WWE SmackDown Live Results – November 13, 2018: Survivor Series Go-Home Show


Welcome to SmackDown Live.

We take a look back at what happened at the end of Raw when Becky Lynch and the rest of the women’s roster from Smackdown attacked.

Tom mentions that Becky Lynch is not cleared to wrestle on Sunday due to a broken face and concussion thanks to a Nia Jax forearm.

Byron wonders who will face Ronda Rousey, but we will find out later tonight.

WWE Champion AJ Styles makes his way to the ring.

AJ says for the second year in a row, he steps into the ring with Brock Lesnar at the Survivor Series. For 371 days, AJ has defended the WWE Championship against the best WWE has to offer. He has done it on television and at house shows. He has faced dream opponents who have taken him to his limits and nightmare opponents who have threatened his family and he has defeated them all, except for Brock Lesnar. AJ says he has a second chance. Most don’t survive to a second chance, but he will . . .

AJ sees Paul Heyman with Greg Hamilton and AJ tells Greg to give Paul the mic.

Paul introduces himself and mentions his client Brock Lesnar. Paul says he came here tonight because on the premier show in WWE, Raw, he told AJ and the entire WWE Universe there is no one that his client wants to fight on Sunday more than AJ Styles. Paul says it is because when you think of the greatest in ring performers in WWE history, you talk about Ricky Steamboat, Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, and you, the WWE Champion, AJ Styles.

This close to being as good as Number One Daniel Bryan. We all know we are never going to see Brock Lesnar versus Daniel Bryan and he does not want to insinuate that AJ is a consolation prize, but he wants to mention how it will be an honor for him to have the best seat in the building on Sunday when Brock steps into the ring with the second greatest performer in WWE history.

AJ says that he knows that Paul is trying to get under his skin. AJ says he has nothing but respect for Daniel Bryan. AJ says he didn’t just beat Daniel Bryan, he tapped him out. AJ says he didn’t forget last year when Brock won. AJ says he walked out with his head hung high. Brock may have walked out with the victory, no, he limped out. That means Brock is vulnerable. For 371 days, AJ says he has gotten better at tapping people out. For 371 days, Brock has become more vulnerable to tapping out.

AJ says he has two wins of beating Brock. PInning his shoulders to the mat or tapping him out. It will not be about Brock Lesnar or Daniel Bryan on Sunday. It will be about AJ Styles.

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring and he does not know why they are talking about him. They had their title match two weeks ago, and you tapped him out. Daniel says he can accept that. Before that match, he said that he respected AJ and he meant that. Daniel says he has been looking for a reason to punch AJ in the face and he meant that too. You mention his name again without reason and he is going to punch AJ in the face again.

Daniel thanks AJ and says good night.

AJ says that it was Paul Heyman who brung up Daniel’s name, not him. If you are still upset about two weeks ago, then he wants to clear things up. AJ mentions Daniel’s name and . . .

Daniel punches AJ but AJ takes Daniel down. Bryan and AJ with punches and Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring and he tries to break things up. Agents and officials make their way to the ring to separate Daniel and AJ.

Daniel goes across the ring, dragging Shane to get to AJ.

We are back and Shane and Daniel are arguing in the office while Paige watches. AJ enters the room and officials have to hold AJ back.

Shane says if you want it. The title is on the line tonight.

Paige wants to know what is going on.

Corey mentions that it is official and AJ Styles will face Daniel Bryan for the WWE Championship tonight.

We are told that Paige and Shane have brought extra security after what happened last night.

Match Number One: Andrade Almas (with Zelina Vega) versus Jeff Hardy

Almas charges at Hardy and connects with a boot as the bell rings. Almas with more kicks in the corner. Almas kicks Hardy in the corner. Almas with a chop and a knee to the midsection. Hardy with chops and punches. Hardy tries to send Almas to the floor but Almas goes Tranquilo in the ropes. Hardy kicks Almas to the floor. Hardy sends Almas into the ringside barrier. Hardy sends Almas into the ring and Zelina has some words for Hardy and that allows Almas to recover.

Almas kicks Hardy as he returns to the ring. Almas with a knee to the chest and a running boot to Hardy for a near fall. Almas gets a near fall. Almas with an arm bar. Almas holds on to the arm bar while Hardy tries to get back to his feet. Hardy with a punch but Almas adds more pressure to the arm bar to take Hardy back to the mat. Hardy with punches but Almas with a knee. Hardy with a clothesline and both men are down.

Hardy with punches and a running forearm. Hardy with a reverse atomic drop and leg drop to the midsection. Hardy with a drop kick for a near fall. Almas avoids a Twist of Fate and Hardy goes for Whisper in the Wind but Almas crotches Hardy. Almas with a double stomp to Hardy in the tree of woe for a near fall. Almas with a kick and he sets for the running double knee strike and connects. Hardy with an inside cradle for a near fall. Almas with a knee to Hardy. Hardy with a kick and he tries for a Twist of Fate but Almas escapes and hits a spinning back elbow for a near fall.

Almas sets for a DDT but Hardy escapes and hits a Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top for the Swanton and hits it for the three count.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

We see Miz and Paige in the locker room watching a monitor.

Miz asks Paige to clarify that Daniel Bryan is not on the team for Smackdown and she confirms it.

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