WWE Smackdown LIVE Results – September 17, 2019


Here are the results for the September 17th, 2019 edition of Smackdown LIVE.

Tonight, it is announced that Charlotte Flair will take on Sasha Banks, Corbin will be officially coronated as king and Erick Rowan will speak on the events of Clash of Champions.

The New Day vs. Randy Orton and The Revival

The New Day start going to work on Dawson and then go to work on Wilder. Eventually Orton and The Revival get the advantage and they work over Kingston. Eventually, The New Day all take turns attacking Orton.

Back from commercial Orton and The Revival are working over Xaiver’s bad leg. Eventually, Kofi gets the tag and he runs wild. Eventually, Orton cuts him off with a Draping DDT. They go for an RKO assisted by The Revival, but Kofi gets a Double DDT and Big E shoves Orton into the ring post out of the ring. Woods gets an elbow and Kofi gets Trouble in Paradise on Wilder for the win.

Winners: The New Day

Before they can celebrate, Brock Lesnar returns. Paul Heyman lays down a challenge for the WWE Championship on October 4th on Smackdown’s debut on the FOX channel against Brock Lesnar. Kofi accepts his challenge before Lesnar F-5’s him.

Backstage, Sasha is asked about her HIAC match against Becky. Sasha says she has the advantage because of her experience inside a cell and that she’s the standard of the division. Bayley says she’ll answer further questions in the ring.

Michael Cole interviews Erick Rowan. Cole asks Rowan about the attacks on Roman. Erick says that he was merely trying to scare Roman, and he suggests to Cole that he lowers the bass in his voice.

Rowan says he’s not a puppet and doesn’t answer to anyone. He’s not a follower, but a leader. Cole then asks Rowan about his betrayal of Bryan. Rowan says Bryan made the mistake of thinking they were intellectual equals, and that he’s superior in every way. He’ll never be disrespected again. Later tonight, Bryan will address Rowan’s attack.

Shinsuke Nakamura (w/Sami Zayn) vs. Ali

Before the match, Sami explains to Ali that while he did defeat Nakamura in the past, he’s a different man with Sami. Sami believes Ali is athletic and inspiring but he’ll never be a champion.

Ali attacks Nakamura but Sami holds him down from behind, allowing Nakamura to attack. Nakamura connects with the Kinsasha and the match never happens.

We see Kevin Owens walking through the arena and he shits down with the fans. Shane McMahon says he’s gonna take care of it. He then receives a folder and walks away.

Shane then comes out. He tells Kevin to get in the ring and he grabs a mic. Shane tells security to leave and they’ll talk man to man. Shane says what’s in the folder is the biggest wrongful termination lawsuit ever, and if he wins, Kevin would win 25 million dollars. Shane says Kevin is swimming where he shouldn’t be.

Owens tells him to let him speak and Shane calls KO delusional. Owens says Shane has ruined Smackdown by making it his personal playground and making Owens’ life a living hell. Owens says Shane couldn’t get the job done against Chad Gable last week and fired him for the same thing that Owens was fined for at Summerslam.

Owens says he tried to help Shane to beat Gable, but he lost. Owens says last week he tried to help him, but now he wants to hurt him where it hurts most. His wallet and pride. He has a legitimate case, but Owens says there is another clause in that case. Not only will Shane lose money, but Kevin will have the ability to fire Shane McMahon.

We get another AOP vignette.

Back in the ring, we have Migos member Offset. He brings out Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte Flair vs. Sasha Banks (w/Bayley)

Charlotte begins the attack on Sasha and gets the fallaway suplex. Bayley is trying to get the padding off the bottom turnbuckle and she sends Sasha out of the ring. Charlotte gets distracted by Bayley and Sasha shoves her into the ring post.

Back from commercial, Charlotte gets a big boot and more chops. She gets another fallaway slam and a neckbreaker. Sasha goes for a hurricanrana, but Charlotte turns that into a Boston Crab. She then turns that into a cradle a kick.

Sasha goes for another move but a big boot by Charlotte sends her out of the ring. Charlotte then hits the moonsault on both Sasha and Bayley. Charlotte attempts to get back in the ring, but Bayley holds her back. Sasha goes for an O’Connor Roll for 2. Charlotte gets The Figure 8, but Bayley attacks her for the DQ.

Winner: Charlotte by DQ

After the match, the two jump Charlotte before Carmella comes to her rescue. She superkicks Sasha and shoves away Bayley. Charlotte gets the big boot on Bayley and Carmella and Charlotte stand tall.

Back from commercial, Corbin gets coronated as King of the Ring. He says being King is a breath of fresh air and he knows the people would have wanted any other competitor to win. However, Corbin is the king we needed because he is strong, courageous and fair. He won the tournament with honor and he deserves respect.

He says Corbin can rule with an iron fist, but he wants to show respect to the man he beat last night, Chad Gable. Out comes Gable. Corbin says he knows how difficult for Gable to hold his head high and that he’s been overlooked, but Gable is like all of these people. No matter how hard you work, we all come up short.

Gable takes down Corbin and strikes Corbin with the scepter and rips apart the robe.

Heavy Machinery vs. B-Team

Tucker works over Axel with ease and chases Dallas out of the ring. Dallas and Axel then jump Tucker and Axel connects with a DDT.

Tucker eventually escapes and Otis runs wild on everyone. Compactor hits on Dallas and HM pick up the win.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

Kofi Kingston vs. Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship on October 4th is made official.

Daniel Bryan says he has never lied to us. Bryan stands before us exonerated of all attacks on Roman Reigns. He’s out here to talk about Erick Rowan. Rowan says he’s been disrespected and that no one saw him, but Bryan saw him. He saw his talent, potential and intelligence.

When Bryan and Rowan won the tag titles, he saw and treated Rowan as an equal. He didn’t just treat him as his equal, but as his friend. Rowan comes out.

Rowan says Bryan never asked him about how he felt about anything and he won’t be disrespected any longer. Daniel says to do something about it and that there’s nothing worse Rowan could do than breaking up their friendship.

Harper attacks Bryan from behind and the two jump him before Roman Reigns comes out. Roman hits a Superman Punch on Roman and gets a hard right to Harper. He gets a drive by on Rowan but Harper catches Roman from behind and shoves him into the steel steps.

Rowan powerbombs Roman into the ring post and the two begin taking out all members of security by scoop slamming them onto the exposed floor. Then, he takes a part of the barricade and strikes Roman with it.

Harper and Rowan then send Bryan through the announcer’s table. Rowan says they will not be disrespected any longer and that is Smackdown LIVE.

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