fans cheer as the seven-time champs cheer the six-time champs. But uh, six is less than seven, which makes the New Day better. The stare down gets tense, but then both teams laugh. “Boy, you funny.” But they’ll gladly go one more ‘gain. However, The Miz and Morrison interrupt with their introductions. Look who decided to come back to SmackDown! UCE! OH! And New! Day Rocks! That’s what Miz & Morrison are missing: a catchy chant fans can get behind. Miz ‘n’ Morrison, Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Everybody! Fans boo instead. But the fans won’t be chanting for the New Day when they lose the titles at Super Showdown. There are winners and there are losers. These two are the greatest tag team in the 21st century, BE JEALOUS!

But speaking of winning, who had a winning Valentine’s Day last week? DOLPH ZIGGLER! He and Robert Roode make their entrances now. Usos ain’t got no patience, let’s get the party started right now. Miz, Morrison, Roode and Dolph huddle up and head out. They flank the ring, but the Usos and New Day back them off. This eight man showdown goes down after the break.

SmackDown returns and Jimmy rams Ziggler into the corner. Jey tags in and runs to hit a big forearm! Kofi tags in and Big E rams Ziggler, for Kofi in Motion! Kofi feeds ZIggler to Big E, Roode runs in but gets tossed! Jey tags in, builds speed with Big E’s help and hip attacks Ziggler! Jimmy adds his! The Usos whip Kofi to basement dropkick! Fans fire up as Miz and Morrison get uppercuts! Kofi has Ziggler but Roode distracts for Morrison to body scissor toss Kofi out! Miz BOOTS Kofi down while the ref is distracted. Big E coaches Kofi but Miz rams Kofi into barriers! Miz taunts Big E as Morrison gets cheap shots. Miz drags Kofi into the ring and covers, TWO!

Fans rally but Miz brings Kofi over. Tag to Morrison, classic forearm to elbow on the knees! Cover, TWO! Morrison stomps Kofi and kicks him in the ribs. Tag to Roode and they mug Kofi. Roode drags Kofi into a camel clutch but Kofi endures. Kofi fights his way up, elbows Roode but Roode holds on. Kofi punches and punches and reaches, but Roode rakes his eyes! Tag to Ziggler and Ziggler stomps Kofi. The ref backs him off, and Ziggler’s team gets in cheap shots! Fans boo but Ziggler stands on Kofi’s head. Tag to Morrison and Morrison adds on. Miz and Roode chant but Kofi arm-drags Morrison. Morrison carries Kofi to the corner and climbs up.

Kofi resists the superplex and headbutts him down! Kofi boots Miz and Roode and Ziggler, but Morrison KICKS Kofi down! The SmackDown “dream team” is in trouble as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again as Kofi throws hands on Ziggler! Ziggler kicks back then dropkicks! Cover, TWO! Ziggler drags Kofi up and whips him to the corner hard. He even sucker punches an Uso! Roode tags in and he hits the other Uso! Ziggler whips Roode in for Roode to whip Ziggler but Kofi sends Ziggler out of the ring! Kofi STOMPS Roode down! Fans rally up as both men crawl! Hot tags to Miz and Big E! Big E gives Miz an OVERHEAD suplex! And hits Morrison before he gives Miz another overhead! Miz runs, misses and Big E hits the side belly2belly! Fans fire up as Big E swivels those hips. Big E runs and SPLASHES! Big E claps and fans clap with him. Miz rises and Big E scoops him, but Miz fights free. Miz runs, Morrison tags in and Big E shoulders in.

Big E runs, into a KNEE! Morrison grins as Big E crawls away. Morrison runs into the Urenag-E! Cover, TWO!! Big E keeps his cool while Roode rams Uso into the steel steps! FLYING CHUCK! SHINING WIZARD! Standing SHOOTING STAR! Cover, but Kofi breaks it in time! Miz has Kofi but Kofi arm-drags free. Kofi clotheslines Miz out then builds speed, into Morrison’s crossbody! Jey tags in, Roode tags in, Jey sends Morrison out! Roode rolls Jey, TWO and Jey rolls Roode! TWO, Miz bumps into Jey. The ref is busy as Jey takes the GLORIOUS ZIGZAG! Cover, Jimmy breaks it! Jimmy whips Ziggler to SUPERKICK! SUPERKICK for Miz! Roode kicks Jimmy, GLORIOUS DDT! But Jey runs in, dragon whip enziguri misses! Roode has Jey, but no DDT as Jey slips out to SUPERKICK! Cover, Usos & New Day win!

