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WWE SmackDown March 27, 2020 Full Results & Report


SmackDown speeds up towards WrestleMania!

WrestleMania will go on! Either The New Day or the Usos will challenge The Miz & John Morrison for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships!


  • Drew Gulak w/ Daniel Bryan VS Shinsuke Nakamura w/ The Artist Collective; Gulak wins and Bryan will challenge Sami Zayn for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania.
  • Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross VS Asuka; Bliss wins.
  • From WrestleMania 32 – WWE World Championship: Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon VS Roman Reigns.
  • SmackDown Tag Team Championships #1 Contender’s match: The New Day VS The Usos; No Contest, BOTH teams will challenge The Miz & John Morrison for the titles for WrestleMania.


Sasha Banks and Bayley open tonight’s SmackDown!

The Legit Boss and the Role Model are going to be in a now Fatal 5 Way Elimination Match for the SmackDown Women’s Championship. Paige made the announcement for this match last week, but as a Six Pack Challenge. Sadly, Dana Brooke must bow out because she is quarantined. But Bayley and Sasha know they have just a week left before the special WrestleMania that is “too big for one night.” A two-night WrestleMania and the best of the best will be on the Grandest Stage of Them All. Lives can change and dreams can come true, but this year is a nightmare! “Sad, irrelevant, pathetic Paige” is jealous of the year Bayley has had, and is forcing these two best friends into the same match! How is that fair? It’s not.

Paige thinks she’s so slick for putting them in the same match. That plan will backfire! They’re best friends that are better together like peanut butter and jelly. But before Sasha can respond to Bayley, Lacey Evans appears! The Sassy Southern Belle is also in the Fatal 5 and she joins these two in the ring now. “Bayley, your mouth is about as big as my hat is.” And she can’t seem to keep it shut. Sasha can barely get a word in. Bayley has a word for Lacey: LOSER! Sasha says Lacey should go preach to her bratty little kid. Unless she’s ashamed of mommy always losing. Hah, good one. But Lacey says Mania will be a nightmare. Sasha won’t be able to say anything about Lacey’s daughter with a broken jaw from The Woman’s Right. And Bayley will finally learn the lesson in respect she’s needed.

But wait! Here comes Naomi! The Glow gets another shot after that Super Showdown controversy. Naomi does agree with Lacey about handling these two. Bayley knows what she did at Super Showdown, and that’s some unfinished business. And while Sasha is glaring at Naomi all stank, Naoim will snatch her bald to become the three-time champion! The Glow will shine in the spotlight again! Bayley is not about to have another night of constant interruptions and people saying their piece. But wait! Here comes Tamina! The Daughter of Superfly makes a huge return with this golden opportunity, but she does have something to say tonight. “Actions speak louder than words.” And so she HEADBUTTS Naomi and SUPERKICKS Lacey!

Bayley and Sasha sneak past Tamina to go after Naomi, but they mistake that for being on Tamina’s side. They back up into her, and Tamina glares at the two “locker room leaders.” Bayley and Sasha bail with the belt, but are they cowering in fear from the future SmackDown Women’s Champion?

Drew Gulak w/ Daniel Bryan VS Shinsuke Nakamura w/ The Artist Collective!

Sami Zayn claims the Philly Stretcher is a “nobody” that is holding The Goat back. But the bet was made that if Gulak can beat the King of Strong Style, then the WWE Intercontinental Championship will be on the line! Can Gulak get a huge win to send Bryan to WrestleMania?

The bell rings and Sami joins Michael Cole on commentary. Gulak and Nakamura stare down as Bryan rallies up. The two feel out the grapple and Nakamura throws in knees. Nakamura facelocks and brings Gulak down for knees tot he shoulders and head! Nakamura drops a knee then digs his boot into Gulak for a standing Bad Vibrations! Gulak gets away but Nakamura pushes him in a corner. Nakamura stomps and whips Gulak corner to corner. But Gulak comes back with a shotgun dropkick! Bryan is fired up as Gulak throws haymakers on Nakamura at the ropes. Gulak stomps Nakamura over and over and Sami protests. The ref pulls Gulak off and Cesaro gets Nakamura out of the ring. The ref reprimands Cesaro but keeps Gulak back.

