WWE Smackdown Recap! Oct.18.2013


Smackdown Recap Oct.18.2013

(Big Show Banned, Big E’s redemption, The Shields new streak)

Author: Cade Carnage (Reference: Mindofcarnage.com)

Location: Kansas City, Missouri

Welcome to the Smackdown Recap.

Raw ended on a high note this past Monday, with the Big Show interfering in the main event allowing the Rhodes brothers to capture the WWE Unified Tag Team Championships from the Shield. Triple H claimed that he has now become the “bad guy”. WWE posted another video interview between Triple H and Michael Cole which I recommend watching, I’ll post the URL at the ending of this article. Triple will address the Rhodes Brothers and Paul Wight (Big Show) next week on Raw. But in the mean time, will Smackdown have any relevant story progression, or will it continue its stale performance that goes nowhere? Let’s find out!

The show begins with Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox standing in the ring, showing us their pretty faces. They recap Big Shows appearance on Raw, and his unprofessional actions towards the Shield; costing them their Tag Team Championships. They continue their rant by banning Big Show from the arena, and decimate his character. But man, the crowd booed consistently for like 4 minutes towards Vickie and Brad. Daniel Bryans music hits and he decides to join them in the ring. Bryan re-iterates his match at Hell in the Cell and warns that Big Show is within the arena. Big Shows music hits and the crowd cheers; in the end, it turned out that Bryan was teasing them. Instead he introduced the Rhodes brothers who come out wearing the covenant Unified Tag Team Championships. Goldust wears gold again!! Well, actually more like Bronze this time. Vickie decides to place all three (Cody, Goldust and Daniel Bryan) in a 6 man tag-team match against the Shield for tonight’s main event.

The Wyatts (Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) vs. Kofi Kingston & the Miz

Miz and Erick begin the match, as we cut to Bray in his rocking chair on the ramp. Miz takes quick advantage in the match with his signature corner close line and dropkicking Erick into his corner. Kofi gets tagged in and lands a jumping stomp on Erick’s forearm. Kofi tries to continue the advantage, but it’s Erick who stops him and tags in Luke Harper. Luke looks to connect a scoop slam, but Kofi’s speed is too much to handle as he reverses out of it. Kofi keeps the advantage on the Wyatt’s and goes for a Springboard move, but a slip-up has Luke’s big boot landing right into Kofi’s face. This begins the onslaught towards Kofi from the Wyatt’s. Both Luke and Erick tag back and forth utilizing their size and power. Kofi manages to connect an elbow to Luke and before being able to tag Miz, Erick pulls Miz off the apron and Luke connects a close line which I swear almost took Kofi’s Head off. Luke pins for the 1..2..3!

Bray gets on the mic and tells Miz that he knows how he’s feeling, and that it’s ok to be afraid. Miz should enjoy his world for as long as he can. Because the Wyatt’s will take it all away.. Be Careful Miz, The injured Bray will take your life away.

Winners: The Wyatts

Brie Bella vs. AJ Lee

Brie has an obvious bulls-eye as her shoulder is wrapped -up due to the shoulder breaker she received from Tamina on Raw. The match begins and Brie goes right after AJ, but a roll out of the ring by AJ has Brie giving chase. Once back into the ring AJ rolls out again and uses Tamina as protection standing between Brie and AJ. Once Brie begins to head back into the ring, AJ turns her back and Brie lands a forearm to the face. The action moves back inside, but it’s AJ who takes advantage; focusing on Brie’s wrapped arm and shoulder. AJ continues focusing on the arm with submissions and an arm breaker to get the 2 count. As the crowd cheers for Brie to get back into the match, she lands a flying dropkick and a few knees to AJ’s face. Tamina looks to cause a distraction, but a side step by Nikki has Tamina going right into the stairs. Brie gets the Face crusher and pins AJ for the 1..2..3!

Winner: Brie Bella

We return from commercial where we see Lillian announcing the next match, but it’s Big Show who makes his way into the ring from the crowd. He stands in the ring showing his Daniel Bryan autograph ticket, and thanks the WWE universe for supporting him and his family throughout this hard time. Brad and Vickie begin their march towards the ring. Brad begins to demand and ask “How can you be here?” “You shouldn’t be here!” “You knocked out the COO!”, “You’ve already lost everything, so why don’t you get out!” Big Show responds to them by saying that; he may have lost everything, but that means that he has nothing to lose. WMD to Brad Maddox!!! Maddox is out for the night!

CM Punk vs. Big E Langston

Punk and Langston gave a great performance throughout this match. Big E connecting a large corner close line and European uppercut which I’m sure Punk spat out a tooth. Punk comes back with some elbows taking Langston to the outside. Punk goes for the spring boards cross body to Langston; but its Langston who catches Punk in mid air, and slams him on the corner of the apron. Langston throws Punk into the barricade and we cut to commercials.

We return to the action where Big E has a Half-Crap locked on Punk. Punk tries to fight back, but Big E puts him right back into it. Punk struggles but manages to get to the ropes. Big E releases but delivers a gut buster and forearm hit to Punks head. Big E goes for his big splash, but it’s Punk who gets his knees up; which gives him the advantage to connect kick after kick to Langston and side steps a running spear taking Big E’s shoulder to the ring post through the turnbuckles. Langston goes to the outside where Punk performs a suicide dive, takes Langston back into the ring and delivers a top rope cross body for the 2 count. Punk delivers his signature corner knee and connects his top rope elbow drop for the 2 count. CM Punk taunts the Go-to-Sleep but Langston reverses to connect his Big Splash for the 2 count. Langston removes the shoulder straps and gets ready for the finisher “big ending”. But it’s Punk who reverses and connects the Go-To-Sleep for the 1..2..3!

