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WWE SmackDown Live Results – June 4, 2019: Goldberg Appears


Welcome to SmackDown Live.

We are in Laredo, Texas and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods make their way to the ring.

Kofi says if there is one thing that he has learned over the last three months is that life is crazy. Life is full of surprised. Kofi says he thought he saw it all and did it all. Championships, friendships, and pancakes. It hasn’t all been highs. There have been a lot of lows, but Kofi says he fought through them all. Doing that, it gave him the opportunity of a lifetime. He won the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania.

Kofi says as amazing it was to win the WWE Title on the grandest stage of them all in front of his family, what is most important to him is to inspire people to do what they want to do and to believe that anything is possible. We see Kofi Kingston in Ghana.

After 26 years, he was finally able to go back to his home country, Ghana. He talks about the looks in the kid’s eyes. What you saw on the screen pales in comparison to being able to touch that child and tell them they can be whatever they want.

Dolph Ziggler interrupts and he says that Kofi is an inspiration, ask anyone in the arena. If this was Friday, he would be in the ring beating you up. Dolph says he respects the sacrifices and the journey you have made. Dolph says this is about why he is the way he is. Dolph says this is about him.

We have a video package for Dolph Ziggler. that shows his accomplishments but then it says he got nothing in return.

Dolph says he gave everything to you. Dolph says he gave his soul to WWE and you got the Wrestlemania moment. You won the WWE Championship and it should have been him. You are a hero, but one day all of you will realize that Dolph is the hero of this story and it should have been him.

Kofi says no one is saying Dolph has not had a great career. Dolph beat him to win titles before. Kofi says he knows about being passed over. After all of that footage, there was one thing you neglected.

Kofi shows a video package showing Dolph surrendering the US Title and leaving.

Kofi says you say it should have been you, it would have been you and it could have been you. When things didn’t go your way, you quit. You walked out. You turned your back. You took yourself out of the game. That is the difference. No matter how hard things got for him, Kofi says he never quit on himself, his brothers, or the WWE Universe. You keep saying it should have been you, and at Super Showdown it will not be you and as long as he is WWE Champion, Kofi says it will never be you.

Dolph shows a video package of the last few weeks.

Dolph says Friday it will be him.

Match Number One: Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens versus Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

Zayn and Woods start things off and Zayn with forearms and kicks. Zayn with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Woods with a drop kick for a near fall. Woods with a wrist lock. Zayn with a reversal. Woods with his own reversal. Kofi tags in and he goes up top and hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Dolph Ziggler is in teh back with a monitor next to him as we see Kevin Owens tag in.

Owens looks like he is going to tag out but he goes after Kofi and Kofi with a double leg take down and punches. Kofi with more punches in the corner but Owens with a kick and punches of his own. Owens kicks Kofi. Owens chokes Kofi in the corner and follows with forearms. Kofi with a round kick from the turnbuckles and Zayn tags in. Kofi with a drop kick and then he kicks Zayn in the corner. Woods tags in and kicks Zayn. Kofi tags in for more kicks. Woods tags in and he hits a drop kick into the corner for a near fall. Zayn goes to the floor on an Irish whip and he talks with Owens but Kofi with a trust fall plancha onto Owens and Woods takes care of Zayn.

Woods with chops to Zayn and then he sends Sami back into the ring. Owens grabs the leg and Zayn kicks Woods in the head. Owens tags in and he pulls Xavier to the floor and then sends Woods into the ringside barrier. Owens with a back senton to Woods when they return to the ring and Owens gets a near fall. Owens with a short arm clothesline. Owens with a back senton for a near fall.

Zayn tags in and punches Woods in the corner. Zayn chokes Woods in the ropes and Owens with a punch when Zayn distracts the referee and Kofi. Zayn with a snap mare and rear chin lock. Woods with punches and he tries to make the tag but Zayn keeps Woods in the ring and hits a drop toe hold. Owens tags in and he kicks Woods in the head. Owens mocks Woods trying to make a tag to try to piss off Kofi. Owens blows a kiss to Kofi and then goes for a back senton but Woods gets his knees up. Zayn tags in and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Woods lands on his feet. Woods with an enzuigiri and both men are down.

Owens tags in and he knocks Kofi off the apron before Woods can make the tag. Owens with chops and he puts Woods on the turnbuckles. Owens sets for a superplex but Woods with punches and forearms. Dolph is still in the back with the monitor as Woods hits a missile drop kick. Zayn and Kofi tag in and Kofiw ith a springboard clothesline and chops followed by a drop kick and jumping clothesline. Kofi with a Boom drop and then he sets for Trouble in Paradise.

Owens grabs Kofi’s leg and Woods with a clothesline off the steps. Kofi with a thrust kick and Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods

After the match, Ziggler comes into the ring and hits Kofi with a super kick. Ziggler gives Woods a super kick as well.

Shane McMahon is in the back and he says people think he brutalized Roman Reigns last night to soften him up for Friday. We see what happened last night.

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