Gulak goes out to fetch Nakamura but Nakamura sweeps the legs! Nakamura brings Gulak to the announce desk to throw kicks! Sami cheers Nakamura as he puts Gulak in the ring. Sami praises Nakamura  but Gulak gets Nakamura’s leg! Dragon screw in the ropes! Gulak gives Nakamura another! Nakamura crawls to a corner but Gulak stomps the leg. Cesaro protests and the ref counts, but Gulak backs off. Sami is upset but Nakamura dodges to roundhouse Gulak back! Nakamura hops up, flying knee! Cover, TWO! Bryan coaches and rallies for Gulak as Nakamura brings Gulak up. Nakamura has a facelock and squeezes tight. Gulak pries the hold apart but Nakamura thrusts in another knee! Nakamura turns Gulak around for another facelock but Gulak throws body shots.

Nakamura fires off a strike fest to ROCK Gulak back! Then he gives Gulak a gourd buster! The jacket unzips and Nakamura aims from the corner, but Bryan saves Gulak! Gulak rolls Nakamura up to a prawn hold, GULAK WINS!!

Winner: Drew Gulak, by pinfall (Daniel Bryan WILL challenge Sami Zayn for the WWE Intercontinental Championship)

Sami is furious but that’s because his team got a taste of their own medicine. Now Sami has to put up or shut up against Bryan during WrestleMania Weekend! Will Sami be the one to learn a lesson in just over a week?

SmackDown returns to Dolph Ziggler backstage.

The Show-Off talks with someone about Otis’s rampage last week. Ziggler says it was “pathetic,” but deserved. Wait, more glitching. But Ziggler says Otis creeping all over Mandy Rose is so sad. Wait, here comes Otis AND Tucker! Heavy Machinery is ready to run Ziggler over, but referees and security rush to stop them! Ziggler taunts Otis that he has some more pictures Otis can see, so long as he’s over 18! Otis calls Ziggler a dirt bag, and wants just one shot at him. Ziggler says they can end “all this crap” with the world watching. Ziggler will have his girl, Mandy, in his corner… at WrestleMania! Otis accepts! The rage is still raging, but will it all come to an end when Otis and Ziggler finally have it out 1v1?

Ladies and gentlemen: Elias.

The Drifter is in Full Sail’s perch and speaks on Gronk giving him a match with Baron Corbin. Before that night, Elias has a new song dedicated to the Wolf King, “Kingdom of Fools.” Clap along and don’t worry about neighbors, because they’ll be clapping to. Without further ado, Elias starts playing and sings his new hit.

“WrestleMania~. It’s too big for one night~. After I destroy Corbin, he’s gonna see the light. At WrestleMania, the chances of Corbin winning are narrow. So bring your medieval costume and a bow ‘n’ arrow.” There’s a quick Photoshop of Corbin with an arrow through his head like a jester. “I stocked up on toilet paper in these times of distress~. And I stamped your face on every roll, I must confess.” Baron Corbin the toilet paper! “That may seem harsh, but it’s the least of what you deserved. Your throne’s a toilet, and Corbin, you are a turd~!” Yes, Corbin’s a turd. Elias thanks the “capacity crowd” but then Corbin attacks!

Corbin stomps Elias on the newly repaired perch (NXT fans know about that) and shouts, “You want to embarrass me, huh?!” Corbin has his scepter and dares Elias to stand. Elias does, and Corbin SMASHES him with said scepter! Elias dangles on the edge, and Corbin boots one hand off. The Drifter wobbles but regains his grip, so Corbin boots the other hand! Elias holds on as best he can, but Corbin SMASHES him in the head!! Elias hits the floor with a thud and referees hurry over. Has the Wolf King just cancelled his Mania match with Elias?

Alexa Bliss w/ Nikki Cross VS Asuka!

The Goddess called out the Kabuki Warriors as “hiding” on Raw with the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. But Asuka responded with a sneak attack to cost Bliss-Cross a match. Now the ball is in Alexa’s court. Will she score a win to get her and Nikki back on track towards the tag titles? Or will the Empress ensure she and the Pirate Princess get to take WrestleMania Weekend off?

