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WWE SmackDown – February 14th, 2017 Results: Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles


Show: WWE SmackDown
Location: Oakland, CA at the Oracle Arena
Date: 2/14/17
Airing on the USA Network

Welcome to SmackDown Live. We get a recap of Sunday’s WWE Elimination Chamber PPV. Bray Wyatt walks down to the ring to open the show.The fans chant you deserve it when he gets into the ring. He said that Sister Abigail said that she always spoke the truth and that he always knew this day would come. He said that he has the whole damn world in his hands. He said that having too much powerful can be dangerous for everyone except for him. He said that he would walk you to paradise if they walk with him and if you stand in his way he’ll burn them in the fire Welcome to the era of Wyatt. This led to John Cena walking down to the ring. Cena said that we had an energetic crowd tonight and introduced Wyatt as the WWE Champion. He noted that Wyatt had brainwashed the fans because they chant that Wyatt deserves it. Cena said that no one deserves anything in WWE, but rather they earn it. Cena said that Wyatt doesn’t have the world in his hands, but the world is seeing the target on Wyatt’s shoulder. Cena wanted their match right now. AJ Styles walked out and said that Cena isn’t getting a rematch before he does. Styles said that Cena has a private plane, so he’s not a normal person. He said that this isn’t about Cena but rather him. Styles pointed out that he beat Cena several times and knows that he can beat Wyatt. He wants his rematch right now. This led to Daniel Bryan coming out. Bryan congratulated him on winning the WWE Title. He booked a triple threat match with Wyatt, Styles, and Cena for tonight.

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We see Dean Ambrose searching for Baron Corbin. He hasn’t found him yet. To be continued…

Tag Team Match: American Alpha vs. The Ascension.

Cable and Viktor start things off. Things break down in the ring quick and American Alpha hit a double dropkicks to their opponents to send us to break.

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We’re back with The Ascension in control of Gable and they beat him down until he got the hot tag to Jordan. Jordan hit a series of suplexes to both Viktor and Konnor. American Alpha hit their tag teag finisher to Konnor for the win.

Winners: American Alpha.

The Usos appeared on the big screen and noted that they have officially put American Alpha on notice.

Daniel Bryan booked James Ellsworth against Dean Ambrose for tonight.

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James Ellsworth and Carmella walked down to the ring. While Ambrose was making his entrance, Corbin ran out and attacked Ambrose. They start brawling on the stage. Corbin sent Ambrose through a table via the deep six. This ends the segment.

Bryan was showing Nikki Bella footage of her brawl with Natalya. Bella tries to defend herself when it comes to to the brawl. Natalya walked in and they start arguing about how to end this. They start fighting until security broke it up. Bryan booked them in a falls count anywhere match for next week.

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Corbin was interviewed backstage and when asked why he attacked Ambrose, he noted that Ambrose is the reason that he is not WWE Champion right now.

Renee Young interviews Dolph Ziggler backstage. Ziggler said that he is not a sore loser but rather Kalisto and Apollo Crews are sore losers. He is tired of the new generation wrestlers and them thinking that they can replace him. He said that he’ll take them all out to prove his point.

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Singles Match: Becky Lynch vs. Mickie James.

They lock up to begin the match and then they do some technical wrestling. Lynch rolled up James for 2. They start shoving each other. Lynch hit a springboard kick sending James to the floor. They hit a double clothesline on the floor.

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We’re back with James in control of Lynch with a neck hold. Moments later, Lynch fought back and hit a suplex for 2. Lynch tossed her to the floor and James sold a shoulder injury. James faked the injury and hit the Mic Kick for the win.

Winner: James.

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Young interviews Naomi in the ring. Naomi cuts a promo that she didn’t know that she was injured after the match. She noted that the injury won’t stop because it has taken her eight years to get here and that nothing will stop her. She said that she would walk in and out of WrestleMania 33 as champion. Alexa Bliss walks down ring and mocks Naomi for her knee injury. Bliss said that Naomi was lucky on Sunday. She said that Naomi won’t feel the glow but will feel the flop as champion. Bliss thinks that Naomi could have her own 30 for 30 special about being a failure. Naomi threatened to attack her. Bliss told her calm down and that in one week, Naomi can give back the title or she’ll take it from her. Bliss walked to the back.

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TJ Perkins cuts a backstage promo about facing Neville tonight on 205 Live.

Triple Threat WWE Championship Match: Bray Wyatt © vs. John Cena vs. AJ Styles.

As Wyatt made his entrance, Luke Harper was standing at ringside and attacked Wyatt. He laid him out with a superkick.

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We’re back with Cena hitting a side slam to Styles. Wyatt pulled Cena out of the ring and sent him into the steel steps. Styles hit a springboard forearm shot to Wyatt. Styles tossed him back into the ring and hit a series of kicks to him. Wyatt fought back and sent Styles to the floor. Cena got into the ring and hit a side slam to Wyatt. Cena with the five knuckle shuffle to Wyatt. Cena went for the AA but Wyatt blocked. Styles took out Wyatt with a forearm shot and Cena hit Styles with the AA for 2. Wyatt hit Cena with Sister Abigail for 2 but Styles broke it up with a springboard dive.

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We’re back with Styles putting Wyatt on the announce table and hitting a leg drop to Wyatt off the barricade. Cena blocked an attempted springboard move by Styles and hit an AA. Styles blocked the second AA and locked in the calf crusher. Cena got out of it and locked in the STF. Wyatt broke it up with a back suplex. Cena hit an AA to Wyatt for a near fall. Styles hit a Styles Clash to Cena for 2. Wyatt hit Cena with Sister Abigail for the win.

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