WWE Smackdown Results (11/25) – Fatal Four Way For Title Shot


Mark Henry comes out using a crutch to walk and takes a microphone and says they all sound like they are happy he is in pain. He says Big Show did this to him and says this is not how you treat a champion and he may be hurt, but he is still standing there. Henry says the fans all wish they could have done this, and he kicked Show in the knee, but he acted like it was a low blow because he wanted Henry to look bad. He says he is there for the kids and he wants to show that a champion fights through pain and injury, and he wants to compete but he wasn’t cleared. Henry says he is not the strongest, but he is standing there as the world’s toughest man and the World Heavyweight Champion.

Big Show comes out and says Henry knew the title wouldn’t change, so he wants Henry to stop lying because he knew he would get disqualified. Show says Henry felt the grasp on his title slipping away, and he just returned the favor when he hurt his knee, but it will be different next time. Henry says there won’t be a next time because he is the world’s largest loser, and he goes to leave and Show knocks him out with the WMD punch. Daniel Bryan runs out with a ref and cashes in, then rolls over Henry and covers him to win the title!

Bryan has his arm raised and celebrates with the title on the turnbuckles, then goes to the announcer’s table and rubs it in Michael Cole’s face. He jumps on the table and raises his arms, then gets back in the ring as Teddy Long runs out and tells him to wait because Mark Henry was not medically cleared to compete. Teddy says they never had an official match so Bryan is not the champion, and he says he is sorry and asks for him to hand over the title. He says he is just following the rules, but Teddy says he can give back the briefcase since it was not an official cash in and he can give him another title opportunity tonight. He says Bryan will be in the main event match, and the winner of that match will face Henry for the title on next Tuesday’s live Smackdown, then leaves as Henry watches from the entrance ramp.

Justin Gabriel vs Hunico

Hunico applies a headlock but Gabriel counters and moves it to the corner, but Hunico knocks him to the mat and whips him off the ropes. Gabriel grabs the ropes but Hunico kicks him to the apron, then brings him in with a suplex and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count. He applies a rear chinlock and Gabriel makes it to his feet, but Hunico drops him back down with a reverse fireman’s carry slam and applies a front facelock. Hunico runs him into the corner then goes up top and stomps Gabriel, then whips him into the corner but Gabriel counters with a headscissors takedown. Hunico slides outside and Gabriel hits a top rope dive, then he brings it inside and gets a near fall with a springboard moonsaault. Gabriel takes him back up top, but Hunico elbows him down and hits a senton bomb for the win.

Winner – Hunico

Beth Phoenix & Natalya vs AJ & Kaitlyn

Natalya knees Kaitlyn in the corner then misses a running clothesline and Kaitlyn hits her and tags in AJ, who hits a headscissors and a rollthrough for two. Natalya catches her offguard then applies the Sharpshooter and gets her to tap out, and Beth grabs a mic and says it’s time for her to cry some more. Kaitlyn leaves AJ in the ring, but Alicia Fox slides in the ring and runs them off as she checks on AJ.

Winners – Beth Phoenix & Natalya

Teddy Long is in his office talking to someone about the live special next week, and Aksana comes in and flirts with him and she asks if there will be a mistletoe. Mark Henry barges in and asks how Teddy can let the cash in happen, but Teddy says he made it right and Henry asks in about the main event next week. Teddy says he needed a huge main event and Henry tells him to stop playing him, then Teddy reluctantly tells him that next week’s match is a steel cage match and Henry gets pissed off and leaves the room.

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger (w/ Vickie Guerrero) vs Sheamus & Zack Ryder

Sheamus locks up with Dolph near the ropes and shoves him back, then applies a side headlock but gets shoved back and eats a dropkick. Dolph showboats before locking up again and Sheamus takes him down then runs the ropes and hits a fallaway slam after Dolph misses a dropkick. Swagger tags in and takes Sheamus down with a waistlock, then hits him in the back of the head but Sheamus gets fired up and turns and repeatedly headbutts him. He clubs him on the apron then knocks both Swagger and Dolph to the floor, and Zack runs the ropes and hits both of them with a somersault dive as we go to a commercial break.

When we return, Zack kicks Swagger in the face and tags in Sheamus, who hits the Battering Ram for a two count. Swagger comes back with some shoulder dives and tags in Dolph, and he punches away at Sheamus then elbows him in the back of the head. Swagger knees him in the stomach and hits a powerslam, then attempts a Swagger Bomb but Sheamus gets his knees up and hits a clothesline. Zack tags in and knees Swagger and hits the Broski Boot, then Vickie gets on the apron as Swagger rolls out to the floor. He sees Dolph running at him and clotheslines him, but turns around and gets hit with a hard lariat by Swagger.