Winners: The Usos & The New Day, by pinfall

The SmackDown dream team wins! But this won’t be settled until Super Showdown has come and gone! Who will be coming back from Saudi Arabia with the championships?

Drew Gulak finds Daniel Bryan backstage.

Gulak notices some “holes” in Bryan’s game, so he has a Powerpoint Presentation on what he’s been doing wrong. Gulak is going to teach Bryan? Well Gulak was studying Bryan’s matches, from The Fiend to the tag match with Roman Reigns to his match with Heath Slater. Did y’all just say Heath Slater? Slater, who was lurking in the background as it was, comes over and stares Bryan down. Bryan just about stomped Slater’s head in! He made Slater’s kids cry! No one makes Slater’s kids cry, except Slater. And Slater says he wasn’t ready, either! Is he ready now? ALWAYS! Slater wants his rematch tonight! Well, okay then. Gulak, help Slater. Gulak is more than happy to, but can even a technical genius give the One Man Band the plan he needs to beat Bryan?

SmackDown recaps the love story of Otis Dozovic and Mandy Rose.

A Christmas ham and a kiss on the cheek led to a New Year’s fruitcake with real fruit, and a longing for more. Otis would save Mandy from bad landings on more than one occasion, such as during the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Friends couldn’t understand it, and foes hated on it, but Dozer went to have his Valentine’s Day Date with God’s Greatest. Only for Dolph Ziggler to be sitting at her table! The Dozer’s heart was broken, but he didn’t even get an explanation!

Mandy and Sonya Deville talk, but Tucker Knight comes by.

Tucky says Mandy hurt his boy, Otis. Sonya tries to keep the peace, Mandy tries to explain, but Tucker explains how it looked. Ziggler crashed the date! Otis got her flowers, combed his hair and even bought new underwear! And he was just so hurt! Otis couldn’t even leave the hotel room. Mandy says she never meant to embarrass him, but Otis was running late. Wait, then why did Mandy text Otis that she was running late? What text? Tucky says Otis is the sweetest man and sees the best in everyone. But Tucker was the fool to think Mandy had genuine intentions. Fans are chanting for Otis while Fire & Desire try to figure out the text. Sonya says Mandy dodged a bullet, but she had a good time with Ziggler, right? Ziggler’s more her “type” anyway, right? Is that true?

Renee Young sits with Lacey Evans for an exclusive interview.

The Sassy Southern Belle returns to SmackDown TV after losing at the Royal Rumble. She won’t sugarcoat it, that loss hit pretty hard. But as a Marine, Lacey takes pride in putting her best foot forward. Losing to a bully like Bayley is tough. But, wasn’t she being the bully not too long ago? This new perspective seems ironic. Well as a Southern belle, Lacey lets us all know “nasty” has many different meanings. For Renee, it’s a term of endearment. But yes, Lacey admits being a bad example. Moving to SmackDown and seeing Bayley and Sasha Banks be so awful, it made Lacey reevaluate. She is changing, she is being the best example she can be.

So then, what’s next for Lacey? The Elimination Chamber will have its own SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender’s match. Lacey sets her eyes on her five future opponents. Will it be mission: accomplished on the Road to WrestleMania?

Symphony of Destruction Match: Elias & Braun Strowman VS Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro w/ Sami Zayn!

In case you missed the original, this is a very musically themed Falls Count Anywhere! The Drifter and the Monster Among Men held the first ever Symphony of Destruction as enemies. But now they are allies looking to drown out the Rockstar and Swiss Cyborg! Who rocks the world and stands in the spotlight after this huge collaboration of chaos?

SmackDown returns as Elias makes his entrance, introducing himself. “We have ourselves a Symphony of Destruction match.” Elias wants to know, “Who Wants to Walk With Elias?” Phoenix does! Well WrestleMania is coming, and a universal truth will come true: WWE stands for Walk With Elias! Tonight’s song is Sweet, Sweet Symphony, so clap along. Fans oblige as Elias plays. “We’re here in the land of the sun, the symphony of destruction. With no rules and music everywhere, Falls Count Anywhere. Let’s blow the roof off once again, as I introduce my partner, the Monster Among Men.” BRAUN makes his entrance! And he shoulders a BASS CELLO! Much bigger than Sami’s little ukulele. Are the WWE Intercontinental Champion and Elias going to play a swan song for Team Sami?

