WWE SmackDown Live Results – October 3rd, 2017: HIAC Go-Home Show, McMahon – Owens Face-To-Face Showdown


Show: WWE SmackDown Live

Location: Denver, CO at the Pepsi Center

Date: October 3rd, 2017

Welcome to SmackDown Live. There was a moment of silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. A video package of the feud between Shinsuke Nakamura and Jinder Mahal. Renee Young is in the ring to bring out Nakamura for an interview. Nakamura said that words may break his bones but this Sunday, Mahal will know the truth when he wins the WWE Title this Sunday. The Singh Brothers walked out to distract Nakamura, which allowed Mahal to attack Nakamura from behind. Nakamura fought back and then attacked The Singh Brothers. The numbers game finally caught up with Nakamura and the heels beat down the challenger. Mahal hit his finisher to Nakamura and stood tall with the WWE Title to end the segment.

-Commercial Break-

Tag Team Match: Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch vs. Natalya & Carmella

Bell sounds and Carmella starts out against Becky. Becky lands some punches and then a drop kick, sending Carmella rolling out of the ring. Natalya goes over and says something to Carmella but then Becky & Charlotte deliver tandem baseball slides, knocking the two heels down at ringside.

-Commercial Break-

Back again and Natalya has Becky in a rear chin-lock. Becky stands up and hits an arm-drag on Natalya but Natalya takes control again and stomps Becky in the corner Natalya yells at Becky, saying she’s pathetic. Natalya gets distracted by Charlotte and Becky rolls her up for a 2-count. Charlotte tags in and she come sin hot. She lands a series of chops and the crowd goes, “Woo!” Charlotte lands a Ric Flair jumping knee and then does the strut. Charlotte delivers a big spear and then starts putting on the Figure-4.

Natalya pushes her off. When the ref isn’t looking, Carmella cracks Charlotte’s skull with the MITB briefcase. Natalya slaps on the Sharpshooter and forces Charlotte to tap out.

Winners: Natalya & Carmella

A video package to recap the feud between Shane McMahon and Kevin Owens is shown.

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Singles Match: Bobby Roode vs. Mike Kanellis

They lock up and Kanellis put some heat on him with strikes. Roode hit a big spinebuster then hit a DDT for the quick win.

Winner: Roode.

Post-match, Dolph Ziggler walked out and said that he is a huge fan of Roode and his production. He said that he’s trying to work on an entrance for TLC, which then he played police sirens. He went backstage and grabbed some drums then some shakers as well as a horn. Ziggler said that Roode’s entrance is all he has and that Roode finally found a way to sneak in the door of the WWE. Ziggler promised to show the world an entrance they’ve never seen before. Ziggler said that at some point the bell has to ring and vowed to expose Roode nothing more than an entrance. Roode said that Ziggler’s entrance was horrible and that he’s doing it all wrong. Roode did his pose in the ring to end the segment

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The Usos walked out to the ring and said that this is not going to be a handicap match. Two members will be in the cell while the other member will be eating cereals. They promised that it wouldn’t be fun and that the HIAC structure will be a lot to the Uso prison. They said that they have been putting in work and elevated the tag team division to their level. They vowed to become to the new tag team champions. The New Day walked out to the ring and said that usually they crack some jokes and sell some product. However, this Sunday is Hell in a Cell. They said that they have left everyone in awe because no one expected the tag team division to be this good. It didn’t matter their placement on the card because they prove that they can have the best match of the night. They reminded The Usos that they won the tag team titles the last time that they faced off.

Mahal did a promo backstage and showed footage of his attack on Nakamura earlier tonight. He said that Nakamura wasn’t smart enough to see what was going to happen and what happened tonight will happen at HIAC.

Singles Match: Tye Dillinger vs. Baron Corbin

Bell sounds and Dillinger opens up aggressively. Corbin drives him back and out of the ring but Dillinger tenaciously jumps back in and puts the pressure back on. Corbin has some success now. He whips Dillinger toward the corner but Dillinger reverses. Corbin slides under the bottom rope past the ring post, runs around it, slides back in on the other side and charges right into a Dillinger superkick. Corbin rolls out of the ring for a breather as it cuts to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Back again and Dillinger is pushed from the apron and falls hard into the steel steps. Corbin brings him back inside and lifts him with a suplex but drops him frontward onto the top rope. Corbin goes for another suplex. He lifts Dillinger but Dillinger only goes up partway and then comes back down, rolling Corbin into a small package for the surprise 3-count.

AJ Styles comes on the big screen and says he loves watching Corbin squander another opportunity. Did Corbin think it would be handed to him? That’s not what they do. If Corbin would change his mindset, he wouldn’t have lost to John Cena and he wouldn’t have lost to Dillinger right now. Corbin doesn’t have what it takes to take Styles’ title on Sunday because he’s not on Styles’ level.

-Commercial Break-

Rusev cut a promo in the ring with Aiden English. Rusev vowed to embarrass Orton this Sunday at HIAC. This led to Orton walking out to the ring for the next match.

Singles Match: Randy Orton vs. Aiden English

Orton beat him down and hit the RKO to score the quick win.

Winner: Orton

Post-match, Rusev has a distraught look on the outside. He feigns like he’s going to jump in the ring but Orton is ready for him. Rusev backs off and says he’ll get Orton Sunday.

-Commercial Break-

Sami Zayn stops Shane McMahon in the backstage halls and tells him he needs to be wary about Kevin Owens. He’s not the same snarky Kevin Owens he once was. Something has snapped. Shane impatiently tells Sami he appreciates the concern, but he’s about to go out there and face him and he’s got to go now. He tells Sami to worry about himself and Shane will worry about himself.

Shane McMahon walked out to the ring and called out Kevin Owens. McMahon said that when Owens is a coward and always will be. McMahon said that Owens disrespected his family, attacked his father, and hide behind Sami Zayn last week so he could escape. Owens can’t run this Sunday due to the HIAC structure. McMahon vowed to change Owens’ life and wanted to change the rules of the match. It’s now a Falls Count Anywhere Hell In A Cell match. Translation: This match won’t end inside the cell. Owens walked through the crowd and wanted to know what he could help McMahon with. Owens told him that he would see him this Sunday and walked away. McMahon said that Owens is just a coward. McMahon said that he would bring the fight to Owens and walked through the crowd and up the bleachers. Owens attacked McMahon and they brawled by the concessions. Owens powerbombed McMahon through a table.

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