Nikki joins Michael Cole on commentary and gives him a huge hug, not worried about social distancing. The bell rings and Asuka laughs already. Alexa is thrown off by that but Nikki is just too excited. Asuka swipes but Alexa gets clear and gives a big smile. Asuka mocks that smile, then laughs more. The two circle, Asuka rushes Alexa but Alexa gets her for a waistlock. Asuka pries free but Alexa throws a forearm, which only infuriates Asuka. Alexa throws more forearms but Asuka fires up more. Alexa runs but dodges Asuka as she follows, and dropkicks her down! Cover, TWO! Nikki is excitedly punching her own hand, showing how she and Alexa are gonna do that to the Kabuki Warriors.

Alexa headlocks Asuka but Asuka pulls Alexa’s hair to power out. Asuka runs Alexa over with a shoulder then mocks Nikki with a dance. Nikki cheers Alexa but Asuka brings her up. Alexa reverses the whip but Asuka goes up and over. Alexa ROCKS Asuka with aright, then mocks Asuka back. Asuka is upset again and talks trash in Japanese. Alexa parrots Asuka’s words, then KICKS her in the arm! That’s the bad arm Shayna Baszler hurt in the Elimination Chamber. Alexa runs but Asuka catches the dropkick to then drag Alexa out! Asuka throws Alexa HARD into steel steps, arm first! The Empress and Goddess are even now as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns and Asuka has Alexa down in an armlock. Alexa endures and Nikki rallies for her. Nikki gets Cole to chant “Lexi! Lexi!” Alexa fights up but Asuka kicks her legs out! Asuka fires off fast hands and a mule kick! Alexa ends up on the apron and Asuka runs, but the hip attack misses! Alexa kicks Asuka back down and Nikki is fired up enough for the whole arena! Asuka joins Alexa on the apron and they start brawling. They go forearm for forearm but Asuka back kicks again. Asuka grins as she prepares, but Alexa wrings her arm out onto the apron! Alexa and Asuka both clutch their arms as Alexa gets back in the ring. Cover, TWO!! With no arms, that was bound to happen.

Asuka fires up and drags Alexa up but Alexa YANKS the bad arm. This only angers Asuka more but she runs right into Alexa’s kick! Alexa baits Asuka into a corner and sends her into buckles! Nikki shouts, “That’s what you get!” Asuka gets up but Alexa rallies with rights! And a basement dropkick! Alexa grits her teeth as she drops knees, Insult 2- No! Asuka mores and Alexa knees the mat. Asuka bails out bu both women are clutching arms. Alexa pursues but Asuka gets to the apron. Alexa trips Asuka up and then rams her into the LED! She puts Asuka in then covers, TWO!! Asuka still lives but Alexa tries again, TWO! Nikki is upset and pesters Cole about it.

Alexa drags Asuka up and works out the bad arm. But Asuka spins her, and chicken wings that arm! Alexa resists the lock and rams Asuka into buckles! Alexa snapmares but Asuka rolls with her, only to get a DDT! Cover, Alexa wins!!

Winner: Alexa Bliss, by pinfall

Nikki explodes with excitement! She hugs Cole, then she hurries in to hug Alexa! Is this Bliss-Cross getting one step closer to the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships?

SmackDown hears from The Usos.

“It wouldn’t be the Road to WrestleMania if The Usos and the New Day didn’t battle it out at least one more time.” Two big teams, huge stakes! The winners go after the SmackDown Tag Team Champions! #UsoCrazy with the #Lockdown! Beef or truce, the Uce got the juice! Another pair of seven-time champs are coming! Will WrestleMania be put in the Uso Penitentiary?

From WrestleMania 32 – WWE World Championship: Triple H w/ Stephanie McMahon VS Roman Reigns!

As The Big Dog prepares for his WWE Universal Championship match with Goldberg, SmackDown relives when he and The Game went toe-to-toe in Texas for a different world title!

