WWE SmackDown Recap – October 25th, 2013


Show: Smackdown

Author: Cade Carnage (Mindofcarnage.com)

Date: Oct.25.2013

Venue: Nationwide Arena (Columbus, OH)

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SMackdown Oct.25.2013 (Big E’s Hungry, CM Skunk?, More Gringo talk, and Miz lies)

Video Recap: We get shown a recap of last Mondays Raw, and hear the main event for tonight; The Rhodes brother, Miz, and Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton & The Shield.

What will the final Smackdown before Hell in the Cell bring us? Will the Randy Orton & Daniel Bryan feud, along with the Heyman & Punk feud reach a boiling point? Will Goldust and Rhodes stand tell yet again? And will Big Show make another surprise appearance to make his point that WWE management are corrupt, vile excuses of human beings.. Let the verbal word shooting begin!

We begin Smackdown with an interview between Michael Cole and the COO of WWE, Triple H in the middle of the ring. Triple H claims that due to Big Shows Mack Truck interruption on Raw, he’s had to fire 6 people that he believes should have done their job in stopping him. Because you know, people will and should try to stop an actual giant in a huge Mack truck; which is a perfect reason for firing someone, Right? Hunter continues his verbal assault on Big Show calling him irrelevant and definitely fired and that Triple H cannot and will not answer anymore questions about the Big Show. Cole asks about the World Heavyweight Championship match, Hunter builds up Cena and compares himself to his suffering when he had a similar injury. He believes it will be a very exciting match. Hunter gets asked about WWE Championship match and the crowd chants YES YES YES in the background. Hunter begins promoting Orton and the Hell in the Cell match, while attacking Daniel Bryan’s passion and character. But all of a sudden for some reason we abruptly cut to commercial while in mid sentence. Something may have been cut out?

The Usos vs. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper

Erick and Rowan start things fast and just plow through Jimmy, keeping him in their corner delivering punch after punch. Luke bounces Jimmy off the corner and delivers a front slam for the 2 count. Jimmy gets to his feet and runs around Luke and tags in Jay Uso. Jay runs past Luke and attacks Erick on the ropes and gets Luke down with a dropkick. The match goes to the outside where Jimmy jumps from the ring and connects a flying cross body onto Erick. As Jay attempted the same move he gets connected with a big boot from Luke. Luke big boots Jimmy on the outside and Bray Wyatt comes to assist his family. Miz gets up from the announcers table and attacks Bray on the outside, he distracts Erick to chase after him up the ramp and into the back. Luke is left to yell after his partner in the ring, just as he turns around, both Usos connect a super kick for the 1..2..3!

Winners: Jay and Jimmy Uso.

AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella (Tamina and Brie Occampany AJ and Nikki)

Brie chases after AJ, but AJ wraps around the ropes getting the ref to push Nikki off. Nikki still manages to get AJ down and delivers punch after punch. AJ rolls out and hides behind Tamina as Brie yells at her. As AJ climbs back in, she connects a neck breaker on Nikki off the ropes and gets the 2 count. AJ gets a chokehold on Nikki and keeps her down. She fights her way out with minimal motivation from the crowd and delivers close lines and a dropkick to AJ. As Nikki misses a corner dropkick in the corner to AJ, outside the ring Brie attempts to attack Tamina but ends up getting thrown into the stairs. Inside the ring AJ wraps in the Black Widow on Nikki and gets the Tap Tap Tap.

Winner: AJ Lee

Video Recap: John Cena’s Career recap; showing his first match against Kurt Angle, his thug-nation character, and his careers downfalls, and achievements.

As the announcers speak of Johns past early returns, Bray interrupts on the titon-tron having the camera-man follow him into a dark hallway. At the end of the hallway we see Erick and Luke standing on both sides of a masked wrestler who is beaten down on the floor; with the word “Liar” on his abdomen. They lift the mask off and we see that the beaten masked wrestler is actually The Miz. This is payback for attacking the leader Bray and for not following the Buzzers.. Common Miz, just follow the buzzers.