Fans cheer as Strowman roars and holds up his title. The belt is put aside as the bell rings, and Shinsuke starts against Elias. Shinsuke and Elias tie up, and Shinsuke fires off a strike fest! Shinsuke runs but into Elias’ elbow! Elias CHOPS Shinsuke and throws forearms. Elias whips and hip tosses and waits for Shinsuke. Sami hands Shinsuke a tambourine but Elias kicks him first. Elias shakes the tambourine and sticks it around Shinsuke’s neck! Elias bumps Shinsuke off buckles until the tambourine falls off, and then SMACKS him with the tambourine! Shinsuke knees back, rattles the tambourine but misses wild! Elias KNEES Shinsuke right out of the ring!

Elias heads out to get a bass drum! But Cesaro hits him first to take it away. So Strowman takes it from Cesaro and SMASHES it on his head! The drum slides down and Strowman ROCKS Cesaro with a right! And another! Sami uses his ukulele but it has no effect! Should’ve used cowbell, Sami. Strowman chases Sami but Shinsuke SMASHES Strowman with a guitar! Sami shouts, “That’s what you get!” as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again as Cesaro has his guitar case! He opens it up and reveals the COWBELL! Cesaro plays himself a tune, and runs at Elias. Elias shoulders in first then takes the bell to SMASH Cesaro! Elias drags Cesaro up but Sami anchors Elias! A table is nearby so clearly Sami doesn’t want one of his guys going through it. Cesaro gets away and Nakamura BOOTS Elias, and Elias falls through the table! Sami cheers that literal smash hit and tells his team to finish this. Cesaro hobbles over but Strowman RAMS him into barriers! Strowman trips up Nakamura and throws him into the table’s wreckage! Strowman slides Cesaro over the announce desk!

Nakamura gets up but Strowman is right on him. Strowman bumps Nakamura off steel steps! And then brings him over to ram into more barriers! Cesaro gets caught! And APRON CHOKE SLAMMED! Strowman grabs a guitar, but then thinks of something bigger. The cello! Strowman grabs his old friend, but Sami uses a KEYBOARD PIANO to SMASH Strowman on the back! Sami grabs the cello for himself, to put it down. Cesaro and Shinsuke bring Strowman up, to double suplex Strowman on the cello!! Cover, TWO!?! Strowman survives that painful fortissimo and Sami is furious. Elias barges in to throw forearms and kicks on Nakamura! Elias rams Shinsuke into barriers, then grabs himself a small tuba and brings it over. Shinsuke SMACKS him with a drumstick, then rings the gong. NUNCHUK DRUM STICKS! And then a swinging kick!

Shinsuke fires up, runs in, but KINSHASAS the GONG! Elias clotheslines Shinsuke into the timekeeper’s area! Elias thwarts a guitar smash to take it for his own! And SMASHES it on Cesaro! Elias puts Cesaro on a table and then positions the table just right. Fans fire up as Elias climbs, but Shinsuke returns! But so does Strowman! Strowman throws Shinsuke over the announce desk! Elias MACHO ELBOWS Cesaro through the table! Strowman climbs up on the desk, drags Shinsuke up to join him, MONSTER SLAM ON THE GRAND PIANO!! Cover, Strowman and Elias win!!

Winner: Braun Strowman & Elias, by pinfall

It was more than a symphony, this was a medley of mayhem! Elias and Strowman stand tall, but will they both be singing Sweet Victory all the way down the Road to WrestleMania?

Backstage interview with Baron Corbin.

His history with Roman Reigns ends with Super Showdown. That’s because he vows to end Roman! Roman is everywhere, from advertisement posters to commercials, but Roman hides behind his hoodlum cousins. The Big Dog hasn’t beaten Corbin 1v1, and Corbin will keep it that way when he uses the steel cage to scrape and grate Roman to pieces. Then Corbin replaces Roman in all the promotional material, and the entire WWE Universe will bow down! Belee dat.