Stephanie McMahon gives the King of Kings an epic introduction for his entrance, while fans greet Roman with mixed emotions. The fireworks fly, the official introductions are made, the belt is raised, and this battle a long time coming finally begins!

Roman and HHH circle as fans rally and duel. They tie up, HHH headlocks and gets the takeover. HHH grinds Roman down but Roman gets up, so HHH goes around to hammerlock. HHH slaps Roman around to the liking of the crowd but Roman powers out and runs HHH over. Fans don’t like that, but things speed up. HHH goes to hip toss but Roman blocks. Roman goes to hip toss but HHH blocks, knees low and hip tosses Roman up and out of the ring! Fans cheer as Roman hits the floor but boo as he gets right up. HHH taunts Roman by holding the ropes open. Roman brushes that off and takes his time returning to the ring. Fans taunt Roman with “Roman Sucks!” as he gets back in.

Roman and HHH stare down and circle again. They tie up, HHH grabs the arm and wrenches to a wristlock. HHH yanks on the arm then wrenches again, to a shoulder breaker. HHH goes again but Roman ROCKS him with a right! Fans boo as HHH staggers to the corner. Roman mocks HHH and DX with a “SUCK IT!” chop! HHH can’t believe the audacity, but SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns as Roman is stuck on the top rope. HHH climbs up a corner and LEAPS, but into an UPPERCUT! Fans boo as Roman catches his breath and HHH crawls to the far side. HHH runs back over but into a back elbow. Roman BOOTS HHH down! Fans boo as HHH goes to another corner. Roman runs in for the corner clothesline! HHH staggers but BOOTS Roman back! HHH runs but into a SAMOAN DROP! Cover, TWO! Steph glares as she coaches HHH up. HHH slowly gets up and fans rally as he goes to a corner. Roman locks ‘n’ loads and takes aim. Roman runs, but HHH bails out to avoid the Superman Punch. But Roman goes out the side and goes around the way, to LEAP off the steel steps! A LEAPING LARIAT takes HHH down!

Some fans of Roman’s cheer as he drags HHH up to throw into steel steps! Roman brings HHH back up to throw into the other steel steps. Steph shouts for HHH as he crawls around the corner. Roman brings HHH up into the ring but HHH bails out the side. Roman goes out but HHH throws him into steps now! HHH drags Roman up to throw over the announce desk! Steph checks on HHH as he staggers away. But Roman comes and SPEARS HHH through the barriers!! Fans lose their minds as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns again as Roman and HHH are back in the ring. Roman gets up in the corner and lets out the battle cry. He runs at HHH but HHH kicks him back! HHH underhooks but Roman back drops HHH out of the ring! Roman catches his breath while Steph checks on HHH. Roman sees them go around the way, and builds speed, but HHH ROCKS him first! HHH gets in but Roman SPEARS! Cover, but Steph drags the ref out! The ref reprimands her then gets back in to count, TWO! HHH survives thanks to his queen! Steph gets mad at the ref now and she gets in the ring. They argue but the ref tries to reason with her that the match is still happening. HHH slowly stands up, Roman runs in, and SPEARS Steph!!

Fans lose their minds as HHH kicks Roman, and hits the PEDIGREE!! Cover, TWO!?! Roman survives and no one can believe it! HHH and Roman stir while Steph flops out of the ring. Fans rally up as HHH drags Roman up by his hair. HHH throws a haymaker, Roman uppercuts! HHH kicks low then runs, to knee smash! Roman staggers, rebounds and SUPERMAN PUNCHES! Fans boo Roman as he rises up again. HHH slowly gets to the opposite corner but Roman fires himself up. Roman runs but into a KNEE! Both men are down again, HHH crawls to a cover, TWO! HHH crawls and sees Steph down on the ground. He waves to her, and she brings out the trusted sledgehammer! HHH slowly stands but the ref tells him not to. HHH shoves the ref but Roman SUPERMAN PUNCHES!

Roman runs at HHH for ANOTHER SUPERMAN PUNCH! He lets out the battle cry, builds up speed, ducks the hammer to SPEAR!! Cover, Roman wins!!

Winner: Roman Reigns, by pinfall (NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

The Roman Empire dethrones the King of Kings!