3MB vs Los Matadores

Before the match could begin, the Real Americans music hits and they stand on the ramp to admire the match. Drew and Diego begin things quickly with punches and a hurricanrana. Heath gets a blind tag as Drew gets Irish whipped; Heath delivers a fast dropkick to Diego for the 2 count. Heath gets Drew in again and they both deliver a double rebound suplex for the 2 count. Fernando gets tagged in as Drew misses a flying elbow in the corner. Fernando connects a cross body and a springboard cross-body. Heath tries to distract Fernando, but he gets connected with a double chop to the head off the top rope. Diego gets tagged in and both Los Matadores connect a double neck breaker on Drew for the 1..2..3!

Jinder comes in to make a point but gets taken out by Los Matadores and El Torito. As Jinder rolls to the outside, El Torito springboards from the ring with a flying leap sault taking out Jinder on the outside.

Winners: Los Matadores

Zeb gets on the mic and pretty much praises Americans and states that El Torito is a kidnapped immigrant who gets made to dress up in a full body bull suit, and works for Los Matadores as a show puppet. The Real Americans stand tall and say “We the People”. They’re getting some decent reaction from the crowd.

Ryback & Paul Heyman vs. CM Skunk

CM Skunk gets introduced by Heyman where he has the exact same entrance as CM Punk. This man will be eaten, alive, quickly; by Ryback, Let’s begin!

First and foremost, CM Skunks hair due is just as a skunks tail, black with a white stripped Mohawk. Skunk attacks first with two, maybe three punches. Ryback though quickly devours skunk, delivering corner shoulder thrusts, close lines, and power bomb after power bomb. Heyman asks for the tag and gets tagged in by Ryback. Heyman grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and begins pounding Skunk continuously. Heyman yells for Ryback to finish him where he delivers the meat hook and Shell Shock to CM Skunk. Heyman gets the 1..2..3 as he stands on CM Skunks face.

Winners: Ryback & Paul Heyman

The Skunk was run over, scraped off, re-positioned and run over again.

Heyman grabs a mic and assures the audience that this Sunday the monster Ryback will utilize all the steel in the cage and grind CM Punks face all over it. Heyman promises that once again he will pin CM Punk and that he is “The Best In The World..”

Backstage Segment: Vikki laughs historically at the name difference between Punk and Skunk. OMG so funny! As she laughs, Big E walks in and asks to be in the main event match considering Miz has been taken out. Big E brings up the point that he is young and hungry for action. Vicki states that she likes the idea but will ask Triple H. Big E wonders if he stepped in the GM’s office or Brad Maddox’s office. He asks “Aren’t you the General Manager of Smackdown?” Vicki reacts very annoyed being referred to as Brad Maddox and allows Big E to be a part of the main event.

Alberto Del Rio makes his way out to cut another promo for his match against Cena this Sunday. ADR claims that Cena is too full of himself and that his over confidence will cost him the match. Del Rio says that he is the Mexican Superman, and that Latin & Mexican people are building monuments in his name, naming children after Alberto Del Rio and many more over confident blabbering. Alberto continues by calling Cena a gringo once again, and claims to put Cena in the cross arm breaker and never let go. ADR compares the WWE gringo’s with the peasants in his country; saying that they have one thing in common, and that is they can kiss his ass.

Fandango vs. The Great Khali

Khali comes out dancing with Natalya and Hornswaggel. We get another dance routine when Fandango and Summer Rae make their way to the ring. Do any of you Fandango?

Fandango starts things off with chest slaps on Khali, but it’s Khali’s size that takes advantage and gets Fandango into the corner. Khali delvers his corner chest slap 2 times before Fandango hangs Khali onto the ropes and connects some kicks in the corner. Khali once again takes advantage but gets distracted by Summer Rae who has climbed the apron. Natalya pulls her off and gets a slap for it by Summer Rae. Natalya goes after Rae and as they enter the ring, Natalya spears her down and the ref calls for the bell. Fandango splits up the girls and gets connected with a Big Chop from Khali.

Winner: Non (No Contest)

Daniel Bryan & Big E Langston & The Rhodes Brothers vs. Randy Orton & The Shield

Quick note; JBL comments that Bryan came out earlier tonight interrupting Triple H during his interview with Michael Cole. This was never shown, it was abruptly cut out..

