WWE Smackdown LIVE Results – August 13, 2019: SummerSlam Fallout


Welcome to the Summerslam 2019 fallout edition of Smackdown LIVE.

We open to Kevin Owens to a pop. Kevin Owens recaps his ed. with Summerslam and says that Summerslam was a night he’ll remember for the rest of his life. He was happy to see his family being able to see him hit the Stunner on Shane and win with his family sitting ringside. Owens says his sights are now set on the King of the Ring Tournament and he says that tournament is one of the things he loved growing up as a fan. Winning the tournament would mean just as much as any of the titles he’s already won. He says winning the same tournament the likes that Stone Cold, Edge, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart and Owen Hart won would mean a lot.

Shane McMahon interrupts to heavy boos. Kevin asks why. Shane says his victory at Summerslam was tainted. Shane plays footage of the low blow KO hit on Shane Sunday night. Shane says what Owens did was unbecoming of a man. Owens says he won’t be lectured about what a man is from a guy who used to be in a group called the Mean Street Posse. He says that being a man is doing whatever it takes to win, especially if your job is on the line. Shane calls Owens a low-life, and he says Owens will live the rest of his life as a cheater. Shane says Owens should be on the unemployment line and he feels like walking down the aisle and beating him up. Owens says his fighting boots are on.

Shane says he doesn’t feel like soiling his hands, but he says Owens be in competition tonight and will let him know his opponent later. Shane then rolls footage of what Owens did to Elias at Summerslam. Shane says because of what Owens did, the 24/7 Title is suspended for tonight. Shane says he needs to ensure the officials need to be safe from him. Shane says Owens will be fined $100,000. Owens says he needs to reconsider because it’s about his family and the fine is crap. Shane says nope. Owens retreats to the back.

The New Day vs. The Revival and Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy is announced later tonight. Up next, Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon.

Owens walks up to Shane backstage, and Shane says that if he thinks about striking him, he’ll not only fine him, but sue him. Shane says the fine was necessary. Owens says to make it 105 grand as he throws a chair at a nearby monitor in frustration.

Charlotte Flair vs. Ember Moon

Charlotte starts with a wrist lock before throwing Ember to the ground. She then applies a side headlock. The crowd gets behind Ember. Charlotte gets a shoulder block and then stares Ember down. Back elbow from Charlotte after a failed waist lock from Ember gets her an advantage before Moon gets a head scissors and a one legged dropkick downs Charlotte. Charlotte retreats outside to recover. Charlotte plays up to the crowd before Ember tries to get a dive catching her distracted. However, Charlotte counters with a forearm. Ember responds with a dropkick to the outside and then hits a dive.

Ember goes for a cover in the ring which gets a 1 count. Charlotte retreats outside once again. Charlotte sends Ember into the LED board and then into the barricade. We cut to commercial.

Back from commercial, Charlotte goes for the Figure Eight but Ember fights out of it. Then, Charlotte applies a Boston Crab. Ember continues to fight, but Charlotte strikes Ember’s legs and continues to work it over. A few hard strikes connects but Ember responds with a series of kicks and knee shots to the gut before getting a forearm and a bicycle kick for 2. Flair sends Ember to the corner but Ember gets a jumping Codebreaker for a 2 count. Ember sends Charlotte to the middle turnbuckle and another kick for 2.

Charlotte gets a big boot and then applies the Figure Eight. Ember has to tap.

Winner by submission: Charlotte Flair

Backstage we see Daniel Bryan and Rowan, who will address the Roman Reigns accusations after the commercial. After commercial, we get a recap of the Roman Reigns saga. Rowan and Bryan come out. Bryan and Rowan says they have nothing to do with what has happened to Roman Reigns and that Buddy Murphy is a liar, but he doesn’t blame him. He says any one of us would have said a name and lie if Roman Reigns had our heads pressed against a wall.

Bryan says that Buddy Murphy gave the wrong name. Bryan asks the crowd if he thinks he did it. He says that’s the problem with the world, because lies can spread quickly and eventually, everyone will believe it. Tonight, he says they’re going to prove they weren’t responsible.

Backstage, we see Shane McMahon and he is asked who Kevin Owens’ opponent will be. Samoa Joe comes, and Shane says Joe will teach Kevin Owens a lesson. Shane says after Joe is done with him, he will learn to respect authority. Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy is next.

We get Aliester Black backstage, and he asks if he wonders what debts people have to pay. He says we all must pay a debt and Aliester’s debt will be paid in his own self-inflicted anguish, for such is his burden and sin. In due time, Aliester says he will find and end for any member of the locker room and himself. All they have to do is knock.

Roman Reigns vs. Buddy Murphy

Roman forces Murphy into the corner before Buddy slaps him. Roman responds with a big right hand and throws him across the ring. Murphy responds with a huge knee strike for a 2 count. Murphy stomps away at Roman in the corner. Murphy sends Roman into the barricade and sends him face first into the announcers table. Roman responds with a huge right and tosses Murphy over the table.

Roman goes for a drive by kick, but Buddy dodges and sends Roman into the steel steps. He then gets double knees to the face while Roman is on the ground. Back fro commercial and Buddy has Roman in a headlock. Roman tries to send Buddy into the corner but he holds on. Buddy goes for a corner splash, but Roman moves out the way, and gets a roll up for a 2 count, and gets a powerbomb off that for two.

Murphy and Roman trade hard shots before Roman responds with a series of clotheslines. He then hits a series of consecutive with continuous clotheslines before getting a big boot. Roman prepares for the Superman punch, but Buddy counters by sending Roman to the corner before getting a dirty roll up pin that gets 2. Roman is sent to the outside and Buddy gets a jumping plancha to the outside.

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