WWE SmackDown Live Results – December 26th, 2017: AJ Styles vs. Kevin Owens


Show: WWE SmackDown Live

Location: Rosemont, IL at the Allstate Arena

Welcome to SmackDown LiveDaniel Bryan makes his way to the ring. Daniel says it is great to be back in Chicago.  Last week was quite a roller coaster edition of Smackdown.  One of the most shocking moments of 2017 came from an unexpected place.  We see footage of Dolph Ziggler from last week. Daniel says he has tried to contact Dolph all week, but Dolph has not responded.  Due to Dolph’s actions, he has voluntarily relinquished the US Title.  If you are watching, everyone in the WWE Universe wishes you the best of luck.  Daniel says that Dolph is one of the all time greats, but we do need to move forward.  They are proud to have the history and prestige of the US Title on Smackdown so there will be a tournament to crown the new US Champion. That tournament starts right here tonight.  Baron Corbin will face Bobby Roode.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin come out and Chad wants to know what is Daniel going to do about the Tag Titles. Daniel asks them if they just got a title opportunity two weeks ago at Clash of Champions. Chad asks if that was fair.  Shelton says they never got their one on one match against the Usos and two other teams were added. Chad wants to know why the New Day or Aiden English and Rusev were in the match. Shelton reminds Daniel they beat the Usos last week so if it was one on one at Clash of Champions, they would be the Tag Team Champions. Aiden English interrupts and he is joined by the man who is the reason for the season . . . Rusev. Aiden sings and asks why do they deserve to face the Usos, they will disclose.  They beat the champs two weeks ago.  At Clash . . . did they lose?  No.  You don’t want to miss this, you know what days comes right after Christmas . . Chad correctly states that it is Boxing Day. Rusev calls Chad a fool and says it is RUSEV DAY.

The New Day come out and pour pancakes on people in the crowd. Xavier says all these other teams are wasting your time.  If you want to find out who the number one contenders really are, all you have to do is take the Kofi Kingston True/false Challenge.  Did Chad Gable and Jason Jordan . . . Shelton Benjamin get pinned at Clash of Champions?  True.  Did the oddly charismatic team of Rusev Day get pinned last week?  True.  Who else but the New Day deserve a title shot?  Kofi says true.

Woods says logic states that it is the New Day who are the rightful number one contenders for the Smackdown WWE World Tag Team Titles. Rusev tells them to shut up and says no one wants to see your spinning hips.   Rusev asks Daniel to make up his mind or does he have to ask his mommy, Shane McMahon. Daniel says that everyone has valid points so there will be a Triple Threat Match with the winners facing the Usos for the Tag Team Titles.

That match is now. Before the match can start, the Usos make their way to the ring to watch.

Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin versus Aiden English and Rusev versus Big E and Xavier Woods (with Kofi Kingston) in a Number One Contender Match

Gable, English and Woods start.  Gable kicks Woods and English with a side head lock.  Woods with a rollup for a near fall.  Woods and Gable push each other.  Rusev, Shelton, and Big E square off on the floor while English sends Gable to the floor.  Rusev punches Gable and Benjamin takes care of Rusev and Big E takes care of Benjamin.  English gets clotheslined over the top rope by Woods and then Xavier with a plancha.  Woods gets a near fall on English and Big E power bombs Woods onto English and Big E gets a near fall.  English with a waist lock and Gable with a German suplex on English and Big E.  Gable gets a near fall on both men.

Benjamin tags in and they kick Big E.  Benjamin kicks English and then Benjamin returns to Big E before kicking English to the floor.  Benjamin with a suplex to Big E and English breaks up the cover.  English punches Big E and Rusev tags in.  Rusev kicks Big E and Benjamin and Gable attack Rusev.  Rusev is sent to the floor and Benjamin tags in and they connect with knees and kicks followed by a double jumping knee and Benjamin gets a near fall.

Gable tags in and English works over Big E and then Gable kicks Big E.  Gable and English discuss strategy and they Irish whip Big E but Big E comes out of the corner with a double clothesline.  Woods tags in and he connects with forearms and he hits a thrust kick on English and follows with a hesitation drop kick to the back.  Gable with an Irish whip to Woods but Woods with a kick and Honor Roll to Gable.  Woods with a rolling elbow and he gets a near fall on English.

Benjamin tags in and they work over Woods.  Benjamin with knees to English and he sends him into Rusev.  Benjamin with a spinebuster to English but Woods with an enzuigiri.  Gable tags in and he knocks Big E off the apron.  Gable with a suplex to Woods but English with a flying kick to Gable.  Rusev tags in and he clotheslines Gable and Woods.  Rusev with round kicks to both men and then he hits running hips to Gable and Woods in the corner.  Rusev with a spinning heel kick to Big E and a jumping thrust kick to Benjamin.

Rusev goes for a suicide dive but Gable with a forearm.  Gable goes for Chaos Theory but English makes the tag and English with a clothesline.  Woods with a missile drop kick for a near fall.  Woods chops Gable.  Big E makes the tag and Woods kicks Gable.  Big E hits the UranagE onto a lungblower from Woods but Gable kicks out at two.  Gable sends Big E into the turnbuckles.  Benjamin hits Paydirt on Woods and Gable with a moonsault for a near fall.

English with a drop kick to Benjamin and Gable with a waist lock on English.  English grabs Woods’ hair to stop Chaos Theory and English with a kick to Woods.  Woods kicks Gable and hits a slingshot DDT but English with a Death Valley Power Bomb for a near fall.  Benjamin puts English on the turnbuckles.  English blocks the superplex and Gable joins in.  Rusev goes under and hits a double power bomb while English stays on the turnbuckles.  English with a frog splash but Gable kicks out.

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