Swagger rolls him inside and tags Dolph, and he hits an elbow drop and a neckbreaker before taunting the fans and kicking Zack in the head. He holds Zack so Dolph can hit a leg lariat and makes a cover, but Sheamus breaks it up then Swagger powerslams him and hits a Swagger Bomb for two. They use more quick tags to keep Zack grounded, but Zack plants Swagger with a tornado DDT and finally gets the tag to Sheamus. He unloads on Dolph in the corner then hits a short clothesline before calling for the Celtic Cross, but Swagger breaks it up and Zack blindtags in while they fight in the corner. Sheamus hits Swagger with a Brogue Kick and back body drops Dolph before leaving, then Zack hits the Rough Ryder and makes the cover for the win.

Winners – Sheamus & Zack Ryder

Daniel Bryan is shown talking to AJ Lee about almost cashing in tonight, and he says it felt better than anything he could have imagined. He wishes it didn’t get taken away but AJ reminds him he still has the briefcase and he also has a match for a title shot tonight. Wade Barrett comes in and makes fun of him for his cheap cash in attempt but AJ scoffs at him and Wade says Bryan needs little girls to fight his battles. Wade says he will have other chances at the title but it’s not tonight, and Bryan reminds Wade that they both have the same amount of championship wins and he doesn’t need anyone to fight his battles because he will do it himself.

Ted DiBiase vs Heath Slater

Jinder Mahal appears on the Titantron and yells at Ted for abandoning his family’s wealth, and that allows Slater to attack him. Ted rebounds with a suplex and some punches on the apron, then ducks a clothesline but gets thrown into the ringpost. Slater works on the arm and drops down on it then hits a headlock takeover and applies a single-armed chicken wing. Ted fights through the pain and punches Slater in the stomach, then whips him in the corner and hits a back drop and an atomic drop. Slater kicks him in the knee but Ted rebounds with a clothesline, and turns him around and hits Dream Street then makes the cover.

Winner – Ted DiBiase

Cody Rhodes joins Matt Striker and says he didn’t throw water at a six-time world champion, he threw it at a lowly commentator. He says it was his match and Booker just ran his mouth, so he did something about it because he is free to do it. Now that he doesn’t have his mask he is free to get revenge on Randy Orton and he can defend his Intercontinental Championship, and he is free to win tonight’s Fatal Four Way on his way to the world title. Cody says the world is his oyster and he says he has a clear mind, then calls Booker T a limited commentator and asks if he can dig that, sucka.

#1 Contender’s Fatal Four Way Match

Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes vs Wade Barrett

Wade punches Orton in the corner while Bryan and Cody fight on the floor, then Orton clotheslines Wade and stomps him as Cody and Bryan make their way back in. Orton dropkicks Cody then Bryan kicks him in the chest, and Orton and Bryan face off then lock up as we go to a commercial. When we return, Cody and Wade are in control and Wade takes Orton outside and whips him into the ring steps then gets back in and he and Cody take turns kicking Bryan. They whip him off the ropes and hit a double elbow, then Orton gets involved again by snapping Wade’s head down on the ropes and kicking Cody in the corner.

Orton turns around and gets punched in the face by Wade and he sets up a pump handle slam, then Orton counters out but Cody drops him with a side Russian leg sweep. They continue to work together and kick Orton in the corner, and Bryan hits Wade with a top rope dropkick then sets Cody up on the top rope. Wade gets Bryan on his shoulders and holds him as Cody jumps off the turnbuckle and hits a diving clothesline. Wade makes the cover but Cody pulls him off and throws him shoulder first into the ringpost as we go to a commercial. When we return, Orton backdrops Cody then gets hit from behind by Wade, then they slug it out and Wade elbows him then hits some kneelifts near the apron. He backs up and hits a running big boot that knocks Orton to the floor, then hits a spinning sidewalk slam on Bryan but Cody breaks it up and throws him outside.

Everybody ends up back inside breaking up multiple pin attempts, then Cody kicks Orton and hits a front release suplex and goes to the top rope. Orton crotches him on the turnbuckle and hits a superplex, then Wade breaks up the pin attempt and Bryan hits a top rope headbutt. Orton picks up Wade and Cody and throws them outside, and hits Bryan with the hanging DDT and signals for the RKO, but Wade pulls him out of the ring and slams him on the floor. Cody tries to slide in and steal the pin, but Bryan counters into the LeBell Lock and gets Cody to tap and wins the title shot next Tuesday. Cody attacks him after the bell and stomps him in the corner until Orton spins him around and hits him with the RKO, then Bryan gets back up and holds his hand up and says ‘one more time.’

Winner – Daniel Bryan

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