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WWE SmackDown – March 14th, 2017 Results: American Alpha vs. The Usos


Show: WWE SmackDown
Location: Pittsburgh, PA at the PPG Paints Arena
Date: 3/14/17
Airing on the USA Network

Welcome to SmackDown Live. We get a recap video package from last week’s episode of SmackDown Live. Daniel Bryan is on the phone and talked about Miz having a special Miz TV segment as well as Randy Orton speaking. He said that Mickie James and Alexa Bliss would wrestle tonight. AJ Styles walked in and demanded that he talk to Shane McMahon. Bryan said that McMahon would be here later tonight. Styles said that he would tell the fans what he thinks about McMahon and Bryan warned him about what he had to say.

Styles walked out to the ring and cut a promo about being tired of messed with by Bryan and McMahon. He said that he should be main eventing WrestleMania. He said that John Cena didn’t jump through hoops like he did. He brought up Cena just getting a WWE Championship match and accepted that he lost to Cena. He expected a rematch for the championship but instead was booked in a triple threat match and didn’t get pinned. He pointed out that he didn’t lose the Battle Royal and beat Luke Harper, but then Randy Orton burned down Bray Wyatt’s house and didn’t get in trouble but rather he goes to the main event of Mania. He said that he had the best year in 2016 and put SmackDown on the map. He took credit for WWE’s success and said that he doesn’t even have a match at WrestleMania. Styles said that he could have slapped Bryan but Bryan is a puppet, but McMahon, on the other hand, is a different story. Styles said that he will talk about his career with McMahon if he still has a career. He then walked to the back.

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Singles Match: Becky Lynch vs. Natalya

Lynch attacked her right out of the gate and tossed her in the corner then connected with a side kick. Lynch slapped her then hit a side kick. Lynch tripped her and locked in the STF, but Natalya got to the bottom rope.

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We’re back with Natalya in control of Lynch after she hit a power slam to Lynch on the floor. Natalya locked in a headlock, but Lynch fought out of it with right hands. Lynch hit a series of clotheslines and then a power slam. Lynch locked in the Disarmer for the win.

Winner: Lynch.

Post-match, Carmella laid out both Lynch and Natalya.

We get a recap of John Cena hosting the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards.

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Carmella cut a promo about how she would become the next SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.

The Miz and Maryse walked down to the ring for a special edition of Miz TV. Miz hyped his guest, who was himself and his wife, Maryse. Miz said that they are giving everyone an inside look into the frauds of Cena and Nikki Bella. He showed footage of Miz and Maryse attacking Bella and Cena last week as well as him taking a shot at Cena on Talking Smack. Miz said that Bella would never get a ring. Maryse said that Bella is ten times worse than Cena. Maryse said that she used to be best friends with Bella until she stabbed her in the back. She said that she was supposed to be on Total Divas, but Bella told her that she could get a better contract for Maryse. Maryse said that later WWE told her that they had no deal and Bella told her that she could take care of it because she is dating Cena and untouchable. Bella then later told her she wouldn’t be on the show. Maryse said that Bella took money and opportunities away from her. Maryse said that Bella hurt her and vowed to make Bella suffer. Maryse said that she would expose Bella for who she is which is a backstabbing lying bi*ch. Cena and Bella ran down to the ring, but Miz and Maryse got out just in time. Bella grabbed the microphone and said that Maryse is crazy and if she had the power to block Maryse for a job then why would Maryse be here. Bella said that they were never friends and that Maryse steals the fans money every night because she stands there like a blowup doll. Bella challenged Maryse to a fight so she could kick her a**. Miz said that Bella doesn’t get to book matches and that Maryse has nothing to prove. Miz thanked the fans. Bryan walked out and said that the time is not up. Bryan said that he was promised a special edition of Miz TV, but it wasn’t special but rather normal. Bryan wants to punch Miz in the face because Miz reminds him that he cannot wrestle again. Bryan said that it angers him that Miz copies him in the ring and the fact that he can’t punch him in the face makes him upset. Bryan said he does know two people who can punch him in the face. Bryan booked Miz & Maryse vs. Cena & Bella at WrestleMania 33.

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Singles Match: Mickie James vs. Alexa Bliss.

They lock up and exchanged right hands to begin the match. James tossed her to the floor, but Bliss sent her headfirst into the ring post and slammed her to the floor from the apron.

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We’re back with Bliss in control of James. Moments later, James fought back and hit a hurricanrana off the middle rope. James with some kicks and then Bliss rolled her up for 2. James went for the Mick DDT, but Bliss blocked and rolled her up for 2. Bliss with a big right hand and then a knee drop. James blocked the sick one and hit the Mick Kick for the clean win.

Winner: James.

The announcers hype some of the matches that will take place at WrestleMania 33.

We see Styles still awaiting the arrival of McMahon. Renee Young interviewed Styles and said that since he doesn’t have a match at Mania, then he will get his thrills now. McMahon arrives at the arena and Styles attacks McMahon. Styles sent him head first into a window of a car. Fit Finlay stopped him and checked on McMahon, who was bleeding from the top of his head.

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We see McMahon being checked on by a WWE doctor in the backstage area. Bryan walked up to Styles and called him a coward. Bryan aid that Styles not untouchable. Styles asked if Bryan was going to fire him and Bryan fired him then had security escort him out of the arena.

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