WWE SmackDown Live Results – October 10th, 2017: Post-Hell In A Cell Show, AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin


Show: WWE SmackDown Live

Location: Grand Rapids, MI at the Van Andel Arena

Date: October 10th, 2017

Welcome to SmackDown Live. A video package of the Shane McMahon – Kevin Owens match at Hell in a Cell was shown. The Usos walked down to the ring and welcomed everyone to their penitentiary. They demanded that The New Day come out to the ring because they have something to say to them face-to-face. New Day walked out as requested. The Usos said that they went to war and made history on Sunday night. Usos said that the rest of the tag teams suck compared to them. New Day agreed. Jimmy talked about competing in the cell for the first time in their careers and using various weapons. Usos said that whenever both teams wrestle each other it’s a clash of the titans. Usos talked about being injured and driving to the next town and trying to calm down their families. Usos said that no one else knows what they are going through other than The New Day. At the end of the day, they belong here. Usos said that they are and run the tag team division. New Day wants to know if they are asking for a truce. Usos said that they have respect for The New Day. They were about to hug it out until Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley walked out. Rawley is tired of Usos and New Day taking up the spotlight. Usos told them to stay on the sidelines. Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin also walked out and wanted the spotlight. Usos mocked Gable for getting Benjamin as his tag team partner and told them to get to the back of the line. Fashion Police came out and so did The Ascension. Konnor said that they are tired of being in the wasteland. The Usos told the teams to come in the ring and take their best shot at the titles. Daniel Bryan walked out to the stage and thanked New Day and Usos for a great match at HIAC. He told them to get out of the ring. He booked the remaining teams in a Fatal 4-Way Tag Team match to determine the new #1 contender’s for the SD Tag Team Titles.

-Commercial Break-

Fatal 4-Way Tag Team Match for the No. 1 Contenders Spot: The Hype Bros vs. Breezango vs. Benjamin & Gable vs. The Ascension

Gable starts things off against Viktor. Gable takes it to him and then Shelton Benjamin tags in and picks up the offense. Benjamin slams Viktor but then Gable tags back in and Viktor starts turning it around. He gets an arm lock on Gable. Irish whip and Gable counters with an arm drag. Viktor drives Gable back into the corner and then Konor tags in. Gable gets leveled by an Ascension team maneuver and then all teams pile into the ring and end up in a stand-off. Commercial break.

Back again and Mojo Rawley is whipping Tyler Breeze from corner to corner and then plants him with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a 2-count. He drives Breeze back into the corner and then Zack Ryder tags in. Ryder is about to come off the top rope when Konor pushes him and he falls awkwardly into Mojo who is holding Breeze up for a move. The Hype Bros argue momentarily. Then all hell breaks loose in the ring involving everyone until Benjamin & Gable clear the ring of everyone.

They set up for their team finisher but Fandango pushes Gable off the top rope. Breezango tries to put it together but they are beaten back. Benjamin & Gable end up hitting their finish on Breeze for the 3-count and become No. 1 contenders.

Winners: Benjamin & Gable

Smackdown Women’s Champion Natalya, Lana, Tamina and Carmella are backstage. Charlotte approaches Natalya and Natalya ask her why the long boo-boo face? Did she break her father’s heart again? Charlotte attacks her instantly and a brawl breaks out. After the scrap has been dispersed, Charlotte adjusts her hair, breathing heavily.

New United States Champion Baron Corbin is interviewed backstage and he says that AJ Styles rematch for the title will just be a squandered opportunity for the former champion.

-Commercial Break-

Singles Match: Carmella vs. Becky Lynch

They start brawling to begin the match. Lynch hit a suplex that sent Carmella to the floor. Carmella fought back with right hands after James Ellsworth distracted Lynch. Back in the ring, Carmella worked over the left shoulder of Lynch. Moments later, Lynch landed a series of kicks and uppercuts. Carmella with a big boot in the corner but Carmella locked in the Disarmer out of nowhere for the win.

Winner: Lynch.

-Commercial Break-

Owens walked out to the ring to open the second hour to cut a promo about beating McMahon at Hell in a Cell and sending him to hell. Owens said that McMahon is gone and never coming back. Owens said that the fans should be counting their blessing because the fans almost lost him as well. Owens said that he was blinded from the white light during the match and felt his soul starting to separate from his body. Then out of nowhere, he was standing at the pearly gates and was waved to the front by Saint Peter. Owens said that Peter told him that they need him down on earth. Owens called Sami Zayn his guardian angel who protected him. Owens found a new purpose which was to turn SmackDown into his heaven. Owens brought out his best friend, Sami Zayn. Owens told Zayn to explain to the fans that he had no idea that Zayn was going to help him. Owens thanked him from the bottom of his heart. Zayn said that Owens powerbombing on the apron opened his eyes. Sami has always tried to please people and follow his heart and a bunch of other platitudes and all that ever got him was mediocrity. Meanwhile, his counterpart Owens behaves the opposite way and has achieved almost everything there is to achieve in the business. And then when Shane McMahon recruited him from Raw, he told him everything he wanted to hear but that was the last conversation they ever had.

And Sami went along, getting nowhere. So when Shane blew off Sami’s warning last week about what Owens was capable of, that was the final straw. Sami had wanted Shane to win. And Shane could have won. He had Owens beat. But then he looked up to the top of the cage. And for whatever Sami and Owens have been through together, being friends, being bitter enemies, one thing they’ve always been and will be brothers. So Sami saved his brother. For so long Sami thought he despised Owens, but he really just despised the fact that he was right. Sami Zayn then thanks Owens.

They embrace in the ring and then Owens raises Sami’s arm. Then Owens says no, no, no, and raises Sami’s arm. They raise each others’ arm a few times, posing to the crowd on each side of the ring.

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