The Big Dog established his reign in 2016, but will he do it again in the New Decade?

HHH is on SmackDown!

The Game is one of the few to compete against both Roman Reigns and Goldberg in his career. What is his prediction for that match come WrestleMania? HHH knows after being in the ring with both men, both men have the intensity needed to reach the top of this industry. But the biggest difference, Roman’s intensity builds while Goldberg’s intensity is all at once. Goldberg’s intensity is unparalleled, but it lasts for a brief period of time. Roman’s intensity builds and builds as the match goes on. Roman feeds off what his opponent gives him. If Goldberg can end it quick, he has it. But if Roman can withstand the initial onslaught, HHH puts his money on The Big Dog. Who’s your money on for the WWE Universal Championship?

SmackDown hears from The New Day.

“Greetings and salutations. It’s ya bois, the NEW~ DAY~!” Tonight is very special because it could send them to WrestleMania. But they need to get through a team they’ve faced many times before. But whenever they and their bois, the Usos, meet, it’s a battle for the ages! And by “boys,” they really mean “sons.” Big E is reminded of what his pappy used to say. “Son, this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.” The New Day will be pained to do this to the Usos, but their daddies need to become EIGHT TIME W, W, E, Tag, Team, CHAMPIONS~! Becaaaause~, New. Day Rocks. Who gets the beatin’ before a team gets to meetin’ Miz and Morrison at Mania?

SmackDown returns to Ziggler meeting up with Fire & Desire.

Sonya Deville lets Mandy have a private conversation with Ziggler. Mandy doesn’t want him doing this to Otis. The Otis that stood her up? Well okay, but did Ziggler have to rub it in? No, that is too much, and he apologizes. Mandy says that if they’re having the match, that’s fine. But they’re not going to fight over her like she’s a prize. Of course, that’s not what this is. Ziggler vows to beat Otis and then leave all of this behind. The two then head back to the hotel to watch the rest of the night with some champagne.

SmackDown presents a very special Firefly Fun House!

Wyatt has a framed picture taken from his WrestleMania 30 defeat. Wyatt wipes the tears from his eyes before saying hi. He’s so excited to see the fireflies again. But today, he’s going to teach us about… Shut up, voices in his head!! That Bray had his chance. That Bray failed. But “he” won’t. Abby the witch says Bray was delusional then, and is even more delusional now. Or does he have some “secret recipe” to beat Cena this time? Well actually, yes! He has a blender and ingredients! Add 1 scoop disappointment, a little bit of self-loathing, some hot sauce for flavor, and a heaping, helping of rage AND resentment! perfect!

Ramblin’ Rabbit says to not leave out the carrots. The beta-carotene will help him see Cena. Oh of course! NO. But Ramblin’ himself was the secret ingredient Bray needs! “Some irrelevant, non-necessary opinions!” OH NO~! Ramblin’ Rabbit begs for mercy, but he gets the puree setting instead. And now Bray gives us an infomercial. When this WWE superstar isn’t playing in the fun house, he’s creating the “perfect concoction” to defeat John Cena at WrestleMania! YOWIE WOWIE! It goes straight to your head. A big star like Cena deserves more than just an ordinary match. Especially since “he” is anything but ordinary.

In fact, “he” wants Cena to join their world of madness and mayhem where the fun never ends! So The Fiend is officially challenging Cena to the first-ever Firefly Fun House Match! Down the hatch! Yummy. But there is one nasty side effect. “Let Me In.” Will Cena join the “fun” inside the Firefly Fun House? Will Cena make it out alive?

The Miz and John Morrison join commentary!

That’s because the SmackDown Tag Team Champions want to watch the #1 contender’s match up close and personal!

SmackDown has huge news for the last episode before WrestleMania!

Goldberg and Roman Reigns will be face-to-face just days before their showdown! Will either man make a move before their WWE Universal Championship match?

And with Bray Wyatt’s bizarre challenge, John Cena returns to give his answer! Will Cena accept the invitation to step inside the mind of a madman?

SmackDown Tag Team Championships #1 Contender’s match: The New Day VS The Usos!