SmackDown presents A Moment of Bliss.

Alexa welcomes us to the show, and notes that WrestleMania weekend also has the WWE Hall of Fame. Let’s look at the 2020 class so far. First, the Animal, Dave Batista! Then, the iconic and infamous faction, the New World Order, nWo! And now, it is Alexa’s pleasure to introduce the next two inductees: The Bella Twins! Nikki and Brie Bella are back on SmackDown and take their seats with Alexa on stage. Arizona welcomes their hometown heroes as Alexa notes the year they’re both having. How are they both feeling? They are so very excited and honored, because what makes this even more special is being here in their hometown. The Bellas are grateful for the #BellaArmy. They wouldn’t be where they are without the WWE Universe.

Brie agrees with Nikki. And the announcement being made here, the first female talk show in the WWE, speaks so much to the female superstars raising the bar. Alexa thanks them for the compliments but wants the Bellas to talk about themselves. Well the fans surely want to hear about how it is for the Bella Twins to both be pregnant at the same time! How crazy! An incredible year already, and Nikki’s engagement, and now the induction is the cherry on top! Especially on SmackDown, where they debuted. Words can’t capture it all. Nikki and Brie thank the fans and the Bella Army. Be there in Tampa for the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania! And speaking of Brie, here comes Daniel Bryan with Birdie! The whole Bella-Bryan family celebrates, but Bryan prepares to battle! Will he fill those holes Gulak claims he has?

Daniel Bryan VS Heath Slater!

SmackDown returns as Slater hits the ring and the bell rings. Slater pushes Bryan, and again. Gulak is on commentary as Bryan grabs Slater’s arm and drags him down. Slater gets to the ropebreak, and then snaps Bryan against the bottom rope! Slater grabs a leg and slams it against the apron! Bryan hobbles up but Slater chop blocks! Slater drags Bryan around to smash the knee against the mat. Gulak cheers Slater for following his advice. Bryan throws haymakers and puts Slater in a corner! Bryan whips but Slater reverses, but Bryan goes up and over, only for the leg to jam. Slater hits a DDT! Cover, TWO! Slater keeps his cool as he adlibs. Gulak shouts that this is NOT part of the plan! Slater leaps and FLOPS!

Bryan wags his finger and fans fire up. Fans “YES! YES!” and Bryan gives Slater Yes Kicks! Over and over and over, then the BUZZSAW! Slater is down but Bryan joins in the “YES! YES!” Gulak says Bryan’s pattern is predictable and a waste of time. Bryan runs, Slater dodges the knee to roll him up, TWO! Slater is mad, Bryan hits the KNEE PLUS! Cover, Bryan wins!

Winner: Daniel Bryan, by pinfall

Gulak’s foolproof plan only works if you’re smart enough to follow it. But will Gulak prove to Bryan that he isn’t at 100% efficiency?

SmackDown gets glitchy.

Does anyone know what this is about?

Mandy Rose waits backstage.

Dolph Ziggler finds her. Mandy is waiting for her ride, but Ziggler offers her a seat in his car. Mandy takes it, and Otis is lurking?! The disheveled Dozer is in an even worse mood. Will he ever get a proper explanation as to what happened?

Sheamus speaks.

“Shorty G. Apollo Crews. Last week, those two little rodents dared to crawl into the ring with me. And I sent them running like rats from the sinking ship.” Sheamus exterminated the vermin, but SmackDown’s problems are far from fixed. And now the time has come for Sheamus to hunt bigger prey. He will end the infestation once and for all. Sheamus vows to exterminate ever last rat, with the biggest rat trap of all: The Elimination Chamber.

Apollo Crews and Chad Gable see this.

Short G and Crews losing wasn’t their finest moment. Sheamus has made fun of Gable’s height, called him names, and is a bully in a world where bullying is an epidemic. But Gable won’t back down or question who he is. Crews says he doesn’t need the pep talk. Crews will handle things his way.

SmackDown Women’s Championship #1 Contender’s Match: Naomi VS Carmella!

Bayley beat the FABULOUS Princess with some shady strategy, but she hasn’t changed anything with her bad example. The Glow is bright and Mella is Money, but who goes to Super Showdown for a showdown with the champ?

