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WWE SmackDown – February 7th, 2017 Results: Randy Orton vs. John Cena


Show: WWE SmackDown
Location: Seattle, WA at the KeyArena
Date: 2/7/17
Airing on the USA Network

Welcome to SmackDown Live. We get a recap video package of the rivalry between John Cena and Randy Orton. Daniel Bryan walks out to open the show. He said that the last time he was in Seattle it was for his retirement. He cut a promo about being grateful about being the SmackDown GM and giving the fans the best show possible. He is grateful that he is going to be a dad. The Miz and Maryse walked down to the ring. Miz mocked him for not being cleared to wrestle again. Bryan said that not being able to wrestle never stopped The Miz from getting in the ring. Miz said that he can still wrestle and that he can talk louder the fans. This led to Baron Corbin walking out. Corbin said that The Miz should learn how to shut up and that he is talking too much now. Miz said that they can work together this Sunday but Corbin threatened to take him out right now so he doesn’t have to hear Miz when he wins the WWE Title. Bryan, reluctantly, told Corbin not to punch Miz in the face. Dean Ambrose was the in next man out and mocked Miz’s attire. Ambrose said that Corbin stole the motorcycle part of his entrance music. Ambrose brought up the dangers of the chamber match and vowed to become WWE Champion. AJ Styles then walked out and asked if they were done playing tickle butt. Styles pointed out that he has beaten all of them. He said that the only thing he cares about is becoming WWE Champion again. Miz said that it’s not going to happen and that he would be WWE Champion. Bryan booked a fatal fourway match for tonight.

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Fatal Four-Way Match: Dean Ambrose vs. AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin vs. The Miz.

Styles and Miz was thrown out of the ring. Ambrose tossed Corbin to the floor. Ambrose with a crossbody to Miz and then clotheslines him to the floor. Styles and Ambrose start trying to hit their finishers on each other. Ambrose tossed Styles to the floor. Corbin sent Ambrose into the steel steps then landed a right hand to Miz. Styles went for a springboard move but Corbin landed a right hand. Ambrose sent Corbin into the ring post. Miz hit Ambrose with a super kick then a DDT to Styles. Styles, Miz and Ambrose kept rolling each other up. Ambrose and Corbin hit a double clothesline to send us to break.

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We’re back with Corbin hitting a tower of doom suplex. Miz hit Corbin with a series of kicks then drop kick to Styles. Corbin with Deep Six to Miz for 2. Styles with a back kick to Corbin for 2. Styles went for his finisher on The Miz but Miz fought out and hit a running kick for 2. Ambrose with a series of clotheslines to Miz then a neck breaker to Styles. Ambrose with a bulldog to Styles and an outside dive to Corbin. Ambrose sent Styles into the barricade as well as Miz. Ambrose sent Corbin into the ring post then went to the top rope and hit an elbow drop to Corbin. Styles broke up the pin. Styles hit a springboard forearm to Miz but Corbin hit End of Ways to Styles for the win.

Winner: Corbin.

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Luke Harper cut a backstage promo about wanting to hurt Randy Orton. He challenges Orton to a match at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Tom Phillips interviews Nikki Bella and Natalya. Both are in separate rooms. They take shots at each other. Natalya vowed to put Nikki on the couch with her pregnant sister knowing that Cena won’t be able to give her kids. Natalya said if she wasn’t married then Cena would probably end up with her. Bella walked out on the interview.

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Singles Match: Apollo Crews vs. Dolph Ziggler.

They start brawling to begin the match. Ziggler hit a DDT on Crews but missed a super kick and Ziggler rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Crews.

Post-match, Ziggler beatdown Crews with a chair.

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Bryan told Ziggler that he would face Crews and Kalisto in a handicap match at the Elimination Chamber PPV.

Renee Young Brings out Mickie James, Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch and Naomi for their duel contract signing. James told Young to get lost. James said that she has waited seven long years to return to WWE to get the credit she deserves for the women’s revolution. She said that she credit Lynch. James said that she would destroy Lynch this Sunday and signed the contract. Lynch said that she is tough and vowed to walk through James. She said that she would slap James back into the past. Bliss said that James beat Trish Stratus at WM 22 and moved Lynch’s hair color. Bliss said that as long as she is champion then it means that this is her division. Bliss said that she forgot about Naomi but that it’s fine because she will beat her this Sunday. Naomi brought up beating Bliss twice. Naomi vowed to walk into WM 33 as champion and told her to get ready. Naomi kicked Bliss and a brawl broke out.

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12-Man Tag Team Match: Heath Slater, Rhyno, American Alpha, Tyler Breeze and Fandango vs. The Usos, The Ascension, Simon Gotch and Aiden English.

Gable rolled up English for 2 to start the match. English worked over the left arm of Gable. English missed a dive and Gable tagged in Jordan, who hit a leg breaker. Jordan took Gotch with a drop kick. Breeze was tagged in hit English with a kick.

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We’re back with English in control of Slater. The heels beatdown Slater until he gets the hot tag to Rhyno. This led to a brawl breaking out. Gable hit an outside dive onto the heels. Viktor took out Jordan with an uppercut. Rhyno it a Gore to Konor and Viktor hit a big kick to Rhyno for the win.

Winners: The Usos, The Ascension, Simon Gotch and Aiden English

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Singles Match: Randy Orton vs. John Cena.

They lock up and Orton poked him in the eye. Cena fought back and tossed Orton to the floor.

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We’re back with Orton hitting Cena with a back suplex for 2. Cena blocked the second rope DDT and sent him to the floor. Orton back suplexed him onto the announce table. Back in the ring, Cena fought back and hit the five knuckle shuffle then an AA for 2. Orton hit a top rope DDT then an RKO for 2. Cena popped up and went for an AA but Orton blocked and there was a referee bump. Cena locked in the STF and thought he won. Bray Wyatt, who was at ringside, ran in and attacked Cena. Cena fought back and clotheslines Orton. Wyatt hits his finisher on Cena. Harper ran down and had a staredown with Wyatt. Harper with a big clothesline to Wyatt. Orton went for an RKO on Harper but Cena got into the ring and hit the AA for the win.

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