Many movie franchises are huge hits from the first to the last. While this rivalry isn’t a movie franchise, the two teams have always delivered instant classics. Will this newest sequel also be a blockbuster? And who moves on to share the spotlight with the Greatest Tag Team of the 21st Century?

SmackDown returns as Miz ‘n’ Morrison give both contender teams their props. But then they’re interrupted by “AWWWWW~ people at HOOOME~!” Miz and Morrison mock the entrance and say they do not feel the power. Big E and Kofi appear, still serving pancakes despite no fans here to feast on them. The Usos are next, and the introductions are made. Teams sort out, and this rivalry begins again with Kofi and Jimmy.

Jimmy and Kofi circle and tie up. Jimmy headlocks and throws Kofi to a cover. ONE as Kofi keeps his shoulders up. Kofi gets up and powers out but Jimmy runs him over with a shoulder. Jimmy talks some trash as things speed up. Kofi jumps and jumps but gets caught to a back suplex. Kofi lands on his feet but Jimmy runs at him in the corner. Jimmy uses a monkey flip but Kofi lands on his feet! Kofi dropkicks Jimmy but Jimmy catches it! Jimmy catapults Kofi to a corner but Kofi lands on the ropes to dropkick Jimmy down! Jimmy bails out and Jey regroups with him. Miz and MOrrison wonder what’s wrong, and then mock the “UCE! OH!”

Jimmy and Jey go back to the ring and tag. Kofi taunts Jimmy about stamina then tags in Big E. Big E and Jey circle then tie up. Jey waistlocks but Big E pries free. Big E tosses Jey over his hip! Jey and Big E circle again and tie up. Jey gets the arm and wrenches Big E to a wristlock. Big E blocks the whip with pure power, and then whips Jey to the corner. Jey slides to a stop to UPPERCUT Big E back. Jey runs but Big E elbows him down! Big E tags Kofi and Kofi runs to leap frog senton! Cover, TWO! Kofi mule kicks Jey to ropes then whips. Jimmy tags in and Jey reverses the whip to pop-up hotshot! Jimmy covers, TWO! The Usos keep their cool and Jimmy drags Kofi up. Jimmy CHOPS and CHOPS Kofi, then tags in Jey.

The Usos mug Kofi in the corner then Jey kicks. Kofi blocks, spins Jey and ducks the Dragon Whip! Hot tag to Big E! Jey tags in Jimmy but Big E throws him over head! And again! Big E puts Jimmy on the apron to club and club and club! He counts with the ref, then goes to the corner. Big E runs out to APRON SPLASH! Jimmy is gasping for air as SmackDown goes to break.

SmackDown returns as Big E lifts Jimmy but Jey tags in. Big E ROCKS Jey then runs, but the Usos both get in to DOUBLE SPINE BUSTER! Cover, TWO!! The Miz & Morrison are impressed by the quick tag tactics. Jey has Big E in the corner and fires up with “UCE! OH!” Jey runs in, BIG hip attack! Jimmy tags in and takes his turn. “UCE! OH!” But he runs into an URINAG-E! Hot tags to Jey and Kofi! Kofi leaps to ax handle and double chop Jey! Kofi dropkicks then hits a leaping lariat! He runs for the NEW~ DAY~ Boom Drop! Kofi claps but there are no fans to clap back. Even so, Kofi spins but Jey ducks, to mule kick! Jey whips KOfi corner to corner, but Kofi goes up and huricanranas!

The Miz and Morrison mock the claps as Kofi leaps, into Jey’s flapjack! Jey has a Half Crab! Kofi endures as Jey sits deep. Kofi crawls as Miz and Morrison mock the Usos’ chant. Jey drags Kofi away but Kofi rolls and pushes him away. Jey runs into the SOS! Cover, TWO!! Morrison starts a “Fight Forever!” chant and Miz joins in. Kofi drags Jey up but Jey fireman’s carries. Kofi slips out and elbows Jey away. Big E tags in and Kofi climbs up top. Big E drags Jey up, but Jey drops down to evade the flying stomps! Jimmy POSTS Kofi! And SUPERKICKS Big E! Jey SUPERKICKS Big E now! Cover, TWO!! Big E survives and Miz starts a “This is Awesome!” chant.