SmackDown returns and Bayley sits by commentary to watch this match closely. Naomi stares Bayley down even as Carmella makes her entrance, now with pyro! The bell rings and Carmella circles with Naomi. They shake hands to show this is still respectful, but then Naomi reels Carmella in for a headlock and takeover! Naomi grinds Carmella down as they move around but Carmella headscissors out. Naomi pops out, Mella is up but into another headlock and takeover. Fans rally up as Mella and Naomi stand. Mella gets a headlock of her own and grinds Naomi down. Naomi throws body shots and powers out but Carmella runs her over! Things speed up, Naomi hurdles and back elbows!

Fans cheer as Naomi slides at Carmella but Carmella slides out of the way. The two circle and tie up. Mella goes for a leg but Naomi facelocks to counter. Naomi turns Mella for a backslide, ONE and Mella knees low. Carmella whips, Naomi goes up and over and boots Mella away. Naomi hits a sliding clothesline! Cover, ONE, but Naomi sticks close. Naomi has a half nelson but Mella gets up. Naomi completes the full nelson to a Bubba Bomb! Mella pushes back to a cover, TWO! Naomi body scissor rolls, TWO! She tries again, TWO! Naomi has the full nelson back but Carmella fights her way up. Naomi wrenches and whips but Carmella tilt-o-whirls for the Mella Go Round! She throws Naomi to a corner then brings her back up to throw out of the ring.

Fans are divided as Mella builds speed. Naomi KICKS Carmella before she can dive! Naomi springboards to crossbody! Cover, TWO! Naomi goes to a corner and hops up, but then Bayley distracts! Mella uses this to hit the SUPER STEINER! Cover, TWO! Naomi bails out and Bayley walks around the way. The ref warns Bayley not to do anything, but all she does is talk trash. The ref doesn’t trust her, she EJECTS Bayley! Bayley has no choice but to leave, and Mella DIVES! Direct hit on Naomi! The Princess fires up as SmackDown goes to break!

SmackDown returns again as Mella grinds Naomi down with a chinlock. Naomi fights up and hits a BIG backbreaker! Fans fire up as Naomi kicks away on Mella’s legs! She lights Mella up! Mella blocks one and trips Naomi up to a cover! TWO! Carmella drags Naomi up to throw big forearms! Naomi gives them back and we have a brawl! Naomi hits and gets an edge, then scoops. Mella slips out and uses hair for the Edge O’Matic! Cover, TWO! Mella drags Naomi up but Naomi pushes her away, to hit a running jawbreaker! Naomi keeps moving, flying enziguri! Carmella flounders out of the ring, Naomi runs and TORNILLO! Fans fire up as Naomi puts Mella back in the ring to cover, TWO!

Carmella crawls and staggers to a corner. Naomi runs in but misses the splash! She bounces off buckles and Carmella climbs to crossbody! Cover, TWO! Naomi survives and rolls out to the apron. Carmella is on her at the ropes, but Naomi resists the suplex. Carmella throws body shots and hotshots but Naomi roundhouses! Naomi slingshots up and over to a sunset flip, TWO! Carmella gets to ropes but Naomi puts her in a drop zone. But Mella rolls her up, TWO! Naomi rolls Carmella, ONE, but then Naomi trips to a jackknife. ONE and Carmella has CODE OF SILENCE! Naomi endures as Carmella gives it her all! Naomi turns over to get the ropebreak!

Mella kicks but Naomi ducks. Naomi kicks but Mella ducks. Naomi blocks a kick to give a knee. Mella runs into the REAR VIEW! Cover, TWO!?! Carmella survives but Naomi is too tired to be frustrated. Naomi drags Mella to a drop zone, goes up, but Mella YANKS her down! FABULOUS KICK! Cover, TWO!! Carmella is at a loss for words! Fans rally as Naomi gets to a corner. Mella runs in, blocks the boot but gets the kick! Naomi climbs up, BLOCKBUSTER! Then she’s back up, split leg MOONSAULT! Cover, Naomi wins!

Winner: Naomi, by pinfall (NEW #1 Contender to the SmackDown Women’s Championship)

Naomi wants a handshake from Carmella, but only gets a high five. But that’s fine, because Naomi is about to make the event Super GLOWDown! Will Bayley #FeelTheGlow when she finally faces Naomi in the ring?

SmackDown returns to GOLD~BERG!

