WWE SmackDown Results (3/24/2023)


WWE SmackDown Results (3/24/2023)

The American Nightmare is here! WOOOAAAHHHHH!! The penultimate episode of Friday Night SmackDown before WrestleMania is live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, an arena Cody Rhodes is all too familiar with.

#1. Cody Rhodes vs Ludwig Kaiser — Winner: Cody Rhodes

Note: Paul Heyman came out to the stage as soon as the match began. Around 12 minutes into the match, Solo Sikoa also came out, and both The Enforcer and The Wise Man made their way to ringside, distracting Rhodes and allowing Kaiser to take advantage with a chop-block as we headed to the second commercial break.


Toward the end of the match, Cody Rhods hit a Disaster Kick followed by the Cross Rhodes for the 1-2-3!

“A great showing for Ludwig Kaiser, who was portrayed as a stooge for GUNTHER. Don’t know if this was meant to foreshadow something, but Cody Rhodes’ booking and Cody Rhodes himself continues to remain perfect leading up to ‘Mania.”

Following the match, Paul Heyman enters the ring to play some mind games with Cody. He issues a challenge… that Solo Sikoa will be facing him on Monday Night Raw next week. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns will be on SmackDown next week waiting to confront his challenger on the final stop on the ‘Rhodes to WrestleMania.’

The American Nightmare retorts, accepting the challenge before saying that not only is Solo not ready, neither is Roman Reigns for him at WrestleMania.


Out comes the SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair. Charlotte reminds everyone that she is a 14-time world champion, and she didn’t get there by giving in to fear, insecurity, or nepotism. From the beginning, people have tried to use those things against her, but she has overcome them all.

Charlotte says that she doesn’t fear anyone because she respects all of her opponents. It’s true that she has insecurities, but she has used all the negative comments thrown at her to build her own house.

And to wrap it up, Flair addresses the issue of nepotism. She acknowledges the “Wooooo” chants and states that she will never deny her legacy. She loves her father. Diamonds are forever, and so is Charlotte Flair.


#2. Rey Mysterio vs LA Knight — Winner: LA Knight… YEEAAAHHHH!!!!

Note: Dominik made his way to ringside as we headed to the commercial break, allowing LA Knight to take advantage. Dominik caused a distraction toward the end of the match, allowing Knight to roll-up Rey.

Following the match, Dom again disrespects his father, but Rey walks away. Dominik then addresses his mother, asking her how it feels to be married to a deadbeat, gutless man who can’t even stand up to his own son. He approaches his mother and sister sitting in the front row and disrespects them. He calls Aalyah stupid. As Angie begins to respond, Dom tells her to shut up.

“Rey better turn around to kick this Dom’s punk-ass or I’m flying to Vegas myself.”

That’s it! Rey Mysterio turns around and knocks down Dom. MONSTROUS POP!! He finally accepts Dom’s challenge. ANOTHER MONSTROUS POP!! He has no choice… Dom can’t talk to his mother like that. IT”S OONNN!!!

“Absolutely hated this segment until I absolutely loved this segment! Dominik has been doing a stupendous job. And a win for LA Knight is always a bright spot.”


#3. Natalya & Shotzi vs. Lacey Evans & Xia Li — Winner: Natalya & Shotzi

Note: Raquel Rodriguez and Liv Morgan, already qualified for the ‘WrestleMania Showcase Match,’ are on commentary. Lacey Evans attacked her partner, Xia Li, with the Women’s Right, allowing Natalya and Shotzi to take advantage and score the victory.

Rodriguez and Morgan enter the ring after the match, before we hear ‘Bad Reputation.’ Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler beat around the bush before announcing that they have been added to the ‘WrestleMania Showcase Match.’


Next up is the contract signing for the Intercontinental Championship. Out first is Drew McIntyre. After the commercial, Sheamus enters, flanked by Butch and Ridge Holland, and the Banger Bros trade barbs before Adam Pearce urges them to sign the contract. They do, and out comes Gunther. The mood changes. The ambience changes.

The Intercontinental Champion questions why he is in a match where he can lose the title without being pinned or submitted. Gunther demands Adam Pearce to rectify the situation before things get physical and all hell breaks loose.

Back from the break, we have an impromptu match.

#4. Gunther vs Butch — Winner: Gunther

Note: Sheamus & Ridge Holland got into it with Drew McIntyre at ringside, and the distraction helped Gunther capitalize with one of his maby signature maneuvers to pick up the pinfall victory.

Following the match, Sheamus and Gunther came face-to-face before Drew McIntyre sneaked with the Claymore Kick. While Gunther was the one knocked down, the intended recipient of the said Claymore Kick remains unknown. Sheamus & McIntyre get into each other’s faces.


It’s time for the KO-Show with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. Kevin Owens comes out first, followed by Sami Zayn. KO says that he hopes Sami Zayn is happy that he was able to get his own entrance instead of both men coming together, since Sami wanted his own pop.

“Sami and KO’s interplay is just gold. They could do this all night, and I could watch this all night.”

KO unveils a new shirt that says KO-Mania, but on the back. Owens says that Sami Zayn has taken WWE by storm over the past twelve months, and he hands Zayn the shirt, who flips it around. The shirt says Wrestle-Zaynia on the front.

“There’s your next best-seller on WWEShop.com.”

Sami asks Kevin for a hug, who obliges. The Usos blindside them, and Kevin and Sami fend them off with a couple of steel chairs they had placed for the KO-Show. The Usos retreat as SmackDown goes off the air…




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