Jey tags Jimmy and the Usos drag Big E up together. They double CHOP Big E in a corner then hoist him up top. Both Usos climb but Big E fights them off. Down goes Jey, then Jimmy! But Jimmy goes up to enziguri Big E down! The Usos both build speed but Kofi anchors Jey! Jimmy helps Jey drag Kofi up and in, to toss out. Kofi stays on the apron and then dump both Usos out! Kofi builds speed to FLY onto Jimmy! Miz and Morrison do their chant instead, “Miz ‘n’ Morrison! Hey hey! Ho ho!” Kofi TRIPS Morrison off the desk! Miz gets upset but Jey FLIES onto them both! Big E returns to SPEAR Jey off the apron!

All six men are down and the ref starts a ring count. Big E drags Jey up to put him in at 5. But then Miz ‘n’ Morrison attack!!

No Contest

The SmackDown Tag Team Champions just screwed both teams over here! They put Jimmy, Jey, Kofi and Big E in to beat them all down! The #TurtleneckToughGuys are only tough because the other four have beaten each other up the whole time. But WWE officials make an announcement. They will now be in a TRIPLE THREAT LADDER MATCH against BOTH The Usos and The New Day! Miz ‘n’ Morrison are furious, but Miz turns around into DOUBLE SUPERKICKS! Morrison turns around into a scoop, and the MIDNIGHT HOUR! Miz ‘n’ Morrison just stepped in it now! Will they be able to make it out of WrestleMania still the leading men of the SmackDown Tag Division?

My Thoughts:

A pretty good episode as the pandemic and Empty Arena Days continue. Tonight’s PPV replay match was another from before I started working with The Chairshot and EWN, so I had to rewatch HHH VS Reigns. But with all this talk of Roman being off the Mania show, I wonder if advertising a face-to-face even matters this week. A decent match, but that moment Roman Speared Steph is still great. Baron Corbin really shocked me with probably the most sinister thing his character’s done ever. I wonder if this is their way of writing Corbin VS Elias off in the event one or both can’t compete. Though, there’s talk that the first day has been recorded so who knows.

Gulak has a decent match with Nakamura, but it works that things are a bit “controversial” for Gulak to win. Obviously we were getting Zayn VS Bryan so it’s fine that Gulak gets a win like that. I’m not sure how the Intercontinental Championship match goes, but if Sami wins, I want to see one of his teammates go after him for it. Likewise, if Bryan wins, he can have matches with the other “artists,” and even another match with Gulak. Bray Wyatt had a really good promo in challenging Cena to a Firefly Fun House match, and that match itself sounds like it’ll be pretty good. Hopefully a touch better than the House of Horrors match as the “failed” Bray against Randy Orton.

Alexa VS Asuka was a pretty good match, and it was still surprising for Alexa to win. But how else does a tag title story continue? That said, I feel like Raw’s go-home should schedule Nikki VS Kairi to complete the set, and then SmackDown’s go-home officially announces the title match. Though, if the rumors of Kairi (and Io Shirai, too) going back to Japan and Stardom are coming true, expect Nikki to win against Kairi and then Bliss-Cross to win the titles. Which is a shame, but talking about WWE/Vince dropping the ball is a different subject for a different article. Meanwhile, the SmackDown Women’s Championship match is heating up, and while Tamina had an impressive showing tonight, I feel like this is going to end with Sasha winning. She may not have to betray Bayley if another entrant eliminates her, but Grand Slam Sasha could be happening.

And then the tag team match in the main event was great, just as both Usos and New Day said it would be. Miz & Morrison were great on commentary, and I did not expect the end to go that way. A Triple Threat Ladder Match is going to be a great match, especially if the news is right about Miz needing to stay out because of his own health concerns. It is a bit reckless for Miz to have even shown up feeling under the weather given the circumstances, but a Ladder Match and a Triple Threat makes it easier for them to compensate. Morrison probably could win this on his own, which is the outcome I see at this point.

My Score: 8.3/10

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