Ambrose and Cody Rhodes start things off with a clinch, but it’s Cody who gets the upper hand with corner punches and multiple stomping kicks. Cody gets Ambrose’s arm and tags in Goldust where he delivers a knee to Ambrose and gets the 2 count. Goldust delivers a hard close line and tags in Cody, as he throws Ambrose outside the ring, and here is where we cut to commercials.

We return seeing Seth unloading slaps to Langston. Seth goes for a cross body but gets caught with a huge Belly-to-belly slam for the 2 count. Big E tags in Cody, where he rolls up Seth for the 2 count. Cody tries to continue the assault but gets thrown into the turnbuckle face first. Roman gets the tag and begins to wear down on Cody Rhodes. Cody gets the upper hand and tags in Bryan where he begins kicking Rollins mid section and locks in the standing knee lock. Big E gets tagged in and lands a large mid section punch to Roman, followed by shoulder thrusts in his corner. Goldust gets tagged in and connects a top rope cross body for the 2 count. Cody gets tagged in and delivers his drop to the floor neck punch for the 2 count. Roman gets angry and uses his size to carry Cody to the Shields corner. Ambrose gets tagged in and slowly works away at Cody with punches, and kicks. Orton gets the tag, and delivers 10 corner punches. Cody though gets the upper hand and counters Orton, delivering multiple shots to his head and a front drop suplex for the 2 count. Cody tags in Goldust and he punches Orton until he goes to the mat for the 2 count. Cody gets tagged in again and tries for corner punches, but it’s Randy who racks Cody’s eyes and delivers a suplex hanging Cody onto the ropes. Orton delivers a big knee sending Cody to the outside. Ambrose gets tagged in and backdrops Cody into the barrier. He takes Cody back into the ring and stomps away at his chest for the 2 count. Orton gets tagged in again and slowly paces around Cody looking to deliver a flying knee drop. Cody thinks fast and moves away, allowing him to deliver corner punches to Randy. As Cody delivers punches, Orton sneak under him and gets his signature elevated backbreaker from the second rope. Both competitors are down for a breather as we cut to another commercial break.

We return to a video recap of Cena’s injured body and miraculous return for the World Heavyweight Championship. Who else thinks Cena will win?

OK now back to the actual match; we see Roman in the middle of delivering a suplex to Cody Rhodes for the 2 count. Dean gets tagged in, and delivers punches to the mid section and head of Cody Rhodes. Seth gets tagged in and stomps at Cody’s head keeping him down. He tries to get him up but Cody connects a jaw breaker and tries to go between the legs for a tag. Seth grabs him and drags him back into the Shields corner. Ambrose gets the tag and stands between Cody and his team taunting towards them. Cody manages to reverse Deans run with a big boot, but Roman ghost tags Ambrose as he fell. Cody reverses Roman advantage, but it’s Seth making a ghost tag on Roman and tries for a high risk maneuver. Cody see’s this and reverses Seth with a punch to the mid section. Cody gets the tag to Goldust, where he connects a close line and a running cross body to Seth. But it’s Seth who gets the upper hand. The Shield, along with Randy Orton continuously wears down Goldust for a few minutes in their corner. Goldust gets the upper hand delivering a double corner elbow to Seth and Roman and drags himself to tag in Daniel Bryan. The crowd goes nut and for good reason. Bryan dropkicks Orton off the apron, takes out Seth and Roman, Works away at Ambrose ducking his close line and suicide dives Orton on the outside, Irish whipping Ambrose to the barricade, and delivering his side kick to Ambrose back into the ring for the 2 count. Roman interfered in the count, but Roman gets connected with a huge close line by Big E. Seth gets Big E out of the ring as Goldust close lines Roman to the outside. Cody connects the devastating kick to Seth and Ambrose takes out Cody. Bryan locks in the Yes lock to but Ambrose counters and tags in Orton. Orton tries for the RKO, but it’s Langston who distracts Orton by pushing him right into Bryans running knee for the 1..2..3!!

Winners: Daniel Bryan & Big E Langston & The Rhodes Brothers

Smackdown Ends with The Rhodes, Big E, and Daniel Bryan standing victorious together. How will this effect Hell in the Cell? Now that Bryan is going in with the momentum, will he succeed or fall to the Viper?

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