The living legend exits his room and is escorted by security. He marches out on stage, the pyro is on, and BOOM BOOM, he heads to the ring. Fans are fired up as Goldberg gets the mic. “Damn it’s good to be back!” Goldberg knows it’s been a long time since he’s been on SmackDown, so he’ll take his sweet time and enjoy it. “The Fiend! Whoever and whatever you are, know this. I’m ready.”

But SmackDown is interrupted by the Firefly Fun House!

Bray is touching up his Wall of Friends and other such handiwork. Goldberg says he still isn’t playing the stupid games! He’s here to do one thing: take the Universal Championship! Well Goldberg doesn’t know Bray at all! And he isn’t taking anything away from anyway! But let’s get to know each other, okay? Bray wants Goldberg to meet his friends. Abby the Witch, Mercy the Buzzard, Huskis the Pig Boy, and Ramblin’ Rabbit all love Goldberg! Traitor! But mallet aside, last but certainly not least, a certain someone is just dying to meet Goldberg. The lights go out, and then come back on, and Goldberg figures The Fiend is right behind him. He’s correct!

Fans chant “GOLD~BERG” and Goldberg SPEARS The Fiend! The Fiend gets up in an angry huff, and Goldberg is ready to get him again. But the lights go out, and The Fiend is gone. Bray’s laugh echoes out, but the Fiend might not be as happy as he usually is after things going Goldberg’s way. But will it still go Goldberg’s way when he and Bray have their Super Showdown?

My Thoughts:

For a go-home episode, this was more typical of a go-home episode from months ago, in that it just wasn’t as good as you’d hope. Things started off strong but then started to screech and grind by the end. That ending with Goldberg was not quite fitting of all the hype. Goldberg’s promo was cut short by Bray’s for Bray’s to be cut off by Goldberg, and then Goldberg Spears The Fiend into running away. It’s great for Goldberg to seemingly intimidate The Fiend, but isn’t Bray’s career resurgence meant to be a resurgence? As great as The Fiend was when this started about a year ago, he is still sadly at the mercy of the WWE and they’ve done their best to drag him down. Sadly, WWE might pull the trigger to take the title of him in favor of a Goldberg VS Roman story or something similar.

Carmella VS Naomi was a bit sloppy by the end of the match, and the camera mics caught the ref helping them remember the Blockbuster spot. It was pretty clear Naomi was going to win since Carmella was given her shot as a transitional phase of the story. Mella might be turning back to Heel given her less than happy mood after the loss, and how she wasn’t quite as upset Bayley was trying to interfere and distract during the match. Bayley VS Naomi is going to be a pretty good match for a historic moment like their SmackDown Women’s Championship match in Saudi Arabia, but I feel like Bayley still wins. Lacey had a decent interview promo with Renee, and it was good to work an explanation into why she turned Face and stopped being a bully.

They didn’t give away the other competitors but they buried the lead on the SmackDown Women’s Championship Contender Chamber match to parallel Raw’s. I’m sure next week will give a better announcement of that, and depending on who is in that match, I feel like Lacey is an almost obvious shoe-in. Not as obvious as Shayna Baszler for Raw, but pretty close. I’m very surprised the Bella Twins are being inducted to the Hall of Fame this year, but that seems to confirm they’re all but done wrestling. They are definitely well-accomplished women’s wrestlers, so it isn’t that they aren’t worthy, I’m just thinking they could wait a little longer, get someone that’s been waiting longer inducted first. And Gulak getting in on Bryan’s story better result in those two having the matches, not Gulak “coaching” midcard jobbers.

Otis needs to confront Mandy himself because there’s clearly a mystery here. Mandy claims she didn’t send a text, so then who did? Is the glitching happening when she was on screen a foreshadowing? Otis VS Ziggler is still coming, I’m sure of it. And the first two matches were the best matches of the night! The 8 Man Tag was really good stuff, but it was clever to keep the champions and challengers out of the finish. The Usos get a strong win to move up in the rankings, which fits because whether it’s the New Day or Miz-Morrison, we’ll get a great program. That Symphony of Destruction should’ve been a tornado tag to start since that’s what it became. And like a good song, the match had a great climax to finish it off. The Elimination Chamber better have a midcard title match.

My Score: 7.9/10

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