WWE Smackdown LIVE Results – August 20, 2019: KOTR Continues, Daniel Bryan vs. Buddy Murphy


Welcome to Smackdown.

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We see what Orton and The Revival did to The New Day on last night’s RAW. Tom says WWE Champion Kofi Kingston is not here tonight because he’s recovering from RAW. Orton takes the mic and says unlike Kofi, he is not a liar and he speaks the truth. Orton says Kofi ran from a fight, in front of his family, at SummerSlam. Why? Because Kofi is stupid. Fans boo and Orton tells them to shut up. Orton says he gave Kofi the chance to prove himself last week and he failed, and for his troubles he received two RKOs. Why? Because Kofi is stupid.

Orton says with help from The Revival, they decimated The New Day again last night on RAW and the best part was holding Kofi down to make him watch as they shattered the leg of SmackDown Tag Team Champion Xavier Woods. Why? Because Kofi is stupid. Orton says Kofi fails every time he gives him a chance to prove himself. Orton says this proves the power of positivity can be crushed out of nowhere, with the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment – RKO. The New Day’s music hits and Orton waits for a fight but no one is coming out. Orton turns around to a big Trouble In Paradise from Kofi.

Kofi gets hyped up as fans chant his name. Kofi says we’re going to find out the stupid one tonight. Kofi brings a steel chair back into the ring and wraps it around Orton’s leg. Kofi slaps Orton around and talks more trash, saying he’s doing this for Woods. Kofi goes to the top to jump on the chair but here comes Dash Wilder. Kofi comes down from the top and kicks Dash at the ropes and sends him to the floor. Scott Dawsonruns in but Kofi drops him. Dash runs back in but takes steel chair shots from Kofi. Kofi sends Dash back out and hits Dawson with chair shots over the back now. Dawson rolls to the floor as fans cheer Kofi on. The New Day’s music starts back up as Kofi stands tall with the chair, fans chanting his name.

Andrade vs. Apollo Crews 

Crews attacks with a lariat to begin and Andrade then trips him up and hits the double knees for 2. Crews fights off the DDT with a cradle for 2. Andrade then works the hanging arm bar, but then flies off into a dropkick by Crews. Andrade rolls to the floor and Crews follows as Andrade cuts him off and RANAs him to the steps.

Andrade follows with chops and rolls him back in, and lays the boots to him. He connects with knee strikes, and then starts focusing on the arm, grounding the action. The rolling suplexes follow as Andrade covers for 2. He follows with kicks, a slam and heads up top but Crews cuts him off. He lays in chops and follows him up. Andrade fires back and Crews catches the high cross and Crews hits a pop up gut buster.

He follows with the clothesline and Andrade hits back elbows but Crews hits an Angle slam for 2. Andrade fights off the Apollo bomb, but Crews hits an enziguri. Andrade attacks the arm, misses the double knees and Andrade fires back with a superkick, they trade and Crews hits the standing shooting star press for 2.

Andrade retreats to the ropes, Vega distracts him and Andrade hits the back elbow and hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner: Andrade

Bryan & Rowan walk with a hooded man, who is allegedly the attacker of Roman Reigns. Bryan tells him to stay put.

Elias walks and strums on his guitar. He finds a referee is disguise and then finds Drake hiding and makes him read a letter stating that the 24/7 rules are suspended for the night by Shane. Elias then locks him in a box.

Cross is out with Bliss and they are humbled by thier title reign. A moment of Bliss will carry on for the unfortunate without championships; Charlotte is the guest. Charlotte points to the throne and says that chair is more her style. Bliss brings up Charlotte’s win over Trish, and Charlotte says she took the torch from her.

Charlotte is the queen of all eras and face of the Smackdown women’s division. Bliss says some would say Bayley is the face of the division, and Charlotte disagrees, because she is the brand and more marketable. She is Smackdown.

Bayley is an afterthought, just like the championship and division. Bayley arrives and says enough of the same old shit, because it’s jut a bunch of excuses. Bayley is the champion and better than Charlotte.

Charlotte says people always talks about her, and not Bayley. She will win the title at Clash of Champions, and Bayley accepts the challenge and will shut her up. She shoves Charlotte down and leaves.

Buddy Murphy prepares backstage and meets with Roman Reigns. Buddy says he’s pretty sure he saw Rowan do it and Reigns says if Buddy’s lying he’ll whoop his ass.

Daniel Bryan vs. Buddy Murphy

Rowan is at ringside. Immediate V trigger by Buddy connects for 2. They spill to he floor, and then back in, Bryan lays the boots to him and follows with leg and body kicks. Buddy fires back, but Bryan bites him and follows with more kicks and then uppercuts.

Bryan follows with chops, but Buddy fires back and dumps Bryan. The tope follows. Post break and Buddy hits the dropkick and an enziguri. Meteora follows for 2. Bryan counters back, and locks on the LeBell lock. Buddy fights and Bryan adds in the other arm and adds in the leg going all ZSJ until Buddy makes the ropes. The crowd rallies for Buddy as Bryan follows with grounded kicks.

Bryan demands he stay down but Buddy fires back with a superkick until Bryan traps him in the tree of WHOA and dropkicks him. They work up top and the super belly to back superplex follows for 2. Bryan lays in more kicks, the corner dropkick and up top, Buddy slips out and into Cheeky nandos and the Liger bomb for 2.

They trade strikes, work into counters and Buddy backslides him for 2. The brainbuster follows for 2. Rowan takes the ref, and Bryan cradles Buddy for 2.Buddy superkicks Rowan, V trigger and Murphy’s law follows for the win!

Winner: Buddy Murphy

Backstage, Rowan and Bryan lay out Buddy as Bryan calls him a liar and coward.

– The Revival mock the crowd for cheering their beat down earlier in the night and then call New Day cowards. They tell Woods to heal up for Clash of Champions and challenge New Day for a tag title match at the PPV. Heavy Machinery arrive.

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