WWE SmackDown Results For June 2nd, 2016: AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston


Show: WWE SmackDown

Location: Rockford, IL

Date: June 2nd, 2016

Airing on the USA Network

Welcome to Thursday Night SmackDown. The New Day walk down to the ring to begin the show. New Day bring up the brand extension and SmackDown going live on Tuesday’s. The Club walk out and brought up their attack on New Day on RAW. The Club says that they will get the Tag Team Titles. New Day mocked them and their club. The Club said that there are dues to get in the club and they will take them out on New Day. New Day pointed out that AJ Styles weren’t with them. This led to Styles walking out. Styles said that everyone is talking about The Club because of what they did to John Cena and New Day. Styles said that this is a new day and the WWE belongs to The Club. Styles called Kofi Kingston a joke. Kingston listed all of the WWE titles he has won. Kofi mocked Styles for taking ten years to get to WWE. Styles challenged him to a match tonight and Kofi accepted it.

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Singles Match: Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte.

Lynch attacked her and beat her down until Lynch was thrown to the floor.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back with Lynch hitting a clothesline. Charlotte landed a series of elbows and then a hip toss. Charlotte missed a knee drop and Lynch fought back with a series of right hands. Charlotte rolled up Lynch for 2. Lynch with an armbar but Charlotte powered out of it and hit a powerbomb for 2. Charlotte missed a moonsault and Lynch locked in an armbar but Brooke grabbed Lynch, which caused the DQ.

Winner via DQ: Lynch.

Post-match, Natalya ran down to make the save. Natalya and Lynch stood tall in the ring.

Sami Zayn and Dean Ambrose cut a backstage promo about facing Del Rio and Owens tonight. Ambrose said that he can’t wait Del Rio or Owens. This led to Owens and Del Rio walking up. Owens mocked Zayn for the way he looks and said that Zayn is trying to get one over on Ambrose. Del Rio vowed that Ambrose and Zayn wouldn’t make it to MITB.

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Tag Team Match: The Dudley Boyz vs. Goldust and R-Truth.

Goldust and Bubba started the match. Goldust hit a hip toss and then tagged in Truth, who worked over Bubba’s left arm. Truth with an arm drag. Bubba cut him off with a big boot while bleeding from his nose. Devon was tagged in and hit an elbow strike. Bubba was tagged in and Truth hit a heel kick. Goldust was tagged in and hit a series of clotheslines to Devon. Goldust hit a powerslam to Devon. Devon pushed him into Truth and rolled him up for the win.

Winner: The Dudley Boyz.

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Tag Team Match: Dean Ambrose and Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio.

Owens and Zayn start things off. Owens attacked him from behind but Zayn fought back with a shoulder block. Zayn with a hurricanrana and then landed a forearm shot. Ambrose was tagged in and hit an elbow strike to Del Rio. Zayn was tagged in and hit a elbow strike. Del Rio hit a backbreaker for 2. Ambrose was tagged in and hit a series of forearm strikes to Del Rio. Ambrose hit an outside dive but Owens attacked him from behind.

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We’re back with Owens and Del Rio attacking Ambrose. Zayn took them out with an outside dive. Back in the ring, Ambrose knocked down Owens. Del Rio was tagged in and kicked Owens. Ambrose got the hot tag to Zayn, who hit a big boot to Del Rio for the win.

Winner: Ambrose.

Post-match, Owens brings a ladder in the ring and climbs up to grab the Money In the Bank briefcase.

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Singles Match: Rusev vs. Jack Swagger.

Rusev jumped him and beat him down. Swagger fought back and hit a powerslam. Swagger went for an ankle lock but Rusev fought out of it and sent him head first into the steel steps. Rusev locked in the Accolade for the win.

Winner: Rusev.

Post-match, Rusev attacked Swagger until Titus O’Neil made the save.

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Singles Match: AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston.

Styles hit a series of arm drags to begin the match. Kingston knocked him down and celebrated with New Day.

-Commercial Break-

We’re back from break with Styles sending Kofi head first into the steel steps. Kofi fought back with a monkey flip. Kofi hit a kick and then a clothesline. Styles with a neck breaker and then went for the Styles Clash but Kofi fought out of it and hit a drop kick. Styles landed a forearm shot but missed a springboard move and Kofi hit the SOS for 2. New Day and The Club started brawling at ringside. Styles caught Kofi with a kick and then hit the Styles Clash for the win.

Winner: Styles.

The Club celebrate in the ring to close the show.

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