Winner: CM Punk

Heyman and friends are on the ramp congratulating Punk on his victory over a sub-moderate-rookie wrestler from NXT. Heyman continues by calling himself the best in the world and that Punk will be facing a professional at Hell in the Cell, which is “His Ryback”. Punk takes the mic and tells Heyman that at Hell in the Cell, he’ll put both Heyman and Ryback through hell, and put down Ryback like the animal he is. Heyman sick’s his friends on CM Punk. As Punk waits for Ryback and Axel, Langston steps in the ring and attacks Axel and Ryback!! WHAT!! Face turn!! Both Punk and Langston clean house and stand together in the ring. Langston yelling “Who’s the rookie now!?” Will we see a tag match on Raw?

Alberto Del Rio has an interview with Josh Matthews in the ring. We get shown a video recap of John Cena and his passion for wrestling. ADR calls all non Mexican fans “gringos”. They have no passion, no souls, and are nobody; and their representative is the top Gringo himself John Cena. ADR calls Cena soft due to his injury and that he will lose against ADR at Hell in the Cell. ADR asks if the Gringo’s wants to see what he will do to John Cena. ADR grabs Josh Matthews and locks him in the cross arm breaker leaving him to cry in the middle of the ring..

The Real Americans vs. The Usos

Cesaro and Jimmy begin things with back and forth punches. Cesaro tags in Swagger and he just beats down Jimmy with shot after shot. Cesaro tags in and gets in the giant swing on Jimmy, for close to 30 seconds. Swagger gets another tag and delivers a belly to belly to Jimmy for the 2 count. Swagger locks in the neck lock to ground Jimmy for the breather. The crowd chants and Jimmy fights back but quickly gets stopped by Swagger. Swagger lands his body splash followed by Cesaro’s over the shoulder stomp for the 2 count. Swagger, is to continue the assault when the Madatores music hits. El Torito comes in and spears Zeb Colter. In the ring the Usos take Cesaro outside, super kicks Swagger, and lands the Super fly splash for the 1..2..3!

Winners: The Usos

The Matadores land their finisher on Swagger and stand celebrating with the Usos.

We get shown a Raw Recap showing Shawn Michaels referee speech in which he guarantees the WWE Universe that one man will leave the Hell in the Cell as WWE Champion.

Daniel Bryan, Cody Rhodes, Goldust vs. the Shield

Just as Daniel Bryans entrance finished, Randy Orton comes out asking Daniel “Who do you think you are?” Orton tells Bryan that he’s way over his head, and that Orton will be the WWE Champion, and the face of the WWE once again.

Roman and Goldust begin things off aggressively. Roman doesn’t start things off slow; he just goes right after Goldust assaulting him punch after punch. Roman gets Goldust in the Shield’s corner and tags in Ambrose which follows suit and delivers punches after punch to Goldust. Ambrose tags in Seth, and once again just follows suit by punching Goldust down while still stuck in the Shields corner. Roman gets tagged in, but it’s Goldust who gets the upper hand on Roman and manages to tag in Cody Rhodes. Cody lands a spring board dropkick to Roman and running elbows to Ambrose and Seth in their corner. Roman takes advantage and catches him with a back close line and we cut to commercial.

We come back and see Ambrose rubbing Cody’s head along the ropes. Seth gets tagged in and delivers a leg drop onto Cody for the 2 count. Seth keeps Cody down with a choke hold as the audience cheers for Cody. He manages to reverse Seth into a back slide for the 2 count. Seth continues to wear him down by chocking Cody along the ropes. He tags in Roman and hold Cody down as he delivers a body splash for the 2 count. Cody tries to fight back, but gets an elbow delivered to him by Roman. Seth gets tagged in once again and stomps on Cody until he gets pushed off by the ref. Cody rolls to the apron and Seth suplex’s him over the top rope into the ring for the 2 count. Roman once again gets tagged in and locks in a choke hold; keeping them down for a breather. Cody gets the momentum on his side and sidesteps Romans spear pushing him to the outside. As Roman re-enters the ring, Cody delivers a fast dropkick exciting the crowd as Cody tries to tag in Goldust. Seth tags in first and attacks Goldust. He sets his attention on Cody; but a quick side step has Cody getting the tag to Bryan and he cleans house. Taking out Seth and bashing the crap out of Ambrose for the 2 count. All hell breaks lose as all members enter the ring. Seth takes our Goldust, Cody takes out Seth, and Ambrose take out Cody. Ambrose and Bryan connect a double close line to eachother. On the outside Roman throws Cody to the Barricade and sets up Goldust for a spear against the steps. Goldust moves and Roman says hi to steel. Bryan on the inside goes for the flying head butt, but Ambrose superplexe’s Bryan from the top rope for the 2 count. Seth tries to assist Ambrose in the ring, but Cody interferes and stops Seth’s momentum. He tries to get him to the outside but Seth catches Cody in a power bomb and throws Cody into Goldust which takes both of them over the announcer table. From inside the ring, Bryan throws out Ambrose and lands his suicide dive onto the Shield. He gets Ambrose in the ring and delivers his running knee for the 1..2..3. Shield’s losing streak continues.

Winners: Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Daniel Bryan.

Smackdown ends with the Rhodes and Bryan celebrating with continues YES YES YES chants.

This is the URL for the interview with Triple H and Michael Cole that I addressed earlier:


During this Smackdown there was hardly any story development. The only change was Langston changing sides and bridging into baby face land. But what will Raw bring us this upcoming Monday? Will Triple H get revenge on Big Show and the Rhodes, and will we see CM Punk and Langston team up to go up against Heyman and Friends (Ryback & Axel)?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Thank you for reading, and keep watching wrestling.

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