WWE SmackDown Live Results – October 31st, 2017: Kevin Owens vs. Shinsuke Nakamura, Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode


Show: WWE SmackDown Live

Location: Norfolk, VA at the Scope Arena

Date: October 31st, 2017

Results by David Dengis of WrestleNewz.com

Welcome to SmackDown Live. Shane McMahon walks down to the ring to open the show. Shane wishes everyone a Happy Halloween. Then he starts talking about the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view. A lot of people have been asking Shane why Smackdown laid siege to Raw? Shane says the answer is simple. The 25th anniversary of Raw is upcoming, and that’s a great accomplishment, but Smackdown wasn’t around back then. And ever since Smackdown came around, Raw has always viewed Smackdown as the inferior brand.

So Shane started thinking about what could be done to change that perception. So he gathered a team. Got Daniel Bryan as General Manager. They went live every Tuesday night. And they started having fun creating the land of opportunity. But that still wasn’t enough. What could they do to change the perception? So they had a meeting and decided to take the fight right to Raw’s doorstep and kick them right in the mouth. The crowd chants, “Under Siege!” Shane begins to say his thanks to everybody in the audience who has made everything possible for them. Because Smackdown is about heart.

Shane continues, saying Daniel Bryan went to Raw last night to explain their point of view. And how was he treated? He was set up, and beat up, by his former tag team partner. And where was Kurt Angle? Stephanie McMahon? Nowhere to be found. They just got Bryan a stretcher so he could be carried out of there. Angle said he was going to bring his gold medal… Shane says go ahead, bring your gold medal. Bring your roster. Bring everything you have. And Smackdown will bring what it has as well. And Shane will personally captain the Smackdown team at Survivor Series.

Survivor Series Team Qualifier (2-Out-Of-3 Falls): Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode

Bell sounds and they engage. Ziggler jumps on Roode’s back and the two jockey for position. They roll through and Ziggler grabs a headlock. Irish whip and Ziggler knocks Roode down with a shoulder-tackle. Back on the feet and Roode returns the favor. Ziggler drives Roode back into the corner and drives his shoulder into Roode’s gut. Ziggler starts to pace and talk trash and Roode capitalizes with a clothesline. Roode is whipped into the corner, and as Ziggler charges in, Roode gets his feet up. Roode hops to the middle rope and delivers a blockbuster for a 2-count.

Roode ends up throwing Ziggler over the top rope and out to the floor. Roode goes out after him and Ziggler draws him into a trap. Ziggler smacks Roode’s face off the apron. As he tries to whip him, Roode reverses and Ziggler goes crashing into the barricade. Roode tosses Ziggler back in the ring. As Roode steps back between the ropes, Ziggler plunges his skull with a superkick and gets the first out of three pinfalls. Ziggler: 1-0. Commercial break.

Back again and Roode scored the second fall during the break by catapulting Ziggler face-first into the ring post. Tied 1-1. The two go back and forth exchaging move attempts and reversals until Roode delivers a yurinagi. He pins but Ziggler gets his shoulder up. The two fight over pin attempts and then Ziggler spikes Roode with a spectacular DDT for a near-fall. The two men sell in the ring, standing up slowly. Ziggler yells at Roode to stand up. He charges Roode but eats a spinebuster. Roode gets hyped up and goes for the Glorious DDT but Ziggler evades and nails Roodes with a ZigZag. He pins and Roode just manages to kick out.

Ziggler looks flabbergasted. Roode slowly gets to his feet. Ziggler tunes up the band. Ziggler goes for the superkick but Roode moves and throws him head-first into the turnbuckle. Ziggler bounces back out and Roode plants him with a Glorious DDT for the third and final fall. Bobby Roode qualifies for the Smackdown Survivor Series team.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Roode is interviewed by Renee Young after the match and he says that he hopes the next two superstars who join the SD team share the same drive and passion that he, Shane and Randy Orton have.

The New Day are backstage goofing around, dressed in their Halloween costumes. Rusev and Aiden English approach them and New Day start clowning around with them. Rusev snatches the bucket of candy from Big E’s hands and asks what’s wrong with them? Raw could burst through that door any minute. They all need to be ready. Xavier Woods tells them to chill, they’ll be ready to fight if they need to. Rusev tells them to stop acting like children, says Halloween is stupid and then stomp on Big E’s candy. Big E gets angry and challenges Rusev to a match tonight.

Becky is giving a pep talk to the women’s Survivor Series team. She tells them that they never know when Raw is going to come try to take their revenge so they all need to be ready. She asks if they have any questions and James Ellsworth barks like a dog. Becky then sprays him with a spray-bottle of water. Natalya tells Becky to slow her role. Natalya is the champ and she should rightly be captain. But alas. Natalya points out that there is always a weak link on a team and they need to figure out who that weak link is. She eventually singles out Charlotte and say if she screws up there will be no hesitation to put the blame where it belongs.

Singles Match: Baron Corbin vs. Sin Cara

Bell sounds and Corbin starts to take it to Cara. He dominates Cara and then starts trying to pull off Cara’s mask. Cara ends up outside the ring and Corbin goes after him. Cara catches Corbin on his way out and starts winging his punches and other various strikes. The ref is trying to get them back in the ring. Cara spears Corbin over the top of the announce table and the commentators are trying to sell the idea that Cara is “seeing red” and has never flipped out like this before. The ref calls for the bell to end the match.

No Winner (Double Count-Out)

Cara throws a chair at Corbin and sends him retreating through the crowd.

Smackdown Tag Team Champions The Usos are interviewed backstage and they cut a promo about Smackdown being the A-Show. Benjamin & Gable approach them and reveal that Shane McMahon has given them their opportunity next week to compete for the tag team championships.

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